Stefan Katletz | 22 May 15:27 2016

Re: xfig: Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion


I am now facing this (old) problem on a new installation under Windows
10. I tried 32 and 64 bit installations of cygwin, no difference: xfig
gives this warning, and crashes when I want to save/export the

$ Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion

xfig3.2.5c: SIGSEGV signal trapped
xfig: attempting to save figure
xfig: 1 object(s) saved in "/home/kat/SAVE.fig"

At least the work is not all lost, I used xfig under linux to do export...

Does anybody know what's going on? I am happy to supply logs if
somebody cares. I was reading the old mails, but couldn't find a
solution. I tried to install all font packages in cygwin I was
offered, but the warning appears even when starting with an empty


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Hatten William | 19 May 07:13 2016

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Denton Chang | 10 May 15:07 2016

Denton Chang

Please review your report attached.

Denton Chang
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Ahmed Al-Zamil | 4 May 14:00 2016

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ggvrsn | 3 Apr 17:34 2016

hi cygwin

Sup cygwin


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John J Ottusch | 10 Dec 01:03 2015

Persistent CYGWIN/X server taskbar button with urxvt in CYGWIN-64, not rxvt in CYGWIN-32. Why?

Thanks for the tip.

First of all, using 'strace' I determined that testing is not advisable 
with the 'run.exe' executable named anything other than just 'run.exe'. 
Renaming the executable to 'runX.exe' ends up being interpreted as 'run X' 
and things go wrong from there.

The good news is that the version of 'run' Jon Turney provided does indeed 
withhold taskbar display of the CMD window from which urxvtermX.bat is 

The bad news is that I have to execute the target 
'C:\win64app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win64app\cygwin\urxvtermX.bat' twice 
(or sometimes more). The first time through starts up 'Cygwin/X 
Server:0.0'. The second and any subsequent times it creates a new 'urxvt' 


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John J Ottusch | 29 Nov 03:56 2015

Persistent CYGWIN/X server taskbar button with urxvt in CYGWIN-64, not rxvt in CYGWIN-32. Why?

I use CYGWIN a lot with 64-bit Windows 7 and have been transitioning 
from 32-bit CYGWIN to 64-bit CYGWIN primarily in hopes of avoiding 

If I could set up 64-bit CYGWIN (= C64) to behave exactly the same way 
as my 32-bit CYGWIN (= C32) set up I would, but the applications don't 
match up exactly and they don't behave exactly the same way.

One difference I notice is that opening a urxvt in C64 creates a 
separate button associated with the Cygwin/X server process in the 
taskbar, whereas opening an rxvt in C32 does not. (rxvt is not available 
as a C64 application, but I would expect urxvt to operate similarly). In 
both cases an icon for the Cygwin/X server process shows up in the 
notification area.

Both are started from a Windows shortcut:

C32 target: 
C:\win32app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win32app\cygwin\rxvtermX.bat

C64 target: 
C:\win64app\cygwin\bin\run.exe C:\win64app\cygwin\urxvtermX.bat

The batch files that run are similar. Both start 'XWin' if it is not 
already running, then run 'rxvt/urxvt'.

Contents of 'rxvterm.bat' (C32):
 <at> echo off
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paul | 16 Oct 07:41 2015

Xserver corresponds to display :1.0 instead of :0.0

I have a very simple ~/.startxwinrc:

   xrdb -load $HOME/.Xresources
   xterm -display :0.0 # xterm &
   exec sleep infinity

Recently, I found that the xterm wasn't launching.  I googled, read
some cygwin threads about X authorities, but have to admit, I have a
lot to learn about X windows.  Anyway, since I could open an xterm by
right clicking on the Cygwin/Xserver:1.0 app in the notification area
of Windows 7, I sneakily (OK, it wasn't the craftiest thing in the
world) echo'd $DISPLAY.  Lo, it was 1.0, and the following works fine:

   xterm -display :1.0 &

Yes, I know it says 1.0 in the tip for the Cygwin/Xserver:1.0 app, but
I didn't actually look at that detail until now, as I'm posting.

A google for the following doesn't turn up anything:

   cygwin xterm "-display :0.0" "display :1.0"

I'm wondering if this was a planned change in how X-windows works or
if something is awry with my setup, causing a server with display :0.0
to fail, and making go to :1.0.  I did a browse of the cygin announce
list on gmane (since the X-windows announce list is now obsolete), but
no joy.  And I would have expected anything to show up in my google

Can anyone point me to the description of this change?  If it is not a
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paul | 13 Oct 03:16 2015

xpdf responds spasmodically to 2-finger scroll

Most touchpads these days have multi-finger gesture.  Synaptics seems
to reign in the Windows world, and you can now scroll by sliding 2
fingers along the touch pad.  In the past, you had to define a scroll
margin for 1-finger scrolling.

I'm finding that cygwin's xpdf responds in an unusably spasmodic way
to 2-finger scrolling.  Once in a blue moon, after using another app
like Firefox, xpdf will respond smoothly as other apps do.  but the
moment you change anything, e.g. enabling continuous scroll, the
usable behaviour disappears and you get the spasmodic behaviour (even
if you reverse what you did to make the good behaviour go away).

Has anyone else found this to be the case?  Has anyone discovered the
secret combination of actions that bring about the good scrolling
behaviour?  Has anyone discovered the secret for making the smooth
scrolling stick?

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Gulliver Smith | 7 Oct 17:20 2015

Window manager commands in native window manager multiwindow mode

I ask this question from time to time just in case someone new sees it
and decides to work on it or others might agree that it is a priority.
Other people have raised this over the last few years as well.

The issue is that I would like to raise windows from within a program
(Emacs to be precise), but it doesn't work with the native window
manager running in multiwindow mode.

Emacs has several nice commands for which I have not-so-nice work
arounds (opening and closing windows). These are:

(raise-frame f)
(iconify-frame f)
(decionify-frame f)
(make-frame-visible f)

None of these work with Cygwin X.


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