Mr. Rowland Dewey | 19 May 08:02 2015

Ref: Package with Reg #: BK272062313GDM..

Good Day,

Your package arrived successfully.

Awaiting your reply for onward delivery.


Mr. Rowland Dewey
(Cargo Unit Director)

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Roy | 29 Apr 13:29 2015

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Nicholas Fitzkee | 19 Apr 23:08 2015

Magic Cookie - SSH Secure Shell


I've enjoyed using Cygwin/X for a long time - thanks for helping it to work.
I'm writing because I recently tried installing Cygwin/X on a new Windows
8.1 Pro system.  The new xinit system has thrown me, and I'm writing for
some help.  

Typically, I start Xwin when I log in, and I rarely use the Cygwin terminal
to run programs.  Instead, I use an older SSH client (SSH Secure Shell
3.2.9), similar to PuTTY, to use X11 apps remotely.  I don't want to see any
xterms or menus when I start, and I need to listen for TCP connections from
my SSH app.

So far, I've created my own .startxwinrc file and set it to executable.  Its
contents are below:

--- snip ---

sleep inf

-- snip -- 

In addition, I added the server args to my "XWin Server" shortcut.  The
complete shortcut target now reads:

D:\cygwin\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "cd;
/usr/bin/startxwin -- -listen tcp -multiwindow -clipboard"

All seems to be well and good - when I start Cygwin Terminal and type
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Keven Bowen | 15 Apr 20:58 2015

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Good morning,

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lionhorest | 2 Apr 03:40 2015

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Michel Poirier | 31 Mar 20:36 2015

Cygwin XWin 1.17.1 crash at startup

Dear Cygwin maintainer

Since last X-Cygwin update several of my X-Win applications are not 
working properly.

Googling "cygwin xorg 1.17 crash" gave many posts reporting probably 
similar issues but I couldn't find a fix for the error. I also looked at 
the Cygwin-FAQ and mailing list without real success.

The issue appeared using a long-time tested DOS script launching xmgrace 
which failed with a message telling "A fatal error has occurred and 
Cygwin/X will now exit." And other XWin programs were not working 
properly. So I tried to make a fresh install of X-Cygwin (32 bits) on 
another computer and went through the procedure explained on page

which produced the debug info attached as "backtrace for X server 
crashing at startup.txt". The X Server crashed when the r command was 
launched and a copy of the Windows error message is provided at "Capture 
of Windows error message.txt". I checked that no other X Server was then 
running and clicked Ok button to finish the procedure.

The content of the file /var/log/xwin/XWin.0.log is listed at the end of 
the first attached file.

I also tried to install the most recent xlaunch program as suggested here

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xflr6 | 12 Mar 13:44 2015

Cygwin/X : display error with latest x-related packages

Dear Cygwin/X users and developpers,

I recently experienced a problem with a program using the X window system.
With the latest Cygwin release, the latter is not able to open the display, whereas with previous versions
of cygwin (+ the x-window machinery, i.e the Cygwin/X installation as described in the installation
notes, with xlaunch, xinit, xorg-server etc.) (prior to mid-February 2015), it was working correctly.
Other programs using the X window system, such as ghostview for example, is working correctly on my installation.
I have seen on the Cygwin/X news that X server and X.Org X11 packages have been upgraded to newer versions,
and I was wondering if there was a known loss of backward compatibility with these fresh versions (even a
simple change, like in the DISPLAY variable or something like that) ?

Best regards,

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Lance | 7 Mar 13:35 2015

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Jon TURNEY | 3 Mar 21:38 2015

[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygwin-xfree list deprecation

Dear Internet,

It no longer makes much sense to have a separate list for Cygwin X 
related traffic, so the cygwin-xfree list is now officially deprecated.

Reasons for this decision include:
- the level of traffic on the cygwin-xfree list is low
- splitting the traffic in this way currently serves no useful purpose
- the distinction between what is and is not an X issue is artificial, 
vague, and often ignored

The cygwin-xfree list will continue to operate, but I suggest and 
encourage you to use the main cygwin list for all your cygwin X server 
and X application related questions, bug reports, moans, gripes, whines 
and patches ;-).

The Cygwin X website and documentation will be updated to point to the 
main cygwin list.

Mail delivery for the cygwin-xfree list may be turned off at some future 
date, but even if that happens, the list archives will continue to be 

Live Long and Prosper,


Volunteer Cygwin/X X Server maintainer
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Corinna Vinschen | 3 Mar 21:23 2015

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Merge of cygwin-xfree-announce into cygwin-announce

Hi folks,

it's becoming awkward having to split package announcements between two
mailing lists.  In fact, there's neither a good reason having to decide
where to send an announcement, nor having to subscribe to two lists for
Cygwin package announcements.

Therefore, effectiv immediately, we're going to give up the
cygwin-xfree-announce mailing list in favor of only the cygwin-announce
mailing list.

In future, new Cygwin packages and package updates will be announced on
cygwin-announce only.

If you're not subscribed to cygwin-announce, only to cygwin-xfree-announce,
I'll suggest to subscribe to cygwin-announce instead.

For reference and archeological diggings, the cygwin-xfree-announce
archives will stay available.



Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
Cygwin Maintainer                 cygwin AT cygwin DOT com
Red Hat

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Jim Reisert AD1C | 25 Feb 18:22 2015

Xorg server 1.7.1 spontaneously exiting with clipboard message

I've created a separate thread for tracking this problem.

The attached files are from the computer at work.  I have never seen
the problem here before, only at home (both running Windows 7 64-bit).
The computer at home has been showing this symptom since later
versions of the server (1.6.x).

[118193.783] winDeinitMultiWindowWM - Noting shutdown in progress
[118193.783] winClipboardProc - winClipboardFlushWindowsMessageQueue
trapped WM_QUIT message, exiting main loop.
[118193.783] winClipboardProc - XDestroyWindow succeeded.
[118193.783] winClipboardIOErrorHandler!
[118193.783] winMultiWindowXMsgProcIOErrorHandler!
[118193.783] winInitMultiWindowXMsgProc - Caught IO Error.  Exiting.
[118193.829] winDeinitMultiWindowWM - Noting shutdown in progress
[118193.829] (II) Server terminated successfully (0). Closing log file.

Here's how I start the server:

    C:\Cygwin\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "cd;

Cygwin version:

    CYGWIN_NT-6.1-WOW machine 1.7.35(0.286/5/3) 2015-02-18 11:28 i686 Cygwin

I have a faint sneaking suspicion that the problem is related to
TeamViewer remote access software:
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