Andrew Schulman | 1 Sep 10:21 2015

allowing gmane to post to cygwin-apps

After years of trying, I finally got the gmane admins to change the status of
the gmane.os.cygwin.applications group from "unidirectional", where posting
through gmane isn't allowed, to "non-public", which should allow gmane users to
post to gmane.os.cygwin.applications and have their posts sent as email to
cygwin-apps at cygwin dot com.  See

However now that I try this, it doesn't work.  I posted a message and gmane
accepted it, but the post (Subject: gmane now allows posting directly to
cygwin-apps) hasn't appeared. In cases like this, gmane's position (in their
FAQ) is that they sent the email, and the problem must be elsewhere.

Does anyone know if there's something about the sourceware mailing list software
or configuration that would keep it from accepting email to cygwin-apps sent via
gmane?  Note that I've used gmane exclusively to post to the cygwin list for
years.  It works fine.  Only cygwin-apps seems to be affected by this problem.


Yaakov Selkowitz | 26 Aug 21:00 2015

[SECURITY] binutils


Could you please update binutils and mingw64-*-binutils to 2.25.1 plus
the following patch:



Andrew Schulman | 25 Aug 13:37 2015

upload just setup.hint?

I have a package in test, that I want to promote to current.  If I just upload
the revised setup.hint and !ready, is that enough?  Or do I need to re-upload
the package .tar.xz files too, and/or bump the version number?

Yaakov Selkowitz | 24 Aug 20:21 2015

cmake: Cygwin dllexport/dllimport


Could you please include the attached patch (created wrt 3.2.3) with the
next release of cmake?  It is required for building KF5.



Yaakov Selkowitz | 24 Aug 19:36 2015

[SECURITY] gnutls (CVE-2015-6251)

Dr. Volker,

Fix: upgrade to 3.3.17, which is supposed to be ABI-compatible with 3.2
(minus the removal of the libgnutls-xssl wrapper library, which is
unused AFAIK), OR add the following patch to 3.2.20:



Yaakov Selkowitz | 24 Aug 18:29 2015

perl-File-Slurp-Unicode: rebuild for 5.22, x86

Achim, Ken,

See $SUBJECT, this one has only been built for 5.22 and only on x86_64.


Javier Martin | 17 Aug 16:44 2015

perl-Win32-GUI package doesn't appear in latest cygwin.

     I have an application that is using perl-Win32-GUI and I have
just checked that this package cannot be installed with latest
setup-x86.exe and it doesn't appear in the list. Can you help me with
this ?, is it maybe automatically included in any other package I have
to install ?.

   Thanks a lot in advance.

Andrew Schulman | 13 Aug 08:19 2015

do package updates automatically kill running exes?

I've noticed that when I update a package, the exe's in it get killed.  For
example, when emacs gets updated, my running emacsen die.

Is this something that setup explicitly does, for all packages?  Or that some
packages do for themselves in a preremove script?  Or just a byproduct of
replacing a running exe?


David Stacey | 10 Aug 23:29 2015

Poco: Please remove empty directories

With the release of poco-1.6.1, I've decided to do some housekeeping and 
remove some of the earlier versions. I've managed to do this, but it has 
left some empty directories lying around. Please could some kind soul 
remove the following:


Is there a way I can remove directories myself, or should I continue to 
ask here in future?

Many thanks in advance,


Adam Dinwoodie | 7 Aug 22:37 2015

Adding a subpackage

I've discovered a neat Git tool -- git subtree -- which is part of Git's
"contrib" directory and isn't something we currently distribute as part
of any of the existing Git-related packages.

I'd like to start adding this to the stack of Git packages I build and
distribute.  I don't think the build stage is going to be difficult, but
what (if anything) do I need to do to get git-subtree as a package
that's in setup.ini?  Is it just a case of uploading the new package and
setup.hint, or do I need to do some additional magic?


Achim Gratz | 1 Aug 20:29 2015

[ITA] gnucap

I've rebuilt gnucap 2009-12-07 as release -4 for both architectures to
get rid of another 32bit-only package.  I do not intend to update the
package to a later version since the current maintainers have ripped out
autotools just after that release and not been doing much else since

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
wget="wget -rxnH --cut-dirs=2";
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
wget="wget -rxnH --cut-dirs=2";
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

…or point setup to the site:
setup-{x86,x86_64}.exe -XOs

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