İsmail Dönmez | 4 Sep 19:42 2014

[RFE] Adding "login" plugin support to cyrus-sasl2 package


Looks like cyrus-sasl2 package lacks "LOGIN" plugin support which is
needed for SMTP servers. To fix the problem I added "--enable-login"
option to CYGCONF_ARGS and I confirmed that the plugin works. It would
be nice to have this change upstream.

P.S: I CC'd David Rothenberger who did the last cyrus-sasl2 update.


Corinna Vinschen | 4 Sep 14:20 2014


On Sep  4 10:54, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

I have to do it myself, sorry :)

> If your mail simply disappeared and there's no trace of it in the
> mailing list archives at${mailinglistname}
> within 2 hours or so, send a mail to
>   +----------------------------------+
>   | postmaster AT sourceware DOT org |
>   +----------------------------------+
> and attach the complete mail you sent as an attachment.
>     ==================================================

Obviously, this doesn't work for cygwin-announce, which requires
an admin to approve the mail before it hits the mailing list.  In
case of cygwin-announce, starting with a question on cygwin-apps
is still the right thing to do.

However, if you got confirmation that the mail didn't make it into
the mailboxes of the list admins, taking it to postmaster is what
you should do next.



Corinna Vinschen                  Please, send mails regarding Cygwin to
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Pavel Fedin | 2 Sep 11:39 2014

libquota-devel - broken incomplete package ?


 I am trying to build NFS-Ganesha, and it includes rquota protocol support,
which relies on USRQUOTA and GRPQUOTA definitions.
 After some searching i have found libquota-devel package which should
apparently be responsible for these. However, inside its only include file i
read the following comments:
--- cut ---
 * The typical way to use the quota library is as follows:
 * {
 *	quota_ctx_t qctx;
 *	quota_init_context(&qctx, fs, -1);
 *	{
 *		quota_compute_usage(qctx, -1);
 *		AND/OR
 *		quota_data_add/quota_data_sub/quota_data_inodes();
 *	}
 *	quota_write_inode(qctx, USRQUOTA);
 *	quota_write_inode(qctx, GRPQUOTA);
 *	quota_release_context(&qctx);
 * }
--- cut ---

 quota_write_inode() declaration is present, however USRQUOTA and GRPQUOTA
are entirely missing. Even more suspicious thing is include files:
--- cut ---
#include "ext2fs/ext2_fs.h"
#include "ext2fs/ext2fs.h"
#include "quotaio.h"
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David Rothenberger | 30 Aug 19:39 2014

Updated: subversion-1.8.10-2

This is a rebuild of subversion-1.8.10 against the new Ruby 2.0

See CHANGES (URL below) for more information about the differences
between 1.8.0 and previous Subversion releases.

IMPORTANT: Please read the release notes (URL below) before
upgrading from a previous major release. 1.8 includes a new working
copy format with a manual upgrade operation. This will render your
working copy unusable with previous major releases. Furthermore,
there are some issues trying to upgrade corrupt working copies.

Please see the release notes

for more details about the changes in Subversion.


for more details about the changes in 1.8.10.

This release changes mod_dav_svn to no longer map requests to the local
filesystem.  Administrators of mod_dav_svn servers should read the
section about this in the release notes:
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Yaakov Selkowitz | 29 Aug 22:48 2014

HEADSUP: Ruby packages require rebuild

The following packages require an update/rebuild with today's 
cygport-0.17.0 release due to the Ruby 2.0 update:

* rdtool

Should be renamed ruby-rdtool and built with the latest cygport as so:

I need to fix things up on the server before you upload with the new 
name, so please confirm.

* subversion

Also needs to be configured with --with-ruby-sitedir=${RUBY_VENDORARCH}.

* weechat

A simple revbump and rebuild should suffice.

I believe that other packages in the distro which require ruby are just 
scripts and need not be rebuilt.

If you have any issues with this upgrade, please let me know in this thread.



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Yaakov Selkowitz | 29 Aug 06:11 2014

New: php-PEAR-1.9.5-1 and deps

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* php-Archive_Tar-1.3.12-1
* php-Console_Getopt-1.3.1-1
* php-PEAR-1.9.5-1
* php-Structures_graph-1.0.4-1
* php-XML_Util-1.2.1-1

PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository.  The PEAR 
Installer contains executable files and PHP code that is used to 
download and install PEAR code from, PECL extensions from, and PHP code from other repositories.

Both the pear and pecl commands will correctly install and manage 
additional modules as they do on Linux.  In order to do so, PEAR itself 
has been patched, so be sure to never update it except through Cygwin Setup.


Yaakov Selkowitz | 29 Aug 01:25 2014

MTA packaging (exim, postfix, sendmail, ssmtp)

Corinna, Christian, Daniel, Pierre,

While I'm working out the details of allowing all your MTA packages to 
coexist, it would be helpful if you could clarify under what 
circumstances, if any, you expect that your MTA could function as 
/usr/sbin/sendmail for the purposes of sending outgoing mail without any 
configuration on the part of users.


Pavel Fedin | 28 Aug 07:57 2014

LOST ANNOUNCEMENT: rpcbind released

 I have uploaded rpcbind for the release and posted an announcement about a
week ago. After a couple of days i reposted it because there seemed to be no
 Did anybody get it ? It seems to be lost for some strange reason. Sometimes
this happens with my emails to Cygwin lists.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fedin
Expert Engineer
Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

D. Boland | 24 Aug 10:57 2014

[ITP] libfakesu 1.0

Hi Group,

I intend to package this new Cygwin library. It was renamed due to name conflicts.
See the following thread for more information:

It's waiting for upload at:


David Rothenberger | 20 Aug 21:26 2014

Please remove git-review-1.24-1

Please remove git-review-1.24-1 and reinstate 1.23-1 as latest.

1.24-1 requires the "requests" python package, which Cygwin doesn't
have. I see that it's in ports and it would be awesome if Yaakov is
willing to ITP it (since I know very little about Python), but I will
ITP it myself if he is unwilling.

Thanks. Sorry for the trouble.


David Rothenberger  ----  daveroth@...

"Intelligence without character is a dangerous thing."
                -- G. Steinem

Pavel Fedin | 20 Aug 20:22 2014

[ITP] rpcbind 0.2.1

 I  have  completed rpcbind package and would like to offer it for the
 The same as onc-rpc-devel, this is x86-64-only for now.


Kind regards,