Thomas Wolff | 21 Jun 09:01 2016

Network installation still fails, Windows 7 only

I had recently reported that an old network installation problem, that 
had been resolved meanwhile, reappeared:

As an additional observation, on the same machine, there is also a 
virtual machine running Windows XP. From that, I can use setup.exe and 
seamlessly update cygwin which is then also available in the Windows 7 
host environment. Running setup.exe from Windows 7 directly still fails 
with the described symptoms.

There must be something weird about interpretation of access rights 
using the Windows 7 API.
As an idea, perhaps someone familiar with setup.exe could check whether 
at any place access is rejected due to interpretation of access rights 
without actually trying the access?


Jon Turney | 20 Jun 17:28 2016

per-version hints proposal

Currently, the setup.hint file is shared between all versions.

This means that manual intervention (by the package maintainer, or on 
sourceware) is needed when versions have different dependencies.

To automate this problem out of existence, I suggest replacing the 
setup.hint file in an upload with a package-version-release.hint file.

This will be basically identical to the existing setup.hint, with the 
advantage that it can't be trampled on by a future version, with the 
following changes:

* 'skip' doesn't seem meaningful on a per-version basis.  Since it seems 
we can automatically detect packages which should have this applied 
anyhow (see the discussion in [1]), I'd suggest ignoring this hint, to 
be retired at some future date.

* 'curr', 'prev' and 'test' don't make sense on a per-version basis.  So 
I suggest a separate file for these version overrides (versions.hint?)

cygport will be updated to create a pvr.hint rather than setup.hint

calm will be changed so that:

* The requires: line written in setup.ini will contain the union of the 
requires: from each pvr.hint

* The sdesc:, ldesc:, category: and message: lines in setup.ini will be 
taken from the pvr.hint for the curr version
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David Stacey | 15 Jun 08:12 2016

[ITP] gcovr: Coverage report generator

gcovr is a Python script to generate reports from gcov. Found in Debian
and Ubuntu [1].

# noarch:
wget --no-check-certificate --no-host-directories --force-directories 
--cut-dirs=5 \
${BASEURL}/gcovr/gcovr-3.2-1-src.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/gcovr/gcovr-3.2-1.tar.xz \

Test harness requires 'python-nose' and 'python-coverage' from Ports,
plus 'python-pyutilib' below. All tests pass. These are only requireed
to run the test harness; gcovr will build and run without these.

# noarch:
wget --no-check-certificate --no-host-directories --force-directories 
--cut-dirs=5 \
${BASEURL}/python-pyutilib/python-pyutilib-5.3.5-1-src.tar.xz \
${BASEURL}/python-pyutilib/python-pyutilib-5.3.5-1.tar.xz \

Note that I'm not offering to maintain 'python-pyutilib' (yet!), just

Many thanks in advance for looking at this package,


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Achim Gratz | 12 Jun 15:23 2016

[ITP] Perl distributions

The following Perl distributions are ready for incorporation into
Cygwin as dependencies for Jaris packages:


Please add the to cygwin-pkg-maint with me as the owner.  If Yaakov want
co-maintainership, in particular of perl-Mail-* please add yourself.

Yaakov: perl-MIME-tools got an upstream update.

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Jari Aalto | 11 Jun 22:06 2016

clock - re-add to distribution (Perl modules now available)

cloc (count lines of code) was removed because the needed
Perl modules were not yet in Cygwin.

    1.55 UPDATED
    1.55 RM

Cygwin now bundles the required Perl modules:


I have 1.60 ready for upload. It can now be relisted in:
  and in !packages file


Jari Aalto | 11 Jun 21:57 2016

calm: Problem uploading to noarch/release/PACKAGE

After uploading to noarch/release area, calm returned:

  ERROR: package 'checkbashisms' is at paths x86/release/checkbashisms and noarch/release/checkbashisms

I emptied and removed ARCH directories first before uploading to
noarch. Is Anything else needed?

    lftp cygwin(at)> ls x86/release/checkbashisms
    Access failed: No such file (x86/release/checkbashisms)

    lftp cygwin(at)> ls x86_64/release/checkbashisms
    Access failed: No such file (x86_64/release/checkbashisms)

    lftp cygwin(at)> ls noarch/release/checkbashisms
    drwxr-sr-x   2 cygwin   cygstage     4096 Jun 10 18:05 .
    drwxrwsr-x  46 cygwin   cygstage     4096 Jun 11 19:41 ..
    -rw-r--r--   1 cygwin   cygstage   760236 Jun 10 18:05 checkbashisms-2.16.5-1-src.tar.xz
    -rw-r--r--   1 cygwin   cygstage    22340 Jun 10 18:05 checkbashisms-2.16.5-1.tar.xz
    -rw-r--r--   1 cygwin   cygstage      566 Jun 10 18:05 setup.hint


Jari Aalto | 11 Jun 14:13 2016

pal - UNORPHAN (was orphaned)

While I was going through the packages, I built a new release for "pal".

While anyone interested is free to take over, I can
maintain the package until then.


Jari Aalto | 11 Jun 09:46 2016

RM package: dpatch

Package "dpatch" can be removed (or marked obsolete for some
period first) from distribution. It was Debian's alternative
to patching system but it was replaced and made obsolete by


Warren Young | 9 Jun 21:17 2016

Bug in fontconfig postinstall script: spaces in *.ttf

The postinstall script links all *.ttf fonts in $(cygpath -W)/Fonts that
contain “Microsoft Corp” into /usr/share/fonts/microsoft.  This script creates broken links when
such a font contains a space in its filename, as happens with SketchFlow\ Print.ttf on my system.

This error happens silently, but on the next run of setup.exe, you get a postinstall script error resulting
from Cygwin’s refusal to chase an infinite link from Print.ttf to Print.ttf.  You also get a broken link
to SketchFlow, but since it is not a tail-chaser, it doesn’t trigger the error.

The trivial fix for this is left as an exercise to the packager. :)

Incidentally, that font has a web page:

Kind of an interesting read.
Ken Brown | 6 Jun 19:11 2016

cygport patch for texlive

The attached patch, which I think is self-explanatory, was used for 
building TeX Live 2016.

From e75531985e354eb8d98eac8dd842b1fbed548533 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Ken Brown <kbrown <at>>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 09:22:32 -0400
Subject: [PATCH] texlive: support generation of language files

Up to now, language files have not been updated to reflect the
languages available in a TeX Live installation.  As a result, format
generation can fail due to missing hyphenation files.  This commit
provides the support needed by the texlive perpetual postinstall
scripts to keep the language files up to date.
 cygclass/texlive.cygclass | 10 +++++++++-
 lib/src_postinst.cygpart  | 23 ++++++++++++++++++++++-
 2 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/cygclass/texlive.cygclass b/cygclass/texlive.cygclass
index b8a06d5..ce247e4 100644
--- a/cygclass/texlive.cygclass
+++ b/cygclass/texlive.cygclass
 <at>  <at>  -137,10 +137,11  <at>  <at>  ARCH=noarch
 #  queues the necessary postinstall steps.
 texlive_install() {
-	local f pkg pkgs tlpobj dst src fmt map perm
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David Stacey | 4 Jun 20:10 2016

gcovr - Suitable for Cygwin?

I've been using gcovr to generate coverage reports, and I'd be happy to 
maintain this for Cygwin. Before submitting a package, I'd be grateful 
if someone could check the licence [1].

It's a fairly standard 3-clause BSD affair, but with the caveat that 
'the U.S. Government retains certain rights in this software.' It isn't 
clear (to me, at least) what rights are being referred to. Would such a 
clause prohibit its inclusion in Cygwin?

Note that gcovr isn't available for Fedora or CentOS, although this 
could be because it hasn't been packaged for these distros, rather than 
any incompatibility in the licence. It is, however, available for Debian 
and Ubuntu [2].

Any thoughts on its suitability for Cygwin?