Joshua Daniel Franklin | 1 Apr 16:40 2003

Updated: cygwin-doc-1.3-3

A new version of the cygwin-doc package is now available. This release
includes the new documentation for setup.exe, brings the other documentation
up to date, and fixes a few typos. Details about what has changed:

	-(Joshua Daniel Franklin) 
	* setup-net.sgml: Add documentation for setup.exe
	Thanks to Rob Collins, Christopher Faylor, Pierre Humblet, Elfyn 
	McBratney, Hannu E K Nevalainen, Igor Pechtchanski, and Randall Schulz

	-Generate info files with docbook2X on Debian (see cygwin-info/README)
	in the cygwin-doc source

	-(Christopher Faylor) 
	* utils.sgml: Fix typo in 'mount' documentation
	Thanks to Dwight Wilcox for noticing this.

	-(Joshua Daniel Franklin) 
	* setup-net.sgml: Add "setup-maxmem" section 
	* setup2.sgml: New section "setup-maxmem" to document heap_chunk_in_mb

	-(Pierre A. Humblet) 
	* utils.sgml: Document '-c' option to mkgroup and mkpasswd

	-(Joshua Daniel Franklin) 
        * cygwinenv.sgml: Add section for "CYGWIN codepage:[ansi|oem]"
        * dll.sgml: Add pointer to GCC website for more information
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Corinna Vinschen | 1 Apr 23:52 2003

Updated: OpenSSH-3.6.1p1-1

I've just updated the version of OpenSSH to 3.6.1p1-1.

This is an official bug fix release as of today.  The Cygwin version is
build from the vanilla sources.

Official Release Message:
OpenSSH 3.6.1 has just been released. It will be available from the
mirrors listed at shortly.

OpenSSH is a 100% complete SSH protocol version 1.3, 1.5 and 2.0
implementation and includes sftp client and server support.

We would like to thank the OpenSSH community for their continued
support to the project, especially those who contributed source and
bought T-shirts or posters.

We have a new design of T-shirt available, more info on

For international orders use
and for European orders, use

Changes since OpenSSH 3.6:

* The 'kex guesses' bugfix from OpenSSH 3.6 triggers a bug
  in a few other SSH v2 implementations and causes connections to
  stall.  OpenSSH 3.6.1 disables this bugfix when interoperating
  with these implementations.
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Steve O | 3 Apr 09:29 2003

Updated: rxvt-2.7.10-3

rxvt is a terminal program that can be used instead of the windows
command shell.  It does not require an X server.

This build fixes a configuration issue that caused the app to use a 
generic icon. 

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Once you've downloaded setup.exe, run it and select "Shell" 
then click on the appropriate field until the above announced
version number appears if it is not displayed already.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: cygwin at cygwin dot com .  I would appreciate it 
if you would use this mailing list rather than emailing me directly.  
This includes ideas and comments about the setup utility or 
Cygwin in general.

If you want to make a point or ask a question, the Cygwin mailing list
is the appropriate place.  Though for rxvt specific bugs you may want
to copy me on posts to the Cygwin mailing list.

To unsubscribe to the cygwin-announce mailing list, look at the
"List-Unsubscribe: " tag in the email header of this message.  Send
email to the address specified there.  It will be in the format:

cygwin-announce-unsubscribe-YOU=YOURDOMAIN dot COM at cygwin dot com

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Pierre A. Humblet | 3 Apr 16:18 2003

Updated: exim-4.14-1

I have updated the version of exim (a Mail Transfer Agent) to 4.14-1

This version contains 34 new features over the current 4.12, but no 
major changes. For details see


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe
to your system.  Then run setup and answer all of the questions.
Exim is in the Mail category.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list:  cygwin <at> .
This includes ideas and comments about the setup utility or Cygwin
in general.

Williams, Gerald S (Jerry | 4 Apr 16:03 2003

Updated: swig-1.3.19-1

I've updated the version of SWIG to 1.3.19-1. Tarballs should
be available on the Cygwin mirrors shortly.

As per the SWIG web page (

  SWIG (Simplified Wrapper Interface Generator) is a software
  development tool that connects programs written in C and C++
  with a variety of high-level programming languages. SWIG is
  primarily used with common scripting languages such as Perl,
  Python, Tcl/Tk, Ruby, Guile and MzScheme, however the list
  of supported languages also includes non-scripting languages
  such as Java and OCAML. SWIG is most commonly used to create
  high-level interpreted programming environments, user
  interfaces, and as a tool for testing and prototyping C/C++
  software. SWIG may be freely used, distributed, and modified
  for commercial and noncommercial use.

Version 1.3.19 is a regular development release of SWIG. More
information, including release notes and user documentation,
can be found in the directory /usr/doc/swig-1.3.19/.


One thing that won't be currently found in that directory is
an issue that has come up with the latest Cygwin release of
Perl (5.8.0), which uses 64-bit integers. This results in
some warnings of the following type when compiling the output
of SWIG:
  warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size

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Roth, Kevin P. | 4 Apr 17:18 2003

Updated: cURL 7.10.4

cURL has been updated to version 7.10.4-1.

Along with a large number of bugfixes, this release includes 
these changes:

 o Added --create-dirs
 o The first few libcurl test cases have been added
 o configure --enable-maintainer-mode was added

 o curl tool "clears" sensitive commands line args from ps output
 o no emacs local variables in the source files anymore, curl-style.el 
   is the new file to use.
 o the "scratch buffer" only allocated when actually needed. This 
   drasticly reduces the amount of memory used for a single handle.
 o started implementing the 'share' system (detailed elsewhere)
 o removed the strequal and strnequal macros from curl/curl.h
 o added CURLOPT_UNRESTRICTED_AUTH / --location-trusted

See the following URLs for full release details, including bugfixes:


To obtain this update, run Cygwin's setup.exe wizard.

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Charles Wilson | 6 Apr 01:35 2003

Updated: ncurses-5.3-1; New: libncurses7-5.3-1, libncurses-devel-5.3-1, ncurses-demo-5.3-1

The ncurses package has been updated to ncurses-5.3-1.  However, because 
the ABI has changed, the DLLs are packaged in yet another libncurses* 
package, libncurses7 (which can coexist with libncurses6 and 
libncurses5).  Further, to reduce the size of the Base installation, 
I've split out certain demo programs and the development libraries into 
separate packages (ncurses-demo and libncurses-devel) which are NOT part 
of the Base category.  Read the first paragraph of the INSTALLATION 
section below, even if you normally skip it -- it's not boilerplate this 

ncurses is a package that provides character and terminal handling 
libraries, including 'gui-like' panels and menus.  It is often used 
instead of termcap.

Changes (from ncurses-5.2-8)
   o update to the 5.3 source

   o The upstream maintainer has done a lot of work to enable shared lib 
building on cygwin -- but he did it in a way completely different than 
mine.  Once I figured out what he was doing, I could see that it was 
better.  But it hasn't been as heavily tested as our version, so despite 
the month of 'test' release status, some warts are expected over the 
next few months.  Worse, since his approach differs, it means that there 
are ABI changes and we have to bump to '7' from our current ABI=6.  On 
the plus side, the non-packaging/documentation patch size has been 
reduced by over 75%.

   o split the monolithic ncurses-5.2-8 package into three: 
libncurses-devel-5.3-1 (link libraries and headers), ncurses-demo-5.3-1 
(the /usr/bin/ncurses-test-dll/*.exe stuff), and ncurses-5.3-1 
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John Morrison | 6 Apr 12:06 2003

Updated: base-files

base-files has been updated to version 1.3-1.

This release includes these changes:
* Changed as per request.
* Added some information wrt setting path
* Added some information wrt how $HOME is deduced (thanks
  Pierre A. Humblet)
* Fixed /etc/skel copy routine (thanks Vince Hoffman)

Robert Collins | 8 Apr 22:04 2003

Setup.exe 2.340.2.5 released

A new release of setup.exe has occured. 

The new version is available from as usual.

Thank you very much to all the beta testers, who did a great job of
providing feedback, allowing this release to proceed!

 ====   Release Notes   ====

Abraham Backus  <abraham <at>>
Brian Keener  <bkeener <at>>
Christopher Faylor  <cgf <at>>
Gary R. Van Sickle  <g.r.vansickle <at>>
John Marshall  <johnm <at>>
Marcel Telka  <marcel <at>>
Max Bowsher  <maxb <at>>
Igor Pechtchanski  <pechtcha <at>>
Pavel Tsekov  <ptsekov <at>>
Robert Collins  <rbtcollins <at>>

Fix 'Can't open (null) for reading' errors.
Setup now checks bz2 (de)compression status rather than spewing TODO's
into setup.log.full.
Returning to the chooser from another page will now refresh the view.
Packages with corrupt md5's in the source that are being upgraded will
popup a warning, rather than uninstalling and then failing to install
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Charles Wilson | 9 Apr 06:23 2003

Updated: terminfo-5.3-2

The terminfo package has been updated to version 5.3-2.  It
contains the terminfo database that enables proper operation
of ncurses-based applications.  Normally, the terminfo database
is distributed WITH ncurses; but we've split it out to enable
updates on an accelarated schedule.

CHANGES (since 5.3-1)
o fixed errors in 'TERM=cygwin' terminal definition

Charles Wilson
terminfo volunteer maintainer for cygwin


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link
on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and update the terminfo package.

Note that we have recently stopped downloads from
(aka due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you
will  need to find a mirror which has this update.

In the US,
is a reliable high bandwidth connection.

In the UK,
is usually up-to-date within 48 hours.
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