Raad | 8 Oct 22:59 2015

Contiki vs FreeRTOS


Anyone can say what is the advantage of Contiki over FreeRTOS?

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amit bhanja | 8 Oct 19:07 2015

Need help : MSP430 gcc 4.7.0 installation

Hi all,

Instant contiki vm(2.7 & 3.0 tried) has 4.7.0 preinstalled. But still when i run any example in cooja, it says msp430-gcc command not found. 

If i install with apt-get, it installs 4.6.3 version of msp430-gcc. but i need to try with 4.7.0.

I am trying to install msp430 gcc compiler 4.7.0 in instant contiki vm by following 

But the following error comes up.
/libgcc/libgcc2.c:73:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

Could anyone please help me with this?

Thanks & Regards,
Amit Bhanja
Student, Master in Distributed Software Systems
TU Darmstadt
B.E(Hons.)Computer Science
Phone- +4917668024878
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amit bhanja | 8 Oct 09:10 2015

Address stored in opposite byte order

Hello guys,

I am trying to run a data collection application over the test beds. I am compiling the code in a 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 virtual image. 

The problem occuring is that , for example the sink node has a rime address 2.0. But after the route discovery packets are getting exchanged, the neighbor of 2.0 stores 2.0 as the nexthop and 0.2 as the destination in the routing table. It is happening always. And therefore , the nodes are always sending route discovery packets but never get to know the correct nexthop and fail to send any packet.

This works fine in the cooja simulator. But does not work in the test bed. I am testing in flocklab. My colleage is compiling the code in MacOS and it is not causing a problem there. 

Kindly please tell me if anyone has faced this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Amit Bhanja
Student, Master in Distributed Software Systems
TU Darmstadt
B.E(Hons.)Computer Science
Phone- +4917668024878
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mike | 7 Oct 23:37 2015

cc26xx very-sleepy-demo nodes resetting

Hi Contiki

I've been playing with the very-sleepy-demo for a few days now. 
I am noticing that after some time in 'very sleepy' mode, my units are resetting. 

I have 2 Sensortags and a 6lbr border router on a linux machine. 
The linux machine is running a script to observe the coap resources (using python txthings/twisted.internet). 

Since I am investigating when things get reset, the very_sleepy_mode configuration happens manually before each test.  

What typically happens is one of 2 situations:

1 - 
a) the coap script will report both sets of sensor data every 30 seconds
b) one unit resets into 'normal' mode, then the coap script will report just one set of sensor data, 
c) The other unit is normal/idle until I try to put it back to 'very sleepy'. 

2 - sometimes the coap script loses its own marbles, and I have to kill and re-run the script manually. The result is that both tag observations do come back. 

Replicating either of these cases is very easy. 100% repeatable in my environment. 

I am thinking of running this with the uart logging to see if maybe the watchdog is firing. 
Does anyone else have any debugging suggestions? 

TI forums have been promising (for months) a tutorial on how to set up Contiki + IAR. 
I have not seen this tutorial get posted yet. 
Perhaps Señor Dunkels and the thingsquare guys can share how they did it? : )

Some background- 
I have created a port of the very sleepy example to ship ALL sensor data + RSSI packed in an octet-stream, however I have abandoned that in favor of the 'out of the box' demo provided with contiki. It is far easier to ask for help with the demo code. 


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Help for calculating memory footprint.

Hi everyone, I am developing a custom protocol and I need to calculate the total of memory footprint (ROM and RAM). My protocol is implemented for sky mote. I am using TCP as transport protocol.

I use the size tool of sky mote and I obtain this:

   text         data        bss        dec        hex    filename
  46617        220       5866      52703       cddf    lspwsn_server2.sky

I understand that section text plus data is Flash Memory (ROM) and bss plus data is RAM.

Doing the maths:

  text + data = FLASH          (45.52 + 0.214 = 45.76K bytes)
  bss + data = RAM              (5.72 + 0.214 = 9K bytes RAM)

Now some questions:
1) This total of ROM memory includes stack and everthing else ?.
I have to know:
2) What its the total of ROM memory that  consumes only the implementation of my protocol?.

I use:

>> objdump -t --section=.text lspwsn_server2.sky and I got:

lspwsn_server2.sky:     file format elf32-little

00004000 l    d  .text    00000000 .text
00004cae l     F .text    00000074 start_network_layer
0000431a l       .text    00000000 __br_unexpected_
0000431e l     F .text    0000009a checkOH
000043b8 l     F .text    000000be EncodeMessageBody
00004476 l     F .text    000000f6 EncodeOptionalHeaders
0000456c l     F .text    00000098 DecodeEncodedURL
00004604 l     F .text    00000032 FindResource
00004636 l     F .text    0000006a DeleteResource
00004706 l     F .text    000004a2 handle_connection
00004ba8 l     F .text    00000106 process_thread_lspwsn
00004d2e l     F .text    00000014 status
00004d42 l     F .text    00000030 value
00004d72 l     F .text    0000003e configure
00004db0 l     F .text    0000001a value
00004dca l     F .text    0000000c status
00004dd6 l     F .text    00000010 configure
00004de6 l     F .text    00000018 status
00004dfe l     F .text    00000020 value
00004e1e l     F .text    0000004c configure
00004ef2 l     F .text    00000050 owreadb
00005062 l     F .text    0000004a wait_ready
00005200 l     F .text    000000c2 process_thread_sensors_process
000052ec l     F .text    00000004 get_object
000052f0 l     F .text    00000004 set_object
000052f4 l     F .text    0000001c strobe
00005310 l     F .text    0000004c getreg
0000535c l     F .text    0000004c setreg
000053a8 l     F .text    0000007c write_ram
00005424 l     F .text    0000003c write_fifo_buf
00005460 l     F .text    00000020 get_status
00005480 l     F .text    00000024 set_txpower
000054a4 l     F .text    0000000c cc2420_receiving_packet
000054b0 l     F .text    00000008 pending_packet
000054b8 l     F .text    0000001e on
000054d6 l     F .text    00000022 wait_for_transmission
000054f8 l     F .text    00000028 wait_for_status
00005520 l     F .text    00000050 getrxdata
00005570 l     F .text    0000001a flushrx
0000558a l     F .text    00000056 off
000055e0 l     F .text    00000028 RELEASE_LOCK
00005608 l     F .text    00000018 set_key
00005620 l     F .text    0000003c cc2420_prepare
000056ae l     F .text    00000068 cc2420_cca
00005716 l     F .text    000000ac cc2420_read
000057c2 l     F .text    00000054 process_thread_cc2420_process
00005816 l     F .text    00000088 encrypt
00005968 l     F .text    00000110 cc2420_transmit
00005a78 l     F .text    00000012 cc2420_send
00005ad6 l     F .text    000000a8 get_value
00005b94 l     F .text    00000086 set_value
0000629e l     F .text    000000f0 show_leds
000064fc l     F .text    000000a8 process_thread_ctimer_process
00006728 l     F .text    00000078 update_time
000067aa l     F .text    000000cc process_thread_etimer_process
00006876 l     F .text    00000040 add_timer
0000696e l     F .text    00000044 call_process
000069b2 l     F .text    00000094 exit_process
00006a46 l     F .text    00000030 do_poll
00006e76 l     F .text    00000046 set_packet_attrs
00006ebc l     F .text    00000032 addr_context_lookup_by_number
00006eee l     F .text    000000ae compress_addr_64
00006f9c l     F .text    000000b4 uncompress_addr
00007050 l     F .text    0000064e input
0000774c l     F .text    000006c6 output
000076c4 l     F .text    0000004c addr_context_lookup_by_prefix
00007710 l     F .text    00000022 packet_sent
00007732 l     F .text    0000001a send_packet
00007e12 l     F .text    00000032 chksum
00007e44 l     F .text    00000056 upper_layer_chksum
00007e9a l     F .text    000000d0 ext_hdr_options_process
00007fd2 l     F .text    0000002e uip_add_rcv_nxt
0000962e l     F .text    0000004c call_route_callback
00009848 l     F .text    00000006 rm_routelist_callback
00009814 l     F .text    00000034 rm_routelist
00009abe l     F .text    00000110 echo_reply_input
00009bce l     F .text    0000012c echo_request_input
0000a126 l     F .text    00000016 start_periodic_tcp_timer
0000a282 l     F .text    000001a6 process_thread_tcpip_process
0000a734 l     F .text    0000003c lollipop_greater_than
0000a770 l     F .text    00000014 find_parent_any_dag_any_instance
0000a784 l     F .text    00000030 rpl_set_preferred_parent
0000a7b4 l     F .text    00000038 set_ip_from_prefix
0000a7ec l     F .text    00000080 check_prefix
0000ad06 l     F .text    00000006 nbr_callback
0000ad0c l     F .text    00000032 remove_parents.constprop.5
0000b80c l     F .text    00000046 get32
0000b852 l     F .text    0000002a set32
0000b87c l     F .text    0000000e get16
0000b88a l     F .text    00000010 set16
0000b89a l     F .text    00000006 dao_ack_input
0000b8a0 l     F .text    000002d8 dio_input
0000be30 l     F .text    00000028 dis_input
0000bfec l     F .text    000002ac dao_input
0000c2ba l     F .text    00000002 reset
0000c2bc l     F .text    00000006 update_metric_container
0000c2c2 l     F .text    00000042 calculate_rank
0000c304 l     F .text    0000009c neighbor_link_callback
0000c3a0 l     F .text    0000002e best_dag
0000c3ce l     F .text    00000074 best_parent
0000c442 l     F .text    00000092 new_dio_interval
0000c5ea l     F .text    00000088 handle_dio_timer
0000c4d4 l     F .text    00000066 set_dao_lifetime_timer
0000c672 l     F .text    00000064 handle_dao_timer
0000c53a l     F .text    0000002e handle_periodic_timer
0000c568 l     F .text    00000082 schedule_dao
0000c78a l     F .text    0000012a handle_probing_timer
0000c8b4 l     F .text    00000006 input_packet
0000c8ba l     F .text    00000006 on
0000c8c0 l     F .text    00000006 off
0000c8c6 l     F .text    00000010 channel_check_interval
0000c8d6 l     F .text    00000024 transmit_packet_list
0000cb2a l     F .text    00000132 packet_sent
0000c8fa l     F .text    0000001a init
0000c914 l     F .text    0000017a send_packet
0000ca8e l     F .text    0000009c free_packet
0000cc5c l     F .text    00000108 create_frame.isra.0
0000cd64 l     F .text    00000008 create
0000cd6c l     F .text    00000008 hdr_length
0000cd74 l     F .text    000000a2 parse
0000ce70 l     F .text    0000002a item_from_index
0000ce9a l     F .text    00000026 index_from_key
0000cec0 l     F .text    0000001e index_from_item
0000cede l     F .text    00000058 nbr_set_bit
0000cf36 l     F .text    00000042 index_from_lladdr
0000cf78 l     F .text    0000002e nbr_get_bit.constprop.0
0000d4fa l     F .text    00000006 duty_cycle
0000d500 l     F .text    0000002a init
0000d9d2 l     F .text    000001d6 powercycle
0000d52a l     F .text    0000001a on
0000d544 l     F .text    00000022 off
0000d566 l     F .text    0000000a recv_burst_off
0000d570 l     F .text    00000020 turn_off
0000d590 l     F .text    00000030 turn_on
0000d5c0 l     F .text    00000034 schedule_powercycle_fixed.part.4
0000d5f4 l     F .text    00000030 powercycle_turn_radio_off
0000d624 l     F .text    000000b6 input_packet
0000d6da l     F .text    0000020c send_packet.isra.7
0000d8e6 l     F .text    000000c4 qsend_list
0000d9aa l     F .text    00000028 qsend_packet
0000dba8 l     F .text    00000004 bootstrap
0000dbac l     F .text    0000000a send
0000dbb6 l     F .text    00000004 on_frame_created
0000dbba l     F .text    00000006 input
0000dbc0 l     F .text    00000004 get_overhead
0000dbc4 l     F .text    0000001c crc8_add
0000dbe0 l     F .text    0000003e sstart
0000dc1e l     F .text    00000062 swrite
0000dc80 l     F .text    0000004c sread
0000dccc l     F .text    0000002a sreset
0000dcf6 l     F .text    000000b4 scmd.part.0
0000df8c l     F .text    00000090 field_len
0000e5ae l     F .text    00000194 print_field
0000de9c g     F .text    00000010 putchar
00006e70 g     F .text    00000006 random_rand
00005c1a g     F .text    000000d8 cc2420_init
00006462 g     F .text    0000000e rtimer_arch_now
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_14
0000a18c g     F .text    0000000c tcp_attach
00009cfa g     F .text    00000048 uip_icmp6_input
000080bc g     F .text    0000002a uip_unlisten
000063ba g     F .text    0000000e leds_arch_init
0000d250 g     F .text    00000052 packetbuf_copyto
0000bfba g     F .text    00000032 dao_ack_output
0000f158 g     F .text    00000062 strtok_r
00009f60 g     F .text    00000012 uip_icmp6_init
000046a0 g     F .text    0000001a delete_buffer
0000984e g     F .text    0000010c uip_ds6_route_add
0000e59e g     F .text    00000010 printf
0000e44e g       .text    00000000 __ext_divmod16
00009034 g     F .text    0000004c uip_ds6_maddr_add
0000d182 g     F .text    0000002c nbr_table_get_from_lladdr
00005cf2 g       .text    00000000 __isr_4
0000d39a g     F .text    00000022 packetbuf_attr_copyto
0000690e g     F .text    0000000c etimer_pending
0000cfa6 g     F .text    00000026 nbr_table_register
00006d0c g     F .text    0000001a list_push
000051c8 g     F .text    00000038 node_id_restore
0000b5ce g     F .text    00000132 rpl_update_header_empty
00008064 g     F .text    00000058 remove_ext_hdr
000058da g     F .text    0000004c cc2420_set_pan_addr
0000acf0 g     F .text    00000016 rpl_remove_parent
000050e8 g     F .text    000000e0 xmem_pread
0000d36c g     F .text    0000002e packetbuf_copyfrom
000066d2 g     F .text    0000000e energest_type_set
0000ae28 g     F .text    0000004c rpl_repair_root
0000ef4c g     F .text    000000fa memmove
0000e34a g     F .text    00000044 mac_sequence_is_duplicate
00007f6a g     F .text    00000068 uip_add32
0000769e g     F .text    00000026 sicslowpan_init
00006b50 g     F .text    00000054 process_post
00009144 g     F .text    0000000a uip_ds6_maddr_rm
0000ae74 g     F .text    00000010 rpl_find_of
0000ac9c g     F .text    00000054 rpl_nullify_parent
0000e42c g     F .text    00000000 __udivhi3
00005d6e g     F .text    0000003c sky_sensors_status
00004e6a g     F .text    00000088 irq_p2
000065bc g     F .text    00000050 ctimer_set
0000a022 g     F .text    00000026 psock_newdata
00009532 g     F .text    0000000c uip_ds6_nbr_get_ll
0000b0c0 g     F .text    00000046 rpl_recalculate_ranks
00006c2e g     F .text    00000026 rtimer_run_next
000068c8 g     F .text    00000012 etimer_reset
0000953e g     F .text    00000042 uip_ds6_nbr_lookup
00005926 g     F .text    00000016 cc2420_interrupt
000063b0 g     F .text    0000000a leds_toggle
0000a5a0 g     F .text    00000022 rpl_remove_routes
0000ad98 g     F .text    00000016 rpl_get_any_dag
0000a8b4 g     F .text    0000008e rpl_set_prefix
0000a5c2 g     F .text    00000046 rpl_remove_routes_by_nexthop
0000ddd8 g     F .text    0000000a sht11_temp
00006b42 g     F .text    0000000e process_nevents
00006d26 g     F .text    0000002a list_add
00008112 g     F .text    00000cea uip_process
00005ec8 g     F .text    000000f4 uart1_init
0000589e g     F .text    0000003c cc2420_set_channel
00004000  w      .text    00000000 __watchdog_support
00004314  w      .text    00000000 __stop_progExec__
0000ee52 g     F .text    000000fa memcpy
0000a898 g     F .text    0000000c rpl_get_parent
0000d05a g     F .text    00000128 nbr_table_add_lladdr
00009592 g     F .text    00000012 uip_ds6_nbr_lladdr_from_ipaddr
0000593c g     F .text    0000000e cc2420_set_txpower
0000e04a g     F .text    00000146 frame802154_create
00009f74 g     F .text    000000ae psock_send
00009318 g     F .text    0000003e uip_ds6_compute_reachable_time
0000d2bc g     F .text    00000006 packetbuf_set_datalen
0000a428 g     F .text    0000005e tcpip_uipcall
0000ed7e g     F .text    0000002c puts
00004d22 g     F .text    0000000c init_platform
0000d2da g     F .text    00000006 packetbuf_datalen
00006d50 g     F .text    00000010 list_length
000094aa g     F .text    0000001a uip_ds6_nbr_rm
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_11
0000e4c8 g     F .text    000000d0 malloc
0000e488 g     F .text    00000000 __udivsi3
0000d3bc g     F .text    00000024 packetbuf_attr_copyfrom
0000de6c g     F .text    00000030 spi_init
00006bb6 g     F .text    00000036 process_start
0000641a g     F .text    00000012 watchdog_periodic
00006c0a g     F .text    00000024 rtimer_set
00006074 g     F .text    00000008 splhigh_
0000a13c g     F .text    00000010 tcpip_output
00006ba4 g     F .text    00000012 process_post_synch
0000a6cc g     F .text    0000001e rpl_ipv6_neighbor_callback
00008dfc g     F .text    0000002e uip_htonl
0000607c g     F .text    0000006c msp430_sync_dco
00006cc6 g     F .text    00000012 list_tail
000080e6 g     F .text    0000002c uip_listen
0000deac g     F .text    00000072 compower_accumulate
0000adc4 g     F .text    00000064 rpl_alloc_dag
000096b0 g     F .text    0000001a uip_ds6_route_nexthop
00006406 g     F .text    00000014 watchdog_start
0000f276 g       .text    00000000 __udivmoddi4
000068b6 g     F .text    00000012 etimer_set
0000594a g     F .text    0000001e cc2420_get_txpower
00009580 g     F .text    0000000c uip_ds6_nbr_ll_lookup
000063c8 g     F .text    00000038 leds_arch_set
0000ce64 g     F .text    0000000c linkaddr_set_node_addr
0000660c g     F .text    00000030 ctimer_reset
000060e8 g       .text    00000000 __isr_5
0000d46e g     F .text    00000022 queuebuf_update_from_packetbuf
0000a88a g     F .text    0000000e rpl_dag_init
00008000 g     F .text    0000000a uip_icmp6chksum
0000ddaa g     F .text    0000001a sht11_init
00009a86 g     F .text    00000038 uip_ds6_defrt_periodic
0000f248 g     F .text    00000000 __umoddi3
00006398 g     F .text    0000000a leds_on
0000431a g       .text    00000000 __dtors_end
000095ce g     F .text    00000060 uip_ds6_neighbor_periodic
00006bec g     F .text    00000018 process_poll
0000d490 g     F .text    0000002a queuebuf_free
0000d3ee g     F .text    00000012 queuebuf_init
0000f222 g     F .text    00000000 __udivdi3
000046ba g     F .text    00000022 init_buffer
0000b040 g     F .text    00000080 rpl_process_parent_event
0000a608 g     F .text    00000048 rpl_add_route
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_2
0000d1e0 g     F .text    00000010 nbr_table_lock
00006cc2 g     F .text    00000004 list_head
0000e480 g     F .text    00000000 __modhi3
0000ce4a g     F .text    00000008 linkaddr_copy
00006400 g       .text    00000000 __isr_10
00006a76 g     F .text    0000000e process_alloc_event
00009f72 g     F .text    00000002 uip_nd6_init
0000604a g     F .text    0000002a msp430_cpu_init
00009216 g     F .text    00000014 uip_ds6_set_addr_iid
0000c74e g     F .text    0000003c rpl_schedule_probing
0000958c g     F .text    00000006 uip_ds6_nbr_ipaddr_from_lladdr
000068da g     F .text    00000012 etimer_restart
0000f07c g     F .text    0000001e strrchr
000063a2 g     F .text    0000000e leds_off
0000a152 g     F .text    0000003a tcp_listen
00009ecc g     F .text    00000094 uip_icmp6_send
000065a4 g     F .text    00000018 ctimer_init
000096ca g     F .text    0000000a uip_ds6_route_head
0000adae g     F .text    00000016 rpl_get_instance
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_7
00005b7e g     F .text    00000016 cc2420_set_cca_threshold
0000bbc8 g     F .text    00000268 dio_output
00006220 g     F .text    00000028 clock_init
00006254 g     F .text    00000030 clock_wait
0000df30 g     F .text    00000010 compower_attrconv
0000e4be g     F .text    00000000 __umodsi3
00006c92 g     F .text    0000002a timer_expired
0000d2f0 g     F .text    0000000c packetbuf_totlen
00009356 g     F .text    00000154 uip_ds6_init
000094d2 g     F .text    00000060 uip_ds6_nbr_add
0000e446 g     F .text    00000000 __umodhi3
00006454 g     F .text    0000000e rtimer_arch_init
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_0
0000b106 g     F .text    00000112 rpl_add_dag
0000d4ec g     F .text    0000000e queuebuf_attr
0000976e g     F .text    000000a6 uip_ds6_route_rm
00004028  w      .text    00000000 __do_clear_bss
0000995a g     F .text    00000048 uip_ds6_defrt_rm
0000565c g     F .text    00000022 cc2420_on
0000d40a g     F .text    00000052 queuebuf_new_from_packetbuf
000064e0 g     F .text    00000006 rtimer_arch_schedule
00006400 g     F .text    00000006 watchdog_interrupt
0000ce52 g     F .text    00000012 linkaddr_cmp
0000800a g     F .text    0000000a uip_tcpchksum
0000f104 g     F .text    00000054 strstr
0000642c g     F .text    00000016 watchdog_stop
0000ce16 g     F .text    00000020 framer_canonical_create_and_secure
0000edaa g     F .text    00000026 rand
0000d45c g     F .text    00000012 queuebuf_update_attr_from_packetbuf
00006284 g     F .text    0000001a clock_seconds
0000603e g     F .text    0000000c msp430_add_lpm_req
0000edf8 g     F .text    0000002a strncmp
0000e488 g       .text    00000000 __ext_udivmod32
0000922a g     F .text    00000044 get_match_length
0000d020 g     F .text    0000003a nbr_table_head
00009080 g     F .text    000000c4 uip_ds6_addr_add
0000a9da g     F .text    00000056 rpl_add_parent
0000e400 g       .text    00000000 __mulsi3
0000f2b4  w      .text    00000000 _unexpected_
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_8
0000691a g     F .text    00000016 etimer_next_expiration_time
0000a6ea g     F .text    0000004a rpl_init
0000d1ae g     F .text    00000032 nbr_table_remove
00008ff6 g     F .text    0000003e uip_ds6_get_link_local
0000d2fc g     F .text    0000002e packetbuf_hdralloc
00005daa g     F .text    000000ee sky_sensors_configure
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_3
0000ddec g     F .text    00000080 sht11_sreg
0000f1ba g     F .text    0000000a strtok
0000e742 g     F .text    0000063c vuprintf
0000bf3c g     F .text    0000007e dao_output
000067a0 g     F .text    0000000a etimer_request_poll
0000ee22 g     F .text    00000030 memcmp
00005eb0 g     F .text    00000018 uart1_writeb
0000aaee g     F .text    000001ae rpl_select_dag
0000e44e g     F .text    00000000 __divhi3
0000e42c g       .text    00000000 __ext_udivmod16
000060e8 g     F .text    0000011e timera1
000099d8 g     F .text    00000074 uip_ds6_defrt_add
00004000  w      .text    00000000 _reset_vector__
0000431a g       .text    00000000 __ctors_start
0000f1c4 g       .text    00000000 __xabi_udivmod64
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_12
00008ef8 g     F .text    00000080 uip_ds6_prefix_add
0000d1f0 g     F .text    00000010 nbr_table_unlock
00006248 g     F .text    0000000c clock_delay
0000a1ae g     F .text    000000d4 tcpip_ipv6_output
00004010  w      .text    00000000 __do_copy_data
0000b790 g     F .text    0000007c rpl_invert_header
0000f046 g     F .text    00000036 strdup
0000d2e0 g     F .text    00000010 packetbuf_hdrlen
00005cf2 g     F .text    00000062 cc2420_port1_interrupt
00005e98 g     F .text    00000018 uart1_active
00006a84 g     F .text    0000001c process_init
0000f09a g     F .text    0000006a memset
00008e72 g     F .text    00000086 uip_ds6_list_loop
0000403e g     F .text    000002d6 main
000050ac g     F .text    0000003c xmem_init
0000d3e0 g     F .text    0000000e packetbuf_holds_broadcast
0000edd0 g     F .text    0000000a srand
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_13
0000b218 g     F .text    000002f8 rpl_process_dio
0000a9a6 g     F .text    00000034 rpl_alloc_instance
0000c72a g     F .text    00000018 rpl_reset_dio_timer
0000ad3e g     F .text    0000005a rpl_move_parent
000068fa g     F .text    00000014 etimer_expiration_time
00006d60 g     F .text    0000000c list_item_next
00006da2 g     F .text    0000003e memb_alloc
000094c4 g     F .text    0000000e uip_ds6_neighbors_init
00009178 g     F .text    00000054 uip_ds6_addr_rm
0000914e g     F .text    0000002a uip_ds6_maddr_lookup
0000edda g     F .text    0000001e strcmp
000099a2 g     F .text    00000036 uip_ds6_defrt_lookup
0000d2d0 g     F .text    0000000a packetbuf_hdrptr
00006de0 g     F .text    0000003a memb_free
0000a8a4 g     F .text    00000010 rpl_get_parent_ipaddr
00006930 g     F .text    0000003e etimer_stop
0000a104 g     F .text    00000022 psock_init
00006cbc g     F .text    00000006 list_init
000096e2 g     F .text    0000008c uip_ds6_route_lookup
00005d54 g     F .text    0000001a cc2420_arch_init
000066e0 g     F .text    00000048 energest_flush
0000c6d6 g     F .text    00000054 rpl_reset_periodic_timer
0000d4ba g     F .text    00000032 queuebuf_to_packetbuf
0000ddc4 g     F .text    00000014 sht11_off
00009d42 g     F .text    0000000c uip_icmp6_register_input_handler
0000bb78 g     F .text    00000050 dis_output
00006e6a g     F .text    00000006 random_init
0000be58 g     F .text    000000e4 dao_output_target
00006d6c g     F .text    00000036 memb_init
00006e1a g     F .text    0000002a memb_inmemb
0000431a  w      .text    00000000 __isr_9
0000c298 g     F .text    00000022 rpl_icmp6_register_handlers
00009d4e g     F .text    0000017e uip_icmp6_error_output
0000b51c g     F .text    000000b2 rpl_verify_header
0000ae84 g     F .text    0000013c rpl_join_instance
0000400c  w      .text    00000000 __init_stack
0000e38e g     F .text    00000072 mac_sequence_register_seqno
0000a504 g     F .text    00000006 rpl_get_mode
00006664 g     F .text    00000026 energest_init
0000663c g     F .text    00000028 ctimer_stop
00006c54 g     F .text    0000001c timer_set
00006c7e g     F .text    00000014 timer_restart
0000567e g     F .text    00000030 cc2420_off
0000afc0 g     F .text    00000080 rpl_local_repair
00006c70 g     F .text    0000000e timer_reset
0000e190 g     F .text    000001ba frame802154_parse
0000431a g       .text    00000000 __dtors_start
00006470 g       .text    00000000 __isr_6
0000431a g       .text    00000000 __ctors_end
0000a198 g     F .text    00000016 tcpip_input
0000cfcc g     F .text    00000054 nbr_table_next
00009a4c g     F .text    0000003a uip_ds6_defrt_choose
0000e01c g     F .text    0000002e frame802154_hdrlen
000052c2 g     F .text    0000002a sensors_changed
00004e6a g       .text    00000000 __isr_1
00006aa0 g     F .text    000000a2 process_run
0000b510 g     F .text    0000000c rpl_lock_parent
00008f78 g     F .text    00000054 uip_ds6_is_addr_onlink
0000a048 g     F .text    000000bc psock_readto
0000aa30 g     F .text    0000001c rpl_find_parent
00006470 g     F .text    00000070 timera0
000068ec g     F .text    0000000e etimer_expired
000091cc g     F .text    0000004a uip_ds6_periodic
0000a86c g     F .text    0000001e rpl_get_nbr
00005a8a g     F .text    0000004c cc2420_rssi
0000d2a2 g     F .text    0000001a packetbuf_hdrreduce
0000d200 g     F .text    00000022 nbr_table_get_lladdr
0000668a g     F .text    00000048 energest_type_time
000096d4 g     F .text    0000000e uip_ds6_route_next
0000d2c2 g     F .text    0000000e packetbuf_dataptr
0000df5c g     F .text    00000030 stimer_expired
0000d222 g     F .text    0000002e packetbuf_compact
00004314  w      .text    00000000 _endless_loop__
0000c742 g     F .text    0000000c rpl_schedule_dao
0000aa70 g     F .text    0000007e rpl_select_parent
0000a14c g     F .text    00000006 tcpip_set_outputfunc
0000b700 g     F .text    00000090 rpl_update_header_final
00008014 g     F .text    00000050 uip_init
0000926e g     F .text    000000aa uip_ds6_select_src
00006206 g     F .text    0000001a clock_time
000095a4 g     F .text    0000002a uip_ds6_link_neighbor_callback
00008fcc g     F .text    0000002a uip_ds6_addr_lookup
0000df40 g     F .text    0000001c stimer_set
00004010  w      .text    00000000 __low_level_init
0000d352 g     F .text    0000001a packetbuf_clear
0000a50a g     F .text    00000096 rpl_purge_routes
0000a486 g     F .text    0000007e uip_debug_ipaddr_print
000046dc g     F .text    0000002a allocate_buffer
00006e44 g     F .text    00000026 memb_numfree
0000a650 g     F .text    0000007c rpl_link_neighbor_callback
00006c04 g     F .text    00000006 rtimer_init
00005fbc g     F .text    00000082 msp430_init_dco
00006442 g     F .text    00000012 watchdog_init
0000967a g     F .text    00000036 uip_ds6_route_init
000064e6 g     F .text    00000016 autostart_start
00006cd8 g     F .text    00000034 list_remove
0000d32a g     F .text    00000028 packetbuf_attr_clear
0000a942 g     F .text    00000064 rpl_set_default_route
00004f42 g     F .text    00000120 ds2411_init
00008e2a g     F .text    00000048 uip_send
0000aa4c g     F .text    00000024 rpl_find_parent_any_dag
0000df1e g     F .text    00000012 compower_clear
0000d400 g     F .text    0000000a queuebuf_numfree
0000e598 g     F .text    00000006 free
0000dde2 g     F .text    0000000a sht11_humidity
0000ce36 g     F .text    00000014 mac_call_sent_callback
0000638e g     F .text    0000000a leds_init

And for data:
>>objdump -t --section=.data lspwsn_server2.sky

lspwsn_server2.sky:     file format elf32-little


00001100 l    d  .data    00000000 .data
00001108 l     O .data    00000008 resource_mem
00001114 l     O .data    00000001 state
00001126 l     O .data    00000002 cur_break
0000113a l     O .data    00000008 ds6_neighbors_struct
00001142 l     O .data    00000008 routememb
00001152 l     O .data    00000008 nbr_routes_struct
0000114a l     O .data    00000008 defaultroutermemb
0000115a l     O .data    00000008 neighborroutememb
00001162 l     O .data    00000006 echo_request_handler
00001168 l     O .data    00000006 echo_reply_handler
00001178 l     O .data    00000008 rpl_parents_struct
00001180 l     O .data    00000001 dao_sequence
00001182 l     O .data    00000006 dis_handler
00001188 l     O .data    00000006 dio_handler
0000118e l     O .data    00000006 dao_handler
00001194 l     O .data    00000006 dao_ack_handler
000011b0 l     O .data    00000008 packet_memb
000011b8 l     O .data    00000008 metadata_memb
000011a8 l     O .data    00000008 neighbor_memb
000011c0 l     O .data    00000008 neighbor_addr_mem
000011c8 l     O .data    00000008 buframmem
000011d0 l     O .data    00000008 bufmem
000011d8 l     O .data    00000004 next
00001130 g     O .data    00000008 etimer_process
0000111e g     O .data    00000008 cc2420_process
00001100 g     O .data    00000008 lspwsn
00001116 g     O .data    00000008 sensors_process
00001176 g     O .data    00000002 rpl_parents
00001128 g     O .data    00000008 ctimer_process
00001138 g     O .data    00000002 ds6_neighbors
0000119a g     O .data    0000000e rpl_mrhof
0000116e g     O .data    00000008 tcpip_process
000011dc g       .data    00000000 _edata
00001100 g       .data    00000000 __data_start
00001110 g     O .data    00000004 sensors

I have to compare it (for school)  with Coap implementation as in this article:

Thanks in advance. I have to figure how much ROM is consuming only the implementation of the protocol.

Patty Figueroa.
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Stephen McCrory | 7 Oct 06:46 2015

cycle counting with tmote in cooja

Hey folks,

Does anyone know if there's a way to cycle count using the tmote sky in cooja? I'm running a simulation and measuring times with rtimer, which has 32k ticks/sec, but I'd ideally like to cycle count.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Full-scale, agent-less Infrastructure Monitoring from a single dashboard
Integrate with 40+ ManageEngine ITSM Solutions for complete visibility
Physical-Virtual-Cloud Infrastructure monitoring from one console
Real user monitoring with APM Insights and performance trend reports 
Learn More http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/clk?id=247754911&iu=/4140
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Felipe Lavratti | 7 Oct 01:38 2015

Strategies to route packets to external networks via end nodes.


I am currently implementing a NAT strategy to route packets from end-nodes sub-networks (from end-nodes slip interface) to the default gateway of the DAG (the root slip interface).

The concept is this:

A micro NAT module will perform address and port translation in the following scheme:

Host to Server:
1) A host send a packet to a server, that is sitting in the other side of the DAG Root slip connection, trough the slip interface into the DAG.
2) A micro NAT module running in the end-node will change the source address and source port of the packet, then forward it trough the RPL tree until it hit the DAG Root.
3) The DAG Root will send it to its default gateway that is the slip connection
4) The packet arrives its destination where its source address is a end-node of the DAG.

The server to host flow is the pretty forward, except when the packet arrives in the end node where the micro NAT module will have to recovery the address translation and forward it to the slip interface.

My question for the Contiki experienced friends is this: What do you think of the proposed strategy ?


Skype: felipeanl

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Niousha Na | 7 Oct 00:04 2015

simulating an IEEE 802.15.4 based Network

Hello,I am new to Contiki
I'm trying to simulate an IEEE 802.15.4 network with Cooja Simulator and having these moduless: 6lbr, FFD, RFD, sending beacon frames from RFDs to FFD, and checking the authentication of each node joining the network
would you mind please give me a tutorial or pseudo codes, if exists, or any clue to get the result?
Thanks in advance
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Raghavan K | 6 Oct 17:45 2015

cooja mote file

I need to write one cooja mote file for new platform. What is cooja
mote file in Contiki?. Is there any document or example?

Raghavan K.


(no subject)


I've been using cooja in a virtual machine. Since I needed more performance and productivity, I've been trying to run it in my physical machine.

Unfortunately everytime I start a simulation, Cooja closes and returns the error :

[javac] /home/**********/jdk1.8.0_31/jre/bin/java: symbol lookup error: /home/******/contiki/examples/my-udp-ipv6/obj_cooja/mtype222.cooja: undefined symbol: log_printf [javac] Java Result: 127

I've tried to modify log.c, Makefile.customrules-cooja and Makefile.customrules-cooja-ip64 and nothing has changed.

Francisco Ferreira de Mendonça Júnior
MSc Candidate in Computer Science at UFPE
Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.
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prathap r | 6 Oct 15:13 2015


    Iam using cmote with MSP430f2618 (cc2520) , I need to know about porting of contiki to cmote of this version can anyone help me........
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