Dru | 11 Apr 17:46 2008


Hello everyone,

The time slots for taking the exam at BSDCan have been finalized and added 
to the registration website:


We've tried to minimize the risk of missing a talk by scheduling around 
lunch and before dinner time. I'll be proctoring the exam sessions.


Jeremy C. Reed | 29 Apr 03:42 2008

[BSDCert-Announce] BSD Certification Group awards first certified BSD Associates (fwd)

Please share this news. Thanks!

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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 20:20:12 -0500 (CDT)
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Subject: [BSDCert-Announce] BSD Certification Group awards first certified BSD

Apr. 28, 2008 -- Today, the BSD Certification Group, Inc., announced
its first certified BSD Associates (BSDA). The BSDA certification,
which began development in late 2006, was officially launched in
February 2008. The BSDA certification measures common skills needed
by entry-level BSD Unix system administrators.

The candidates took the proctored exams at the SCALE, FOSDEM, or
Linux-Tage Chemnitz conferences. According to the psychometrician,
79 percent of the tests received a passing score of 61 or higher
and the highest score was 95 percent.

Based on a job task analysis, the BSDA covers seven weighted knowledge
domains, which include installation, security, filesystems, user
management, networking, and various basic system administration
and Unix skills. The skills target the DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD,
NetBSD and OpenBSD operating systems.

"We'd like to thank the conferences that provided space and assisted
in making it a success -- and thank the proctors who traveled on
their own dime," said Jeremy C. Reed of the BSD Certification
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