Dan Langille | 19 Mar 13:43 2007

banner ads needed for beta tests


We are looking for volunteers please.  If you're handy with GIMP (or 
any other graphic tool), we're asking for your help in creating a 
banner ad for the beta test of the BSDA at BSDCan and LinuxTag.

Be creative.  Go for it.  At a minimum, we need a 468x80 ad.  But we 
can also use these sizes, in order of priority:

728x90, 160x600, 120x600, 125x125, 300x250

It's not that hard.  I created this myself:


OK, now you're wondering, if he created that, why can't he create 
this?  Well, I could. But then, that wouldn't allow you to create it, 

would it?   Also, my priorities right now are BSDCan and PGCon.  Oh, 
and finding full time employment.  That would be nice.

Thank you


Dan Langille : Software Developer looking for work
my resume: http://www.freebsddiary.org/dan_langille.php
PGCon - The PostgreSQL Conference - http://www.pgcon.org/
Dru | 20 Mar 22:55 2007

March newsletter

Hi everyone,

The March newsletter is now available in pdf and html format at the news 
page of the website.


Jeremy C. Reed | 30 Mar 05:07 2007

Secure Coding Assessment and Certification

I read a news article about SANS & Partners Secure Coding Assessment and 
Certification Exams for Programmers.


This webpage gives a lot of details about it, who is doing this, and how 
they score, etc:


I copied and paste the Project Goals from that site:

    * Allow employers to rate their programmers on security skills so they 
can be confident that every project has at least one "security master" and 
all of their programmers understand the common errors and how to avoid 
    * Provide a means for buyers of software and systems vendors to 
measure the secure programming skills of the people who work for the 
    * Allow programmers to identify their gaps in secure programming 
knowledge in the language they use and target education to fill those 
    * Allow employers to evaluate job candidates and potential consultants 
on their secure programming skills and knowledge.
    * Provide incentive for universities to include secure coding in 
required computer science, engineering, and programming courses.
    * Provide reporting to allow individuals and organizations to compare 
their skills against others in their industry, with similar education or 
experience or in similar regions around the world.

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