Muke Tever | 1 Aug 03:04 2007

Re: Announcement: policy discussion re: interwiki links and the interwiki bot (Meta)

GerardM <gerard.meijssen@...> wrote:
> Hoi,
> I have made my point, again, clear on the meta page.

In the bit about handling redirects you say that
   >> As redirects have multiple origins, it cannot be assumed that
   >> they have a single origin.
by which you seem to argue that it is impossible that redirects can
be handled by a bot at all.  But en.wikipedia has had templates like
for years, which do exactly this kind of thing: flag redirects for
categorization, etc., in ways which it is entirely feasible that a
bot could pick up on. A redirect with one flag could be treated in
one way, while another flag may be treated in another way; and there
does not have to be any action taken in treating untagged redirects.


Ivan Štambuk | 25 Aug 11:40 2007

What happens when democracy fails..

...or meritocracy, too, or any other form of spontaneous self-organizing
structure, when the number of contributing members involved doesn't really
exceed the necessary threshold imposed by the premises of non-ad hominem
reasoning. You most likely end up in a situation similar to that of my
request for adminship on Croatian Wiktionary, where users who cumulatively
had <50 edits in the main namespace prior to the moment of my request (made
5 days ago) cast all of a sudden opposing votes [1], which is for each of
them the very first sign of activity in that project after months and months
of absence [2]. The only two users who are real and active contributors with
no personal bias are supportive of my request.

I've created an account on Croatian wiktionary in April, when I started
adding declensions and meanings for 100 or so nouns. Recently I started
contributing on English wiktionary too [3], and returned to Croatian
Wiktionary about a week ago, after having been acquainted with en.wikt's
policies on article layout, non-manual categorization and other template
tricks (context labels!), eager to backpropagate them to hr.wikt.

Facts, such as that at the moment of my return there hasn't been a single
declension/inflection template made for any language (I made all of them,
even the basic ones like hr-noun, and have been making a few new ones every
day since), or that the only currently "active" administrator made the last
edit 1.5 months ago [4], or that the sitenotice message [5] was (and still
is!) set to Wikimedia Board of Trustees election (which ended months ago) -
all of them speak for themselves.

Approximately 2/3 of currently present lexemes need either quick deletion,
or relocation to other projects (Wikisource, Wikibooks, Wikipedia), as they
surely don't belong to wiktionary. The category of articles awaiting
administrator's deletion [6] is growing bigger each day, as there is noone
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