Mark Holmquist | 30 Mar 18:22 2015

State of the Wizard, March 2015

Hi, all.

As a summary of what I've been spending my time on lately, and as a neat
reference for any future work, I thought I would explain where I see us
in UploadWizard land, from a technical point of view, from a UX point of
view, and from whatever other perspective I can provide.

== Technical ==

UploadWizard is still a bit of a mish-mash. It has about three different
design methodologies still in use today, though one has become dominant
over the past few months of refactoring work. I've tried very hard to
make UploadWizard a mostly-JavaScript, MVC-driven, OOJS-centered piece
of software. There are bits remaining on the backend - mostly initial
interface construction and configuration, some of which makes sense -
and there are still lots of non-OOJS bits and spaghetti code laying around,

The grand future that I saw in January of this year was that each step
in the wizard should be a "class" (insomuch as that's a thing in JS),
and that they should receive and emit arrays of uploads instead of relying
on the parent UploadWizard class to keep track of global state. That dream
is very nearly a reality, however one major thing stands in the way: The
metadata copying functionality. This feature uses the global upload list
in a way that I cannot easily circumvent, and in order to fix it, there
must be a significant change in the implementation and UX of that feature -
see which is no small feat.

Other areas that need improvement include the upload objects, which are
still poorly defined and barely tested. A similar MVC framework for them
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Dmitry Talisman | 27 Mar 05:28 2015

Text-to-speech mobile app for wiki


I’m working on mobile application that reads wikipedia articles using IOS Siri voice. It downloads text extract, breaks it to chapters and reads, allowing to skip to the next chapter. 
Siri voice is still quite annoying, but it is getting better every year. This app could be useful for people who want to listen to wikipedia content while on the move: driving or walking , or visually impaired. It is much more convenient than the out-of-the box text to speech feature that allows you to listen to selected text. 
The app allows to search articles by geolocation or by title. See attached screenshots.

I would like to ask for your advice and opinion on a few issues.

1. Are there any license limitations  for wikipedia content that would put restriction on how such app can function ?
2. Do you know if this was tried before? If yes, it probably failed because I don’t see any app of these kind in the app store. Any recommendations how to make it work and reach out to the maximum number of users who may find it useful ?
3. Any features you would recommend that may be useful in such application?
4. Who can help me with the question regarding Wikipedia logo/mobile icon  trademark reuse ? If trademark allows , I would consider replicating Wikipedia mobile app icon with the word “audio” beneath W. 

Any help greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Dmitry Talisman.

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Pine W | 14 Mar 23:32 2015

Editor training for VisualEditor

Hi all,

As mentioned on the Education mailing list, some thematic organizations have already, or will soon, produce training materials for VisualEditor in a variety of languages. Cascadia Wikimedians needs at least a lesson plan for our workshops in April, so I/we will produce materials in English, probably in video form that includes two major sections: about Wikipedia and its sister projects, and how to edit Wikipedia with VisualEditor. My hope is to produce a 30 to 60 minute video that can get new editors to a basic level of Wikipedia competence in one hour including competence with talk pages, notability, copyright, plagarism, conflict of interest, and deletion discussions. I also hope that new editors will feel excited to participate in the community when they finish watching the video. Stay tuned for further developments.

If other English speaking Wikimedians are interested in helping with the production then please email me off list.



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Marcel Hamade | 13 Mar 08:28 2015

UploadWizard Turn off license, default description language

Dear all,
I'm planning to use UploadWizard in our small corporate wiki. I have a few questions

* Can I turn off the "Choose license" part completely? I want an easy quick upload
* Can I turn off the Flickr-Button?
* Can I switch the default description language to german?
Kind regards
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Marcel Hamade | 12 Mar 16:53 2015

Upload images from VisualEditor

Hi everyone,
I've read that the VisualEditor team is planning to integrate an upload-image feature but that this "requires some significant preparatory work from the Multimedia team; VIsualEditor-en work mostly done".

Any plans when it could be possible that I can upload images directly from VIsualEditor instead of going through a separate upload process.

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Sebastiaan ter Burg | 2 Mar 14:14 2015

[Wikivideo-l] No longer working for Wikimedia Nederland

Hello everyone,

I am no longer working for Wikimedia Nederland as of March 1, 2015. I’ve had the privilege to work on numerous projects that contributed to the availability and the use of free knowledge and content of the cultural sector. I want to thank everyone I’ve worked with over the last two years.

Wikimedia Nederland and I have agreed to part ways. Don’t worry, I’ll stay active in the field of open knowledge and open content, as a freelance advisor and producer.

Current projects will be taken over by colleagues at Wikimedia Nederland. Please contact one of the following people about these projects:

You can reach me personally at sebastiaan-/, my mobile number stays the same: +31 6 480 88 615.

With kinds regards,


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Victor Grigas | 24 Feb 20:42 2015

[Wikivideo-l] #Edit2015 at Wikimania 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to present at Wikimania about the video I produced to mark the end of 2014 through the lens of Wikipedia;

 and how we can open up collaboration to make a new video for 2015. I'd like to start a discussion about it on this thread. Here is the link to the Wikimania submission:

Basically, I think that 
1.) #Edit2014 serves as a proof-of concept
2.) The majority (or all) the pre-production for #Edit2015 can be open and collaborative
3.) We don't have a collaborative editing platform (yet), so I'd like to focus on one unknown element at a time, in this case, pre-production and making it collaborative.

I'm open to hear people's thoughts!

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Keegan Peterzell | 19 Feb 21:11 2015

Structured data on Commons update


After a delay in updates to the Structured data on Commons[1] project, I wanted to catch you up with what has been going on over the past three months. In short: The project is on hold, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening.

The meeting in Berlin[2] in October provided the engineering teams with a lot to start on. Unfortunately the Structured Data on Commons project was put on hold not too long after this meeting. Development of the actual Structured data system for Commons will not begin until more resources can be allocated to it.

The Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Germany have been working to improve the Wikidata query process on the back-end. This is designed to be a production-grade replacement of WikidataQuery integrated with search. The full project is described at[3].This will benefit the structured data project greatly since developing a high-level search for Commons is a desired goal of this project.

The Wikidata development team is working on the arbitrary access feature. Currently it's only possible to access items that are connected to the current page. So for example on Vincent van Gogh you can access the statements on Q5582, but you can't access these statements on Commons at Category:Vincent van Gogh or Creator:Vincent van Gogh. With arbitrary access enabled on Commons we no longer have this limitation. This opens up the possibility to use Wikidata data on Creator, Institution, Authority control and other templates instead of duplicating the data (what we do now). This will greatly enhance the usefulness of Wikidata for Commons. 

To use the full potential of arbitrary access the Commons community needs to reimplement several templates in LUA. In LUA it's possible to use the local fields and fallback to Wikidata if it's not locally available. Help with this conversion is greatly appreciated. The different tasks are tracked in Phabricator[4]. 

Volunteers are continuing to add data about artworks to Wikidata. Sometimes an institution website is used and sometimes data is being transfered from Commons to Wikidata. Wikidata now has almost 35.000 items about paintings. This is done as part of the Wikidata WikiProject "Sum of All Paintings"[5]. This helps us to learn how to refine metadata structure about artworks. Experience that will of course be very useful for Commons too.

Additionally, the metadata cleanup drive continues to produce results[6]. The drive, which is intended to identify files missing {{information}} or the like structured data fields and to add such fields when absent, has reduced the number of files missing information by almost 100,000 on Commons. You can help by looking for files[7] with similarly-formatted description pages, and listing them at Commons:Bots/Work requests[8] so that a bot can add the {{information}} template on them.

At the Amsterdam Hackathon in November 2014, a couple of different models were developed about how artwork can be viewed on the web using structured data from Wikidata. You can browse two examples[9][10]. These examples can give you an idea of the kind of data that file pages have the potential to display on-wiki in the future.

The Structured Data project is a long-term one, and the volunteers and staff will continue working together to provide the structure and support in the back-end toward front-end development. There are still many things to do to help advance the project, and I hope to have more news for you in the near future. Contact me any time with questions, comments, concerns. 

Keegan Peterzell
Community Liaison, Product
Wikimedia Foundation
Multimedia mailing list
Multimedia <at>
Fabrice Florin | 18 Feb 09:29 2015

Media Viewer 2014 Reports

Hi folks,

The multimedia team completed a review of Media Viewer in recent weeks, and we'd like to share a few highlights of what we learned from this project in 2014.

1. Research
Here are some key findings from our research about this product:
• Media Viewer serves a lot more images than before (17M intentional views/day)
• Most users keep Media Viewer enabled (99.5% enabled)
• Media Viewer key features were found easy to use
• Media Viewer is more useful for readers than active editors

More information can be found in this Media Viewer Research 2014 report: 

See also these companion slides for a visual presentation of more findings: 

2. Retrospective
The multimedia team also discussed lessons learned from this project in 2014, identifying what worked and what didn’t work, in order to inform future product development.

Here are some highlights of that team review.

The Media Viewer project ran from July 2013 to November 2014 and was more challenging than expected. While the product received favorable or neutral feedback on most Wikimedia sites, it was met with negative reactions from many contributors on the English and German Wikipedias, as well as on Wikimedia Commons. This caused the team to work longer than planned, to improve features based on user feedback.

What worked well:
• Detailed activity and performance metrics.
• Design research -- before and after implementing a feature.
• Working with community champions in different projects.
• Agile development process and tools.
• Unit tests to improve the code.

What didn't work well:
• Many community discussions did not effectively inform product development.
• Surveys were not representative, because they were optional.
• We lacked the tools to get productive feedback from different user groups.
• Juggling feature and platform development at the same time was hard.
• Scope creep; the workload kept growing beyond available resources.
• No clear success metric; we couldn't tell if we had met our goal.

More findings can be found in this Media Viewer Retrospective summary:

Please let us know if you have any questions about this research or retrospective. You’re also welcome to add your feedback on the Media Viewer talk page: 

I'm grateful to all the team members who worked on these documents, especially Gergő and Gilles. These findings can help us better understand how Media Viewer serves our users — and how we can improve not only this product but also our development and release process.  

This will be my last post on behalf of the multimedia team, as I have now transitioned into a new role at the Wikimedia Foundation, working as Movement Communications Manager. Senior engineer Gilles Dubuc is now leading the multimedia team and can answer questions related to upcoming projects.

I’d like to thank all the community members who worked closely with us on this project, as well as my colleagues on the multimedia and product teams. We learned a lot together, and I really enjoyed creating a better product with you all. I look forward to more collaborations in coming years.  

Regards as ever,



Fabrice Florin
Movement Communications Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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Manuel Schneider | 15 Feb 13:25 2015

[Wikivideo-l] Talking Video at Wikimania

Dear all,

in the last week there was a lot of work going on behind the scenes. The
Video Editing Server (Schnittserver) is up running and functional, there
have been visits and conference call with the Wikimedia Foundation and
the Internet Archive etc.

There was consensus that we want to do joint presentations at Wikimania
what has been done, the tools we have and what we want to do in the
future. Also we want to meet again like we did last year at the Video
Lunch and shape our future.

So I was bold and drafted some Wikimania submissions and ask you to join
in. Please feel free to modify the abstract! This is just a first draft
for submissions of all of us.!_How_Videos_are_bringing_Wikimedia_to_the_next_Level
 - content-oriented projects, what has been done
 - tech-oriented, tools existing, ongoing development
 - working meeting, continuation of last year's video lunch



Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Lausanne, +41 (21) 34066-22 -

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Fabrice Florin | 7 Feb 01:19 2015

Help find great images about love

Hello everyone,

What is your favorite image or media about love?

As millions prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day around the world, we’d like to know how the topic of
love is covered on Wikipedia and its sister projects, for a special blog post at the end of next week.

We’re looking for great wiki articles, images, sounds or videos on this topic -- from platonic to
fraternal or romantic love. 

Please add your suggestions on this email thread -- or on one of these pages:

On the Blog:

On Meta:

Be sure to include a link, with a sentence or two about why you picked it! 

We welcome your suggestions until Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 at midnight PST. 

We'll post some of your top picks next Friday on the Wikimedia Blog and social media --  just in time for
Valentine’s Day. 

Thanks for sharing the love :)

on behalf of the WMF Comms team


Fabrice Florin
Movement Communications Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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