Brion Vibber | 7 Jul 13:04 2015

Video for Safari, IE, and Edge: ogv.js 0.9 and TMH patches (please review)

I've done some more cleanup and fixes on ogv.js JavaScript Ogg media player, with an 0.9 pre-release build and updated patches for TimedMediaHandler.

Would love some code review and testing!

Upstream library release:

Live demo site:

TMH patches:

Update to bundled ogv.js libs (went ahead and merged):

Finish the desktop TMH integration of ogv.js player (need testing and review!):

Work in progress mobile integration for TMH (needs more upstream updates for controls):

-- brion
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conference | 7 Jul 12:12 2015

ICDIM 2015

Tenth International Conference on Digital Information Management
Jeju Island, South Korea
October 21-23, 2015
Technically co-sponsored by IEEE Technology Engineering Management Society
Proceedings will be indexed in IEEE Xplore

Following the successful earlier conferences at Bangalore (2006), Lyon  
(2007), London (2008), Michigan (2009) , Thunder Bay (2010), Melbourne  
(2011), Macau (2012), Islamabad (2013) and Thailand (2014) the tenth  
event is being organized at Jeju Island the Republic of Korea (South  
Korea) in 2015. The International Conference on Digital Information  
Management is a multidisciplinary conference on digital information  
management, science and technology. The principal aim of this  
conference is to bring people in academia, research laboratories and  
industry together, and offer a collaborative platform to address the  
emerging issues and solutions in digital information science and  
technology. The ICDIM intends to bridge the gap between different  
areas of digital information management, science and technology. This  
forum will address a large number of themes and issues. The conference  
will feature original research and industrial papers on the theory,  
design and implementation of digital information systems, as well as  
demonstrations, tutorials, workshops and industrial presentations.

The 10th International Conference on Digital Information Management  
will be held on October 21-23, 2015 at the Jeju Island, Republic of  
Korea (South Korea).

The topics in ICDIM 2015 include but are not confined to the following areas.

  		Information Retrieval
  		Data Grids, Data and Information Quality
  		Big Data Management
  		Temporal and Spatial Databases
  		Data Warehouses and Data Mining
  		Web Mining including Web Intelligence and Web 3.0
  		E-Learning, eCommerce, e-Business and e-Government
  		Natural Language Processing
  		XML and other extensible languages
  		Web Metrics and its applications
  		Enterprise Computing
  		Semantic Web, Ontologies and Rules
  		Human-Computer Interaction
  		Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  		Knowledge Management
  		Ubiquitous Systems
  		Peer to Peer Data Management
  		Mobile Data Management
  		Data Models for Production Systems and Services
  		Data Exchange issues and Supply Chain
  		Data Life Cycle in Products and Processes
  		Case Studies on Data Management, Monitoring and Analysis
  		Security and Access Control
  		Information Content Security
  		Mobile, Ad Hoc and Sensor Network Security
  		Distributed information systems
  		Information visualization
  		Web services
  		Quality of Service Issues
  		Multimedia and Interactive Multimedia
  		Image Analysis and Image Processing
  		Video Search and Video Mining
  		Cloud Computing


ICDIM 2015 has the following co-located workshops

Fourth Workshop on Emerging Problem- specific Crowdsourcing Technologies
Fourth Workshop on Advanced Techniques on Data Analytics and Data  
Third IEEE International Workshop on Data Management (IWDM 2015)
First Workshop on Internet of Things
First Workshop on Big Data Mining
First Workshop on Cluster Computing
First Workshop on Intelligent Information Systems


- All the accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by IEEE.
- All papers will be fully indexed by IEEE Xplore.
- All the ICDIM papers are indexed by DBLP.

  Modified version of the selected papers will appear in the special  
issues of the following peer reviewed journals.

1. Journal of Digital Information Management (SCOPUs/EI)
2. Journal of Electrical Systems
3. Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
4. International Journal of Web Applications (IJWA)
5. International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering  
6. International Journal of Emerging Sciences (IJES)
7. International Journal of Grid and High Performance Computing  
(IJGHPC) (Scopus and EI Indexed)
8. International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering  
(Scopus and EI Indexed)
9. International Journal of Big Data Intelligence
10. International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (Scopus/EI)
11. International Journal of Management and Decision Making (Scopus/EI)
12 International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences
13. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (Scopus/EI

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission	August 10, 2015
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection	September 10, 2015
Registration Due	October 10, 2015
Camera Ready Due	October 10, 2015
Workshops/Tutorials/Demos	October 22, 2015
Main conference	October 21-23, 2015 2015
Main conference	October 15-17, 2015



General Chair

Hanmin Jung, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea
Ezendu Ariwa, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Program Chairs

Xu Shuo, ISTIC, China
Thomas Mandl, Hildesheim University, Germany
Satoshi Tojo, JAIST, Japan

Program Co-Chairs

Michaela Geierhos, Paderborn University, Germany
Ing-Xiang Chen, Ericsson, Tiwan
Imran Bajwa Sajwa The Islamia University of Bahawlpur, Pakistan

Organizing committee

Sa-kwang Song, KISTI, Korea
Do-Heon Jeong, KISTI, Korea
Seungwoo Lee, KISTI, Korea
Young-Guk Ha, Konkuk University, Korea
In-Su Kang, Kyungsung Univ. Korea

Email: conference at

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Pine W | 6 Jul 08:51 2015

Mobile MediaViewer and the Seattle Japanese Garden

English Wikipedia's "Seattle Japanese Garden" article looks good in the Android app, and the MediaViewer-like slideshow feature works well for the gallery. However, I'm unable to scroll through the photos in Mobile Web like I csn using the Android app. Are there any plans to add the slideshow functionality to mobile web?


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Claudia Garád | 2 Jul 10:55 2015

[Wikivideo-l] Invitation: Explainer video workshop during Wikimania Pre-Conference

Hi everyone,

are you attending this year's Wikimania and are you looking for some interesting things to do during Wikimania Pre-Conference? Well, perhaps this is for you: on Thursday afternoon, we will be hosting a workshop for creating animated explainer videos for Wikimedia projects:

Videos have become a popular format for the dissemination of information - especially short animated explainer videos which provide a quick overview over complex topics. The same principle applies to Wikipedia: videos can enrich exisiting content and provide an entertaining and easily comprehensible access to free knowledge. Together with experts from the simpleshow foundation Wikimedia Österreich offers workshops for Wikimedians which are designed to learn the tricks of the trade of screenwriting for explainer videos. In the context of this year’s Wikimania we are happy to host such a workshop for the international community.

Content of the workshop

  • Interested participants will learn the basic skills for creating plots of explainer videos: how to explain complex topics in a short and comprehensible way, how to work with cut-out animation, storyboard conception and visualization
  • The participants create and refine their scripts and storyboards together with the simpleshow foundation after the workshop
  • The realization and production of the finished storyboard will be done by the simpleshow foundation, the result will be published under the CC-BY-SA license on Wikimedia Commons
  • The screenwriters can use the videos for Wikipedia articles and other purposes

What do you need?

  • Interest in storytelling
  • A topic for an explainer video
  • No previous knowledge in screenwriting or video production necessary

Please sign up here:

Claudia Garád
Executive Director

Wikimedia Österreich - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Siebensterngasse 25/15
1070 Wien
0699 141 28615

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Brion Vibber | 27 Jun 03:57 2015

Recommendations for tweaking media transcode settings

I've been testing Ogg and WebM video playback on my various iOS devices in prep for adding playback support to the Wikipedia iOS app. Here's a few notes on our infrastructure:


Bandwidth usage for 360p transcodes may be a bit tight for flaky 3G networks, but the only lighter transcode we have is a tiny tiny 160p.
  •  Recommend adding a 240p transcode step with intermediate bandwidth.

Frame rate

60fps/50fps source files get transcoded at the same framerate; this means limited bandwidth is spent on extra frames instead of picture quality, and 60fps playback can be heavy on CPU usage for slower computers and mobiles.
  • Recommend decimating >=48fps to half the frame rate on transcodes.
Sometimes you want the 48/50/60fps, but usually it seems unnecessary and things are just being transcoded from high-quality source material.

Examples of gratuitous 60fps:

Seeking performance with Ogg audio

The Ogg format is kind of weird in that it's really designed more for live streaming than for encoding a fixed-length sequence. Part of that legacy is that by default, seeking to a particular time within a file requires doing a bisection search -- you jump around to byte positions in the file, sync up the decoder, and check if you have to go up or down.

This is really hard on latency over the internet, especially on mobile networks or on far-flung continents.
  • Recommend transcoding/remuxing all Ogg audio and adding skeleton index.
Ogg files can contain an optional index in a 'skeleton' track, which we include by default on all our Ogg Theora video transcodes -- this makes seeking much faster, as the player knows the byte positions of various times in the file to start with.

Currently, TimedMediaHandler only produces Ogg transcodes if the original file was not Ogg Vorbis to begin with (eg, if it was a WAV file or Ogg using FLAC encoding or something). It should be easy to tweak that logic to always produce a transcode, and make sure we include skeleton tracks on audio output too.


The videoinfo query in the API can be used to get a list of transcodes, but it feels very icky to use, and of course is totally bound to MediaWiki.
  • Recommend exposing sources list as an MPEG-DASH manifest file that can be passed directly into a DASH-supporting WebM-supporting player.
Need to research this one further; documentation seems wonky on the format.

-- brion
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Mark Holmquist | 22 Jun 22:23 2015

Upload tool strategy change

Hi, Multimedians.

I've been talking with our new multimedia team, we're just getting to the point
where we have a really good idea of where we want to go after a little while
of doing work mostly on existing issues and refactoring efforts, and I have
a small announcement to make.

In the next few months, we intend to work on pulling upload API logic into core,
and writing a new interface for uploading files from VisualEditor. Our initial
plan involved refactoring UploadWizard to a point where including it in VisualEditor
would not be difficult, but our new plans include usability improvements that,
in my opinion, would unnecessarily enmire our work. Our team will be submitting
patches to OOJS-UI, MediaWiki Core, and VisualEditor itself in an effort to get
this project off the ground, as well as tweaking configuration settings in mw-config
and generally running around looking for code review.

Rest assured, we intend to maintain our commitment to fixing bugs in UploadWizard
as they come up, as well as bugs in the myriad other Multimedia projects. Please
continue to bother the Multimedia team if and when things go wrong, we are always
happy to help you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Here is a rough roadmap of where we need to go in the next few months:

# mw.Api.plugin.upload API to automatically detect what methods are available for the browser, take a
File object or file input, and perform the upload
## Base upload API with simple API call, quick and dirty, with gadget proof-of-concept
## Expand to use File API where available
## Expand to support stashing with appropriate continue-upload API
## {{stretch}} Expand to use chunked uploading where available

# Tie together all of those things into an Upload object or similar in core, so we can handle it with relative
ease in our mostly-UI extension
## Create Upload model API in core
### Base functionality - use the new upload API to upload a file, configurable to use stash
### Base functionality - finish stash upload
### Base functionality - set file description page text for upload (to be used in finish-stash call, or in
initial upload if no stash option passed in)

# Upload OOUI widget can then just use all of those things, and it can live in VE instead of having to be across a
couple of extensions.
## Create upload widget in VE {{epic}}
### Upload inspector
### File input widget in OOUI {{done}}
### Take file from widget, use upload API in core to stash
### Description/licensing/category form
### Emit finished upload from widget
## Use upload widget for inserting files into VE (new task?)
### Add upload widget as above
### Use emitted file to construct thumbnail (file API?), caption (based on description)
## Drag-and-drop
## Copy-paste


Mark Holmquist
Lead Engineer, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation
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Brion Vibber | 19 Jun 11:08 2015

WebM/Ogg playback: testing energy usage on iOS

One of the reasons we've always worried about using the open Ogg and WebM formats on iPhones and iPads is that we don't get to make use of the hardware MP4/H.264 codec... using the main CPU cores is presumed to drain the battery faster.

I've done a first-pass test measuring energy usage of native-code WebM/Ogg playback using the new energy reporting in the Xcode 7 / iOS 9 beta:

The good news is that playback of buffered data at my target resolutions (360p for 32-bit, 720p for 64-bit) is barely under the "Low" mark on the energy drain meter! :D

The bad news is that H.264 playback with the native widget reports post-buffer-download energy drain even lower, at the "Zero" mark... if you can believe that!

(In both cases, reported drain is significantly higher during network download, at least on my fast wifi.)

But "Low" sounds pretty good... If folks would like to see more concrete measures, I can rig up my test to run continuously until the battery runs out and time it.

-- brion
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Brion Vibber | 11 Jun 16:34 2015

Audio/video updates: TimedMediaHandler, ogv.js, and mobile

I've been passing the last few days feverishly working on audio/video stuff, cause it's been driving me nuts that it's not quite in working shape.

TL;DR: Major fixes in the works for Android, Safari (iOS and Mac), and IE/Edge (Windows). Need testers and patch reviewers.

== ogv.js for Safari/IE/Edge ==

In recent versions of Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft's upcoming Edge browser, there's still no default Ogg or WebM support but JavaScript has gotten fast enough to run an Ogg Theora/Vorbis decoder with CPU to spare for drawing and outputting sound in real time.

The ogv.js decoder/player has been one of my fun projects for some time, and I think I'm finally happy with my TimedMediaHandler/MwEmbedPlayer integration patch for the desktop MediaWiki interface.

I'll want to update it to work with Video.js later, but I'd love to get this version reviewed and deployed in the meantime.

Please head over to in Safari 6.1+ or IE 10+ (or 'Project Spartan' on Windows 10 preview) and try it out! Particularly interested in cases where it doesn't work or messes up.

== Non-JavaScript fallback for iOS ==

I've found that Safari on iOS supports QuickTime movies with Motion-JPEG video and mu-law PCM audio. JPEG and PCM are, as it happens, old and not so much patented. \o/

As such this should work as a fallback for basic audio and video on older iPhones and iPads that can't run ogv.js well, or in web views in apps that use Apple's older web embedding APIs where JavaScript is slow (for example, Chrome for iOS).

However these get really bad compression ratios, so to keep bandwidth down similar to the 360p Ogg and WebM versions I had to reduce quality and resolution significantly. Hold an iPhone at arm's length and it's maybe ok, but zoom full-screen on your iPad and you'll hate the giant blurry pixels!

This should also provide a working basic audio/video experience in our Wikipedia iOS app, until such time as we integrate Ogg or WebM decoding natively into the app.

Note that it seems tricky to bulk-run new transcodes on old files with TimedMediaHandler. I assume there's a convenient way to do it that I just haven't found in the extension maint scripts...

== In progress: mobile video fixes ==

Audio has worked on Android for a while -- the .ogg files show up in native <audio> elements and Just Work.

But video has been often broken, with TimedMediaHandler's "popup transforms" reducing most video embeds into a thumbnail and a link to the original file -- which might play if WebM (not if Ogg Theora) but it might also be a 1080p original which you don't want to pull down on 3G! And neither audio nor video has worked on iOS.

This patch adds a simple mobile target for TMH, which fixes the popup transforms to look better and actually work by loading up an embedded-size player with the appropriately playable transcodes (WebM, Ogg, and the MJPEG last-ditch fallback).

ogv.js is used if available and necessary, for instance in iOS Safari when the CPU is fast enough. (Known to work only on 64-bit models.)

== Future: codec.js and WebM and OGVKit ==

For the future, I'm also working on extending ogv.js to support WebM for better quality (especially in high-motion scenes) -- once that stabilizes I'll rename the combined package codec.js. Performance of WebM is not yet good enough to deploy, and some features like seeking are still missing, but breaking out the codec modules means I can develop the codecs in parallel and keep the high-level player logic in common.

Browser infrastructure improvements like SIMD, threading, and more GPU access should continue to make WebM decoding faster in the future as well.

I'd also like to finish up my OGVKit package for iOS, so we can embed a basic audio/video player at full quality into the Wikipedia iOS app. This needs some more cleanup work still.

Phew! Ok that's about it.

-- brion
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Derk-Jan Hartman | 7 Jun 19:09 2015

Animated GIF players ?

I added:

It’s not much, but it’s something. What do you guys think, would something like this be useful ?

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Derk-Jan Hartman | 7 Jun 19:07 2015

WebP uploads

I have revived the WebP upload patch:

It’s been stale for like 2 years, but I think we can easily get this deployed. 
We would need a review by Chris perhaps

It’s a bit incomplete in the metadata support, but we don’t really need that initially as far as I’m concerned.

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Greg Grossmeier | 4 Jun 23:22 2015

flickrupload updates?

Hi multimedia people!

I was wondering if there was any post-hackathon follow up with the
flickrupload work that happened? Anything interesting/fun coming down
the pipe there?



| Greg Grossmeier            GPG: B2FA 27B1 F7EB D327 6B8E |
|  <at> greg                A18D 1138 8E47 FAC8 1C7D |

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