Mark Holmquist | 25 Jan 15:58 2016

Multimedia data being crunched, expanded - first look

Hello, friends!

We have some preliminary numbers and graphs for Commons, English 
Wikipedia, and German Wikipedia on the following:

* Uploads per month
* Unique uploaders per month
* New uploaders per month
* Cross-wiki uploads per month (currently wonky, patch in to fix it)
* UploadWizard uploads per month (based on categories, might be flawed)

You can find the graphs here:

The raw numbers are available, if you're into it:

These numbers will automatically update each month, and we have 
historical data as far back as is necessary (but feel free to disagree 
with that assessment).

Upcoming numbers:

* Uploaders by tool per month (i.e. people using UW, CWU, etc.)
* New uploaders by tool per month
* Deletions

Numbers I want but haven't totally sussed out how to find (but I'm close!):
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Pine W | 15 Jan 01:24 2016

Commons upload wizard

Hi Multimedians,

Are there any significant interface or capability changes planned in the near future for the Commons upload wizard? The reason that I ask is that I plan to demonstrate the use of the wizard in my IEG-funded educational video project, and I would like to future-proof the content to the extent that it's possible to do so.

Thank you,

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Pine W | 18 Dec 00:46 2015

Video of participants of Wikipedia Education Program in Ayb High School, Armenia

Another wonderful video from a Wikipedia education program, this time via Wikimedia Armenia:

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Bartosz Dziewoński | 16 Dec 01:32 2015

Cross-wiki upload A/B test

Hi Multimedia fans,

You're probably aware that nearly two months ago, we deployed a cross-wiki  
upload tool [1], available in VisualEditor (via Insert → Media → Upload)  
and wikitext editor (via image icon → Upload). The plan to develop it was  
originally announced on this list [2], but it seems that we neglected to  
mention that we actually did it :) (it was in Tech News, though).

You might not be aware that it was used to upload over 44 thousand of  
files to Commons so far – unfortunately, it turns out that people really  
don't care to read what they agree to, and many of the uploaded files  
proved to be copyright violations. I guess we should've foreseen that.

Starting tomorrow, we'll be running an A/B test of four different  
interface options, hoping to find one that maximises good uploads while  
minimizing bad ones. You can read more about it (there are screenshots!)  
at [3] and the corresponding Phabricator task T120867 [4].



Bartosz Dziewoński

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Rainer Rillke | 9 Dec 19:21 2015

Re: Multimedia Digest, Vol 26, Issue 3

> I'm writing to share a prototype image editor that our very own Prateek
> (prtksxna) has been working on.


> We're hoping to write an extension around
> this and provide it on-wiki as a replacement for several bots and off-wiki
> tools. It's only an experiment, but honestly, our upload pipeline lacks an
> editing tool, which is *so* 2003. I'm looking towards getting this released
> on Commons, as a BetaFeature™, within the next few months.

Feel like the same, some comments, though:
- image rotation, mirroring, flipping and cropping should be lossless operations
- metadata (including EXIF) must be preserved and the file format should not be changed
- the browser should not freeze, even if I run the editor on a low CPU machine

-- Rillke
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Melvin | 30 Nov 12:14 2015

Re: Great Investment Offer


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Can we make a plan for a long term business relationship.

Please reply.

Putna Melvin Sikze Kakha
Tel: +44 7031975765

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Rainer Rillke | 4 Dec 13:14 2015

[LGM] LGM 2016: Call for Participation

Hi there, in the past 2 years there were be always
Commoners and Wikimedian's on the Libre Graphics Meeting.

Next meeting is in London, so if you are interested and can
make it there...
may help you with the travel expenses.

Usually folk from all kind of imaging software
takes part in the meeting, together with creative people.

-- Rillke

From: Femke Snelting <>

*Libre Graphics Meeting 2016: Other Dimensions*

The eleventh annual international Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 will take place Friday 15th until Monday 18th April 2016 in London, UK. This yearly event is an occasion for teams and individual contributors/artists
involved in Libre Graphics to work together, to share experiences and to hear about new ideas. By Libre Graphics we mean Free, Libre and Open Source tools for design, illustration, photography, typography, art, graphics, page layout, publishing, 3D modelling, digital making and manufacture, cartography, animation, video, interactive media, generative graphics and visual live-coding. The Libre Graphics Meeting is not just about software, but extends to standards, file formats and actual use of these in creative work. LGM has become the place in which they can discuss their projects, coordinate their efforts and, crucially, to meet in person. Participants in the LGM include developers, designers, academics and activists from around the world, who are all passionate about Free/ Libre graphics software
and technology.

*State of the Libre Graphics Union*

We begin each meeting with a joint session that brings together all things that have happened in our wide landscape over the last year. So, instead of slots in the schedule for general updates on each Libre Graphics software project, we invite every team present at LGM to submit
two slides (maximum), with a short explanatory text that showcases the leaps forward that has been made over the past year. For first-time presenters and particular big or new topics/features in established projects, we encourage additional stand-alone submissions.

*Special focus: Other Dimensions*

In Toronto we celebrated the first decade of LGM, reflecting on the past and considering the future. For the 2016 edition of LGM we continue speculating and will expand Libre Graphics into Other Dimensions. We are looking for presentations and workshops that explore the dimensions of space and material: 3D modelling and animation, Libre architecture, Open Source product design and other fields of digital making and manufacture. We are also seeking contributions that offer reflections on the 'other dimensions' of open source communities and that engage with FLOSS tools in various contexts including but not limited to teaching, learning, practice and co-production. This represents a desire to address the future sustainability of the Libre Graphics movement, through a growth of the core projects and topics that will, we hope, allow us to welcome more and more FLOSS projects and participants to our community.

We are looking for:

* In-depth presentations of Libre Graphics code-contributions
* Showcases of excellent work made using Libre Graphics tools
* New and experimental projects in this area to meet the wider community,
including those in the field of 3D design and making
* Reflections on the activities of existing open source communities in either the production of Free, Libre and Open Source tools or their use

Available formats (times include Q&A):

* Entry for State of the Libre Graphics Union (1-2 slides)
* Presentations (20 minutes)
* Workshops (1 or 2 hours)*
* Birds Of a Feather (BOF), discussion meetings or Hackathons (2 hrs or more)
* Lightning talk (7 minutes, selected at the event unconference style)

*Practical Details*

Submission deadline: 10 January 2016, content selection notification by end of January 2016.
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Ingo.Sisa | 29 Nov 22:41 2015

Video playback problems

Hi, are there any problems with playback of videos at the moment? De:Benutzer:Fice told me playback of the
file produces a black
screen on his system (Win10/64 + Firefox). And User:LudwigSebastianMicheler noticed another playback
problem on
(playback is jerking). However on my system (Win7/64, SeaMonkey 2.39) both files play fine. Is anybody
able to reproduce this strange behaviour? Thanks, Ingo

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Andre Klapper | 2 Nov 00:06 2015

Get those small bugs fixed by new contributors: It's Google Code-In time!

* Do you have small, self-contained, "easy" bugs you'd love to get fixed?
  (Also see )
* Does your documentation need improvements?
* Do your old bugs welcome some testing?
* Does your user interface have some small design issues?
* Does the Outreachy/GSoC project you finished welcome small tweaks?
* Would you enjoy helping someone port your template to Lua?
* Does your gadget use some deprecated API calls?
* Do you have some tasks that welcome some research?

Google Code-In (GCI) will take place again in Dec+Jan: a contest for
13-17 year old students to provide small contributions to free
software projects. 
Wikimedia will apply again to take part in GCI. The more tasks we can
offer the likelier the changes Wikimedia will get accepted.

Unsure about quality of contributions and effort?
Read about tgr's post about Multimedia achievements in GCI 2014:

In short:
* Add the project "GCI2015" + a comment to Phabricator tasks you'd mentor.
* Tasks are welcome in five areas: Code; Outreach/Research; 
  Documentation/Training; Quality Assurance; User Interface.
* Make sure the task description provides pointers to help the student.
* Add yourself to the table of mentors on the wikipage.
* "Beginner tasks" (<30 min for an experienced contributor) also welcome.
* "Generic" tasks also welcome (e.g. "Fix two user interface messages from
  the "Blocked By" list in ").
For all information, check

"Easy" Multimedia tasks (are they still valid? are there more?):

Can you imagine providing a helping hand to someone fixing tasks?

Please ask if you have questions!

Thank you!


Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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Pine W | 1 Nov 02:53 2015

Movie play arrow needs higher contrast

I showed the movie page to a non-Wikimedian and they said that they could have easily missed the arrow to play the video. Can we make the arrows in have higher contrast to be more obvious against dark backgrounds and/or grayscale videos?

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Pine W | 29 Oct 21:14 2015

Observations on 158MB VP9 video upload and playback

1. I'm impressed by how much the video compressed, down to 1.97 Mbps on WebM 1080P.

2. I had multiple problems when uploading this file in WebM/VP9 format. Firefox crashed every time I tried to use the upload wizard with chunked uploads enabled. IE was successful after I changed my chunked upload setting to 1 simultaneous upload.

3. The upload progress bar was very inaccurate on Firefox. On IE, the bar seemed to indicate the upload progress of the 5MB chunks rather than the progress of the whole video.

4. The automated transcoding process to multiple formats on Commons is nice, although there was a notable decrease in audio quality on the OGV file that I downloaded.

5. On playback of the video in ENWP by clicking the thumbnail which results in the video popup window, I think it would be good to make the option to fullscreen the video more obvious to the viewer inside of the popup window.


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