Peter Danenberg | 1 Mar 01:47 2005

Re: Math linebreaks

> Not often do I explicitly need inline math, but it's something I
> thought you should know about, incase it's a more endemic problem.

     Odd, John; try removing the space after the tag: Media-
Wiki will add one for you.

     I haven't been able to  reproduce  the  behaviour  with
texvc; and seems to be down, else I'd try
it with WikiHiero.

     Difficult to  determine  yet  whether  it's  extension-
generic or WikiTeX-specific; let's get more data.

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Peter Danenberg | 10 Mar 12:20 2005

WikiTeX 1.0.3

     Got around to a little maintenance and novelty in Wiki-
TeX 1.0.3:

     o    <schem> for schematic capture of  electronic  cir-


     o    <chess> supports Skak, as people have been  asking
          for PGN support and bigger boards.

     Top  priorities  are  currently  regression  tests  and
chroot-based security; chroot would allow us  to  quarantine
WikiTeX  into  a  subsection  of  the file system, and limit
access through the OS.

     Upshot: end  of  blacklists;  more  interestingly:  you
could  upload  files  using  MediaWiki,  and reference those
files in your source.  Referencing data would be  great  for
plotting and chess, for instance.

     It's  probably  about  time  we got a roadmap together,

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