Aphaia | 10 Jun 08:48 2007

[Election 2007] Announcement

Posting on behalf of Election Committee.
Please forward it to the Wikimedia mailing list you are active, thanks!
KIZU Naoko
aphaia <at> gmail.com
* Vox populi, vox dei *

Dear all,

We, the election committee, hereby announce the opening of a new
election for members of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees.
At least three positions will be filled from this election, with the
elected members serving a two year term.

It is important to note that election processes are slightly different
this year than in previous years: all candidates should be certain to
thoroughly read the FAQ at:

From today, June 10th, we're accepting candidates for the Board of Trustees. If
you're interested, you must make a candidate statement and list
yourself on http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2007/Candidates/en

We also need the help or translators for the elections, so if you're
fluent in any language other than English, and willing to help, please
list yourself here:

If you have any questions, please first read the FAQ, then list your
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Aphaia | 15 Jun 03:36 2007

Fwd: [Foundation-l] Election Committee announces Endorsements Procedure

Posted on behalf of the election committee,

This page can be found at

Your translation, forward or any other collaboration to disseminate
this message  will be appreciated.



The purpose of the endorsement requirement is to try to make sure that
the election only includes serious candidates.  We need to do this
because this election is being conducted for Wikimedia which includes
many languages, and therefore we are trying to have every candidate's
statement translated into as many languages as we can.  This work is
done by volunteer translators and can only be done only if the number
of candidates is limited to a reasonable number.

The requirements for time-on-wiki and edit-count requirements help to
make sure that only serious candidates participate, but the Elections
Committee did not wish to raise these requirements too high because
then some genuine candidates might be excluded, so we have added the
requirement for endorsements.  Because the Elections Committee
believes that the endorsement requirement is important to the Board
election process, we urge that reasonable requests and discussion
concerning endorsements should '''not be considered a violation of any
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Aphaia | 17 Jun 04:05 2007

[Board election] Endorsement acceptance is open

The Wikimedia Board Election Steering Committee invites all community
members to endorse candidates they support. Endorsements may be submitted
on meta now till next Saturday, 23:59 June 23, 2007.

Each qualified community member can submit up to three endorsements.
Please note several things:
- Only confirmed candidates are listed by Election Committee or its
delegate, so the list can be updated during the endorsements phase.
- You need an account on meta, not just the project that you are
qualified to vote under, unless you meet the criteria on meta too.
- Please link your meta user page and your home wiki page. Detailed
procedure can be found on the meta endorsement page.

All information is available on meta at:
On endorsements:
On candidates each:
Election general: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2007/en
FAQ: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2007/FAQ/en

Questions about election are welcome at:

Thanks to devoted volunteering translators, those pages are also
available in some languages other than English. We thank those
translators as well editors who have helped to disseminate the news
about this Election, including the latest sitenotice updates on several wikis.

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Christophe Henner | 20 Jun 09:25 2007

Wikimedia Board Election is calling for endorsements

I'm posting it on behalf of Election Committee. -- Schiste

Hi Wikimedians,

As you may know, we are currently holding the Board of Trustees
elections. We are very grateful to your collaborations for sharing the
info, through translations, forwarding and other several ways.

Last Sunday, June 17, the Board Election has entered its second phase:
call for endorsements from the community to the candidates. Only
candidates who get 12 or more endorsements in the following week will
be able to run in the election.

For further information, please see m:Board
elections/2007/Endorsements. (
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2007/Endorsements )

We would appreciate your translation of this message as well as other
Election related information. If you'd like to offer further help,
just contact your language coordinator and regularly check the list of
candidate statements.

If there's no coordinator for your language, please consider joining
our translations team. Please contact User:Schiste or User:Aphaia on
meta if you have any question.

Cheers, Wikimedia Election Steering Committee

Usefull links:
* http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Board_of_Trustees The page about
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Brian Anderton | 28 Jun 07:23 2007

WN Arbcom elections

Hey Guys,

en Wikinews Arbcom midterm elections are next month, Thunderhead has began the process of organising them. <http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Wikinews:Arbitration_Committee/Elections_July_2007 >

3 seats are up for election; these include expiring terms of committee members Chiacomo, Ilya Haykinson, and the seat left vacant when Messedrocker resigned from the committee.

The Arbitration Committee members elected will tentatively serve through July 31, 2008, however, there is talk, left over from last election, about extending terms to 2 years (from the current one year term).

Like last time in order to vote, you need to have been an active user on Wikinews for more than a month, and you must have at least 200 edits in the Main namespace.

The election will be held from July 18, 2007, 20:00 UTC to July 31, 2007, 20:00 UTC, nominations start at 22:00, 11 July 2007.


Brian NZ

Wikinews-l mailing list
Wikinews-l <at> lists.wikimedia.org
bawolff | 28 Jun 10:52 2007

[EN] but other projects affected -following images need permision by july 1 or will be deleted

All images from sxc.hu are going bye bye soon. These need permision
requests before July 1. Also listed at [[WN:CT]]. See the thread at
commons-l  - http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/commons-l/2007-June/001907.html
for some info on perm requests. See also [[commons:commons:OTRS]] if
you're requesting permision as it has some links to useful pages.

The images are:

* [[:Image:Telephone-modele-W48.jpg]]: [[:Main_Page]]
[[:User:NGerda/Main_Page]] [[:Template:FrontPageHotlineMenu]]
[[:User:Kevin_Baas/main_page]] [[:User:Theshibboleth/Main_Page]]
[[:Major_explosions_at_UK_oil_depot]] [[:Template:Hotline]]
[[:User:Gangleri/tests/Main_Page]] [[:User:Noclip/Main_Page]]
[[:Main_Page/Old_style]] [[:Main_Page/topical]]
[[:User:Ashlux/Sandbox2]] [[:User:Brianmc/Altnews]]
[[:Virgin_Train_crashes_in_England]] [[:Template:PhoneContact]]
[[:Alleged_Main_Page]] [[:User:Brianmc/test_Main]]
[[:Image:Wikinews_hotline_-_May_6,_2007.ogg]] [[:Template:Home]]
* [[:Image:Road-sibiu.jpg]]: [[:Wikinews:2005/May]]

* [[:Image:Washington Memorial Monument by michpowell.jpg]]:
[[:Category:Washington,_D.C.]] [[:Portal:Washington,_D.C.]]
* [[:Image:Beyond the bay of Sydney.jpg]]:
[[:Sydney's_newest_motorway_to_open_today]] [[:User:Apartmento2]]
* [[:Image:Chicago 1549875.jpg]]: [[:Category:Chicago,_Illinois]]
* [[:Image:Crossocheilus siamensis.jpg]]: [[:User:Ardonik]]
* [[:Image:Bullseye.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:Ankara at night.jpg]]: [[:Large_explosion_rocks_Turkish_capital]]
* [[:Image:Rhesus Macaques 4528.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:Sheep 6082 2660.jpg]]: [[:Dutch_sheep_contaminated_by_bluetongue]]
* [[:Image:Kathmandu signs.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:Opening Ceremony Athens 2004 Fire rings.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:Oklahoma state capitol.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:Hong Kong Harbour Night View by Che.jpg]]:
* [[:Image:This five-week-old baby rhino by philipn.jpg]]: