River Tarnell | 1 Jul 08:00 2010

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Michael Lindner - dii | 1 Jul 10:23 2010

Re: linking local content


On Tuesday 29 June 2010 13:48:31 Michael Lindner - dii wrote:
>> Problem: all the links to be made will contain "space" characters, so 
>> a path will look like this: file:\\srv1\Resources & Databases\WIKI 
>> development\used\*.odt. There is no way to replace the backspace 
>> characters on the server itself...

> Two things I'd suggest, from our experience.  One - train them to use underscores instead of
> spaces, if at all possible.  Two - ban the use of the ampersand on pain of death.  It's not much
> harder to type 'and' and I'll guarantee that you will have less page-finding problems.

Thank you for the answers so far. I am about to train the staff to do so, nevertheless I still will have the
problem with the old files which can't and will not be changed for several reasons.

So, is there a plugin to be used or - otherwise - a developer which could help me out of this?

Thanks for your help.
Kind Regards,

mathias.hoertnagl | 1 Jul 13:12 2010

Re: Migrate Templates and Extensions from one wiki to another

> mathias.hoertnagl <at> sti2.at wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> this question sure was posted a 1000 times before, but...
>> How do i get all Templates and Extensions from e.g Wikipedia into my own
>> Wiki? Since I needed a copy of some of Wikipedia's articles as a
>> presentation for my own wiki, I need those templates and extensions as
>> well. Do I have to copy them all seperately? Or might there be an easy
>> way?
>> Cheers,
>> Mathias
> Tick 'Include templates' in Special:Export
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> MediaWiki-l <at> lists.wikimedia.org
> https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/mediawiki-l


thx for the hint. But it doesn't solve the problem. I still have to find
and install all those extensions and some of the templates are not
migrated as well. It seem that the export functionalitiy does not include
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Katharina Wolkwitz | 1 Jul 12:48 2010

Re: linking local content

Hi Michael,

Am 01.07.2010 10:23 schrieb Michael Lindner - dii:
> So, is there a plugin to be used or - otherwise - a developer which could help me out of this?
Have you looked at the FileLink-Extension?


It's a bit tricky, be sure to read the discussion pages as well.

Also, you need a Firefox-Extension to allow using filelinks from the browser:

Good luck!
Rob Lanphier | 1 Jul 22:57 2010

On distributed version control

Hi folks,

I saw there was some agitation on IRC about Subversion to Git conversion.
 I'll put in a +1 for it....for what little MediaWiki development I've done,
I've found that it would have been made much much simpler if the main repo
was Git/Hg/whatever.

A good primer for the Subversion adherents is "Subversion Re-education" from
Joel Spolsky:

Don't pay any attention to the fact that it's talking about Mercurial and is
pimping his Mercurial-based product.  The same DVCS virtues he extols apply
to Git or Bazaar or probably even Darcs.

Now, as to *which* DVCS to switch to, here's a pretty persuasive case for

(...and I say this as someone who has been using Mercurial for the past
couple of years)

Anyway, I've put all of this in the tracking bug for this:

Yaron Koren | 2 Jul 15:27 2010

New extension: Approved Revs

Well, new-ish extension: it was released last week, but version 0.2 was just
released, and now it appears to be fairly stable. Approved Revs is meant to
be a lightweight alternative to FlaggedRevs, for small- to medium-scale
wikis. It lets administrators mark a single revision of a page as approved,
and the approved revision is what's shown to users, even when the page is

You can read more, and download the extension, here:


Filippo A. Salustri | 3 Jul 02:34 2010

Question about folding sidebar

When I look at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki, I see collapsing
sidebar elements.
I can't figure out how to do that on my own mw installation.
Can some kind soul point me in the right direction?
Much obliged.
Fil Salustri


Filippo A. Salustri, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Ryerson University
350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON
M5B 2K3, Canada
Tel: 416/979-5000 ext 7749
Fax: 416/979-5265
Email: salustri <at> ryerson.ca
K Matsumura | 3 Jul 12:20 2010


Steve Upshaw | 3 Jul 14:01 2010

automated response

Away until Monday 19th July.

For urgent IT issues please contact Mark Cullen or Adrian Sayers.  Anything non-urgent will be dealt with
when I return.

Thank you

Steve Upshaw
Information Systems Manager – Eurotech UK

MediaWiki-l mailing list
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Peter Velan | 3 Jul 14:23 2010

How to enable new features of MW 1.16?


I created a testwiki V1.16.0beta3 by cloning my working wiki (1.15.0),
then executed a "classic" upgrade by first copying ...

$ tar xvfz <mw1.16b3> -C /path/to/my/wiki/ --strip-components=1

... then running the maintenace script  ...

$ php update.php --aconf ../AdminSettings.php

Everything went smooth and ...

- "Special:Version" reports "1.16.0beta3"
- in my own preferences I can select the new vector skin

But I'm missing ...

- editing toolbar improvements
- link wizard
- table wizard
- collapsing items in navigation menu (Vector skin)

Do I have to enable this via LocalSettings.php?
Do I have to install some additional extensions?