Bill Traynor | 26 Mar 19:29 2015

non whitelisted namespaces?

I'm getting the following error when trying to upload an SVG image:
"This SVG file contains an illegal namespace

In searching for a solution to this, I've found

Do I really need to install another extension to solve this problem?
Why would a domain name in an SVG even trigger this Warning on upload?
 Also, checking the Ignore Warnings radio button in the upload form
doesn't have any effect.


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Victor Danilchenko | 26 Mar 16:45 2015

Need help with VisualEditor under MediaWiki 1.24.1

Hi all,

I am trying to set up the Visual Editor on out CentOS 6.6 system running MediaWiki 1.24.1 installation. I
have successfully set up Parsoid on a stand-along Ubuntu Trusty node (it works and retrieves/parses Wiki
pages), and ensured that it works; I then checked out the Visual Editor extension (branch REL1_24) and its
submodule, and configured them in LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/VisualEditor/VisualEditor.php" );
$wgDefaultUserOptions['visualeditor-enable'] = 1;
$wgHiddenPrefs[] = 'visualeditor-enable';
$wgVisualEditorParsoidURL = '';

$wgVisualEditorParsoidPrefix = 'corewiki';

I am testing it in the latest Chrome. When I view a page and click on the ‘Edit’ button, the system
redirects to the ‘?veaction=edit’ link, thinks for a little while, shows the blue progress bar -- and
then produced this error in the console (call stack included):

ve.ce.BranchNode.js:234                            Uncaught NotFoundError: Failed to execute 'insertBefore' on 'Node': The node
before which the new node is to be inserted is not a child of this node.
ve.ce.BranchNode.js:234                             ve.ce.BranchNode.setupSlugs
ve.ce.ContentBranchNode.js:248               ve.ce.ContentBranchNode.renderContents
ve.ce.ContentBranchNode.js:110               ve.ce.ContentBranchNode.onSplice
ve.ce.BranchNode.js:35                                VeCeBranchNode
ve.ce.ContentBranchNode.js:20                 VeCeContentBranchNode
ve.ce.ParagraphNode.js:18                          VeCeParagraphNode
oojs.jquery.js:868                                           oo.Factory.create
ve.ce.BranchNode.js:168                             ve.ce.BranchNode.onSplice
ve.ce.BranchNode.js:35                                VeCeBranchNode
ve.ce.DivNode.js:18                                       VeCeDivNode
oojs.jquery.js:868                                           oo.Factory.create
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Daniel Barrett | 26 Mar 16:22 2015

Does the logging table have to be in chronological order?

Will anything bad happen if entries in the MediaWiki "logging" table are not inserted in chronological order?

Due to a bug, our logging table has incomplete data. I'd like to insert the missing data using a script.
However, the log_id column is auto-increment. This means that when the table is ordered by log_id,
the data will not be in chronological order by log_timestamp.

Is that bad in any way?
Or are all applications (like Special:Log) expected to "order by log_timestamp" rather than log_id?


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晒太阳的冰 | 25 Mar 00:33 2015

How to get pear work on HHVM for MediaWiki SMTP?

Hi everyone,

We are using MediaWiki 1.24.1 with HHVM 3.5.0 (srv). Our server's ip have
problem cause all emails rejected by Gmail & Yahoo.

We need to use SMTP. However, Mediawiki keep showing "PEAR mail package is
not installed".

include_path = ".:/usr/share/php" added in php.ini (/etc/hhvm/php.ini)

Really appreciate your help and time.

Bask Ice
E-mail ice <at>
2290 3rd Avenue Basement, New York, United States
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Koerner, Chris L | 3 Mar 23:09 2015

SMWCon Spring 2015 Second Call for Contributions

SWMCon Spring 2015 is in need of contributions. This means you!

We are inviting you to submit your contributions to help collect and put together the conference program.

==Call for Contributions==

We need your proposals for talks and tutorials. Talks could be about anything related to semantics, wikis,
or yes semantic wikis! We welcome new contributions on the use of semantic wikis in different industries
and the development and proposal of new tools in and around the semantic wiki community.

You can propose your contributions on the conference website
in form of regular talks or short lightning talks. All submitted proposals will be reviewed and we will do
our best to consider your proposal in the conference program. If you've already announced your talk it's
now time to expand its description.

We are also looking for folks to help us with our tutorial day. We’re looking for presentations on the
basics of Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions. The deadline is April 22nd, but we encourage
submissions, even in a draft form, as soon as possible to help with planning.

Please note that all tutorials and presentations will be video and audio recorded and made available for
others after the conference.

Please add yourself to the informal list of attendees if you’d like to attend.

=Important Facts==

*Submission Deadline is April 22nd (please contact the organizers if you need more time)
*SMWCon is from Wednesday, May 6th to Friday, May 8th 2015
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Bill Traynor | 24 Mar 15:22 2015

using hlist

I've added the following snippets to common.js and common.css:

And I've got a table written in MW markup that I've added
class="wikitable hlist"; to.  Now how to I make an unordered list in a
table cell appear horizontally?

Right now I have:
* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

I need this to render as:
* Item 1      * Item 2
* Item 3

Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this as wiki markup.  Is that
possible?  Or do I have to wrap the list in a div?


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Brenton Horne | 19 Mar 04:47 2015

Images in Lua infobox


I have an infobox (created using XML exporting Wikipedia's Lua-based 
infobox [template 
<>, module 
<>]) with the 
following image-related field contents:

|image1      ={{#ifeq:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|Template:Drugbox 
|caption1    ={{{caption|{{{Caption|{{{caption1|{{{Caption1|}}}}}}}}}}}}

|caption2    ={{{caption2|{{{Caption2|}}}}}}

The second image field is designed to allow a single image (specified by 
image2) or (in the Boolean logic meaning of the word) two images 
(specified by image2L, image2R) side-by-side to appear if provided. The 
problem I am having is that the caption fields, caption2L and caption2R, 
do not appear in the output as captions for image2L and image2R. Now, if 
you are thinking, "Oh you're missing the 'thumb' field for these two 
side-by-side images." My reply is that I don't want thumbnails in my 
infobox, as they come with a border around them that I do _not_ want. 
The reason for the two || after the size specification in these image 
fields is that I had already tried a single | and it failed to do what I 
wanted, so I decided to add it in the hope that it was due to the 
position of the caption fields in the [[...]] that the captions were 
being ignored.

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Natxo Asenjo | 18 Mar 15:52 2015

ldap auth question


I have asked this
in the ldap auth discussion site, but so far no answers.

So let me ask it here.

The tldr; version is:

How can I create a wiki user without a password in the mysql cli? That
would be a workaround for our problem.

Now the long version:

We have been using the ldap auth extension for quite a long time for our IT
admin group. The site is protected using apache basic auth (ldap and
restricted to users of a certain group). This works.

After logging in to the vhost, the extension starts to do its work with the
settings you can read on the link above.

Only for new users, no new db wiki user is being created as I can read in
the ldap_debug.log:

2015-03-11 09:13:17 wikidb: 1.2e Entering Connect
2015-03-11 09:13:17 wikidb: 1.2e Connected successfully
2015-03-11 09:13:17 wikidb: 1.2e Entering getSearchString
2015-03-11 09:13:17 wikidb: 1.2e Doing a proxy bind
2015-03-11 09:13:17 wikidb: 1.2e Entering getUserDN
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Legault, Phillip [ITSUS] | 13 Mar 15:30 2015

PdfBook Extension - How to resize images

MediaWiki          1.23.8
PHP        5.4.16 (apache2handler)
PdfBook               1.1.0, 2014-04-01

Has anyone resolved this issue?

I tried both of these and neither worked

Thank you for the great extension

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Al | 13 Mar 15:26 2015

Keeping Google from crawling red links to non-existent pages

In my Google Webmaster Tools account, there are a lot of crawl 404 errors for non-existent pages.  It
appears that it will request a page that does not exist (with &redlink=1), get a 200 status, of course, and
the "create" page, and then somehow they derive a link to the same url but without the &redlink or &edit
parameters (probably from the menu links on the page), which they then try to crawl and receive 404.

Does anyone know how to deal with this so that the google crawler do this?  
It looks like google first discovers the redlinks mostly from a previous spam page which was subsequently
deleted. But, once google sees it the first time, then remember it for quite some time.


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Jan Carsten Andreasen | 11 Mar 14:01 2015

Newestpages and TopTenPages appears as a link, and not a list

I´m a newbie on Wiki and my experience is very little.

Friday last week I got put newest and most read pages extensions on the front page.

Today I have made diff. things, (but not saved them)  and suddenly the two extensions seems no longer work
correctly. They appear as a link instead of appearing correctly.

The code is:
| -
! Latest articles !! most read
| -
| {{Special: Newestpages / - / 10}} || <TopTenPages offset = "1" />

I've also tried just having this <TopTenPages offset = "1" /> alone on the side but with the same (bad) result.

I have not changed anything regarding the two extensions, so I do not understand what has happened. Have
tried to open on another PC, to see if there was something in my cache on work computer.

Hope you have an idea of what it may be or how I get it back again.

Thanks in advance
Jan Andreasen

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