Chad | 25 Nov 22:12 2015

[MediaWiki-announce] MediaWiki 1.26 Now Available

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the availability of the first stable release of the
MediaWiki 1.26 series.

MediaWiki 1.26 includes all changes released in the smaller 1.26wmf*
deployments to Wikimedia sites over six months, totaling approximately 3000+
commits by around 120 authors. This is a large release that contains many
features and bug fixes.

This is a summary of the major changes of interest to users and

You can always consult the RELEASE-NOTES-1.26 file for the full list of
changes in this version.

Full release notes:

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tharpenator | 25 Nov 02:33 2015

Allowing JavaScript on Restricted Pages

Hi All,

Currently I'm designing a wiki using the foreground skin and have added an extra Icon navigation Bar that
scrolls through several options. The bar only shows four icons or less (it's responsive to media size) at
any given time on the page, but has maybe all together 20 options or so. I've designed two versions of this
navigation bar: 1. Using the Extension: PhpTags Widgets & 2. Using JavaScript. I was exploring having
this navigation bar added via Mediawiki:Sitenotice so it shows at the top of every page. But both versions
fail to work correctly on the Login page; instead of a nice scrolling bar the page prints out every icon
vertically down the page. I assume this is because User created JavaScript is disallowed on the Login
page. Questions:

1. Is there something like $wgAllowSiteCssonRestrictedPages for Javascipt? (Which I haven't found)

2. If no to the above question, is there another way I can do what I'm trying to do?


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Ed | 24 Nov 06:12 2015

[Cargo] Duplicate Cargo Rows

Hi everyone,

I'm getting duplicate rows in the cargo tables.  The instances I have found
have the same data with the exception of the _ID.  It happens on main
tables, tables created for fields with multiple values, and tables created
for multiple instances of a template.

This is creating cartesian products on calls to #cargo_query.

I'm running MySQL with InnoDB tables and the version of cargo I have is
0.10 last updated on 11/22.  If there is a way to turn on a trace for the
SQL queries or add debug statements in the code I could provide a log.


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matt estela | 23 Nov 01:31 2015

Re: rename/move MW, minimise impact?

Just to follow up, all worked fine, fairly painless. Thanks again!

On Sunday, 22 November 2015, matt estela <matt <at>> wrote:

> Heh, right, thanks for the tip!
> *takes deep breath, starts googling for rewrite rules*
> On 21 November 2015 at 23:44, John <phoenixoverride <at>
> <javascript:;>> wrote:
> > Yeah rewrite rules are all that is really needed, along with updating the
> > directory path and site name
> >
> > On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 7:37 AM, matt estela <matt <at>
> <javascript:;>> wrote:
> >
> >> I have a mediawiki named 'mayawiki' at, funnily enough
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> The 'Maya' part of the name is the 3d software I mainly used in my day
> >> job. I started dabbling in another 3d app called Houdini, but that
> >> dabbling has become a full-time switch, making the wiki name a bit
> >> silly.
> >>
> >> I'd like to change it so that the new name is
> >>
> >>
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Ed | 22 Nov 16:20 2015

[Cargo + Semantic Forms] Rendering Options

Hi everyone,

Yaron, the "[[Person:{{{Author|}}}|{{{Author|}}}]]" worked like a charm.
Thank you so much!

I'm trying to understand how it all works together and so far this is what
I gathered.

   - Forms glue a number of templates together
   - Each template defines its own data structure in cargo
   - When a form is saved it saves "hard coded" template calls on the
   "subject" page and the db data in the respective cargo tables -- one cargo
   table (or set of tables) per template.
   - The order and format in which this gets written in the "subject" page
   is defined in the form

If the above is correct the basic building block in this model is a
template, and if we want to be particular in how data is presented that
will dictate the templates and the templates will dictate the cargo tables.

For example, if in the authors table we want section A to be the author
birth and death dates as an info box, section B to be the free text of that
page, section C to be the list of literary awards to this author (including
date and work related to each award), and section D links to Wikipedia for
that person... then we need to create a minimum of 3 templates
corresponding to sections A, C (multi) and D.  With each of them having
their own tables in cargo.

*Question* 1:  Is the above correct?   Are there some examples of the use
of the *field *tag when using the cargo extension -- all fields seem to be
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matt estela | 21 Nov 13:37 2015

rename/move MW, minimise impact?

I have a mediawiki named 'mayawiki' at, funnily enough

The 'Maya' part of the name is the 3d software I mainly used in my day
job. I started dabbling in another 3d app called Houdini, but that
dabbling has become a full-time switch, making the wiki name a bit

I'd like to change it so that the new name is

(cg = computer graphics, to protect myself against any future flights
of fancy...)

I've done some reading, seems easy enough to move the folder, update
the wiki internal name. What I haven't been able to find is tips on
minimising site disruption. Ideally old links would work, but would
redirect them to the new url with a warning to update their bookmarks,
and after x weeks turn off the old site.

Any guides on that process, or MW plugins that could help? Or is this
venturing into scary waters of apache rewrite rules?



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kkm | 21 Nov 07:51 2015

Re: problem following 1.16 to 1.25 conversion

I tried playing with $wgDBTableOptions but it didn't help.

Is there a way to import images into mediawiki and preserve existing file
links to those images?  e.g., restore all content--both text & images.

Best Regards,


Krishna Maheshwari
kmaheshwari <at>
kkm9 <at>
Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia  (

On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 1:45 PM, kkm <kkm5848 <at>> wrote:

> I downloaded MySQL Workbench and started looking at the tables using this
> tool instead of the CLI.
> It looks like the article titles in the page table themselves aren't
> stored properly...yet they are presented properly in mediawiki....anyone
> know what is going on?
> BTW, if I dump the mediawiki articles and than import the dump, the
> articles w/ titles that require UTF8 are added to the mediawiki w/ correct
> UTF8 characters in the db...
> Do I need to go back and manually delete all the articles w/ the messed up
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Justin Lloyd | 20 Nov 20:42 2015

Apache vs. Nginx

I'm doing some research for possible redesign of my wiki architecture next
year and I was wondering about the pros and cons of Apache vs. Nginx for
large, high-traffic wikis. Does anyone here have experience with this that
they can share?
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Ed | 20 Nov 07:14 2015

[Semantic Forms] Namespaces not persisted/rendered in page?

Hi everyone,

Another question :)

If we take the book/author example as a reference, I have created a
namespace "Person" and a namespace "Book" so that when I have a book "Billy
Bob" that page is not confused with the page for the author "Billy Bob".
In edit mode it works well and I have "|values from namespace=Person",
"|query string=namespace=Person" and "|query string=namespace=Book" in the
right places.  The autocomplete works and all.

However... when the page is saved the namespace is dropped and the author
is saved as "Billy Bob"... instead of "Person:Billy Bob".  That means that
the links for existing and non-existing authors point to the wrong

I did add
    $smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks[NS_PERSON] = true;
    $smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks[NS_BOOK] = true;
...but that did not seem to make a difference.

I played with it a bit and the issue seems a bit more complex than just
adding "Person:" in front of the template call.  When I did that I got
different (and incorrect) behavior for exiting and non-existing pages.

Ideally I would like to have it rendered as [Person:Billy Bob|Billy Bob] so
that the screen is clean and the link correct.


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Mlpearc | 16 Nov 17:20 2015


My query on the extensions talk page has not been answered
<>, so I'll try

I have the extension installed on my farm, I'm wondering if they're any
system messages that the extension will not work with ie. system messages
from gadgets, common.css/.js

I would like to move all gadget messages to the MessageCommons host wiki
and have the gadget work on outlying sites.

Everything Food &
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T P Suhr | 14 Nov 21:37 2015

Missing extension.json files

I'm trying to install a couple extensions on my personal wiki that breaks on account of missing the
respective "extension.json" files.

(MediaWiki version 1.25.3)

Am I expected to create them myself if they're not there?

Online docs aren't so clear on that.

Sent from my mobile device - pardon the typos.

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