Peter Velan | 2 Sep 11:46 2014

Problem with media links


since mw 1.23 we see the following annoyance in our intranetwiki:

- edit page "Test"
- in page "Test" create link like [[media:xxx.pdf|linkname]]
- publish page "Test"

A click to the red link "linkname"  ...


... leads to upload page for Xxx.pdf. After uploading and calling
the page "Test" again there's still the same red link ...


Reload of page doesn't help; the (annoying) workaround:

- edit page "Test"
- make small modification
- publish page "Test"

Today I updated to mw 1.23.3, but the behaviour is the same.

Any hints?


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Larry Silverman | 29 Aug 16:15 2014

Method for crafting an edit link that shows Read page if page already exists?

I'm looking for a quick or clever method to achieve the following:

Site A (not a wiki) has a "Create page" link to the wiki to create a new
page and pre-fill it with a template.

But if the wiki page already exists (does not actually need to be created),
what I really want to have happen is to have the user get redirected to the
page in Read mode, not Edit mode.

Is there a way to construct a URL such that mediawiki will check if the
page already exists, and upon an edit request, redirect instead to the Read


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Umar Draz | 29 Aug 10:11 2014

Other wiki links in book creator


I have many mediawiki sites running, e.g

I have enabled MediaWiki:Collection extension on, I have create
the book on now I want to add my others wiki running sites
pages link in my book, its this possible?


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John Foster | 27 Aug 18:15 2014

Missing edit toolbar

After a recent update My editor tool bar has disappeared. It is checked 
as enabled in my preferences, so I'm wondering if I've reset something 
incorrectly. also the check button in the replace text extension has 
disappeared. Could this be related. Mediawiki 1.23.1 with current 
extension for replace text.

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Jon | 26 Aug 17:04 2014

LDAP Authentication Issue

Having an issue getting mediawiki to actually authenticate against ldap.
 Below is a log from a failed logon.  In addition, below that is the LDAP
Portion of the configuration.   LDAP Authentication extension is 2.1.0, by
Ryan Lane, and shows as an installed extension under Special:Version.
 Beyond that, I had hoped that once I declared the log file for LDAP
extension to log to it would populate the file.  It remains empty, despite
having proper read/ write permissions.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Trident/7.0; .NET4.0E; .NET4.0C; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 2.0.50727;
.NET CLR 3.0.30729)
[caches] main: WinCacheBagOStuff, message: WinCacheBagOStuff, parser:
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Camponez | 25 Aug 14:23 2014

Mediawikiwidget after upgrade to 1.23


Anyone using Mediawikiwidget had problem after upgrading to 1.23? Mine stop
working with the error: "Error in widget Facebook Like Box"

The strange behaviour here is that Twitter widget IS still working, however
Iframe, Facebook, and others stopped.

For those that never heard about Mediawikiwidget (


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FxParlant | 25 Aug 10:47 2014

wiki based on html5 section tag

Hi all,

I wanted to know if some experiences had been made to create a wiki
based on the Html5 "section" tag (and header).

Has someone tried to change the parser to allow edit section to be made
with a "<section>" tag ?

Can you share the way you tried and which difficulties you encountered?

My (ugly) try is at :

Thank you


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Frank Baxmann | 24 Aug 16:52 2014

Update of Extension:Tooltip

Hi  <at> all,

I made an update for Extension:Tooltip for MW 1.23.2. As far as i tested 
it, it's running good now. I added some parameters too.

I placed the new source for 3 files in the discussion page. My question 
is, if the update of the extension with all files should get placed 
somewhere to download it? If so where and how to do?


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My ICloud | 23 Aug 22:12 2014

Re: [MediaWiki-announce] MediaWiki Security Release: 1.20.5 and 1.19.6

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Markus Glaser | 22 Aug 19:33 2014

Reminder: Wiki Co-op online meeting

Just a quick reminder: this is about to start in 30 minutes!


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Von: mediawiki-l-bounces <at>
[mailto:mediawiki-l-bounces <at>] Im Auftrag von Markus Glaser
Gesendet: Montag, 18. August 2014 16:34
An: 'mediawiki-l <at>'
Betreff: [MediaWiki-l] Wiki Co-op online meeting

Hello everyone,

at Wikimania, we set the ground for a new MediaWiki User Group called "Wiki Co-op". It's aim is to advocate
the needs of all users of MediaWiki. It especially targets use of MediaWiki outside the Wikimedia
Foundation [1].

There will be an online meeting on Friday, 22th August, at 6pm UTC. Communication channels can be found on
the Wiki Co-op page [1]. The purpose of this meeting will be to finalize the mission statement so that we can
request recognition from the Affiliations Committee.

Anyone who is interested in participating in this group is invited to join the meeting (and, of course, the
group). If you have other comments and feedback, please feel free to share on the group's discussion page [2].

Markus (mglaser) and Mark (hexmode)


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sharmistha sen | 22 Aug 08:33 2014

Mediawiki with Kaltura integration

Hi All
I need to integrate Kaltura video player with Mediawiki.
If anybody has experience with both, please contact me with your hourly rates.
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