aimlauer | 17 Apr 15:32 2015

FW: [Ticket#2015041510011951] Special Rights question!

:) Hallo, maybe you could answer the questions, which regullary wikipedia couldn't answer?
(See writings, especially the points 1 plus 2 below!)

Kind Regards
Michael Imlauer

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Dear Michael,

I'm not a technical expert and know little about the workings MediaWiki, so I'm wary of trying to answer your
questions and inadvertently giving you the wrong information. I'd suggest instead that you resend your
email to mediawiki-l <at> , which is staffed by MediaWiki developers. They will be in a
much better position to give you advice and assistance. Sorry to fob you off, but I'd rather you got the
right answers!

Yours sincerely,
Yun Shui


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16/04/2015 15:20 - aimlauer <at> wrote:
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Skylear Johnson | 17 Apr 01:39 2015

Location of BaseTemplate Class?

No one seems to be able to answer this question; where is the BaseTemplate class located? In my attempt to use
Font Awesome in my mercilessly hacked Vector skin, I come across the issue of how the sidebar renders list items.

I need to modify makeListItem(), so where would I find the BaseTemplate class so that I can mess with it?

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Sal Quintanilla | 16 Apr 16:41 2015

Hiding the sidebar via URL

I've got a show/hide link that works fine on our intranet site (MW 1.23).  But we have other websites, some
mediawiki, some not, where I include certain mediawiki pages in iframes.

It would be great if I could hide the sidebar through the URL to optimize the content space in the iframe.  If
you've done this, it would be great to hear how you did it.


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Brenton Horne | 16 Apr 11:27 2015

Updating WikiEditor; consequent loss of WikiEditor and Edittools gadget


I ran

|git clone|

and removed the contents of the existing folder 
//localhost/extensions/WikiEditor/ in my local Wiki installation 
replacing it with the contents of the Github download. I noticed 
WikiEditor quit working then so I ran the update script in the hope of 
getting it to work again:

||php update.php

and now WikiEditor isn't working (i.e., it isn't showing in the edit 
window). This ( is a screenshot showing 
the Chrome JavaScript console when viewing an edit page (i.e., one with 
?action=edit in the address bar). Edittools isn't showing either (i.e., 
the box containing insertable symbols [enabled by the charinsert 
extension below the edit box), if any further info is required for you 
to help me with this problem, please ask. If you want a ngrok tunnel 
opened please do ask and I'll open it as soon as I see the message (and 
I will send a reply confirming this), it's just odds are it'll only be 
possible for me to open it for a few hours at a time so if you ask me be 
prepared to do all you need with it immediately after sending the 
request for me to open it.

Thanks for your time,
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JFC Morfin | 15 Apr 11:22 2015

linking local .pdf files

I would like to link local .pdf files without having to use the 
[http://wiki./xxxx.pdf] format, so I can port a page and its related 
files to another wiki site. I read somewhere that a [media:xxxx] 
solution could exist but the information I can parse throughout the 
manuals is uncomplete and confuse. Is there an URL where this is 
explained or would someone be kind enough to explain it in simple 
working words?
Deep, deep thanks.

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Brenton Horne | 14 Apr 09:09 2015

Thumbnail error


I have been receiving the error:
Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

For a PNG image I recently uploaded to my local Wiki, even after I 
upload smaller versions of the file (out of concerns that the image's 
size might be the problem). These are my current image-related lines of 

> # Image Converter
> $wgSVGConverter = 'Inkscape';
> $wgSVGConverters = array(
>     'ImageMagick' => 'convert -resize $width $input $output',
>     'Inkscape' => '"/Program Files/Inkscape/" -z -w $width 
> -f $input -e $output',
> );
> # Image converter path
> $wgSVGConverterPath = '/Program Files/Inkscape';
> ## The following commands are required for ImageMap to work.
> $wgEnableUploads  = true;
> $wgUseImageMagick = true;
> $wgImageMagickConvertCommand = '/Program Files/ImageMagick/convert.exe';
> $wgAllowCopyUploads = true;
> $wgGroupPermissions['user']['upload_by_url']=true;
> # Path to jpegtran utility
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Steve VanSlyck | 11 Apr 21:34 2015

Cannot update preferences

I tried to change my skin, then got:

You don't have permission to access /wiki/Special:Preferences on this 

Can someone advise what I need to fix? Worked fine before the upgrade.

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Steve VanSlyck | 11 Apr 21:33 2015

Cannot update preferences

I tried to change my skin, then got:

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Steve VanSlyck | 11 Apr 21:30 2015

Charinsert Extension

Can someone help me with 

I've copied everything exactly and the tools just won't display as buttons!

_*Common.css*_ - Same as

  * Styling for links generated by [[MediaWiki:Edittools]]
  *  <at> source
  *  <at> updated 2012-02-29
.mw-charinsert-buttons {
	margin-top: 10px;
	border: 1px solid #aaaaaa;
	padding: 1px;
	text-align: center;
	font-size: 110%;
.mw-charinsert-buttons a {
	color: black;
	background-color: #cde !important;
	font-weight: bold;
	font-size: .9em;
	text-decoration: none;
	border: thin #069 outset;
	padding: 0 .1em .1em;
.mw-charinsert-buttons a:hover,
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Steve VanSlyck | 11 Apr 19:55 2015

Help with skins after upgarde

I took a risk and proceeded with my upgrade and all seems to've gone 
well except my main page told me,

If you have just upgraded MediaWiki
MediaWiki 1.24 and newer no longer automatically enables installed skins 
(see Manual: Skin autodiscovery). You can paste the following lines into 
LocalSettings.php to enable all currently installed skins:

require_once "$IP/skins/CologneBlue/CologneBlue.php";
require_once "$IP/skins/Modern/Modern.php";
require_once "$IP/skins/MonoBook/MonoBook.php";
require_once "$IP/skins/Vector/Vector.php";
If you have just modified LocalSettings.php

Double-check the skin names for typos.

I did all of the above, and cleared my cache, but the error still appears.

Anyone know what obvious thing I am ignoring?

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Steve VanSlyck | 11 Apr 17:26 2015

Backup Syntax

Hi guys,

I don't see anything wrong with this syntax:

mysqldump --user=LoginName --password=MyPassword my_wiki --xml > file.xml

But I am getting a complaint, "#1064 - You have an error in your SQL 
syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version 
for the right syntax to use near 'mysqldump --user=LoginName 
--password=MyPassword my_wiki' at line 1"

The example given was mysqldump --user=wikidb_user 
--password=wikidb_userpassword wikidb --xml > file.xml

And I replaced wikidb_user with LoginName (which is the name as viewed 
in phpmyadmin password with the password I use to log in to the wiki, 
i.e. MyPassword) and wikidp with the database name as displayed by 
phpmyadmint as the table name wright below the information_schema table. 
( also tried using the Wiki's name, but received the same failure for 
bad syntax.)

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