Jakub Klinkovský | 7 Jul 16:56 2015


MW 1.23 introduced a new API modules, list=allredirects and prop=redirects [1],
which were later rewritten for 1.24. While prop=redirects works perfectly for
me, I have some problems understanding how the list=allredirects (and
generator=allredirects) module is supposed to work.

First, the garprop parameter seems to be ignored for generator queries, whereas
arprop for list is respected -- for example [2] contains fragment information
for some redirects, but [3] contains none.

Also, the list=allredirects query seems to report an ID of the source page and
title of the target page, but the generator reports source page ID and source
title. When garunique is specified, it reports target page ID and target page
title, and garprop cannot be specified. This is not enough to resolve the
redirects (i.e. identify both source and target pages).

Finally, I have no idea what the "missing" key in the results (e.g. [4])

[1] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Allredirects
[2] https://www.mediawiki.org/w/api.php?action=query&list=allredirects&arfrom=B&arprop=ids|title|fragment|interwiki&arlimit=max
[3] https://www.mediawiki.org/w/api.php?action=query&generator=allredirects&garfrom=B&garprop=ids|title|fragment|interwiki&garlimit=max
[4] https://wiki.archlinux.org/api.php?action=query&generator=allredirects&garlimit=max&garunique

Thank you for your advice,
Jakub Klinkovský
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Brenton Horne | 5 Jul 20:52 2015

Displaying hierarchies in Infoboxes


I have been working on a Wiki (MediaWiki-based, ofc) on the topic of Linux
& related topics (e.g., software that can be run on Linux machines and
other operating systems) on my Ubuntu machine for some time. I have
Lua-based infoboxes (including Infobox OS
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Infobox_OS>, Infobox software
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Infobox_software>, Infobox file
format <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Infobox_file_format>) that
are modified versions of those found on the English Wikipedia and under the
"Family" field of Infobox OS I would like to be able to show some hierarchy
(*Unix-like -> Linux -> Debian -> Ubuntu* for Ubuntu, for example). I have
seen the HierarchyBuilder
<https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:HierarchyBuilder> extension but I
was wondering if anyone is aware of a way of showing hierarchy without
depending on an unstable extension like this one?

Thanks for your time,
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David Gerard | 2 Jul 16:57 2015

Seeking good open-web-proxy RBLs

RationalWiki uses $wgEnableDnsBlacklist = true; and
$wgDnsBlacklistUrls. We presently have xbl.spamhaus.org,
dnsbl.tornevall.org and all.s5h.net in there. These are pretty good,
but of course run on several hours' delay from the fresh proxy lists.

What we could really do with is one of webhosting ranges - we have a
plague of G*m*rg*t* trolls who favour coming in through these (pwned
boxes, I presume). Does anyone maintain an RBL of these?

- d.

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Jordan Barden | 2 Jul 16:13 2015

Moving File Structure to /w Directory and Rewrite Rules


MediaWiki 1.24.1

PHP 5.3.29 (apache2handler) MySQL 5.1.56-log

URL: http://www.progresspedia.org/

When we initially set up our MediaWiki installation, we did so without
having initially created a /w directory, thus having MediaWiki in the root
directory. Now, after the fact, we've decided that we would like to move
the file structure into a /w directory. We've done so, but are having
issues with page redirects.

We've gotten pages formatted this way to properly redirect:


We cannot figure out how to get these to properly redirect, however:


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Jordan Barden
Junior Webmaster
Center for Media and Democracy
jordan <at> prwatch.org
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Mark A. Hershberger | 1 Jul 20:27 2015

MediaWiki needs a governance model

I just posted this to the MediaWiki stakeholders wiki:

Please post any followup comments on wikitech-l.


Mark A. Hershberger
NicheWork LLC

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Scheid, Bernhard | 1 Jul 12:44 2015

parameters for internal links

Is there a possibility that future versions of MW provide options for named parameters in internal links

[[page XY|action=edit]]

I know, this can be done with {{fullurl:...}} but this is sometimes cumbersome and creates problems since
it is treated as an external link. Adding parameters directly to internal links would also be more
intuitively intelligible. 

Any reasons why this should not work?

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Brenton Horne | 30 Jun 09:40 2015

Free MediaWIki hosting sites


I would like to ask if anyone knows of a free MediaWiki hosting site that
gives one complete control over one's Wiki. I know of Orain Wiki, ShoutWiki
and Wikia but they all give fairly limited over the MediaWiki software
itself. Basically the website I'm looking for is one that provides a place
for my own local Wiki installation on the web for free.

Thanks for your time,
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Brenton Horne | 29 Jun 14:52 2015

Building advanced wiki searches.


I would like to allow advanced searches on my Local Wikis (MySQL 
databases: HMWiki, Linux_Wiki) and I was wondering which MediaWiki 
extensions will allow me to do this. Now I realize what I'm saying so 
far is casting my net a bit wide so odds are many of you won't know what 
to recommend so I'm going to give some examples of what I want to be 
able to do with such a search:

* Enable searching specific parts of pages like its title, 
category(ies), section(s), section(s) titles, body (i.e., the text other 
than the page's title), etc. Instead of searching the entire page the 
way Wiki searches do by default.

* Support for Boolean operators (e.g., AND, OR, ANDNOT, etc.) between 
search criteria (e.g., I would like to search for pages belonging to 
more than one category. For example, I would be looking for pages 
belonging to category $1 AND category $2 AND category $3).

Now my experience with this mailing list tells me not to expect a 
response here for days at least. But I also know that this list also 
gets about 2-10 messages per day, depending on the day. I don't want my 
email server to get packed with emails that I'm not interested in (as 
I'm afraid I'm pretty useless as far as helping others with issues 
relating to MW, I'm really just here to receive help not to provide it) 
so I will stay on this list for probably at most a week: if you send a 
reply and get no answer from me within a 12 hours odds are I won't be 
receiving emails from this list any more so it would be best to just 
send your emails to my email address: brentonhorne77 <at> gmail.com 
<mailto:brentonhorne77 <at> gmail.com>.
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Even Thorbergsen | 27 Jun 15:42 2015

Calculation of a duration value from two time values

Hello all,

I wonder if it is possible to calculate a duration from two time values using parser functions?

E.g. "2015/06/27 15:10:00" and "2015/06/28 20:25:10" producing a duration value "29:15:10".

Even Thorbergsen

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Michael Assis | 26 Jun 17:07 2015

Bibtex extension error


I've recently downloaded and installed the BibTeX MediaWiki extension
directly from its git page. I'm running MediaWiki 1.25.1.

When I tested out a simple reference, I got the following error
message at the top of the wiki page for each field in the bibtex
Notice: undefined index: * in BibTex.php on line 353
where * is whatever is in the various bibtex fields.

Is anyone else using the Bibtex extension with the current version of
MediaWiki? Is the problem caused by some kind of version
incompatibility? I tried e-mailing the author of the extension, but I
haven't heard back from him.

Thank you,
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Valerio | 26 Jun 15:15 2015

MW 1.24 and Sphinx search engine

*Product Version:*
MediaWiki 1.24.2
PHP 5.3.16 (cgi-fcgi)
MySQL 5.1.63-cll

*Extension Version*
SphinxSearch 0.9.0 License Replaces MediaWiki search engine with Sphinx Svemir
Brkic and Paul Grinberg

after upgrade from 1.22 to 1.24 the Sphinx doesn't seem to work so, before
to face the upgrade to 1.25 I want to ind the problem (if any).
It seems like there is no connection between MW and Sphinx but the
connection in established as per terminal *searchd --console* command line
Main and Incremental index are as follow:

indexing index 'wiki_main'...
collected 68893 docs, 57.5 MB
sorted 17.6 Mhits, 100.0% done
total 68893 docs, 57485297 bytes
total 31.375 sec, 1832200 bytes/sec, 2195.79 docs/sec
indexing index 'wiki_incremental'...
collected 21 docs, 0.0 MB
sorted 0.0 Mhits, 100.0% done
total 21 docs, 41693 bytes

and searching at terminal level (command line query using search tool) woks
like a charm:

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