Ilias Miroslav | 20 May 08:04 2015

restoring old database for the current wiki

Dear experts,

I am trying to restore this database into currecnt MediaWiki, which cca 4 years old, .

Though the simple database check seems fine:
  [root <at> dirac old_mediawiki]# mysqlcheck -u root -p  chem-wiki-dbs.sql
  Enter password:
   chem-wiki-dbs.sql.interwiki                        OK

MediaWiki is giving error, however:

[root <at> dirac mediawiki119]# php maintenance/update.php --conf LocalSettings.php
MediaWiki 1.19.24 Updater

Going to run database updates for chem-wiki-dbs.sql
Depending on the size of your database this may take a while!
Abort with control-c in the next five seconds (skip this countdown with --quick) ... 0
...ipblocks table does not exist, skipping new field patch.
...ipblocks table does not exist, skipping new field patch.
...already have interwiki table
Missing rc_timestamp field of recentchanges table. Should not happen.
#0 [internal function]: MysqlUpdater->doIndexUpdate()
#1 /usr/share/mediawiki119/includes/installer/DatabaseUpdater.php(281):
call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#2 /usr/share/mediawiki119/includes/installer/DatabaseUpdater.php(244):
DatabaseUpdater->runUpdates(Array, false)
#3 /usr/share/mediawiki119/maintenance/update.php(121): DatabaseUpdater->doUpdates(Array)
#4 /usr/share/mediawiki119/maintenance/doMaintenance.php(105): UpdateMediaWiki->execute()
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晒太阳的冰 | 20 May 07:39 2015

Redis client library problem! Help needed!

Hi everyone,

I am using following setting environment with redis. I can't run
any maintenance script due to [*RedisConnectionPool requires a Redis client
library.*] error. I DO add to php.ini and it shows in

I really needs help on solving this annoying problem. I even tried HHVM
which suppose come with pre installed redis support. But same error message

MediaWiki 1.24.2
PHP 5.4.41 (fpm-fcgi)
MySQL 5.6.20
Elasticsearch 1.4.2
Redis 3.0

Error message:
[d68504fc] [no req]   Exception from line 77 of /wiki/includes/clie
ntpool/RedisConnectionPool.php: RedisConnectionPool requires a Redis client
ary. See
#0 /wiki/includes/clientpool/RedisConnectionPool.php(138): RedisCon
#1 /wiki/includes/objectcache/RedisBagOStuff.php(65): RedisConnecti
#2 /wiki/includes/objectcache/ObjectCache.php(88): RedisBagOStuff->
#3 /wiki/includes/objectcache/ObjectCache.php(72): ObjectCache::new
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谢朝钦 | 20 May 03:49 2015


                Xie Chao Qin

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Jay van Santen | 20 May 03:47 2015

Semantic Forms: some fields duplicate upon save after edit if no information is entered

Version info:

MediaWiki             1.24.2

PHP     5.4.37 (cgi-fcgi)

MySQL             5.5.41-cll-lve

When I create and save a new form through Semantic Forms, all goes well.

If I "Edit with Form" that page, and don't populate some fields, the field
captions duplicate as well as the field names.

Latest version of Semantic Forms. I'm also using a slightly modified
version of the Bootstrap skin modified for Media Wiki. In order to gain
better control over the styling, I'm not using the traditional captions for
fields, but leaving those empty and using headings instead.

To view this behavior, visit the following linkː



Jay van Santen
vSC Web Group <>
MediaWiki-l mailing list
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Jan Steinman | 15 May 06:06 2015

Re: Moving large mediawiki site databases

> From: John Foster <jfoster81747 <at>>
> ... I have tried 3 times to export it and the files 
> are always either incomplete due to server (Mysql) disconnect. 

Been there, done that, fixed it, don't remember exactly how, except there was some /etc/my.cnf timeout
parameter that I temporarily set to some ridiculously high value.

I think I used "wait_timeout = 6000".

:::: What's the use of a fine house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on? -- Henry David Thoreau
:::: Jan Steinman, EcoReality Co-op ::::

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John Foster | 15 May 04:52 2015

Moving large mediawiki site databases

I have to move a mediawiki site that has a database of approx 4.1GB. It 
is somthing I have done before and I usually just use the command line 
syntax to do it. However I have tried 3 times to export it and the files 
are always either incomplete due to server (Mysql) disconnect.  I 
finally did get one that seemed to complete OK but then I tried several 
times to import it into the new server and likewise got server 
disconnect errors. I am aware that there are a multitude of 
possibilities, so what I'm asking here is for any tips on moving 
databases of this size or larger. I'm beginning to wonder if Mysql is 
the way to go here.


John Foster
JW Foster & Associates

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Jeroen De Dauw | 15 May 01:50 2015

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2 has been released!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the third stable
release in the Semantic MediaWiki 2.x series.

Semantic MediaWiki 2.2 is a minor release that adds several new features,
some enhancements and fixes various issues. It does not contain any
breaking changes, so upgrading is both easy and recommended.

Thanks to all those who contributed: MWJames, Jeroen De Dauw, Karsten
Hoffmeyer, Felipe de Jong, Hermann Schwärzler, Kunal Mehta, Chris Koerner,
Yaron Koren, Purodha, m4tx, paladox2015. Together we changed 952 files
across a total of 666 sets of changes to the code. Thanks also go to all
those who helped with testing and to and its contributors
for providing numerous translations. There are various ways in which you
can help as well, see our contribution documentation [4].

## New features ##

    * Added named args as parameter to CategoryResultPrinter
    * Added sep as parameter to the TableResultPrinter to define a
separator for cell values
    * Added template support to the #set parser function
    * Added the --no-cache option to rebuildData.php and the --debug option
to rebuildData.php and rebuildConceptCache.php (refs #749, #766)
    * Added support for wgCategoryCollation setting in
CategoryResultPrinter (#699, T40853)
    * Added the --report-runtime option to rebuildConceptCache.php
    * Extended rules on how an ImportValue need to contain a valid type
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Peter Presland | 14 May 20:56 2015

Mirroring and load balancing

I'm looking to share the load on our main production server across one
or more additional servers. I'm also interested in the mechanics of
real-time mirroring of the entire site.

On load balancing; does the slave machine need to have either or both
the images directory and MW scripts/extensions installed, or is it
sufficient to master/slave the respective databases?

I have looked at $wgExternalServers and $wgDBservers manual pages but
wonder if there may be more extensive guidance available too.

Any pointers welcome


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John Foster | 14 May 19:06 2015

tracking viewers on my site

Any way to simply track the people viewing my site. Only a registered 
usere my edit the contents but I want to see who is visiting. i have 
analytic installed but that is not exactly what I'm looking for.


John Foster
JW Foster & Associates

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Kevin Holleran | 14 May 14:34 2015

Last 10 Update / New Pages

Good morning,

I would like to have a section on my main page that lists the last 10 pages
that have been created / updated.  We use this as a knowledge base
internally and I would like to show the newest items on login.

Also, I would like to email this once a week to all accounts.  Is this

Finally, since every page branches from a series of categories, is there a
way to create a sitemap that would show a hierarchy of all pages and

Thank you.

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Vinodini Arya | 12 May 20:54 2015

Navigation Bar Template


Need help.

we have created Navigation bar with simple HTML code.

It was very impressive.

But one pain point we have with this currently is : if we have to add or
remove a link in this navigation bar template:
    1. we have to first update the link on the Template code
    2. we need to open each and every page with the template code in it to
get the latest changes of the template code.(currently, we have nearly 50
to 60 wiki pages in our project using this navigation bar template).
    3. Either a major or minor update we will need to manually open the
page and save the page to replicate the changes in the Template for
navigation bar.

Is there a way, we can automate the updating/ or is there any other easy

Please let me know, if the question is not clear.

Thank you,
Vinodini Arya
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