John Foster | 23 Apr 17:30 2014

MySql data base error

I just started getting this message during my automated backup sessions
of all my mysql data bases. All except my mediawiki are fine.

mysqldump: Got error: 144: Table './mywiki/searchindex' is marked as
crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed when using LOCK TABLES

Any ideas of what to do.

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German Rodriguez Spir | 22 Apr 22:59 2014

Permisos de copia

Como puedo pedir permiso de copia hay en wiksource me dicce que tengo que
llenar el formato que me dan de ejemplo pero no veo en donde tengo que
enviar ese formato por favor espero su pronta respuesta Gracias...
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Kevin Holleran | 22 Apr 17:59 2014

Getting Started - Categorizing & Templates


I am extremely new to MediaWiki and have set up an internal server for my
team.  I would like to have a set of pages on one topic for starters but
with the ability to continue to add topics as we decide whether we like
leveraging this as a knowledge base.

Can I set something up like this?
www.mywiki.internal/wiki/index.php/TOPIC1 <- page showing all the pages
under TOPIC1 sorted by date
www.mywiki.internal/wiki/index.php/TOPIC1/STUFF1 <- a page tied to a
template with sections defined.

Any page under TOPIC1 would start with a template of sections: Executive
Summary, Details, NextSection, etc.

Can anyone help me understand how to set this up in this manner (and if its
possible to do so)?

Thank you for your help.

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John Foster | 22 Apr 03:30 2014

Still having thumbnail creation issues:

I have been trying for 2 weeks to figure out how to get Mediawiki 1.22.5
to properly handle images: still no real progress; Here is the message
I'm getting now. I think these are all related to some permissions
issue, but I have tried everything I know of & I have researched the web
extensively & tried many 'possible' solutions. Here is the situation:
/var/www/ is owned by root:root permissions 0755
/var/www/mywiki is owned by myusername:myusername  permissions 0755
/var/www/mywiki/images is owned by myusername:myusername permissions

I am currently running this on Debian linux stable; when I load up a
webpage I get a mixed array of images issues: as in some images load and
display and others don't.

error message from web page:

> Error creating thumbnail: convert.im6: no decode delegate for this
> image format `/tmp/magick-3PI8Zdf7'  <at> 
> error/constitute.c/ReadImage/544.
> convert.im6: no images defined
> `/var/www/mywiki/images/tmp/transform_4a98a4281d46-1.png'  <at> 
> error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3044.

error message from Apache2 error.log:

[Mon Apr 21 20:19:39 2014] [crit] [client] (13)Permission denied:
pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable, referer:
[Mon Apr 21 20:19:39 2014] [crit] [client] (13)Permission denied:
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Matthew Wayne Selznick | 21 Apr 08:37 2014

MediaWiki On Nginx As A Subdirectory of WordPress

Hi gang,

Does anyone have any experience with nginx running mediawiki?

I've just migrated my sites from apache2 to nginx -- a WordPress site,
a static site, and a mediawiki site are all running great from their
own URLs.

The problem child is a mediawiki install I have in a subfolder of a
WordPress installation.  Trying to get to the mediawiki brings me
right back to the root URL (the WordPress home page).

The directory structure is:

-wordpress site
---mediawiki install

Or, in other words:

Everything was running fine before the switch and I *suspect* I need
to set something in an nginx.conf file... but... what?

Any help available will be REALLY appreciated.



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Matthias Brennwald | 16 Apr 14:38 2014

Re: MediaWiki-l Digest, Vol 127, Issue 14

> Import the dump into MySQL if you haven't already.

Ok, something like this (?):

mysql -u root -p WIKIdb < dump-of-old-WIKIdb.sql 

> Tweak your mysql config to point to the database with the dump.

How, where? Sorry, I am a complete noob.

Thanks for your help

Matthias Brennwald
Eawag, CH-8600 Dübendorf
Office Eawag BU-D13: +41 58 765 53 05
Lab Eawag LA-C76: +41 58 765 53 06
Lab ETHZ CLA A31.6: +41 44 632 09 36/39
matthias.brennwald <at>

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Matthias Brennwald | 16 Apr 11:54 2014

Restoring a wiki from an old database

Dear All

I had a wiki running on an Ubuntu-Linux server. Mediawiki was installed using the Ubuntu software package
manager. After an update from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10, the wiki was not not accessible anymore, the browser
said "Not Found / The requested URL /mediawiki was not found on this server.”. I guess the fix might have
been trivial, but I did not know where to look, and I got so impatient that I decided to re-install. I mad a
mySQL dump of the wiki database (and renamed the database so that it would not get in the way). Then I removed
the Mediawiki software using the Ubuntu package manager. Then I installed mediawiki 1.22 following the
instructions at . Now I have a
new, empty wiki that is accessible from the web browser.

Question: how do I get the content from my old wiki back?

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John Foster | 16 Apr 04:03 2014

Persistant upload problems with images:

I have a number of persistant issues with Mediawiki 1.22.4.
These have persisted since I upgraded from 1.22.2 a few weeks ago.
I "THINK" these are all related to some kind of permissions issues with
the server. these are a section of the relevant lines from


# Protect against web entry
if ( !defined( 'MEDIAWIKI' ) ) {

## Uncomment this to disable output compression
# $wgDisableOutputCompression = true;snipet

$wgSitename = "PhysicsWiki";

## The URL base path to the directory containing the wiki;
## defaults for all runtime URL paths are based off of this.
## For more information on customizing the URLs
## (like /w/index.php/Page_title to /wiki/Page_title) please see:
$wgScriptPath = "";
$wgScriptExtension = ".php";

## The protocol and server name to use in fully-qualified URLs
$wgServer = "";
$wgCanonicalServer = '';

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Rowe, Dolores A | 15 Apr 21:57 2014

Export/Import Advice ??

Dear Teammates,

Does anyone out there have some export from MW 1.6.5 which I need to import into MW 1.22.2 advice ?
I would appreciate it a hundred fold.


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john boris | 15 Apr 15:40 2014

Logo Missing after edit to Main Page

I am running Mediawiki 1.22.2, PHP 5.46, MySQL 5.5.27 on Ubuntu 12.10.

When I setup the Wiki I was able to change the logo to a new one. I then
edited the Main Page and now the logo is gone. The logo does appear from
time to time on different pages but no longer appears when I go to my main
page. Any pointers on how to correct this.I have tested this on MSIE 11 and
Chrome Version 34 (latest at this time) on Windows 7.


John J. Boris, Sr.
Online Services
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Andre Klapper | 15 Apr 10:28 2014

RfC on Product Management Tools and Development Toolchain

[Posting as this might be interesting for MediaWiki technical
administrators who deal with the bugtracker and the code review system]


as previously announced [1], we've been facilitating a collective review
of Wikimedia's current product management tools and development

The most popular idea at the moment is to consolidate Wikimedia's
product management and infrastructure tools (such as Bugzilla, Gerrit,
RT, Mingle, Trello) into all-in-one Phabricator. We have therefore put
together a Request for comment to bring this up for wider discussion.

This discussion affects anyone who deals with bug reports, feature
requests and code changes in Wikimedia, so it's critical that you test
Phabricator for your own use and make your voice heard in the RFC:

We're compiling a list of Frequently asked questions at ;
You're welcome to add more and help answer them :)

We'll host a few IRC discussions while the RFC is running to help answer
questions, etc. Our tentative times and dates are at

Thank you for your input!

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