Alain Williams | 28 Nov 11:55 2014

problems upgrading to 1.24.0 from 1.19 installed by RPM on CentOS

I want to upgrade so that I can offer visual editor.

CentOS 6.6, 64 bit, postgresql database, php 5.3.3

I followed the instructions and using a browser:

* go to wiki//mw-config/index.php, language is OK so I click CONTINUE

* next page I am prompted for the upgrade key that I copy/paste, CONTINUE

* Environmental checks. Other than a warning about 'older version of the ICU
  project's library' all is OK, CONTINUE

* Database settings, enter username/password, CONTINUE

* Name page. I enter wiki name & admin details, select 'Im bored', CONTINUE

* Install page, CONTINUE

* I get database error: Error: 42P07 ERROR: relation "mwuser" already exists 
  It appears to be trying to do a fresh install rather than an upgrade. But it
  asked for the upgrade key earlier ?

As root at the command line I run & get:
    # php maintenance/update.php 
    MediaWiki 1.24.0 Updater

    DB connection error: No database connection

What am I doing that is wrong ?
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Katharina Wolkwitz | 25 Nov 07:56 2014

Second try: PHP Notice: Undefined index: editfont in includes/resourceloader/ResourceLoaderUserCSSPrefsModule.php

Hi again,

getting to me second server-update I'm encountering a new set of error-messages. :-)

This time it's an undefined index: editfont in the file

grepping for the word editfont through the whole
mediawiki-installation-directory didn't really help. It seems that exept for the
for lines inside of the file above (none of which defines editfont btw.) there's
one possible candidate in
includes/DefaultSettings.php:	'editfont' => 'default',
but I'm not sure whether that should be the definition missing in

I'm adding the grep-result (minus the entries in languages/i18n/) to this mail
for anyone who's interested.

I'd be grateful for any hints or tips as to how to solve the error-message.

includes/Preferences.php:			$defaultPreferences['editfont'] = array(
includes/Preferences.php:				'label-message' => 'editfont-style',
includes/Preferences.php:					$context->msg( 'editfont-default' )->text() => 'default',
includes/Preferences.php:					$context->msg( 'editfont-monospace' )->text() => 'monospace',
includes/Preferences.php:					$context->msg( 'editfont-sansserif' )->text() => 'sans-serif',
includes/Preferences.php:					$context->msg( 'editfont-serif' )->text() => 'serif',
includes/DefaultSettings.php:	'editfont' => 'default',
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chris tharp | 24 Nov 18:25 2014

Landing Page after Account Creation


Once upon a time after account creation users were directed to:
Mediawiki:Welcomecreation and then it was changed to Mediawiki:Welcomeuser
(I think). But now (1.23.6) it seems to go to a different page all together
with an option of either going back to the page they were at or going to
their preferences.

Does anyone know where that page is?

Can it be customized like Welcomecreation?

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Serena Cividini | 24 Nov 17:07 2014

Hi to everyone,

i installed media wiki on
I managed to set up notifications via e-mail for messages modified but now
i want, when someone replies via email go to directly edit the discussion

There is this possibility?


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Legault, Phillip [ITSUS] | 24 Nov 12:18 2014


When I click on a table of content link it goes past the heading I selected by 2 lines.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you for your help!

Phil Legault

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Adam Nielsen | 22 Nov 04:51 2014

Can you override Less variables through MediaWiki:Vector.css?

Hi all,

I'd like to change some colours in the Vector skin, but if I do this
in CSS I will have to put hundreds of lines of code into
MediaWiki:Vector.css.  It looks like the colours I want to change are
defined as Less variables, so if I could just override those then it
would be only a handful of lines.  I don't really want to clone the
skin and modify the duplicate copy, because I will have to redo it on
every upgrade to make sure I get the latest updates to the Vector skin.

I tried putting the Less overrides in MediaWiki:Vector.css but it looks
like this content gets included separately, so it can't override any
Less variables.

Is there any way to tweak the Less code via an article page in this
manner, before it gets processed into CSS?

Many thanks,

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chris tharp | 20 Nov 19:26 2014

Removing links


This maybe the wrong place to ask this, but does anyone know how to remove
the link that says "Powered by" in the case of Semantic Mediawiki?

I've found the code to remove the Mediawiki Powered by link and the system
messages to remove the bottom links, but I can't seem to find it for
Semantic Mediawiki. There's a discussion page on this, but the info is not

All the best
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Daniel Barrett | 20 Nov 17:48 2014

Analog to $wgExtNewFields for dropping fields?

$wgExtNewFields<$wgExtNewIndexes> is really handy for
adding columns to database tables. Is there an equivalent configuration setting for *dropping* columns
from tables? (Likewise for dropping indexes.)


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Legault, Phillip [ITSUS] | 20 Nov 15:53 2014


I was looking at the information for the tooltips in MediaWiki
The info part works
Note and warning does not work.

Is there another way to get tooltips working in in MediaWiki without have to x out of them?

Without icon as well

Phil Legault
Lead Analyst, Architecture
Johnson & Johnson ITS
(908) 655-4307

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malari | 20 Nov 09:12 2014

Visual side toolbar lateral


I need to know what page or where the wiki I have to insert my code to insert a
visual side toolbar lateral to make it visible to all wiki pages.

thank you very much


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chris tharp | 17 Nov 01:06 2014

Wiki Blanked out after using Composer


So I recently set up a new wiki and have been adding extensions to it. I
had added must of the core extensions, Semantic Mediawiki via Bundle, and
lots of extensions.

I decided to add ,
which requires the use of Composer. It looked simple enough, but after I
ran it I have a big blank wiki. I assume I'm now missing a require file
somewhere, but where? Or who knows?

The file structure shows subpage list in the extensions path. I see the
Composer.json, but my wiki is blank.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm assuming I'm missing something
simple, but maybe not.
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