JP Béland | 4 Sep 01:36 2012

New languages mailing list

Good day,

I'd like to announce you the creation of a new Wikimedia mailing list dedicated to languages-related topics:

You can subscribe to it at this link:

JP Béland
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Incubator mailing list
Robin Pepermans | 3 Feb 21:03 2012

Language committee report - January 2012

See the wiki version here:

This is the language committee report for January 2012 (and also December 2011).

=== 2011 report ===
* MF-Warburg wrote a relevant report for the year 2011, see

=== Approvals ===
* The Wikipedia in Veps (a Uralic language spoken by about 6,000
people) has been created. <>
* The Wiktionary in Punjabi (in Shahmukhi script) has been created.
* The Wikisource in Marathi has been created. There is a bit of
content on the OldWikisource (that still needs to be transferred).
However, the Maharashtra Government has promised to provide free
content for the Marathi Wikisource. <>
* The Wikipedia in Lezgian (a Northeast Caucasian language spoken by
about 784,000 people) is approved by the committee.

=== Requests ===
* Some discussion about the Belarusian Wikisource request. It is very
active, but the issue is that it be in both the official and
Taraskevica orthography.
* There is a request for a Wikiquote in Oriya/Odia, however there is
concern about the language/orthography used on Oriya projects.
MF-Warburg | 28 Dec 22:37 2011

Yearly report for 2011

The version on-wiki can be found on

For the first time, an end-of-the-year review of all important events that affected Incubator has been compiled:

Incubator ( is a wiki of the Wikimedia Foundation which serves as a platform where anyone can build up a a new language edition of a Wikimedia project (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikinews and Wikiquote) that does not yet have its own subdomain, provided that it is a recognized language. These so-called "test wikis" on Incubator can be used like (nearly) any other real wiki. When the community desires so and there is enough activity, they can request to move to an own subdomain through the requests for new languages process.

Wikisource and Wikiversity are not mentioned above, as their tests belong to Old Wikisource ( and Beta Wikiversity ( Regarding test wikis, this report will however focus on Incubator mainly.

The Language committee reviews these requests, deciding about the eligibility of languages and determining whether test wikis are deemed active enough to sustain activity on an own subdomain.

As it is widely known, the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia was celebrated on January 15th; but this year was also the fifth birthday of Incubator, which was created on 2 June 2006.

====Site creations====
12 new language subdomains of Wikimedia projects were created in 2011.

In January, Rusyn Wikipedia has been created, and in March Latgalian Wikipedia, Kabardian Wikipedia and Albanian Wikinews. Three Wikisources were also created, in Sanskrit, Yakut and Esperanto, after a successful testing phase on Old Wikisource. Greek Wikinews got its own subdomain in April. In July, the Mingrelian Wikipedia and from outside of Incubator Arabic Wikiversity have been created. In September, Oriya Wiktionary was re-opened; this was the first time that a closed wiki became so active again on Incubator, so that the subdomain could be opened again. The last wiki created in this year was the Northern Sotho Wikipedia in November, which was interestingly the largest indigenous South African language Wikipedia even though it was the only one still on Incubator.

Upcoming projects are Veps Wikipedia and Western Punjabi Wiktionary, which were approved and are currently waiting for creation, while Tachelhit and Lezgian Wikipedia are still awaiting content verification.

See for links to the projects.

====Policy issues====
'''Closing projects''' SPQRobin made a proposal for a Policy on closing projects in February. Proposals for closing projects ( had no fixed rules before, but were more or less simply votes; sometimes users came by and made a "decision" by counting the votes and filing a bug accordingly. After the policy proposal had been elaborated further, it was adopted by Langcom and the Board of Trustees in May/June. The "Closing projects policy" now defines several reasons for closing as either valid or invalid. The decision on closing projects is now within the responsibility of the Langcom and Board.

First Langcom actions about closing projects in happened in August; and currently the 2nd round is ongoing. See the proposal page on Meta for details.

'''Kichwa language''': On Incubator, a group of users started building a test Wikipedia in Kichwa (, an Ecuadorian standard of Quechua. This "Unified Kichwa", however, is not included in the ISO 639 standard which Wikimedia uses for determining whether a language is acceptable or not. A temporary code is used now; a solution is pending.

'''Berber languages''': Several Berber languages have their test wiki, and there is also effort to start a Standard Berber test wiki, which also lacks a valid code. There are also technical issues because in addition to Latin, the Tifinagh script is used which lacks proper software support. Having two scripts also requires script conversion.

====Language Commitee====
In May, the Language Committee held its first real-life meeting in Berlin. We discussed a lot of topics, including linguistic issues, simple projects, ... We also made some decisions: the LangCom's activities are now more open by allowing observers. Robin volunteered to write monthly reports for the public.

In November, several LangCom members who also work for WMF and/or are a developer (Amir, Robin, Gerard, Santhosh) went to the Hackathon in Mumbai, India ( Software tools (Narayam input method and WebFonts) were improved for Indic languages, but can also be used for other languages; they make it possible to type non-Latin scripts without having an appropriate keyboard available.

Wikimedia Australia and Wikimedia Indonesia are collaborating with the language committee to organise a 2012 Languages Conference in Indonesia. More info:

====Technical improvements====
A new MediaWiki extension has been developed for Incubator, aptly called "WikimediaIncubator" ( It was enabled for the first time on 6 June, allowing users to set a test wiki preference (similar to the language preference), and to view a number of special pages, including Special:RecentChanges, on a per-test-wiki basis in order to make this more convenient and less confusing. The extension is continuously being improved. Some other features which should be mentioned are: Checks to help users create pages (correctly) according to the "sorting system" of Incubator and the introduction of automatic "Welcome pages" for every possible project of every valid language. These pages contain information for people how they can start a new Wikipedia language version there & are adapted to each language and project and are translatable.

This last function is synergetic with a new feature added in December: Instead of showing a 404 error page, the red links on Special:SiteMatrix now redirect to the respective Welcome page on Incubator, e.g. Interwiki links are also possible e.g. <nowiki>[[xyz:Page]] on en.wikipedia links to</nowiki>"

====Plans for 2012====
For 2012, we hope to simplify the processes for requesting a new subdomain and to improve Incubator's usability. Therefore it will be easier for people to contribute here, resulting in an increased participation in new language versions. Unfortunately, our documentation is very poor at the moment, so that will be in our focus very much. It is also planned to gain more feedback from users about how the Incubator phase and wiki creation process could be made easier and more attractive.

Incubator mailing list
Robin Pepermans | 3 Oct 00:46 2011

Language committee report - September 2011

See the wiki version here:

This is the language committee report for September 2011.

=== Committee ===
* There will be a Hackathon in Mumbai, India (19-20 November) which
focuses partially on language support. Several members will
participate. More info:

=== Approvals ===
* The Oriya Wiktionary (wt/or) has been re-opened. It is the first
time that a closed wiki is unlocked. Though the requirements were not
met, it was approved because there will be a workshop in Bhubaneswar,
India where the Oriya projects will be promoted and because re-opening
a wiki is easy.
* The Northern Sotho Wikipedia (wp/nso) has been approved, but waiting
for creation (bug 30882).
* The Lezgi Wikipedia (wp/lez) and Tachelhit Wikipedia (wp/shi) can be
approved if someone who can verify the content is found.

=== Related ===
* The language code "als" (assigned to Tosk Albanian) is misused by
Alemannic [gsw]. The should be moved (see bug
23215), but User:Terfili submitted an ISO 639-3 change request to
create an Alemannic macrolanguage "aeg" including the current code
"gsw". If that passes, the wiki would likely be moved to Change request:

wheredevelsdare | 10 Sep 12:12 2011

Invitation to attend WikiConference India, 2011 in Mumbai

 Dear Chapter Representative(s) and Wikipedians,



Please treat this invitation as a personal invite from the Indian WikiCommunity to yourselves and your community to attend the first annual national WikiConference India scheduled to take place between 18 and 20 November at the University of Mumbai’s Fort Campus.



The event is being co-hosted by the community and the chapter and this would be a wonderful opportunity for Indian Wikipedians to interact with all of you. Further, we would appreciate any help that could be extended by yourselves to make this conference a success.



Do let us know of any requirements you may have. Kindly confirm the above at the earliest to allow us to schedule everything in.

Meta Page:




Kind Regards,

Robin Pepermans | 31 Aug 20:46 2011

Language commitee report - August 2011

See the wiki version here:

This is the language committee report for August 2011.

=== Committee ===
* Wikimedia Australia and Wikimedia Indonesia are collaborating with
the language committee to organise a 2012 Languages Conference in
Indonesia. More info:

=== Requests ===
* Discussion about the request for a Northern Sotho Wikipedia. It
lacks activity, but it has been in the Incubator for years while
having the highest number of articles in a indigenous South African
* Discussion about the request for a Lezgi Wikipedia. One very active
editor, but more contributors are needed.
No formal approval (yet), but both or one of them may be approved soon.

=== Related ===
* The ISO 639-3 standard decided not to retire the language code
'www', even though it conflicts with websites like the
'' portal. The code 'www' is assigned to Wawa, a
language of Cameroon spoken by about 3000 people.
* The Wikimedia Incubator now has "welcome pages" -- for example links to the Dutch Wikipedia
at while says that it doesn't exist
and invites users to start that project. This will in the future
replace general "wiki does not exist" placeholders. More info:

Robin Pepermans | 25 Aug 23:35 2011

Incubator extension update: info pages


The Incubator-specific extension has been updated. The most notable
new feature is that the welcome pages for non-existing info pages are
now live on Incubator. For example
<> refers you to the Dutch
Wikipedia and <> tells you
that it doesn't exist yet.

Some more info in my previous post:
Detailed info:


Robin Pepermans | 3 Aug 23:11 2011

Language committee report - July 2011

See the wiki version here:

This is the language committee report for July 2011, written in Haifa,
Israel (Wikimania 2011) thanks to the scholarship provided to me by
the Catalan Associació Amical Viquipèdia.

=== Committee ===
Some talk about membership of the LangCom and closing projects.

=== Approvals ===
The Mingrelian Wikipedia ( has been created.

=== Eligibility ===
Discussion about the request for a Wikipedia in Tunisian Arabic.

=== Related ===
Thanks to Ryan Kaldari
the Wikimedia Foundation is now an official liaison member of the
Unicode Consortium.

Robin Pepermans | 18 Jul 01:55 2011

Re: [Langcom-l] Welcome pages and info pages at Incubator

I had already made the code to set a custom logo, so it wasn't that
difficult to implement it.
The variable, that was already used by Special:RandomByTest, is "testwiki".

With the changes I made, if your preference is set to Wx/xyz or if the
URL contains &testwiki=wx/xyz:
*  a custom logo will be displayed on Wx/xyz pages
* non-existing Wx/xyz pages will redirect to the real wiki if it exists
* recent changes is already currently set to limit to changes in wx/xyz pages

You used &title=MainPage&project=wb/xyz but it would be difficult to
implement it so that you can access it without the prefix in &title.

I would like to have these redirects quite soon. Maybe we can talk
about it / propose it at Wikimania.

2011/7/17 Milos Rancic <millosh@...>:
> That's great :)
> My general suggestion for that is the next:
> * You should create a new variable, called something like "project".
> So, there would be two different ways of seeing the content. One as
> ".../index.php?title=wp/xyz/MainPage", the other as
> "../index.php?project=wb/xyz&title=MainPage". The last one would be
> used for regular approach to the Incubator, the first one for
> approaching "virtual project".
> * If someone approaches to the project=wp/xyz, everything would be
> seen as it is a separate project: different logo, different links. For
> example, "Recent changes" link should lead to the RC limited just on
> wp/xyz project. Search as well; and so on. But, if someone approaches
> to the title=wp/xyz/MainPage, everything would be as it is now on
> Incubator.
> * After that, you should interpret redirected URL. If the URL is
> "" (i.e., not the name of the main project), then you
> would redirect it directly to "project=wp/xyz&title=<whatever>".
> With those enchantments, Incubator Extension would be ready for
> redirects implementation. (OK, at that moment you should ask others to
> test the extension. If you want, I could point a couple of DNS entries
> to your site; if you want hosting with regular mod_rewrite, I can give
> it to you.)
> _______________________________________________
> Langcom-l mailing list
> Langcom-l@...

Robin Pepermans | 17 Jul 02:39 2011

Welcome pages and info pages at Incubator


There is a lot of stuff in development for the Wikimedia Incubator,
and I would like to get a part of it enabled on Wikimedia Incubator
soon, specifically the info pages or welcome pages ("Wx/xx(x)" pages).

For example < >
gives a nice welcome page that refers you to the existing wiki. Pages
like < >
refer you to the existing wiki as well. It is not possible to edit
pages belonging to existing wikis.

Non-existing wikis also have a welcome page:

It directly depends on the list with databases, so at the exact moment
a wiki is created, it will no longer be possible to edit Incubator
pages of that project (which facilitates importing pages to a new

Another feature is that < >
will refer you directly to the existing wiki.

What is not yet included (coming later):
* A check for the validity of the language code
* Alternative codes like bat-smg / sgs => Wp/bat-smg will refer you to
the wiki, while Wp/sgs will say it doesn't exist yet
* Welcome pages for Wikiversity and Wikisource that refer you to the
respective wikis
* Possibility to use the template for test wikis that are actually on Incubator

Any suggestions, ideas, comments, bug reports, etc. are certainly welcome!


Casey Brown | 1 Jul 21:55 2011

Call for image filter referendum

/Please distribute this message widely/

*Call for referendum*:  The Wikimedia Foundation, at the direction of
the Board of Trustees, will be holding a vote to determine whether
members of the community support the creation and usage of an opt-in
personal image filter, which would allow readers to voluntarily screen
particular types of images strictly for their own account.

Further details and educational materials will be available shortly.
The referendum is scheduled for 12-27 August, 2011, and will be
conducted on servers hosted by a neutral third party.  Referendum
details, officials, voting requirements, and supporting materials will
be posted at

For the coordinating committee,
Philippe (WMF)
Robert Harris


Casey Brown