Pine W | 2 Oct 08:15 2014

Individual Engagement Grants Committee membership appointments

The Individual Engagement Grants Committee (IEGCom) is pleased to announce
that the following contributors are appointed as new members of the

Kirill Lokshin
Poupou l'quourouce

For the Committee,

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Andy Mabbett | 10 Sep 13:51 2014

Wikimedian in Residence at the Royal Society of Chemistry

I have some news:

I'll set up on-wiki pages in a couple of weeks.

[BCC to several mailing lists; please set replies accordingly]


Andy Mabbett
 <at> pigsonthewing

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Wikipedia Signpost | 28 Sep 07:49 2014

[Wikimedia Announcements] The Signpost -- Volume 10, Issue 37 -- 24 September 2014

In the media: Indian political editing, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Congressional chelonii

Featured content: Oil paintings galore

Traffic report: Wikipedia watches the election in Scotland

WikiProject report: GAN reviewers take note: competition time

Arbitration report: Banning Policy, Gender Gap, and Waldorf education

Recent research: 99.25% of Wikipedia birthdates accurate; focused Wikipedians live longer; merging
WordNet, Wikipedia and Wiktionary

Single page view

PDF version /
Wikipedia Signpost Staff

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Lila Tretikov | 29 Sep 19:38 2014

Damon Sicore joins WMF as Vice President of Engineering

Dear all,

We are excited to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation now has a Vice
President of Engineering. Damon Sicore will be filling this vital role.
Please join us in welcoming him to the team.

The VPE role will be crucial to further developing and maintaining the
technology that supports the very core of the Wikimedia movement, and
ensuring the development, scale, and stability of the MediaWiki

Damon joins us as part of planned growth of our product and engineering
teams, first announced in November 2012. As we have grown, we need
dedicated focus on product and engineering as separate departments, to
ensure development of best practices like performance engineering,
continuous delivery, A/B testing, software re-architecture, UI/UX work, and
user research. Erik Moeller, who filled the role of VP for both product and
engineering since 2011, led in the creation of this new role and was
essential to the search process.  From today onward, Erik will focus on his
role as VP of Product and Strategy and Deputy Director of the WMF, while
Damon will take over leadership of the Engineering team; both will report
to me as part of the c-level team.

Damon has a unique track record of managing large platform rollouts using
distributed teams like ours, while understanding the essential role of
community contributions and working in a transparent, open source
environment. These skills and experiences will be invaluable in his work
here at the Foundation. It’s unusual to find someone who understands us so
well, and so I want to thank the many people from across the organization,
especially in the engineering, product, and human resources teams, who have
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| 29 Sep 10:27 2014

Wikimania 2014 expenses

It's now over 50 days since I put in my (trivial) claim for £14 at
Wikimania. Are other volunteers having a problem getting paid what
they are due? Leaving volunteers hanging for their promised expenses
for a couple of months seems almost careless.

Hopefully speakers and trustees with significant expenses were paid
more promptly.


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From: Fæ <faewik <at>>
Date: 25 September 2014 09:08
Subject: Wikimania expenses
To: UK Wikimedia mailing list <wikimediauk-l <at>>


Checking my bank account I can't find any payment of my 14 quid of
travel expenses from volunteering at Wikimania. Have other volunteers
had payments yet?


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BHOKE NYANSU | 27 Sep 20:54 2014


Hi mr idont now english you are swahili

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James Salsman | 26 Sep 20:59 2014

The mission is a verb, not a noun

Liam Wyatt wrote:

>... we all believe in the greater mission of free-knowledge

"The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower and engage
people around the world to collect and develop educational content
under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it
effectively and globally."

That is not a noun phrase, it is a verb phrase: Empowering and
engaging, collection and development, and predication on education are
all precedent to whether the content is free and how well we
disseminate it.

Some will say that the order doesn't matter. Those people are
mistaken. Ask the billions of people who only see the first few
sentences of article introductions every day on Google.

I do not believe in "the mission of free knowledge." If empowering and
engaging people requires paying them, then by all means pay them. I
have preliminary data showing that creating new articles is more fun
than maintaining old ones, so we might want to figure out how to pay
people to maintain them.

Best regards,

James Salsman
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Praveena Maharaj | 25 Sep 20:05 2014

Invitation to WMF September 2014 Metrics & Activities Meeting: Thursday, October 2, 18:00 UTC

Dear all,
The next WMF metrics and activities meeting will take place on Thursday,
October 2, 2014 at 6 PM UTC (11 AM PDT). The IRC channel is
#wikimedia-office on and the meeting will be broadcast as
a live YouTube stream.

The current structure of the meeting is:

* Welcoming recent hires
* Update and Q&A with the Executive Director, if available
* Review of key metrics including the monthly report card, but also
specialized reports and analytic
* Review of financials
* Brief presentations on recent projects, with a focus on highest priority

Please review for further
information about how to participate.

We’ll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.

Thank you,


Praveena Maharaj
Executive Assistant to the VP of Engineering & Product Development
Wikimedia Foundation
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Andy Mabbett | 25 Sep 13:35 2014

EduWiki Hotel & Social

I've asked Qs about accommodation and a pre-event social meetup at
EduWIki, here:

Please answer there, rather than here, for the benefit of other attendees,


Andy Mabbett
 <at> pigsonthewing

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Anasuya Sengupta | 25 Sep 01:29 2014

[Wikimedia Announcements] Be part of the most epic data collection and analysis of Wikimedia programs!

Dear Wikimedian friends and colleagues,

tl;dr We have just launched our second round of voluntary reporting.
This is the
most epic data collection and analysis of Wikimedia programs we've done so
far as a movement, and all program leaders are invited to take part. :-)
You can do so here: (or get in touch
with the L&E team for support).

As we did in the Fall of 2013, we invite community members leading and
evaluating Wikimedia programs to share their data with the rest of the
movement (i.e., Edit-a-thons, Editing Workshops, On-wiki Writing Contests,
Photo Events, etc.). Last year’s data was collected and analysed in a
series of reports that was the beginning of telling the Wikimedia story of
impact: the incredible work of over 60 program leaders implementing 119
programs or projects in 30 countries across the world. This helped us start
building a set of good and best practices for effective programs across our
movement.[1] This year’s data drive will be critical to help us continue to
do and learn better from each other.

To best prepare, program leaders can review the reporting items [1] and
start gathering that data you have filed away about your programs since the
last reporting round. We are looking for data on programs completed any
time from September 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. You can ask
questions directly on the reporting form preview [2] or on our portal talk
page [3]. If you are planning to report and may need support from us, do
let us know so that we can help in any way needed.

When ready, you will find the reporting collector at:
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Pine W | 24 Sep 20:45 2014

***Security notice*** for IRC: vulnerability prior to September 15, change passwords


As you may have heard, Freenode found some compromised servers on their
networks. Network traffic, including SSL traffic, may have been sniffed by
a third party.

This likely affects many Wikimedia IRC users, including users who do not
speak English, so please forward this notice and translate as needed for
the benefit of other Wikimedians.

If you have not changed your nickserv password on September 15 or later,
please do so now.

From the Freenode blog:

"Before changing your password, please check your email address in /msg
nickserv info and, if needed, update it – see /msg nickserv help set email
(remember to check your new email for the verification key). This will
ensure that we can send you a password reset email should, for whatever
reason, your password change not work properly. If you have no email set on
your account or an email set that you cannot access, we cannot send
password resets to you, so do please keep this up-to-date.

"To change your password use /msg nickserv set password newpasshere

"Since traffic may have been sniffed, you may also wish to consider any
channel keys or similar secret information exchanged over the network."
Please direct questions to Freenode IRC ops. They are voiced in the
#freenode channel.

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