Winifred Olliff | 31 May 10:29 2016

Letters of Intent for 2016-2017 Round 1 of the FDC process are due 1 July

Dear Wikimedia colleagues,

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent for 2016-2017 Round 1 of the
FDC process is 1 July.

*Who should submit a letter of intent?*
Organizations that plan to apply for funding in Round 1 of the FDC process
should submit their Letters of Intent by 1 July. Proposal forms for Round 1
will be due by 1 October 2016 and most Round 1 grants will begin 1 January
2017. If you think you will apply for funding in this round, it's a good
idea to submit a letter of intent.

*How to submit a letter of intent.*
Organizations may submit their Letters of Intent by creating a proposal hub
page here: Please complete this
step of creating a proposal hub page, from which you can access a button to
create your letter of intent, rather than copy-pasting a letter of intent
template from previous years.

*Why submit a letter of intent for the FDC process?*
You must complete this step to submit a proposal in the next round, for
funding during the 2017 calendar year, so that your organization will be
evaluated for eligibility to submit a proposal. If you're not sure whether
or not you want to apply, it's a good idea to contact FDC staff at <
fdcsupport <at>> right away, so you can be sure and understand
your status before the Letter of Intent deadline. In the letter of intent,
you will write the amount of funding you expect to apply for, but you can
change this at any time before your proposal form is submitted on 1 October.

Learn more at
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Nicole Ebber | 30 May 18:08 2016

[Wikimedia Announcements] WMDE's annual report 2015 published

Hi all,

We have recently published our annual report 2015. It features
examples of Wikimedia Deutschland's projects and programmes from last
year, so if you would like to learn more about

* Wiki loves Monuments in Germany
* our work on Wikidata
* our project on Open Educational Resources
* the Freedom of Panorama campaign in Germany
* our participatory annual planning process
* our growth in membership numbers

please have a look at

We have also added links to the English and the German version on

Best regards,


Nicole Ebber
Referentin Internationale Beziehungen
Adviser to the ED, International Relations

Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. | Tempelhofer Ufer 23-24 | 10963 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 21915826-0
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Jean-Frédéric Berthelot | 30 May 12:18 2016

Wikimédia France board update

Dear fellow Wikimedians,

As you may know Christophe Henner, the Chair of Wikimédia France, has
resigned from the board, as he is moving on to his next challenge at the
Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. We won't even try to
summarise in a few sentences everything Christophe has brought to Wikimédia
France in his 10 years stint as a board member ; let us just deeply thank
him for his service!

Our board of trustees had a meeting last week-end, during which we elected
new officers of the board, following the resignation of Christophe.

* Samuel Le Goff is our new Vice-chair,
Samuel is 42 years old and lives in Paris. He works as a journalist, former
parliamentary assistant for many years. He has been in the board since late
2014. He helps volunteers to deal with French governmental and public
organization relationships, public consultations, and to expose Wikimedia
positions in public debates. He will be in charge of internal organization
and governance too.

* Emeric Vallespi is our new Chair,
Emeric is 29 years old and lives in Montpellier (south of France). He works
as a Branch director in a bank. He has been at the board since late 2012,
serving as Vice-chair since 2014. He's involved in internal organization,
governance and international affairs and is interested in internal control,
finance and strategy topics.

Pierre-Selim Huard, our Secretary, will be in charge of the international
affairs too. Other current officers are continuing in their functions.

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Stephen Philbrick | 27 May 21:10 2016

Re: Wikimedia-l Digest, Vol 146, Issue 90

I've been surprised at the number of editors who watchlist my talk page,
but the experiences invariably been positive. In some cases my talk page
has been vandalized, and I don't think I've ever been the first to see the
vandalism, I invariably see that the TPS has reverted it. More importantly,
on several occasions I've been involved in a discussion with an editor and
a TPS has volunteered very helpful advice.

I have no idea whether it's technically possible to stop such behavior but
I don't particularly care as I am adamantly opposed to stopping it.

I get that some people might see the term "stalker" as negative, given that
it is almost always a term self invoked, it doesn't make my list of the top
1000 things to worry about.


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Gregory Varnum | 27 May 01:54 2016

[Wikimedia Announcements] Wikimedia Foundation participating in San Francisco Pride Parade 2016


The Wikimedia Foundation is excited to announce our participation in this year's San Francisco Pride
Parade on Sunday, June 26, 2016.

The Foundation is participating in an effort to emphasize its support of diversity and inclusion as an
employer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This effort is coordinated by the Wikimedia Foundation's Talent and Culture team, with support from the
Foundation's Communications department and approval from the Foundation's Leadership team.

While the Wikimedia Foundation is doing this strictly on its own behalf, members of the Wikimedia
community, including Wikimedia movement affiliates, are invited to participate.

For more information on our participation in this year's event, including how to signup to march with the
Wikimedia Foundation in the parade, please visit this Meta-Wiki page:

The Foundation is continuously looking for opportunities to support diversity and inclusion in our
workplace, and will continue to make an effort to showcase these efforts in ways that align with our
approach. We hope this will become just one of many such efforts to do so.

Thank you,
Gregory Varnum
Wikimedia Foundation

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Pine W | 26 May 19:57 2016

Reminder: WMF metrics meeting starting in a few minutes

WMF Metrics meeting starts in in a few minutes. See

Youtube link

IRC conversation in #wikimedia-office.

Office hour with Katherine follows at 12 PM Pacific.

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Romaine Wiki | 25 May 10:31 2016

Museums of 100 masterpieces from Brussels

Hello all,

In the past week the council of museums in Brussels started the project of
100 masterpieces in Brussels. Based on their list we have checked which
museums have an article in Wikipedia and which not.

On the Dutch Wikipedia we miss only one article at the moment, and someone
started writing it.

On the French Wikipedia we miss only 6 articles of the 40 museums with

On the English Wikipedia we miss 18 articles of the 40 museums with

We now try to get at least in these three languages an article about these
museums with masterpieces from Brussels.

An article in other languages are welcome as well.

The next step will be talking to the museums to show our interest in them
and we hope they want to donate images for usage in these and other


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Pine W | 25 May 02:27 2016

WMF Blog post about new WMF affiliate-nominated trustees

WMF Blog post
with comments from WMF affiliate-selected trustees Christophe Henner
<> (Wikimedia France) and Nataliia
Tymkiv <> (Wikimedia Ukraine).

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Stephen LaPorte | 24 May 20:33 2016

[Wikimedia Announcements] April 2016 minutes for the Board of Trustees

Hi all,

The Board of Trustees has published minutes from the Board meeting on April 22, 2016. You can find the meeting minutes and accompanying documents on the Foundation Wiki:


Stephen LaPorte
Legal Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation

NOTICE: As an attorney for the Wikimedia Foundation, for legal and ethical reasons, I cannot give legal advice to, or serve as a lawyer for, community members, volunteers, or staff members in their personal capacity. For more on what this means, please see our legal disclaimer.
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Johan Jönsson | 21 May 03:20 2016

Re: Community Tech survey on watchlist use

On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 1:06 AM, Danny Horn <dhorn <at>> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> WMF's Community Tech team is starting to work on a Cross-wiki watchlist,
> one of the top 10 wishes in the Community Wishlist Survey that we conducted
> at the end of last year. [1]
> We're running a survey on how people use their watchlists, to help inform
> our work.

Hi everyone,

A couple of months ago, the Community Tech team ran a survey to gather
information on how Wikimedians use their watchlists. You can see the
results here:

If you're interested, there are also some very early and rough
wireframes available on the project page:

//Johan Jönsson

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Jake Orlowitz | 20 May 19:23 2016

New GLAM-Wiki Role at Wikimedia Foundation

Hi everyone,

As you may have noticed in the Annual Plan, the Wikimedia Foundation has
proposed more support of GLAM-Wiki. I want to happily announce that *Alex
Stinson* will be expanding and transitioning his role as Wikipedia Library
Coordinator to lead this new position as *GLAM-Wiki Strategist *within the
Community Engagement department at WMF.  He will continue to report and
work closely with me in Wikipedia Library land, which I'm very happy about!

I'll let Alex introduce himself and his thoughts on the position, why it
matters, and what its goals are.

Jake Orlowitz

User:Ocaasi (WMF)

Head of the Wikipedia Library

jorlowitz <at>


Hi all!

I am particularly excited to be shifting towards helping with GLAM-Wiki
support. I plan to bring my long history of working in Wikimedia outreach,
first as a volunteer in GLAM and the Education program and then as an
employee with the Wikipedia Library, to improve our global GLAM impact [1].

As we point out in the proposed annual plan, [2] GLAM-Wiki has a long
history as a programmatic strategy for volunteers and affiliates. These
programs have collected some of our best content, pushed our technologies
beyond their limits, and created a considerable volume of contributions
from both Wikimedians and experts for over 8 years.

However, as these practices become more and more sophisticated and varied,
volunteers from smaller communities without connections to the leaders of
successful projects have found themselves unable to replicate this success,
or replicating many of the mistakes from earlier projects.  At the same
time, larger initiatives have been hindered by a lack of investment in
infrastructure and technology.

WMF has been a great supporter of GLAM through grants and affiliate
support, but we can do more. We haven’t provided consistent global
connection, communication and support for GLAM-Wiki resources and tools.
My goal is to help GLAM spread throughout our communities and potentially
tens of thousands of organizations that - as folks like Liam Wyatt have
been advocating from the beginning - share our same values: freely sharing
knowledge with the world.

Below I have outlined our approach for the GLAM-Wiki Strategist role [3]. I
want to use the next few months to listen and evaluate the needs of the
communities actively involved in GLAM-Wiki work to make sure that I
prioritize projects correctly. I am also going to be at Wikimania, and have
already talked to a number of GLAM-Wiki leaders at Wikimedia Conference.

My role as strategist is to consult, collaborate, organize, and plan.  So,
please reach out to me with your questions, thoughts, needs or other


Alex Stinson

GLAM-Wiki Strategist

Wikimedia Foundation

astinson <at>

[1] A little about me

I have been working with the Wikipedia Library since May 2014, developing
the Library’s publisher partnerships, building relationships with dozens of
community and language leaders across our volunteer movement, crafting a
broader strategy for engaging the largest libraries and international
reference networks, and project managing tool and metrics improvements for
our program.

I also designed and deployed the successful #1Lib1Ref campaign (
that drew nearly 30,000 viewers, 5 million tweet-impressions, and hundreds
of participants from the library world to Wikipedia in our first ever
viral, global micro-contributions drive for quality improvement.

In my volunteer, time I try to stay active as User:Sadads, where I am
mostly active on English Wikipedia ( >98,000 edits). I have been actively
writing content about literature and novels since 2008. I have always
thought of our movement as a community with a lot of opportunities around
partnerships and collaboration.

I was also one of the early adopters of GLAM-Wiki in the US:  While still
in college, I approached the Smithsonian in 2010 about a partnership,
establishing the dialogue which grew to one of our most successful
long-term cultural partners within the movement. I have learned from those
early attempts and have led GLAM-Wiki relationships with a handful of
smaller organizations while in school and as a volunteer.

I am also a long time supporter of the Education program: I was trained as
part of the Public Policy Initiative's first round of "Campus Ambassadors",
the project that became first the U.S. and then the Global Education

I am based in Southern Vermont, where I enjoy hiking, the local and the
local food culture. In my spare time, I try to produce sustainable food
through my garden and homebrewing-- I just put in 4 rows of potatoes, and
am about to start most of my summer crops.

[2] *Annual Plan for GLAM*

[3] Some thoughts on the GLAM-Wiki Strategist Role

What I hope to do:

* Help lead efforts to evaluate and improve our GLAM-Wiki documentation,
and develop resources that make GLAM-Wiki a more approachable strategy for
volunteers, especially in communities which don't have much experience in
partnerships with formal organizations.

* Connect with and learn from the network of community leaders supporting
partnerships with GLAM and other organizations

* Help document and share the most successful, repeatable GLAM-Wiki project
models coming from our communities.

* Connect community leaders and outside organizations who approach
Community Engagement and other Wikimedia Foundation departments about GLAM
partnerships with the best volunteer leaders, resources, or learning

* Communicate GLAM and GLAM-Wiki needs with teams and departments within
WMF, including Community Resources, Strategic Partnerships and Engineering
teams. I have already started these conversations, and hope to be able to
share what I have been working on in the next couple months.

* Support strategic movement relationships with global organizations
 (IFLA, ICOM, UNESCO, OCLC, Internet Archive, etc ) which can expand
opportunities for GLAM-Wiki programming and partnerships by local

What I won't be doing:

* Creating partnerships with local cultural heritage organizations

* "Coordinating" in any strong sense of the word -- It's not my role to be
“in charge” of what others are doing in the GLAM-Wiki space -- instead my
aim is to facilitate access to better tools and resources that help community
leaders coordinate these partnerships more easily and effectively.

What I would like to learn from the community and GLAM program leaders in
the next few months:

* Where does our community of GLAM-outreach leaders need the most support?

* What are the greatest technology barriers preventing the creation of
easy-to-create and scalable relationships with cultural heritage

* What are the best opportunities for expanding GLAM-Wiki strategies to new
or emerging communities with less partnership experience or affiliate

* How can we help a greater range of Wikimedia volunteers participate in
partnerships with our GLAM allies?

I am very optimistic about the opportunities for GLAM-Wiki work, especially
as Wikimedia becomes leaders of open and linked data, through projects like
Wikidata -- and I want to make sure our communities have the tools and
support to take advantage of that leading role in sharing cultural heritage
knowledge around the world.

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