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[Wikimedia Announcements] The Signpost -- Volume 10, Issue 28 -- 23 July 2014

Forum: Did you know?—good idea, needs reform

Wikimedia in education: Education program gaining momentum in Israel

News and notes: Institutional media uploads to Commons get a bit easier

Traffic report: The World Cup hangs on, though tragedies seek to replace it

Featured content: Why, they're plum identical!

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Arthur Richards | 25 Jul 20:10 2014

[Wikimedia Announcements] Fwd: Please welcome Kristen Lans, ScrumMaster

Hi everyone,

I'm very pleased to welcome Kirsten Lans to the Wikimedia Foundation, as
the first ScrumMaster [1][2] hire into the newly formed Team Practices
Group [3]. Kristen will be taking over ScrumMaster duties for the Mobile
Web and Mobile Apps Engineering teams.

Prior to joining WMF, Kristen worked for six years with the TED
prize-winning Encyclopedia of Life project [4], a free, open resource that
aims to provide access to knowledge about all life on Earth. Kristen helped
to pilot and facilitate the Encyclopedia of Life organization's agile
development and planning processes, and enjoyed working with the project's
global community of contributors. Kristen is thrilled to be continuing to
work towards open knowledge sharing for all at an even larger scale.

Kristen currently lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her husband and
dog, and is planning to relocate to the Bay Area by the end of the year,
and is looking forward to eating her way through the San Francisco's tasty
restaurants and taking advantage of the amazing outdoor activities in the



Arthur Richards
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Erik Moeller | 24 Jul 23:54 2014

[Wikimedia Announcements] Announcing Arthur Richards as Team Practices Manager

Hi folks,

It’s my great pleasure to announce Arthur Richards as Team Practices
Manager for WMF. Arthur will lead a group of ScrumMasters and coaches
to scale up our ability to support teams in developing robust
processes for software delivery. In this new role, Arthur will report
to the VP of Engineering (currently, me).

Arthur’s first engagement in this role will be with the MediaWiki core
team in October. He’s also still transitioning responsibilities for
the mobile web team to Kristen Lans, who just joined WMF as
ScrumMaster. I am very excited about the work ahead. Please join me in
congratulating Arthur and wishing him success in this new role. :-)

What follows is some more background about this new group and about
Arthur’s leadership in case you’re interested (long):

Arthur joined WMF in June 2010 [1] to support fundraising tech. In the
context of team process pains, this team was the first one to adopt an
agile development process (specifically, Scrum), and Arthur was in the
middle of it all. He took this experience with him when he joined the
mobile development team under Tomasz Finc in 2012. The mobile team,
too, would soon adopt Scrum, and Arthur took on the role of
ScrumMaster later that year to be the "process owner" for the team.

What does that actually mean? It means facilitating the "rituals" that
are part of an agile team’s work (e.g. the daily stand-ups, the sprint
planning meetings, retrospectives, etc.) and continually facilitating
the team’s discovery of improving the way they work. Say it turns out
week after week that the team is introducing preventable regressions
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Praveena Maharaj | 24 Jul 22:07 2014

** DATE CHANGE ** Invitation to WMF July 2014 Metrics & Activities Meeting: Thursday, July 31, 18:00 UTC

Dear all,
Due to an overlap with Wikimania 2014
<> events, the next WMF
metrics and activities meeting will take place on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at
6 PM UTC (11 AM PDT) instead of the first Thursday in August. The IRC
channel is #wikimedia-office on and the meeting will be
broadcast as a live YouTube stream.

The current structure of the meeting is:

* Welcoming recent hires
* Update and Q&A with the Executive Director, if available
* Review of key metrics including the monthly report card, but also
specialized reports and analytic
* Review of financials
* Brief presentations on recent projects, with a focus on highest priority

Please review for further
information about how to participate.

We’ll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.

Thank you,


Praveena Maharaj
Executive Assistant to the VP of Engineering & Product Development
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Edward Saperia | 24 Jul 14:22 2014

Wikimania: Don't forget to register!

Hi all,

Only two weeks till Wikimania, and it's shaping up really well. Don't
forget to register!

*Edward Saperia*
Conference Director Wikimania London <>
email <ed <at>> • facebook
<> • twitter
<> • 07796955572
133-135 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG
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| 23 Jul 02:08 2014

Europeana post on Wikimedia Commons large batch upload projects


Liam has just published this Europeana blog post about the first big
projects using the new GLAMwiki Toolset uploader (GWT). The main image
is one of the unusual "photochrom" prints from the 1890s that I
uploaded as a Wikimedia UK sponsored project - these hand coloured
prints feature locations from around the world and were incredibly
popular to send as gifts in that period, a time when colour
photography was still experimental; this high quality
chromolithographic process was to virtually vanish within a few years.

We are hoping that there will be a lot of interest in new GWT projects
at Wikimania (and the hackerthon beforehand) both from GLAM
professionals and keen volunteers. It's certainly worth browsing some
of the projects delivered so far that the tool has made possible,
especially if you think you might reuse some of the images. Those of
us who helped create the tool are looking forward to this transforming
Wikimedia Commons into a standard home on the internet for the public
to find high quality GLAM materials.


faewik <at>

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Victor Grigas | 23 Jul 01:02 2014

New Video Documentary about Wikimania

Hello Wikimedians,

Last year, I went to Wikimania to create a documentary about the convention
itself, to educate the public about what Wikimania is and simulate the
feeling of what it's like to be there.

Here is the short documentary:

Here is a version without burned-in English-language subtitles (I'll be
adding open captions to this one soon):

Blog post here:

My thanks to everyone who let me interview them on camera last year.

I'll be at Wikimania in London this year looking more stories from
Wikimedians - I hope to see you there :)



*Victor Grigas*
Storyteller <>
Wikimedia Foundation
vgrigas <at>
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Michelle Paulson | 22 Jul 22:27 2014

[Wikimedia Announcements] Court Victory in Italy

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation has won a significant
defamation lawsuit in Italy brought by Italian politician, Antonio
Angelucci, and his son, Giampaolo.

You can read more about this victory on the Wikimedia blog:



Michelle Paulson
Legal Counsel
Wikimedia Foundation
149 New Montgomery Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
415.839.6885 ext. 6608 (Office)
415.882.0495 (Fax)

*NOTICE: This message may be confidential or legally privileged. If you
have received it by accident, please delete it and let us know about the
mistake. As an attorney for the Wikimedia Foundation and for legal/ethical
reasons, I cannot give legal advice to, or serve as a lawyer for, community
members, volunteers, or staff members in their personal capacity. For more
on what this means, please see our legal disclaimer
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Andy Mabbett | 22 Jul 15:48 2014

Commonwealth Games

Do we have anyone at the Commonwealth Games?


Andy Mabbett
 <at> pigsonthewing

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Tim Moritz Hector | 22 Jul 10:02 2014

Wikimedia Deutschland – Transition Team and Interim Executive Director

Hi all,

A few weeks ago, the Transition Team, which the Supervisory Board of
Wikimedia Deutschland has tasked with organising the search for a new
Executive Director, held its constitutive meeting. Today I would like to
inform you of the work of the Transition team and about the last week’s
further developments.

I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Engelmann as Interim
Executive Director as of 1 September 2014. Jan has worked as the Head of
the Politics & Society department of Wikimedia Deutschland since 2011. He
has already deputised for the Executive Director on a regular basis over
recent years. As Interim Executive Director, Jan will manage the department
on a provisional basis.

Up to 31 August Pavel Richter will remain Executive Director of Wikimedia
Deutschland, with all corresponding duties and responsibilities. After this
time – I am particularly pleased to report – Pavel will work with Jan in an
advisory capacity during the upcoming transitional period. For the time
being this role is set to end on 31 January 2015.

Why have we chosen this solution? What is the difference between Executive
Director and Interim Executive Director? What are the next steps? I would
like to answer these questions by taking a look at the primary task of the
Transition Team: for a new Executive Director to be appointed, the
commission has to recommend a candidate to the Supervisory Board. This
process will require a considerable amount of time. It will no doubt be
several months before this task is complete. So far – over the past three
weeks – all members have been appointed to the Commission, have met with
one another and specified their respective responsibilities. The members
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[Wikimedia Announcements] Wikimedia Nederland in June

The report on Wikimedia Nederland activities in June is available:

It is also included as text in this message.

Sandra Rientjes
Directeur/Executive Director Wikimedia Nederland

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*

·         Wiki-Saturdays.

The WMNL office was open for community members on June 7 and 21. The event
on the 7th was visited by 10 members. The first ideas for the year plan
2015 were collected by the 12 participants on the 21st. (see below)

*WORK: content, collaboration and activity development*

   -     Wiki Loves Earth events

In total, the Wiki Loves Earth competition resulted in 1349 images of Dutch
nature, wildlife and landscapes uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. The
Institute for Vision and Sounds donated 500 videos of Dutch birds (see
below under content donations for more info) and launched a competition to
integrate the films in the relevant Wikipedia-articles. We also met with
Naturalis, the museum of natural history, to discuss content donations and
an editathon, and are approaching volunteer organisations working on nature
and wildlife for future cooperation.

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