Wikipedia Signpost | 29 May 22:20 2015

[Wikimedia Announcements] The Signpost -- Volume 11, Issue 21 -- 27 May 2015

News and notes: WMF releases quarterly reports, annual plans

In the media: Scrubbing Parliamentary biographies; Wikipedia's invisible history

Recent research: Drug articles accurate and largely complete; women "slightly overrepresented";
talking like an admin

Traffic report: Summer, summer, summertime

Discussion report: A relic from the past that needs to be updated

Featured content: When music was confined to a ribbon of rust

Technology report: MediaWiki blows up printers

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Fabrice Florin | 30 May 04:25 2015

[Wikimedia Announcements] This week on the Wikimedia Blog

Hi folks,

Here are some of the stories featured this week on the Wikimedia Blog:

* What we learned from the Inspire campaign to increase gender diversity on Wikimedia

* A translation rally invites volunteers to localize technical messages for MediaWiki software

* A dark side of comedy: the impact of John Oliver’s ‘fowl’ jokes on Wikipedia

• Scuba diving on Wikipedia: Doug Taylor

More stories on the Wikimedia Blog:




Fabrice Florin
Movement Communications Manager
Wikimedia Foundation
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Siko Bouterse | 29 May 22:14 2015

New Inspire Campaign report

Hi all,
We've published a report and blog post sharing some more findings from our
recent Inspire campaign:
As always, your thoughts are welcome (preferably on the discussion page or
in blog comments, for easy tracking).
Warm regards,


Siko Bouterse
Director of Community Resources
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

sbouterse <at>

*Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the
sum of all knowledge. *
*Donate <> or click the "edit" button today,
and help us make it a reality!*
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phoebe ayers | 29 May 20:59 2015

the digital language divide

This feature on multilingualism online and the digital language divide
from the Guardian is thought-provoking:

It summarizes a bunch of recent research on language online, including
the work from the Oxford Internet Institute on Wikipedia.

-- Phoebe


* I use this address for lists; send personal messages to phoebe.ayers
<at> *

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Praveena Maharaj | 29 May 02:54 2015

** DATE CHANGE ** Invitation to WMF May 2015 Metrics & Activities Meeting: Thursday, June 11, 18:00 UTC

Dear all,

The next WMF metrics and activities meeting will take place on
Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6:00 PM UTC (11 AM PDT). Please note, on
this occasion, we are holding this meeting on the second Thursday in

The IRC channel is #wikimedia-office on, and the meeting will
be broadcast as a live YouTube stream.

Each month at the metrics meeting, we will:

* Welcome recent hires
* Present a community update
* Present reports/updates that are focused on a key topic or theme; the
topic for June's meeting is WMF Strategy Preview
* Engage in questions/discussions

Please review for further
information about how to participate.

We’ll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.

Thank you,


Praveena Maharaj
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Engineering
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Fabrice Florin | 28 May 21:57 2015

[Wikimedia Announcements] Survey: What do you think of our social media feeds?

Hi folks,

Do you follow Wikipedia or Wikimedia on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? 

If so, we’d love to hear what you think of our social media feeds.

Could you please take this short survey?

The survey is open to anyone. We plan to post survey results by the end of June.

We look forward to improving our social media feeds based on your feedback!

Best regards,


P.S.: If you are not familiar with our social media feeds, we invite you to check them out before you take the survey:

• Wikipedia on Facebook:

• Wikipedia on Twitter:

• Wikipedia on Google+:

• Wikimedia on Twitter:
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James Salsman | 28 May 16:52 2015

comments on Annual Plan


Will key quality metrics for reading include accuracy of articles on the
Simple English Wikipedia?

To that end, will the Wikimedia Foundation please take over this project in
full as stated here:

I have a new contract through the end of the year and will be unable to
devote the time I had planned. Thank you.

Best regards,
James Salsman
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Jane Darnell | 28 May 13:02 2015

Keep me logged in (for up to 30 days)

Hello everybody,

I have to login to Wikimedia projects every single time I begin a session
on my iPad1 now because I cannot select the button on the user login page
next to the text "Keep me logged in (for up to 30 days)"

I think it's a java mismatch with my old built-in iPad1 safari browser
(which cannot be updated, as far as I know). Is there anyplace to check
this box in some other way? Also, is there a reason this box looks like

Thanks in advance,
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Carlos M. Colina | 27 May 23:17 2015

Recognition of North Carolina Triangle Wikipedians User Group

Dear all,

On behalf of the Affiliations Committee, I am honored to announce the 
recognition [1] of a new User Group in the United States - the North 
Carolina Triangle Wikipedians. As their name implies, they are mostly 
active in the region known as the Research Triangle, or simply "The 
Triangle". They have already organized activities in the region, 
especially at Duke and UNC related to MediaWiki, edit-a-thons and the 
Education Program. We'll see more of that in the near future :-)

So please, let's welcome the newest member of the family of affiliates! 



"*Jülüjain wane mmakat* ein kapülain tü alijunakalirua jee wayuukanairua 
junain ekerolaa alümüin supüshuwayale etijaanaka. Ayatashi waya junain."
Carlos M. Colina
Socio, A.C. Wikimedia Venezuela | RIF J-40129321-2 | <>
Chair, Wikimedia Foundation Affiliations Committee
Phone: +972-52-4869915
Twitter:  <at> maor_x
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Milos Rancic | 27 May 23:04 2015

Priority languages

Below is the list of the languages sorted by the number of L2 speakers
(more than one million of them).

L2 speakers appear in two occasions:
* First and important to us is about languages used for wider
communication. For example, French is L2 among educated people of West
* The second type is related to the native languages in not so good
position (either dying or reviving). For example, English is L1 language of
the most of Native Americans, as well as Russian is L1 language of the most
of ethnicities of former Soviet Union, while their own languages are L2
ones. (They are important in other cases, but not for this purpose.)

I omitted English (there is no sense, as we are communicating in English
and English is default for all the localization) and few spoken languages
(our content is [mostly] written).

I also removed some languages which belong to the second category (Irish
Gaelic and Scots, for example), but it could be the case that some of the
languages from the list belong to that category, as well (though I am
pretty sure they don't).

There are languages inside of this list with well developed Wikimedia
projects and without particular need to promote work on Wikimedia projects
among them: French, Spanish and German are the examples. There is no
Russian inside of the list, as it's usually L1 language, as mentioned
above, but it belongs to the category of the languages with well developed
Wikimedia projects.

There are also languages spoken in countries with low level of internet
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Learning from other chapters


In Amical Wikimedia we have read with attention the reports of APG, the
grants concedeed by the Wikimedia Foundation to the diferents chapters in
order to run their activities. These comments by the WMF have
recommendations for the other associations in order to learn from their
errors and their success from the others and improving together. In this
post we want to highlight those things that to us looked more positive from
the advices and reflexions that we have analized.

David Parreño Mont
Amical Wikimedia
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