Tilman Bayer | 31 Jul 01:58 2015

[Wikimedia Announcements] Wikimedia Foundation report, April-June 2015

Hi all,

please find the Wikimedia Foundation's report for the fourth quarter
of the past fiscal year at

Quoting below the foreword by Terry:

We are pleased to bring you the Wikimedia Foundation’s Quarterly
Report for Q4 of the 2014/15 fiscal year. This is the third report
since we switched from a monthly cycle, to align with our quarterly
goal setting process. We are continuing to optimize the report’s
format and the organization’s quarterly review process that the report
is based on, to bring you better information at a lower overhead for
the teams that take out time from their work to tell you how they have
been doing. Participation in the review process is good and growing.

This issue includes some new pieces of information, e.g. the
approximate size of each team (in FTE, on average during this
quarter), and for each objective, the number of team members who were
involved with a significant amount of their time. The overall metrics
scorecard now contains new, more reliable uptime numbers for both
readers and contributors.

As before, we are including an overview slide summarizing successes
and misses across all teams. In a mature 90 day goal setting process,
the “sweet spot” is for about 75% of goals to be a success.
Organizations that are meeting 100% of their goals are not typically
setting aggressive goals.
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Praveena Maharaj | 31 Jul 01:06 2015

Invitation to WMF July 2015 Metrics & Activities Meeting: Thursday, August 6, 18:00 UTC

Dear all,

The next WMF metrics and activities meeting will take place on
Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 6:00 PM UTC (11 AM PDT). The IRC channel
is #wikimedia-office on irc.freenode.net, and the meeting will be
broadcast as a live YouTube stream.

Each month at the metrics meeting, we will:

* Welcome recent hires
* Present a community update
* Review WMF top-level metrics
* Present reports/updates
   For August, we'll present a quarterly report overview & review
VisualEditor AB test and usability results
* Engage in questions/discussions

Please review
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Metrics_and_activities_meetings for further
information about how to participate.

We’ll post the video recording publicly after the meeting.

Thank you,


Praveena Maharaj
Executive Assistant
Wikimedia Foundation \\ www.wikimediafoundation.org
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Sam Klein | 30 Jul 21:10 2015

Re: Fwd: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach editathons

Strongly seconded.

This makes copyedits and typo correction - the first step of editing - 15
seconds rather than 150.
(It could be much faster still if the edit summary process weren't so
elaborate :)  just let anyone doubleclick to edit a single word, and
autosave it as a minor edit without asking...)

The joy of seeing citations autocomplete is immediate and lasting.

In my experience, the main problem with using VE for everything is still
the inability to sign talk page comments!  That's very confusing even for
me when I have to switch b/t editors.

(helping run another editathon for chemists at the upcoming American
Chemical Society's 250th anniversary :)

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> Date: 30 July 2015 at 12:57
> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach
> editathons
> To:
> If anyone is still running outreach editathons to try and recruit new
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Nicole Ebber | 30 Jul 17:52 2015

Shared learning in our progress report

Dear Wikimedia friends and partners,

We have just published our FDC progress report for the first half of
2015. It’s a quite lengthy document, so I would like to highlight some
shared learning for the Free Knowledge movement that we present in
this report.


We have published several learning patterns and material, for example
on participation in post-conference surveys, crowd-funding campaign,
recording audio samples, relationships with donors, and sharing
information with the movement:


The grant report for the Wikimedia Conference 2015 includes a lot of
lessons learnt that can also be applied to other movement events:


The committee that was tasked with the transition of our Executive
Director reported on their process and provides advice for similar
processes in other organisations, no matter if big or small:


Our annual compass 2016 provides WMDE with vision and direction for
the upcoming planning process and lists new volunteers, software
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Amir E. Aharoni | 30 Jul 15:43 2015

Re: Fwd: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach editathons

I've been doing this in Israel for a while already. (In Hebrew! From right
to left! Thanks to User:Mooeypoo [cced], she is awesome!)

It's pretty successful.

Basic formatting, headings, and citations are far, far easier to explain
using VE.

I do *mention* the source editor, because it's inevitable for understanding
talk pages and diffs, but I dedicate far less time to it than I did at
workshops three years ago. This leaves more time to do actual article
writing. Some people actually stay as editors afterwards (sorry, I don't
have a precise number).

I'm doing this every three or four months or so, and it's amazing to see
the progress and the bug-fixing. A year ago writing an image description
was broken in Hebrew - now it works. A year ago it was impossible to add
tables - now it's not just possible, but easy. A year ago it was weird to
add footnotes - now it's much nicer; not perfect, but already better than
explaining <ref> tags (for a lot of newbies seeing ANY tags at all is an
immediate showstopper that renders the whole workshop useless). Using VE in
workshops is also great for finding and reporting useful bugs - looking at
new users always is.

Wikimedia Israel also uses VE for most of the training materials that it
produces in the last year or so.

Amir Elisha Aharoni · אָמִיר אֱלִישָׁע אַהֲרוֹנִי
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Andy Mabbett | 30 Jul 15:09 2015

Re: Fwd: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach editathons

[copy of my reply on the original list]

I've considered it; and decided not to.

For one thing, when a new user sees a diff, either via a link on a
talk page, an article's history, a user's contributions, or their own
watchlist they are exposed to Wikicode, and so need a basic
understanding of how it works.

On 30 July 2015 at 13:00, David Gerard <dgerard <at> gmail.com> wrote:
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> From: WereSpielChequers <werespielchequers <at> gmail.com>
> Date: 30 July 2015 at 12:57
> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] visual Editor is now worth using in outreach editathons
> To:
> If anyone is still running outreach editathons to try and recruit new
> editors, you might want to consider using visual editor. I spoke to
> some of the WMF people at Wikimania and apparently the issue of it
> running very very slowly on old kit has recently been largely
> addressed. I've pointed out in the past that as long as that bug was a
> "won't fix" you couldn't promote Visual Editor at outreach editathons
> because even if all the laptops look pretty new, there could well be
> someone present using a borrowed laptop and intending to use an old PC
> at home. Since we really can't start an editathon asking the attendees
> if they all use new computers at home, and then reverting to the
> classic editor if someone says their machine was bought in 2010 I and
> several others have been ignoring the Visual Editor for the last
> couple of years.
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WereSpielChequers | 28 Jul 09:36 2015

Re: Harald bischoff advertising to make images "for the wikimedia foundation" and then suing users

 I don't know whether this is a mistranslation in the title thread, but if this wikimedian is "advertising to
make images "for the wikimedia foundation" and then suing users" that would seem to me a different thing to
taking images for himself but releasing a CC-BY-SA version on Wikimedia Commons. That wouldn't make any
difference if he was taking photos of mountains or wildlife, but if he is using the foundation's name to get
access to celebrities then that would be different. Taking photos for himself but releasing a copy on
Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY-SA is slightly different and someone who speaks his language might need to
suggest that to him.

I would also be interested to know whether he is suing people who are taking the same interpretation of the CC
licenses that Wikipedia uses, or only those who are not following the reuse guidelines in Wikipedia or
Wikimedia Commons.

It isn't clear to me at present whether he is:

1 insisting on his undisputed licence rights
2 strictly enforcing licence rights which we acknowledge on at least one Wikimedia project and don't
ourselves breach as a movement
3 enforcing licence rights which we acknowledge on at least one Wikimedia project but breach on another.

I and perhaps others whose German skills are like mine barely adequate to order a beer, would be grateful if a
German speaker on this list could clarify this.



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Everton Zanella Alvarenga | 28 Jul 05:42 2015

A book on open business models by Creative Commons

Dear all,

Creative Commons has started an interesting project proposal at
Kickstarter, Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models
The book will be under a license compatible with the Open Definition,

*Project description*
With your help, we are going to identify and select a diverse group of two
dozen businesses, creators, and organizations from around the world
succeeding with business models made with Creative Commons. Then we're
going to dig deep into how they work to show how using Creative Commons can
produce economic and social value.

Our goal is not to identify a formula for business models that utilize CC,
but instead to gather fresh ideas and dynamic examples that will help spark
new, innovative models that build on what is already working.

We want to spread this knowledge far and wide to inspire others to use what
works for them. At the end of the process, we'll publish an ebook that puts
together everything we learn and create an interactive online tool to help
others build their own CC-made business models.

50,000 USD

*Days left from today*16

Please, share
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Richard Ames | 28 Jul 03:11 2015

Announcements - a note from one of your moderators.

Please send announcements to the *WikimediaAnnounce-l *list; they will be
automatically sent to to this list.

See https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Mailing_lists/Wikimedia_Announce for
guidelines as to what is appropriate.

Discussions based on the announcements should be posted here.

Thanks and regards, Richard.
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Michael Maggs | 27 Jul 16:29 2015

Wikimedia UK's members elect new trustees

I am very pleased to announce that at our annual general meeting on 
Saturday 25 July the members of Wikimedia UK elected three new trustees 
to the board from a very strong slate of candidates.

Please join me in offering a very warm welcome to Doug Taylor, Nick 
Poole and Josie Fraser.

Doug Taylor will be well known to many readers as a long-standing active 
Wikimedia volunteer and Lead Trainer for WMUK. He previously served on 
the board during 2012-13. Doug is a retired teacher and IT professional.

Nick Poole is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Institute of 
Library and Information Professionals. His previous roles include 
serving as CEO of the Collections Trust and Chair of the Europeana 
Network. He brings extensive knowledge of and influence in the 
international GLAM community, and has strong connections to policymakers 
and funders in the UK and Europe.

Josie Fraser has for the past five years worked in local government as 
the strategic technology lead of one of the country's largest and most 
accelerated school building programmes. She is an expert in the 
relationship between education and technology and a vocal advocate for 
free and open knowledge.

Existing trustees Greyham Dawes (treasurer) and myself (chair) were 

Three trustees have stepped down from the board: Alastair McCapra, Saad 
Choudri and Joseph Seddon. We thank them for their exceptional 
expertise, commitment and diligence, and we wish them well for the future.
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Ziko van Dijk | 27 Jul 11:51 2015

Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland, November 28th, 2015; Call for speakers


Wikimedia Nederland has an annual conference, the WCN. As usual, it is
scheduled for November, this time Saturday the 28th.

We will not dramatically change the concept but are a little bit more
conscious about these points:
* The primary goal of the conference is for people to meet and connect, not
the pure transmission of information. So the sessions tend to be shorter
and have a dedicated part for discussions.
* We try to make use of the conference for the goals of the association,
e.g. by showing more what WMNL does (and whom you can contact for what). At
the same time it remains a platform for community members to show what they
are doing at the moment (e.g. in Wikipedia or Wikidata).
* Everytime there should be, if possible, one session in English, although
the general language of the conference still is Dutch.

Therefore we have a Call for Speakers also in English:

So, if you have something to communicate and want to meet people in the Low
Countries, with regard to Wikipedia, free knowledge and our other topics:
the WCN might be a very suitable conference for you. :-)

Kind regards
Ziko van Dijk
programme coordinator
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