Wil Sinclair | 17 Sep 23:22 2014

Wikipedia Blogs

Legoktm just reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask for a
while. I like to keep up-to-date with blogs that feature discussions
about Wikipedia. What I've found so far I've kept track of by
following with my own blog. If you care enough to google it, keep in
mind that I'm the guy who isn't a Christian AM radio station. Even
after I did some of my own google jockeying, I missed David's and no
doubt others.

Does anyone know of a list of blogs covering Wikimedia issues that is
kept relatively current either onwiki or elsewhere? I suspect others
might find it useful, so if such a thing doesn't exist yet I'll create
it myself.

Hit me up at wllm <at> wllm.com if you'd prefer to discuss offlist.

Since no one 's told me I can't promote other people's blogs yet,
here's a link to David's: http://davidgerard.co.uk/notes/. He's a
great blogger with a unique, entertaining voice. Almost required
reading for the Wikipedianz4Life crowd.


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WereSpielChequers | 17 Sep 17:19 2014

Re: The Lighter Side of the Movement

Will, there are several areas within Wikipedia or at least the English language version where humour
exists and is tolerated by most. 

Most obviously humour, especially of the self deprecating variety, is welcome on user pages and in usernames.

April fools day accounts for two more of them. The collaborative and premeditated one is that on that
special day the main page of Wikipedia will be full of stories that look like spoofs but are as real as the
museum of bad art. At this time of the year people are probably already discussing the possible featured
article for that day. My hope is that some year it will be Heavy metal umlaut. One of the beauties of that
process is it is the day you are most likely to have a featured article that is actually crowd sourced rather
than largely the work of one individual.

Also on April fools day there are usually an assortment of humorous AFDs MFDs, RFAs and on one occasion even a
request for signatureship. As long as people keep their antics out of article space there is a long
tradition of this, and of criticising it for lack of originality. There are of course only so many ways in
which one can argue for the article on the Earth to be deleted.

But while it is tolerated by most, there are people who don't like to see humour in the project. I suspect that
some see it as a slippery slope to vandalism. Certainly there is the common excuse among vandals that they
were only having a joke. Latitude is obviously cut for people who are primarily here to further the
project, but editors who are solely or primarily involved in "humour" will soon find their humour at MFD.


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[Wikimedia Announcements] Wikimedia Nederland report on July and August

The report on Wikimedia Nederland activities over the summer is now

It is also included  as plain text (no links) below.

*Wikimedia Nederland report over July and August*

*COMMUNITY: supporting and mobilising volunteers and editors*


Even during the summer holidays there were four Wiki-Saturdays. On July 19,
two visiting Wikipedians from the USA and UK respectively found their way
to the office to join Dutch Wikipedians.


On July 7, members of the community organised a Wiknic in Eindhoven. 16
Wikipedians/Wikimedians attended the event that was supported by WMNL

*WikiSunday: International Wikipedians meetup at Bonnefantenmuseum*

15 Wikipedians from The Netherlands and Germany gathered at the Bonnefanten
Museum in Maastricht This WikiSunday was organized by Wikimedia Netherlands
to get users from Wikipedia become acquainted with the museum as the museum
wants to start a collaboration with Wikipedia.

*Wikimedia Conference Nederland*
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Quim Gil | 17 Sep 17:28 2014

FOSS OPW: looking for female technical contributors

Dear wikimedians,

The Free and Open Source Souftware Outreach Program for Women offers paid
internships to developers and other technical profiles working on projects
together with free software organizations. Wikimedia is participating
again, and we welcome candidates.


This call is open to Wikimedia volunteers (editors, developers...) and also
to people that would contribute for the first time in our projects. In the
past editions we have seen that candidates coming through a direct
recommendation have good chances of success. It is also known that many
good potential candidates will be reluctant to step in, but they will if
someone (like you) encourages them to apply, or to contact us with any

You can make a difference. If you know women with software development or
open source background / interest and full time availability between
December and March, please forward them this invitation. Thank you!


Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager  <at>  Wikimedia Foundation
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Wil Sinclair | 17 Sep 07:17 2014

The Lighter Side of the Movement

Howdy all,

One thing I've noticed in my short time as an active part of our
community is that the more welcoming and likable aspects of our
individual personalities aren't reflect in our most public
conversations. For example, if a new editor went by this forum alone,
we might come off as taking ourselves too seriously to leave room for
the fun and satisfaction that usually comes along with volunteering.
Moreover, we might be missing out on some of that fun and satisfaction
ourselves. ;)

I'm wondering if there is place where the lighter side of individual
Wikimedians and our movement can be shown front and center. What I'm
talking about would leave the controversial issues for wikimedia-l and
other fora, instead presenting stuff like funny stats about our
wikiprojects surfaced through clever metrics, the weirdest of the
weird factoids that we uncover in the process of documenting our
universe, interviews of Wikipedians on stuff they do beyond editing
wikis, and humorous essays that might venture in to good natured
lampooning of the movement. I'm already writing an article about the
next software feature to be enabled: Project Fish Bicycle. It will add
such features as full vertical reflections pioneered by Apple 10 years
ago under all articles, taking up only half the final rendered page
while compromising on a few minor existing article features, like
vowels. Think The Onion or your alma mater's humor publication:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_humor_magazines. With a lot of
poor attempts at humor, and the occasional viral grand slam.

So. . . is there something like this already? If so, could someone
please point me in the direction of the nearest editor, so I can start
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Anders Wennersten | 17 Sep 04:36 2014

Lsjbot+Bot Acadeny

Lsjbot has now completed its run of generating articles for all species, 
with 310 000 on plants, making the total number generated above 1 300 
000 (source used: Catalogue of Life).  With Naskobot, having earlier 
generated some 85 000 articles on Swedish lakes and French communes 
etc., the total botgenerated articles on svwp are now 1,4 M

The botgenerating efforts have received overwhelmingly positive feedback 
from the svwp  community, with comments like:
*for editors it has become more stimulating writing new articles on 
related subjects. When we write of a place in Sweden we know that all 
mentioned lakes have articles, making the article better and more 
correct  (no lakes mentioned are spelled incorrectly any longer). Also 
photo safaris are more fun when all lakes, even very small ones, are 
relevant to take photos of and include in articles
*experts are more attracted participating  when they are guided to the 
stub from Google. Also we get feedback it is much easier to enter 
information on Wikipedia when the base skeleton is there already 
(taxobox, category, links in wikidata, picture, base sourceref). We see 
an increasing number of University classes in biology given he 
assignment to write (expand) articles on (not so known) species

We are also gladdened by the hard numbers. Reader accesses show a 
healthy increase even from our already high number. And a trend of a 
slight decrease of editors has now turned into an increase.  We can not 
say for certain why and it could be temporary but we believe the 
botgenerated articles has a part of this positive development.

Encouraged by this, we will now start what we call Bot Academy. A dozen 
of our experienced editors will, with the support from WMSE, learn more 
of running bots. First by sessions on basics, common knowledge stuff, in 
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Chris Keating | 16 Sep 23:22 2014

Movement boards' training and development needs

Dear all,

I just wanted to draw your attention to some really interesting information
about how boards in the Wikimedia movement work.

Jessie Wild in the WMF Grantmaking team conducted a survey of movement
organisation board members (Chapters, Thorgs and the Foundation) and the
results are here:


This is particularly important because it highlights the needs different
organisations have in terms of what they want to learn more about, and how
they want to learn it.

Some key points are;
* Movement organisations' boards want to learn more about programme
monitoring, fundraising from outside WMF sources, visioning and strategy
* Shared learning and mentoring within the movement is wanted more than
training sessions or consultant support.
*Boards of organisations with big budgets behave very differently to those
with small budgets (this won't be a surprise to anyone who's seen the
Compass Partnership model of how boards develop).

Some discussion has already started on the page. I'd encourage everyone
who's interested in these topics to get involved and think about how we can
use the assets we have to increase the training and support on offer to
Wikimedia movement organisations. It would be good to centralise discussion
of this here;

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Winifred Olliff | 16 Sep 02:26 2014

Eligibility confirmed for 2014-2015 Round 1 of the Annual Plan Grants (APG) / FDC process; Proposal forms due 1 October 2014

Dear Wikimedia Colleagues:

As you may know, Annual Plan Grants are funds allocated to support an
organization’s annual plan to achieve mission objectives, and the Funds
Dissemination Committee (FDC) is a group of Wikimedians who make
recommendations to the WMF Board about Annual Plan Grant (APG) proposals.
Proposals to the APG program are accepted twice each year, in April and
October. You may read more about the APG process and upcoming milestones
here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:APG/Information.

Today, we are pleased to confirm that* twelve of the fifteen organizations
that submitted letters of intent for 2014-2015 Round 1 of the APG process
are eligible to submit proposal forms for 2014-2015 Round 1 *by the
upcoming 1 October 2014 proposal form due date. Only eligible organizations
that have already submitted letters of intent will be able to submit
proposal forms using their proposal hub pages that were created at the time
the letters were submitted.

The eligible organizations are Amical Wikimedia, Wikimedia Argentina,
Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Eesti, Wikimedia Israel,
Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia Österreich, Wikimedia Serbia, Wikimedia
Sverige, Wikimedia Ukraine and Wikimedia UK. Three organizations that
submitted letters of intent for 2014-2015 Round 1 will not be eligible
since they did not fill the eligibility gaps by the 15 September deadline
or were deemed ineligible initially: Wikimedia India, Wikimedia
Magyarország, and Wikimedia Hong Kong. You may view a detailed summary of
how eligibility was determined here:

*Proposal forms for Annual Plan Grants will be due by 1 October 2014.* Here
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Pine W | 16 Sep 00:09 2014

Re: Wikimedia: Ghana User Group

Hello Ghana Wikimedians,

A few years ago I volunteered with a nonprofit that supported education in
Africa, and I have some knowledge about your country. Congratulations on
your achievement.

On Sep 15, 2014 2:55 PM, "Enock Seth Nyamador" <kwadzo459 <at> gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks for all your welcome messages :-).
> Congrats to us (Ghana) once again.
> On 9/15/14, Tanweer Morshed <wiki.tanweer <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> > Warm welcome Wikimedia Ghana User Group to the Wikimedia Affiliates and
> > congratulations for attaining the recognition as a user group. Hope this
> > will further the free educational content and Wikimedia projects in
> Ghana!
> >
> > Regards,
> > Tanweer Morshed
> > Wikimedia Bangladesh
> >
> > On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 11:31 PM, Sydney Poore <sydney.poore <at> gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> >
> >> That's awesome news!
> >>
> >> Sydney
> >>
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James Salsman | 15 Sep 23:54 2014

Will Flow eliminate wikitext sandbox practice?

In the recent discussion of editor engagement effectiveness on
wiki-research-l, the question of Flow's affect on talk page wikitext
practice arose. I would like to know whether anyone shares my concern that
eliminating wikitext talk pages will remove what has, for the past few
terabytes of edits, served the same purpose as the "sandbox" pages which we
encourage new editors to practice with.
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Federico Leva (Nemo | 15 Sep 15:03 2014

Re: To Flow: on featured article discussions

Amir E. Aharoni, 15/09/2014 14:25:
> Seeing notifications about articles in the same watchlist with these
> notifications is already an issue.

There's a namespace selector. I select ns0 + talk when I'm in editing
mode and invert that when I'm not.

> Seeing only the last "support" or "oppose" notification, and having to go
> to the page to see the current state of affairs (yes, I know it's not a
> vote). 

You can load the last revision of the page via RSS/Atom, if that's what
you want.

> The alternative would be to set watchlist to show all changes and
> not just the last one, but then it would show one row per change or a group
> of rows per page, and that would make it even more cluttered.

That never looked cluttered to me. :)

> Seeing the adding of new pages, archival of old discussions and discussions
> of pages in the same way. Archival I don't want to see at all. 

Use a bot, ask them to mark edits minor?

> The action
> of adding a page and making a comment about a page should look different,
> but in the current watchlist they are the same.
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