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The Signpost -- Volume 8, Issue 14 -- 02 April 2012

Interview: An introduction to movement roles

Arbitration analysis: Case review: TimidGuy ban appeal

News and notes: Berlin reforms to movement structures, Wikidata launches with fanfare, and Wikipedia's
day of mischief

WikiProject report: ''The Signpost'' scoops ''The Signpost''

Featured content: Snakes, misnamed chapels, and emptiness: featured content this week

Arbitration report: Race and intelligence review in third week, one open case

Technology report: Somewhere amongst the endless discussions about Gerrit lie details of hackathons,
performance blips explained and more

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'This Month in GLAM' - March 2012

This Month in GLAM is a monthly newsletter documenting recent happenings within the GLAM project, such as content donations, residencies, events and more. GLAM is an acronym of Galleries, Libraries, Archvies and Museums. You can find more information on the project at

This Month in GLAM – Issue III, Volume II – March 2012

USA report: Latest Wikipedian in Residence at Smithsonian; paid Wikipedian in Residence positions listed

UK report: QRpedia goes to Church; edit-a-thon at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry

Spain report: Figueres Edit-a-thon; GLAM workshop for museum professionals and educators

France report: New partnerships and progress of many projects

Germany report: Leipzig Book Fair; More on the Long Nights

Russia report: GLAM in Russia

Bulgaria report: GLAM in Bulgaria

Serbia report: Open Wiki GLAM of Serbia Conference, The internal meeting

Chile report: First Latin American GLAM-WIKI conference hosted in Santiago

Mexico report: Edit-a-thon at Museo de Arte Popular

Africa report: 55 GLAMs contributes to African contents on Wikipedia

Australia and New Zealand report: Australian and New Zealand GLAM efforts

Open Access report: Scholarly journal goes wiki; Open Access Media Importer takes shape

Calendar: April's GLAM events

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This Month in GLAM
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Bence Damokos | 8 Apr 16:03 2012

Wikimedia Hungary Report – March 2011

Deal all,

The March report of Wikimedia Hungary is available in English at (and for your convenience, copied below).
Translations, questions, comments, +1's, likes, etc. are appreciated. 

Best regards,
Bence Damokos
Wikimedia Hungary

Wikimedia Hungary Report
Vol 5 Issue 3
March 2012
Prepared by: Bence Damokos
This is an update on Wikimedia Hungary's activities covering the March 2012 period.

Our newest reports, originally written in English, are now translatable to any language, and we would appreciate if you found them worthwhile for translation. Earlier reports not originally published in English will not be prioritised for translation as long as the Translate extension does not support translation from source languages other than English (see bug 35489).


Cake to celebrate the best articles of 2011
Group picture at the 10 March meetup
The Globus Cannery, an example of a picture taken of a building whose article was written as a result of the photowalk
The ograniser of the tour is taking a picture of the interior of a church.
  • Building on the success of our 2010 maintenance competition we organised a big spring clean up competition on Hungarian Wikipedia aimed at reducing the backlog in maintenance categories. In three weeks over 1700 maintenance issues were solved: over 500 articles were provided with sources, around 250 were given an infobox and at least 300 articles were expanded. The various tasks performed by the 38 competitors were assigned 1-5 points, and the editors with the most points in the end could choose from a number of Wikipedia-themed items and shopping vouchers as their prize, while all editors who participated will receive some small gift.
  • On 10 March we held a community meetup in Budapest, with about 40 Wikipedians, including three people invited from the Slovene Wikipedia community. At the meetup the writers of the best Wikipedia articles of 2011 were acknowledged. The best articles, written or expanded in 2011, were nominated by the community and chosen by a vote. Wikimedia Hungary provided the diplomas and celebratory cake for the award ceremony.
  • Vince, a community member has volunteered to systematically photograph Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and to write some of the missing articles. To make the event more fun, he has started organising photowalks in Budapest, where participants photograph all the notable buildings and public features of a given part of the city. The first tour was held on 25 March with the participation of 5 people, who took about a hundred pictures and later about a dozen articles were written or improved about the buildings the photos show. The next tour is scheduled for 15 April and everyone is welcome. Wikimedia Hungary has supported the organiser in covering his transportation costs and we would be happy to fund other community-led projects, as well.
  • On 9 March Bence Damokos visited Bratislava to meet the Wikipedians behind the future Wikimedia Slovakia chapter. Wikimedia Slovakia held its first General Assembly with the three original members who were later joined by a few local and Austrian Wikipedians. At the meeting they discussed projects like Wiki Loves Monuments, and an outreach effort they initiated towards local schools and libraries, as well as the technicalities of running an NGO. Bence advised them that Wikimedia natonal organisations (or chapters) are usually approved when they have a membership of at least 15-20 people, but nevertheless the group could ask to be recognised as a User Group, and get general support from the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Gergő Tisza and Bence Damokos have participated in the Berlin Wikimedia Conference. Our annual State of the Chapter presentation is available here.
  • We have signed an agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation that allows us to ask Hungarian visitors of the websites operated by the Foundation to allocate one percent of their income tax to Wikimedia Hungary. Subsequently, a landing page was set up to solicit these donations, and we plan to start a short banner campaign in May.
  • A number of merchandise items have finally been produced, including Commons-themed yo-yos, Wikipedia themed textile shopping bags and stickers and buttons. These will be used as give-aways at community events and prizes in our smaller competitions.
  • A laptop was purchased for our employee.
  • One new member has joined Wikimedia Hungary in March.


The following financial data is provided for informational purposes only. The data presented is not audited and may change slightly as all invoices come in. Amounts are in Hungarian Forints. For convenient calculation about 300 HUF = 1 EUR, and 220 HUF = 1 USD.


Expenses by month of Wikimedia Hungary in 2012
Category January February March January–March Plan 2012
postage fees 18 286 Ft 2 315 Ft 4 655 Ft 25 256 Ft 30 000 Ft
server maintenance 34 375 Ft 34 375 Ft 34 925 Ft 103 675 Ft 420 000 Ft
employee 17 705 Ft 235 038 Ft 251 459 Ft 504 202 Ft 2 500 000 Ft
office space 13 875 Ft 9 398 Ft 4 699 Ft 27 972 Ft 60 000 Ft
telephone 11 553 Ft - Ft 5 135 Ft 16 688 Ft 100 000 Ft
Printer and printing costs 33 610 Ft - Ft 6 223 Ft 39 833 Ft 70 000 Ft
Debt to Wikimedia Austria 61 100 Ft - Ft - Ft 61 100 Ft 50 000 Ft
Banking costs 7 165 Ft 3 850 Ft 3 000 Ft 14 015 Ft 50 000 Ft
community travel 4 320 Ft 21 504 Ft 26 799 Ft 52 623 Ft 1 725 000 Ft
board travel - Ft 119 200 Ft 46 926 Ft 166 126 Ft 650 000 Ft
board meeting - Ft 46 818 Ft - Ft 46 818 Ft 100 000 Ft
Small grants programme - Ft 3 200 Ft - Ft 3 200 Ft 100 000 Ft
Accountant 13 208 Ft - Ft - Ft 13 208 Ft 300 000 Ft
Community budget - Ft - Ft 30 550 Ft 30 550 Ft 250 000 Ft
IT equipment - Ft - Ft 127 890 Ft 127 890 Ft 250 000 Ft
support for the creation of chapters in neighbouring countries - Ft - Ft 7 074 Ft 7 074 Ft 250 000 Ft
Total: 215 197 Ft 475 698 Ft 549 335 Ft 1 240 230 Ft

The overspending in case of the debt repayment to Wikimedia Austria (to cover the costs of the 2011 Fundraising Summit) is due to the change in exchange rates and a rounding error in the original plan.

It is expected that our accounting fees will exceed the target by about 50% as we transition to an accountant that better suits our needs and from a yearly payment schedule to a monthly one, meaning that we will have to cover this year the accounting costs of both 2011 and 2012. Due to increased ticket prices and the number of international events, we project that travel spending both for community members and the board will exceed planned levels. Banking and printing costs are at expected levels, however, we have under-budgeted for postage fees.

Due to the cancellation of the Belgrade Management Congress, the 300 000 HUF allocated to support it will not be spent; however we are still committed to support the Central and Eastern European Wikimedia meetup to be held in Belgrade.


Revenues by month of Wikimedia Hungary in 2012
Income category January February March January–March 2012 Plan
donations 9 500 Ft 113 000 Ft 11 000 Ft 133 500 Ft - Ft
interest 39 705 Ft 36 406 Ft 36 954 Ft 113 065 Ft - Ft
membership fees 19 000 Ft 6 000 Ft 6 000 Ft 31 000 Ft 100 000 Ft
other - Ft 23 985 Ft 39 900 Ft 63 885 Ft - Ft
Total 68 205 Ft 179 391 Ft 93 854 Ft 341 450 Ft

Other revenue includes the conversion of food vouchers and the reimbursement of a plane ticket issued by the bankrupt Malév airline. Planned income for 2012 includes categories of revenue (e.g. 1% income tax allocation) that will only be realized later in the year and is therefore not shown in the table. Our full budget plan is available here.

The completion of this report has taken approximately 2,5 hours of work.

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Wikipedia Signpost | 10 Apr 01:30 2012

The Signpost -- Volume 8, Issue 15 -- 09 April 2012

Wikidata: The next big thing? An interview with Wikidata

Interview: Funds, fiduciaries, and the Foundation: the complex dynamics of scaling

News and notes: Projects launched in Brazil and the Middle East as advisors sought for funds committee

WikiProject report: The Land of Steady Habits: WikiProject Connecticut

Featured content: Assassination, genocide, internment, murder, and crucification: the bloodiest of
the week

Arbitration report: Arbitration evidence-limit motions, two open cases

Technology report: Next Wikimedia deployment already in the pipeline and details of recent performance improvements

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Wikipedia Signpost Staff

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Lucien leGrey | 10 Apr 10:49 2012

Wikimedia España Chapter's Report January - March 2012

This is the chapter report of Wikimedia España for the months of January, February and March 2012.


  • 13.01.2012: Obtained from Research Directorates-General of the European Comission the temporary Participant Identification Code (PIC) for Wikimedia España: 954572442.
  • 17.01.2012: Interview in Telediario de la 1 with a member of WMES on SOPA and Wikipedia [1]
  • 18.01.2012: Interview in La SER radio about SOPA and Wikipedia.
  • 18.01.2012: Interview in Radio Euskadi about SOPA and Wikipedia.
  • 25.01.2012: Interview in RNE-Radio 4 about Wikipedia, Wikimedia, SOPA. [2]
  • 26.01.2012: Interview in La Información de Valencia about SOPA.


  • 02.02.2012: Participation (giving a Wikipedia perspective) at the Royal Academy of Medicine Forum on Medical Terminology. Madrid. [3]
  • 09.02.2012: Meeting with lecturers of Universitat Jaume I of Castellón to advise them on an University program with Wikipedia.
  • 17-19.02.2012: Participation in Finance Meeting in Paris. [4]
  • 29.02.2012: Seminar "Wikipedia as a technology enhancing learning tool" at University of Salamanca. [5] [6] [7] [8]


  • 6-21.03.2012: Wikimedia España co-organises the "VII Jornadas de Software Libre y Conocimiento Abierto" (VII Free Software and Open Knowledge Days). (Includes Seminar on Editing MediaWiki wikis.) University of Cádiz. [9] [10]
  • 12.03.2012: Radio interview about Wikipedia and Wikimedia. Canal Extremadura Radio. [11]
  • 16.03.2012: Workshop on editing Wikipedia. (Followup of the February seminar.) University of Salamanca. [12] [13]
  • 16.03.2012: Round-table meeting on Wikipedia, Wikimedia and Free Knowledge. Alicante. [14]
  • 29.03-01.04.2012: Participation in Wikimedia Conference 2012 in Berlin. [15]

+ Lucien
¡Participa en Wikimedia España!:
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Siko Bouterse | 12 Apr 21:22 2012

Announcing Community Fellow Peter Coombe

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest Wikimedia Community Fellow of 2012, Peter Coombe. As a fellow, Pete will be working with the community to improve help documentation on English Wikipedia. He’ll be leading a 6 month effort and taking a data-driven approach to reorganize and rewrite key help pages in order to make them more usable for new and experienced editors alike.

Pete comes to the fellowships program with an impressive resume. He’s been editing English Wikipedia as The wub since 2005, he’s an admin with over 75,000 global edits, and an active member of Wikimedia UK. Pete volunteered on the Social Media Team in the 2010 Fundraiser, and worked as a Production Coordinator in 2011. He’s got a B.A. and M.Sci. with honors in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and much experience breaking down complex topics into clear written information. He’s participated twice in a program at Cambridge to create online teaching and learning modules on advanced materials science and engineering topics. He’s also worked at The Helpful Book Company, publishing books that teach senior citizens how to use computers.

Pete’s talent for making the complex seem simple, combined with his experience A/B testing in the fundraiser and 7 years editing Wikipedia, make him a great fit for his fellowship project. To follow his work or get involved in the redesign project, please visit his project page.  More info about Pete and his project are also on the WMF blog.  Welcome, Pete!

Siko Bouterse
Head of Community Fellowships
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

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Tilman Bayer | 13 Apr 05:57 2012

Wikimedia Foundation Report, March 2012

Hi all,

please find below the WMF report for March 2012, in plain text.

As always, the editable and formatted version is on Meta:,_March_2012

and the reports are posted on the Wikimedia blog, too:

Since a few months, we have been publishing a separate "Highlights"
summary. Please consider helping non-English-language communities to
stay updated, by providing a translation:,_March_2012
Many thanks to those who translated last month's "Highlights" into
Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch and
(partially) Arabic.

While still focussing on WMF activities, the "Highlights" include a
small selection of the most noteworthy events from the whole movement.
Suggestions for the upcoming April issue are welcome at (until May

This month's report and Highlights include a link to the new version
of the Report Card (which integrates various statistical data and
trends about Wikimedia projects).

Regards, Tilman

Wikimedia Foundation Report, March 2012

Video of the monthly Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting
covering the month of March (April 5, 2012)>


  * 1 Data and Trends
  * 2 Financials
  * 3 Highlights
      o 3.1 MediaWiki development switching to distributed revision
      o 3.2 Arabic outreach tour encourages participation in Wikipedia
      o 3.3 Design improvements for Wikipedia mobile
  * 4 Technology
      o 4.1 Operations
      o 4.2 Features Engineering
      o 4.3 Internationalization and Editor Engagement Experimentation
      o 4.4 Mobile
      o 4.5 Platform Engineering
  * 5 Research
  * 6 Community
      o 6.1 Community Organizing Projects
      o 6.2 Fundraising
      o 6.3 Fellowship Program
  * 7 Global Development
      o 7.1 Grants Program
          + 7.1.1 Grants Awarded and Executed
      o 7.2 Brazil Catalyst
          + 7.2.1 Wikimedia community meetings - from 2 March to 9
          + 7.2.2 Engagement with the community
          + 7.2.3 Communications, Brazil
          + 7.2.4 Partnerships, Brazil
          + 7.2.5 Upcoming Activities in Brazil
          + 7.2.6 Brazil Education Program
      o 7.3 Arabic Language Initiative
      o 7.4 US Cultural Partnerships
          + 7.4.1 Lectures
          + 7.4.2 Cooperations
          + 7.4.3 Conferences
          + 7.4.4 Community
          + 7.4.5 Press and social media
          + 7.4.6 Additional US news
      o 7.5 Mobile and Business Development
      o 7.6 Global development research
      o 7.7 Wikipedia Education Program
      o 7.8 India Programs
          + 7.8.1 Indic Languages
          + 7.8.2 India outreach and communications
      o 7.9 Communications
          + 7.9.1 Major announcements
          + 7.9.2 Major Stories through March
          + 7.9.3 Other worthwhile reads
          + 7.9.4 Wikipedia Signpost
          + 7.9.5 WMF Blog posts
          + 7.9.6 Media Contact
  * 8 Human Resources
      o 8.1 Staff Changes
      o 8.2 Statistics
      o 8.3 Department Updates
  * 9 Finance and Administration
  * 10 Legal and Community Advocacy
  * 11 Visitors and Guests

== Data and Trends ==

Global unique visitors for February:

    *476 million* (-1.3% compared with January; +25.4% compared with the
    previous year)
    (comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will
    release March data later in April)

Page requests for March:

    *17.3 billion* (-4.7% compared with February; +13.6% compared with
    the previous year)
    (Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects including mobile

Active Registered Editors for February 2012 (>= 5 edits/month):

    *85,163* (-3.6% compared with January / 1.7% compared with the
    previous year)
    (Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects except for
    Wikimedia Commons)

Report Card for February 2012:

== Financials ==

(Financial information is only available for February 2012 at the time
of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the period of July 1, 2011 -
February 29, 2012.

Revenue 	$30,198,838
 Technology Group 	$6,623,737
 Community/Fundraiser Group 	$3,042,089
 Global Development Group 	$2,707,697
 Governance Group 	$641,421
 Finance/Legal/HR/Admin Group 	$4,027,709
Total Expenses 	$17,042,652
Total surplus/(loss) 	$13,156,186

  * Revenue for the month is $824K vs plan of $272K, approximately $552K
    or 203% over plan.

  * Year-to-date is $30.2MM vs plan of $24.6MM, approximately $5.6MM or
    21% over plan.

  * Expenses for the month is $2.1MM vs plan of $2.2MM, approximately
    $49K or 2% lower than plan.

  * Year-to-date is $17MM vs plan of $18.9MM, approximately $1.9MM or
    10% lower than plan.

  * Cash position is $31.4MM as of February 29, 2012 – approximately 13
    months of expenses.

== Highlights ==

=== MediaWiki development switching to distributed revision control ===

The MediaWiki code repository was converted from Subversion to Git (a
distributed version control system originally developed by Linus
Torvalds and others for the Linux kernel) for the MediaWiki core and for
those MediaWiki extensions that are in use on WMF sites. The expected
are: A lower barrier for contributing code, avoiding certain technical
flaws of Subversion that made life difficult for developers, and getting
improvements to users faster.

<Image: <at>
Presentation at Arabnet, explaining "Why the Arabic world needs a strong
Arabic Wikipedia...."

=== Arabic outreach tour encourages participation in Wikipedia ===

At the end of March, Barry Newstead and Moushira Elamrawy from the
Wikimedia Foundation's Global Development department visited several
Arabic language countries
(Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt). They connected with local
Wikipedians and various potential partner institutions interested in
helping to enhance the Arabic Wikipedia. The Arabic Language Initiative
<> is a
strategic priority.

=== Design improvements for Wikipedia mobile ===

The beta version of the mobile Wikipedia site saw several changes
to achieve a more professional look and a better user experience. These
include changes to the footer, a cleaner design for revealing and hiding
sections, and a redesigned full-screen search. An experimental new
feature makes it easier to access reference footnotes.

== Technology ==

A detailed report of the Tech Department's activities for March 2012 can
be found at:

Department Highlights

Major news in March include:

  * The completion of the move of all our domain names from registrar
  * The publication of a report on the first phase of Article Feedback
    version 5
  * Design improvements to our mobile front-end
    in our beta (see also the general "Highlights" section);
  * The first release of a complete copy of the English Wikipedia as ZIM
    file, for offline reading using Kiwix;
  * The move from Subversion to git
    as our primary code versioning system;
  * The kick-off of Wikimedia's participation to Google Summer of Code

== Operations ==

  * *Ashburn data center* — We completed the Squid to Varnish conversion
    for image caching, and successfully deployed Varnish on 8 servers in
    our Ashburn data center for about half a day. Where there are
    currently 24 Squid servers, 8 varnish servers would provide
    sufficient capacity to replace them. We are making good progress in
    testing, preparing and bringing up the Ashburn Search clusters. Full
    scale testing has just started and results have been quite
    promising. The Ashburn data center added network peering, and we
    peered over 10 other big sites/ISPs with our network shortly after
    that, thus reducing latency especially to Europe, Japan and Hong
    Kong for many of our users there (and reducing bandwidth costs).

  * *Media Storage* — After addressing earlier issues with the Swift
    deployment, it was re-deployed and has been stable since. The
    original testing hardware was removed from the cluster and the final
    production node was added to bring a total of 5 new Swift nodes to
    be the thumbnails object store at Tampa. Swift is also now running
    in the Labs environment and ready to be used by other Labs projects
    that interact with Swift in production. Volunteer attention to the
    Swift Labs cluster is welcome to improve monitoring, analyze the
    configuration, and in any other way understand this component of our
    infrastructure better.

=== Features Engineering ===

  * *Visual editor* — A big decision in March was to move forward with
    contentEditable (CE) instead of implementing our own Editable
    Surface (ES). Work continued on Parsoid and the team created a dump
    grepper with syntax highlighting, and used it to analyze existing
    wikilink/image syntax use.

  * *Page Triage* — This month, the new editor engagement team developed
    the first prototype of Page Triage, which provides an enhanced list
    of articles to be triaged by community patrollers. Current goals for
    this project are to complete development of the list view in April,
    and start development of advanced features like the zoom view, for
    release in May.

=== Internationalization and Editor Engagement Experimentation ===

  * *Internationalization and localization tools'* — The team started to
    develop (with UI/UX contractors) the UI for a Universal language
    selector for desktop and mobile. They also added keymaps for
    language support to Narayam, added Lohit font updates from upstream
    to WebFonts, fixed bugs, reviewed code for localization support in
    MediaWiki 1.19, and discussed language support metrics.

  * *Editor Engagement Experimentation* — The newly created,
    cross-functional Editor Engagement Experimentation team will focus
    on engineering for experimentation around strategies to reverse
    stagnating/declining participation in Wikimedia projects, and will
    effectively launch on April 16. It will be composed of people from
    the Community and Engineering/Product departments, tasked
    specifically with conducting small, rapid experiments designed to
    improve editor retention. This is intended to go beyond the projects
    that are already being worked on; the purpose of /this/ team will be
    to identify the possible changes we don't yet know about. The
    engineering team will report to Alolita Sharma, with two new
    software developer positions to be hired in the current fiscal year.

=== Mobile ===

  * *Mobile Frontend* — We deployed changes to the MobileFrontend
    extension to make it less Wikimedia-centric, as well as persistent
    cookie support for options to beta. We also started to develop the
    newly revised full screen search, footer & the new collapsible sections.

  * *Mobile Photo Upload* — The first set of basic wireframes for mobile
    uploads was created, with final language reviewed by the legal team.

  * *Kiwix UX initiative* — The team decided not to use Mozilla Gecko as
    the platform to port Kiwix to Android; an alternative is cordova-qt.
    Work continued on Kiwix 0.9 RC1, the largest release ever made for
    Kiwix. New ZIM files are regularly released for offline reading
    using Kiwix. In particular, for the first time, a full ZIM version
    of the English Wikipedia was made available, containing about 4
    million articles, 11 million redirects, and 300,000 math images (see
    online demo <>).

=== Platform Engineering ===

  * *MediaWiki 1.19* — We have now finished deploying MediaWiki 1.19 to
    all Wikipedia sites, including the Chinese language wikis (zh*).
    However, we are monitoring some post-deploy issues. We are keeping
    an eye on site performance; there's been a slight regression in our
    parser cache hit rate.

  * *Summer of Code 2012* — We submitted the our application for Google
    Summer of Code 2012 (GSoC), which was accepted by Google.

== Research ===

  * A workshop proposal
    for Wikimania 2012 was submitted by Mayo Fuster bringing together
    RCom members, community members and Wikipedia researchers to discuss
    the challenges faced by research and research policy making on
    Wikimedia communities.
  * We published the March 2012 issue
    <> of
    the Wikimedia Research Newsletter, covering 16 recently published
    Wikipedia studies.
  * We published
    the entire body of citation metadata
    <> of the 87
    publications covered in the first volume of the newsletter, released
    the whole Volume 1
    as a stand-alone, 45-page PDF and launched a new microblogging
    handle ( <at> WikiResearch) on Twitter <>
    and <> to cover regular
    research updates on Wikipedia.
  * We continued reviewing and supporting new research proposals

== Community ==

Womens History Month Edit-a-thon at the WMF offices>
Approximately 25 active Portuguese editors showed up for the São Paulo
convening, making it the biggest convening ever held in Brazil.>

This is the last month we'll be posting a report from the Community
Department. As announced on March 21
staff from the Community Department are being reorganized into Tech,
Global Development and a new Fundraising Department.

Department Highlights

  * Meetups and edit-a-thons around WikiWomen's History Month
    <> were
    held around the world in March. The event in San Francisco was held
    in partnership with OCLC and the Ada Initiative.
  * Steven Walling and Maryana Pinchuk held editor meet-ups focused on
    knowledge-sharing, discussion and debate in 4 cities in Brazil. [1]

=== Community Organizing Projects ===

  * Steven Walling and Maryana Pinchuk, joined by Megan Hernandez and
    Victor Grigas, completed an intensive tour of Brazil, holding editor
    meet-ups focused on knowledge-sharing, discussion and debate in four
    cities: Sao Paolo, Rio, Natal, and Curitiba
    Approximately 25 active Portuguese editors showed up for the São
    Paulo convening, making it the biggest convening ever held in
    Brazil. [1] Oona Castro has taken on the continuation of this work
    to keep the PT community engaged in positive change. [2]
  * Karyn Gladstone, Ryan Faulkner, Maryana Pinchuk, and Steven Walling
    -- with the help of Dario Taraborelli -- have begun building a
    backlog of community and product experiments for the new Editor
    Engagement Experiments (E3) team as they make the transition from
    Community into Product.



=== Fundraising ===

  * Joined the editor convenings in Brazil and Argentina to learn about
    Portuguese and Spanish editors to find stories for the 2012 annual
    campaign. Held focus groups with donors to gain a deeper
    understanding of the international donor base to improve
    localization of fundraising messaging, donation methods and forms to
    optimize the campaign internationally. Collaborated with chapter
    members in Brazil and Argentina on improvements to make for the next
  * Interviewed 20 new editors for possible 2012 fundraiser appeals.
  * Completed the 2011 Fundraiser report, which will be released shortly.
  * The team participated in a hands-on Mingle training to sync up
    project management tools and develop work flows in accordance to
    overall strategy.

=== Fellowship Program ===

  * *WikiWomen’s History Month*
      o Sarah Stierch worked with volunteers to coordinate the first
        WikiWomen's History Month in March.[1] In honor of International
        Women's Day and Women's History Month and part of gender gap
        outreach efforts, meetups and edit-a-thons were held around the
        world. Wrap-up documentation is in progress.[2][3]
      o WMF hosted the San Francisco WikiWomen's History Edit-a-Thon in
        partnership with OCLC and the Ada Initiative. Over 40 attendees
        (mostly women and a good mix of experienced and new editors)
        created 10 new articles and improved 20 more. 12 new editor
        accounts were created at the event.[4][5]
  * *Teahouse Project* - The Teahouse has been live on English Wikipedia
    for one month.[6] With much community interest in the project since
    launch, the team has been working with volunteers to clarify and
    improve the process for answering questions in the Q&A forum and
    becoming a Teahouse host. Nine new hosts have volunteered and been
    added to the program, and several other experienced editors are
    informally participating. Some relevant metrics from the project’s
    first month include:
      o About 30 new editors are participating in the Teahouse each
        week, with an average of 6 new questions and 4 new guest
        profiles created per day.[7] 61% of guests return to the
        Teahouse more than once, with an average of 3 visits per new
        editor to our Q&A forum. 26% of guests ask multiple questions.
        Most questions are answered within a few hours, and hosts
        clearly have capacity to handle more new editors in the forum
        than we’re bringing in with current outreach methods. We’re
        brainstorming ways to let more new editors know about the Teahouse.
      o Although sample size is still very small and it’s too early to
        draw conclusions about the Teahouse’s impact on editor
        retention, initial data shows that 12% of all new editors
        invited to the Teahouse and 38% of all new editors who
        participate in the Teahouse are still active on Wikipedia 2-4
        weeks later, compared with only 7% from a similar uninvited
        control group.
      o We’re wrapping up a survey of 150 new editors to learn more
        about their Teahouse experience. 86% of respondents are
        satisfied or very satisfied with the answers they received in
        the Teahouse. More details will be in the full first month’s
        report on meta, still in progress.[8]
      o *Recruitment* - New fellowships will be announced in April -
        stay tuned for upcoming announcements!









== Global Development ==

Department Highlights

  * Oona Castro engaged as consultant, Brazil programs
  * Dan Foy joins the Global Development Team as Mobile Technical Manager
  * Barry travels with Moushira Elamrawy to Cairo, Beirut and Amman to
    meet with volunteers and partners in the Arabic-speaking region;
    speak about Wikimedia
  * Kul and Amit attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to
    announce partnership with Telenor

=== Grants Program ===

==== Grants Awarded and Executed ====

  * Grants:WM_EE/2012 <>
  * Grants:Consumer_Reports/Wikipedian_in_Residence
  * Grants:WM_PH/Wiki_Loves_Monuments_2012
  * Grants:Susanna_Mkrtchyan/Wiki_conference

=== Brazil Catalyst
<> ===

==== Wikimedia community meetings - from 2 March to 9 March ====

(See also the Community section above
and the bilingual blog post: "Traveling to Brazil to meet Brazilian
Wikipedians <>")

  * São Paulo: Attended by many community members; São Paulo community
    seems most engaged with forming the Brazilian Chapter and offline
  * Curitiba: 5 community members attended and engaged in a discussion
    about editing and community behaviour, including Daniela and Fabio
    (creator of Wikilove on PT.WP).
  * Rio: Attended by 14 Editors (including participants from Brasilia
    and Natal), editors had strong feelings about deletionism vs.
    inclusionism, one editor is engaged in a project to improve
    Wikipedia: [2]
    [3] <>
  * Natal: A few attendees from Natal and Salvador had a lot of
    questions about WMF operations.

==== Engagement with the community ====

  * Editing Wikimedia and Meta pages in the projects of the community:
    sharing ideas and proposals
  * Meetings and email exchanges with Everton and other volunteers
    (Nevio, Jonas, Rodrigo and a few others) on partnerships and events
    (Balaio Hacker, WikiBrasil, Workshops in Casa Fora do Eixo,
    partnership with IPEA and others)

==== Communications, Brazil ====

Positive media stories on the increased focus on Brazil. Media has
focused on engagement of Oona with the Wikimedia Foundation. She is
trying to refocus attention on the community.

  * Interviews with O Globo and Folha de S.Paulo: [4]
  * Exame Megazine: [6]
  * Online digital section of O Estado de São Paulo - created story
    based on other newspapers: [7]
  * Blogs echoed newspapers news. Gizmodo: [8]

==== Partnerships, Brazil ====

Conversations with Fiocruz [9]
IPEA, Steering Committee of Internet, and Ibase.

==== Upcoming Activities in Brazil ====

  * Marco Civil Congress Chamber’s meeting (invited)
  * Encontro da Nova Consciência (invited)
  * Uberlândia - Computing College meeting (attending)
  * Wikimeeting in Goiania on 24 April (attending)

==== Brazil Education Program ====

  * Discussions on targets, aims, methodologies and solutions for
    upcoming ‘problems’ (such as the removal of mandatory activities on
    Wikipedia from one of Juliana’s class).
  * Meeting in São Paulo with professors and campus ambassadors
    (professors interested in engaging the project)

=== Arabic Language Initiative
<> ===

  * Global Development team (Barry and Moushira) visit to Egypt, Jordan,
    Lebanon and Morocco (see blog post
    and the general "Highlights" section above)
  * New outreach materials are ready to print next week.
  * Barry spoke at the Columbia University Middle East Research Center
    in Amman and then at the ArabNet Digital Summit in Beirut
  * Moushira conducted introductory training for NGOs in the region at
    e-Mediate conferences in Jordan and Morocco

=== US Cultural Partnerships ===

==== Lectures ====

      * In mid-March, The Indiana State Library and Historical Bureau
        hosted the US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator for a Research
        Roundtable about Wikipedia. A cooperative project is now in the
        works that will utilize the cultural research that goes into the
        creation of the state’s historic markers.
      * A guest talk was given to Andrew Lih’s USC
        Online Journalism Seminar discussing the role of citizen
        curation and cultural narratives in Wikipedia and museums.

==== Cooperations ====

      * Assistance was provided for the Indiana Historical Society
        <>, which
        recently established a “Wikipedian of the Society” position.
        This staff member, who was formerly the director of education,
        will carry out ongoing collaborative projects with Wikimedia.
      * GLAM-Wiki volunteers are now facilitating an image donation with
        the Birmingham Museum of Art
      * Other cooperations are not yet public.

==== Conferences ====

      * Planning has continued for the Wikipedian in Residence panel
        <> at the American
        Association of Museums conference, which was listed among the
        top “futurist” picks
        by the Center for the Future of Museums.
      * Coordination also continued for MuseumNext
        <> in
        Barcelona, which requested a US delegate to be a part of a
        Wikipedia Lounge. A talk about QRpedia is included in the
        program, to be led by Alex Hinojo with support by the US
        Cultural Partnerships Coordinator.
      * Wikimania proposals were coordinated and submitted: State of
        GLAM-Wiki in the US
        and QRpedia and you
        well as A National GLAM Coordinator - a crucial yet overlooked
        (Participating on panel; organized by Shani Evenstine)

==== Community ====

      * Updates have continued on the GLAM-Wiki US portal
        <> on the English Wikipedia.
      * Cultural professionals and Wikipedians have updated the GLAM
        Connect page <> with
        information by state, individual GLAM contacts, and online and
        outreach Wikipedians available for assistance.
      * The GLAMcamp DC report
was completed and
        is now available to review.

==== Press and social media ====

      * The US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator was featured in a
        two-part series on Carnegie Mellon’s Technology in the Art’s
        blog, discussing the role of Wikipedian in Residence and the
        GLAM-Wiki US community
        as well as the use of QRpedia in museums
      * A forthcoming interview will be appearing on the Library of
        Congress blog, highlighting the GLAM-Wiki community and our
        efforts within US institutions.
      * The Cultural Partnerships Coordinator is now maintaining the
        GLAM-Wiki US Facebook page
        <> as well as the  <at> glamwiki
        <!/glamwiki> Twitter account, which is
        global in scope.

==== Additional US news ====

      * The OCLC is currently accepting applications for a Wikipedian in
        Residence for Summer 2012. A job description
        <> and explanatory blog
        post <> provide details on the
      * The Smithsonian Archives has announced Sarah Stierch as their
        Spring 2012 Wikipedian in Residence
        An edit-a-thon, “She Blinded Me with Science,”
        <> was held Saturday,
        March 30th.

=== Mobile and Business Development ===

  * The Mobile Team attended Mobile World Congress (which was February
    27 to March 1st) where the team did the following: 1) Announce the
    Wikipedia Zero partnership with Telenor at the event; 2) meet with
    other potential partners regarding our mobile programs; and 3)
    evangelize the benefits of supporting our mission activities with a
    wider audience. Kul Wadhwa also spoke on a panel at the conference
    about Innovation in Developing Countries where he emphased the
    importance of providing "access" to people in these countries [10]
  * Dan Foy joined the Global Development team as our Technical Manager
    for Mobile Partnerships. He will primarily be working with our
    partners on implementing our programs, such as Wikipedia Zero and
    Wikipedia on USSD/SMS, so more people will have access to free
    knowledge on mobile devices.
  * Working on launch setups with Orange for free access to mobile
    Wikipedia (the m. site which includes images) starting with Ivory
    Coast, following by Uganda and Tunisia.
  * Approached the final testing phase of WP Zero with Digi (Telenor's
    affiliate in Malaysia).

=== Global development research ===

  * Finally, the data from the December editor survey has been cleaned
    and processed. We'll start blogging soon.
  * The outreach evaluation tool is done, and we'll be delivering first
    report to the India team early next week. We are also coordinating
    with the teahouse team to implement the outreach tool for new editors.
  * Report for the Global Education team that compares editing patterns
    of students in the education program with newbie editors is done,
    and will be delivered to global education program soon. Survey
    results from Indian and US students who participated in the
    education program were shared with local teams. Currently, we are
    fielding a pre-test survey of students in the Cairo pilot.
  * Working with the analytics team we have data on editors by
    geography, and are creating heat maps to show distribution of
    editors for all languages, plus English, Portuguese, Arabic and
    Hindi Wikipedias.

=== Wikipedia Education Program ===

  * Beta testing of the new MediaWiki extension: Software developer
    Jeroen DeDauw worked with volunteers on debugging the new MediaWiki
    extension for the Education Program. The extension will replace the
    current course page and Ambassadors on-wiki system and will add more
    transparency to the work being done in the Education Program.
    Beginning in fall 2012, professors, Ambassadors, and students will
    associate themselves with courses through a MediaWiki database,
    which will help with managing the courses and tracking the students'
    work on Wikipedia and will significantly reduce staff workload.
  * Brazil Education Pilot kicks off with six classes: The Brazil Pilot
    started with 6 classes in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    Local Brazilian Wikipedians led a training for the all-star cast of
    professors and Campus Ambassadors. Wikipedians across Brazil and
    Portugal are also expressing their support for the program by
    serving as Online Ambassadors. Topic areas this semester include
    Physics, Ancient History, Public Policy, and Sociology.
  * Annie Lin meets with instructors in Cairo: In mid-March, Annie Lin
    traveled to Cairo where she met with instructors participating in
    the Cairo Education Pilot as well as with students and local
    community members. Assignments this term: mathematics students are
    going to be writing articles on famous mathematicians, French
    students will be translating articles from the French Wikipedia to
    the Arabic Wikipedia (their first topic is "Civil Disobedience"),
    and theatre/drama students will be adding the literature review
    section of their long analytical paper onto the Arabic Wikipedia.
    Some students find editing Wikipedia to be very technically
    challenging (they look forward to the visual editor!), but the
    participating professors and students are very excited to play a big
    role in growing free knowledge in Arabic.
    ( )
  * Workshop with members of a Cairo photography club: Essam Sharaf
    conducted a workshop with members of the InFocus photography club in
    early March. Essam highlighted the lack of pictures on the Arabic
    Wikipedia and encouraged members of the club to actively contribute
    their photos to Wikimedia Commons.
  * Engagement of Faris El-Gwely as a contractor: Faris joined the
    Wikipedia Education Program team half-time as Education Program
    Coordinator, Cairo. Faris will help coordinate and monitor
    on-the-ground and on-wiki activities in the Cairo Pilot. A long-term
    Arabic Wikipedian, Faris lives in Sadat City near Cairo.

=== India Programs ===

==== Indic Languages ====

  * *Medical project*: This is now running in Assamese, Oriya, Telugu
    and Malayalam. Supported the Assamese & Oriya communities by helping
    them with creating project pages and showing how the project can be
    managed effectively. We are now loooking at expanding the potential
    of this project by supporting commnities to conduct outreach
    sessions specifically focussed on this project - in medical
    colleges. Co-ordinating outreach sessions with Assamese and Nepali
    communities, and exploring potential in Telugu.
  * *Translated article enhancement project*: This project works on
    cleaning up content added using Google translation tools and is
    exciting becuase it has potential to help community collaboration
    and community building (attracting both newbies and retired
    ediotrs). In Kannada, a10 community members signed up for the
    project - and we helped prepare the project page, collect the
    required articles, drafted communication for the community and
    suggested starting a facebook group for kannada wikipedia.
  * *GLAM*: informed community members about the project and conducted a
    HIndi outreach session for staff at Craft Museum
  * *Wikisource*: Published blog post about DjVu digitization. Supported
    the Gujarati community community for the creation of GU Wikisource
    and supported the Telugu community to enable the sub page feature in
    TE Wikisource.
  * Others:
      o Kannada: Helped community to log bug for enabling transwiki import
      o Nepali: Medical outreach
      o Nepali: Support for creating Wikimedia mailing list
      o Bangla: Support for enabling proofread extension and the
        associated namespaces
      o Odiya: Supported outreach programs at Anugul, Bhubaneswar and

==== India outreach and communications ====

  * Conducted outreach sessions: Two at Indian Institute of Technology
    (Delhi), one each at Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering
    (Delhi), ISB (Hyderabad), Jamia Milia Islamia, Lady Shri Ram College
    and Jawaherlal Nehru University (Delhi)
  * Discussing the possibility of conducting outreach sessions:
      o *Medical outreach* in Assam, Andhra Pradesh to support the
        medicine project in Telugu and Assamese wikis
      o *Non-technical outreach*: Diversifying areas of interest to
        recruit new editors and reaching out to non-engineering
        non-software institutions
      o *Indian language outreach*: Community building for Hindi, two
        Indic language outreach events (Department of Hindi in Delhi
        University and JNU)
  * Improved new editor sign up form to capture details of participants
    attending outreach sessions. (Details from this form will be used to
    follow up with the participants and keep track of their editing post
    the session.)
  * Experimented to test effectiveness of online outreach by organising
    and conducting an online outreach event.
  * Initiatied support to community on Wikipatrika, the India community
  * Started creating a contact mailing list of journalists and PR personnel.
  * Started exploring the full potential of social media for community
  * Got a press story for Hyderabad and a press contact for te-wp
  * Story published in Caravan.
  * As part of Women's History Month, published a blog post on Netha
    a female editor on the Malayalam Wikipedia
  * Working on Storytelling: Gujarati Wikisource

=== Communications ===

A relatively quiet month for Communications in March. Jay spoke at the
Public Relations World Congress in Dubai on a panel about social media
and collaborative approaches to communications. Discussions about some
possible expansion and improvements to the Wikimedia blog took place
(more plans in development for April) and the Wikimedia Shop got its
first major exposure to the Wikimedia community.

The Wikimedia Shop ( ), under the management
of James Alexander, has been getting lots of feedback from community
members. New products are in development and work is underway on methods
to keep purchase costs and shipping low for international customers.
We're also proposing several methods of shipping free merchandise to
global volunteers.

==== Major announcements ====

No major press releases or announcements in March

==== Major Stories through March ====

*GoDaddy Migration* (March 9, 2012)
    Users react strongly and favorably to the news that the Wikimedia
    Foundation transferred its domains from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor.


*Britannica Stops Print Edition* (March 13, 2012)

Encyclopedia Britannica announced it will stop printing editions after
244 years. The coverage was mostly neutral or positive, noting that
Wikipedia is a remarkable achievement consistent with our digital age
and open/croud-sourced information sharing.

NYTimes Media Decoder Blog

NYTimes Room for Debate - Phoebe Ayers

The Atlantic - Why Wikipedia Fans Shouldn't Gloat

Giga Om - Encyclopedias are like journalism: it's better when they're open

*WikiData Announcement*

Wikimedia Deutschland announced WikiData in late March, the first new
Wikimedia project since 2006. The coverage was international and very
positive, often highlighting the status of the trio of major

Wikimedia Foundation blog

Techies Team Up to Make Wikipedia Smarter (March 30, 2012)

Wikipedia's Next Big Thing: Wikidata, A Machine-Readable, User-Editable
Database Funded By Google, Paul Allen And Others (March 30, 2012)

==== Other worthwhile reads ====

ABC becomes the first Aussie broadcaster to donate footage to Wikipedia
and Wikimedia Commons (March 26, 2012)

Creative Commons on ABC announcement

Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia chief to advise Whitehall on policy (March 11, 2012)

Telenor to make Wikipedia available to 135 million customers (March 9, 2012)

Wikipedia avoids politics after copyright victory (March 7, 2012)

==== Wikipedia Signpost ====

  * Volume 7, Issue 10, 5 March 2012
  * Volume 7, Issue 11, 12 March 2012
  * Volume 7, Issue 12, 19 March 2012
  * Volume 7, Issue 13, 26 March 2012

==== WMF Blog posts ====

==== Media Contact ====

== Human Resources ==

Payroll accountability is now shared between HR and Finance, with
Finance handling execution. We also completed a bi-annual
exempt/non-exempt status audit and adjusted employee status where
necessary so that we are in legal compliance. We are beginning to
implement some leadership development programming, starting with monthly
leadership roundtable discussions.

On the recruiting front, we have reduced hiring cycle time from nearly 1
year to 6 months on average, and we have a goal of reducing that to 3
months. Capacity to hire, particularly in tech, has grown enormously. We
are improving the visibility of job postings, including on social media
outlets, and will be improving our ability to better target specific
markets in our recruiting efforts.

Policy Implementations

We extended the benefit to employees of our pe-tax commuter
reimbursement policy. Under the new policy, commuter reimbursement
benefits extend to public transportaiton, parking, carpooling, and
bicycle commuting.

Upcoming Policy Work

We're working on a revision of both the paid time off policy and our
policy on immigrations, namely sponsoring visas and green cards. Part of
the intention in the paid time off policy is to address the perception
of inequalities in the system by making paid time off based on length of
employment. We have also grown to the size where having an immigration
policy was necessary, and we are designing one that aligns to our values
around welcoming an international workforce.

=== Staff Changes ===

New Hires

  * Dan Foy, Mobile Partner Technical Manager (Global Development)
  * Joslyn Lewis, Senior Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

New Other Position Hires

  * Oona Caldeira Brant Monteiro de Castro, Brazil National Program
    Director (Global Development)
  * Noopur Raval, Consultant, India Program, Communications (Global

New Contractors

  * Giovanni Ciampaglia (Product Development)
  * Daniel DeJarnatt (Human Resources)
  * Faris El-Gwely (Global Development)
  * Faidon Liampotis (Engineering)
  * Matthias Mullie (Engineering)
  * Robert Schnautz (Global Development)
  * Haitham Shammaa (Global Development)
  * Lindsey Smith (Engineering)

Contract Extended

  * Amir Aharoni (Engineering)
  * Chad Horohoe (Engineering)
  * Antoine Musso (Engineering)
  * Pavel Andreev (Engineering)
  * Timo Tijhof (Engineering)
  * Peter Youngmeister (Engineering)

Contract Ended

  * Erek Dyskant
  * Isa Munne

New Postings

  * Director, Global Learning and Grantmaking
  * Legal Intern (Fall)
  * Partner Support Engineer
  * Software Developer (Javascript)


  * Lucene Search Operations Engineer
  * Wikipedia S40 J2ME Mobile Application

=== Statistics ===

Total Employee Count:

    Actual: 102
    March Plan: 113 March Filled: 4, March Attrition: 1,
    YTD Filled: 42, YTD Attrition: 14

Remaining Open positions to fiscal year end: 20

=== Department Updates ===

Real-time feed for HR updates: or

== Finance and Administration ==

Spending time looking at space issues, as given our current hiring plan
we are beginning to see the end of available space.

Completed update on the R36 conference room. Completed upgrade to R66
projection and sound system and completed upgrade to 6th floor community
space projection and sound system.

The Mid Year Financial report
has been posted and the 2010 990 form will be posted soon along with an FAQ.

== Legal and Community Advocacy ==

We moved our domain names from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor. There is a blog
post up about it at
We also began implementation of trademark audit - started registering
and extending many of our major trademarks and logos that were
previously unregistered.

The board approved updated Terms of Use for the sites (which were
developed collaboratively with the community), and they will be legally
announced by April 15.

We have hired a new temporary paralegal, four summer interns, and hope
to hire and announce a new junior counsel (with strong Wikimedia
background) in April.

In light of recent Board resolutions on fundraising, we met in Berlin
with chapters in France, the UK, and Germany to discuss minimum legal
and finance requirements for fundraising; still need to schedule meeting
with Switzerland.

In addition, our interns have posted a series of pieces of background
research for the community:

  * *Community question regarding the copyright status of NASA images*
      o Discussion:
      o Response:
      o Prepared and posted by Chris
  * *Research on close paraphrasing*
      o Response:
      o Prepared and posted by Lisa
  * *Community question regarding the copyright status of pictorial
    representations of architectural works*
      o Discussion:
      o Response:
      o Prepared and posted by Lisa
  * *Research on CC-BY-SA on Facebook*
      o Statement:
      o Prepared by Michelle
  * *Blog post on the power of free knowledge*:
      o An archive of LCA blog posts is now available

Number of contracts signed - 30

Number of trademark requests - 15

    approved - 2
    pending - 13

== Visitors and Guests ==

 1. Jeff Wishnie (Thoughtworks)
 2. Sumana Harihareswara (remote staff)
 3. K.V. Kurmanath (Journalist from India)
 4. Cathy Casserly (CEO of Creative Commons)
 5. Timothy Vollmer (Creative Commons)
 6. Guillaume Paumier (remote staff)
 7. Diederik van Liere (remote contractor)
 8. Christian Williams (Wikia)
 9. Robert West (Stanford student)
10. Mark Hershberger (remote staff)
11. Chris McMahon (remote staff)
12. Rick Branson (Datastax)
13. Tom White (Cloudera)
14. Nathan Marz (Twitter)
15. Jean-Daniel Cryans (StumbleUpon)
16. Erik Burton (Spinn3r)
17. John Sichi (Facebook)
18. Steph Thommen (Remote staff)
19. Kevin McCracken (Social Imprints)
20. Daniel Phifer (Social Imprints)
21. Oliver Keyes (remote contractor)
22. Anacleto Angelo Ortigara (Sebrae Technical Director)
23. Eunice Miranda (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
24. Jéssica dos Santos (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
25. Cristiano Zago (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
26. Neidi Cassol (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
27. Ida Martins Noriler (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
28. Lucimara da Cunha (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
29. Alexandre Marino (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
30. Fernando dos Santos (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
31. Viviane Ferran (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
32. Ademir Marcon (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
33. Guilherme Tossulino (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
34. Marcos Bittencourt (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
35. Janes Ortigara (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
36. Cássia Cavaglier (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
37. Mariangela Smania (SEBRAE chapter of the State of Rio Grande do Sul)
38. Joe Filceolaire (UK Wikimedian)
39. Thiago Rondon ("São Paulo Perl Mongers"- work to promote and support
    the Perl language in Brazil)
40. Patrick Teisenmenger (PayPal representative)
41. Kathy. S. Prestigiacomo (Morgan Stanley Smith Barney)
42. Myles Weissleder (Access)
43. Open Stack Meetup (30 people)
44. Abinash and BG (HelpShift)


Tilman Bayer
Movement Communications
Wikimedia Foundation
IRC (Freenode): HaeB

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Bence Damokos | 16 Apr 20:28 2012

2012/1 Quarterly Report of Wikimedia Hungary

Dear all,

The first Quarterly Report of Wikimedia Hungary is now available online.

Best regards,
Bence Damokos
Executive Vice President,
Wikimedia Hungary
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Wikipedia Signpost | 16 Apr 23:34 2012

The Signpost -- Volume 8, Issue 16 -- 16 April 2012

Arbitration analysis: Inside the Arbitration Committee Mailing List

Paid editing: Does Wikipedia Pay? The Facilitator: Silver seren

News and notes: French language outreach, WikiTravel debate, and HighBeam reloaded

Discussion report: The future of pending changes

WikiProject report: The Butterflies and Moths of WikiProject Lepidoptera

Featured content: A few good sports: association football, rugby league, and the Olympics vie for medals

Arbitration report: Evidence submissions begin in Rich Farmbrough case, proposed decision in R&I Review

Technology report: MediaWiki 1.20wmf01 hits first WMF wiki, understanding 20% time, and why this report
cannot yet be a draft

Single page view

PDF version /
Wikipedia Signpost Staff

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David Parreño Mont | 18 Apr 19:57 2012

[Press release] The art school Llotja (Barcelona) collaborates with Wikipedia doing some paitinings in a world-pioneer partnership

The Escola de la Llotja is an art and design school located in Barcelona, where several important painters as Picasso studied. Llotja and Amical Viquipèdia started a pioneering partnership in which 6 illustration students are doing their final degree internship at Amical, creating images that are being incorporated under free licenses to Wikimedia Commons to illustrate some Wikipedia articles.

It is an opportunity for them to work in a real context, public and very visible, while contributing to a public good that is being built collaboratively and is useful for many people.

The project aims to be a global precedent for involving other art and design schools with Wikimedia related projects · More than thirty articles are already illustrated in several languages thanks to this agreement of collaboration.

At the beginning, we identified and listed some entries with missing images, and the emerging illustrators of La Llotja are helping us with the task of creating professional and informative images according to the encyclopedic context which they are be published. Among which there are, for example, outstanding figures of the twentieth century and fictional characters.  Also noteworthy illustrations teaching on the drying of the Mediterranean during the Messinian made ​​with scientific advice.

Wikipedia has a strict criteria for the inclusion of images and media files, in order to keep open its contents: works might be public domain or free licensed (CC-BY-SA), which may be freely reproduced for any purpose (also commercial) and which they can freely create derivative works to improve them or adapt them. That's why many Wikipedia entries have no image, because many topics do not have a related free image. One purpose of this collaboration is to begin to fill this gap. Members of Amical Viquipèdia with the participation of Catalan Wikipedians identified articles with missing images difficult to achieve if not creating them again.


During the academic year of 2011-12, there are 6 students doing their internship at Amical Wikipedia.

Three of them have drawn portraits of the twentieth century which have had to fend for graphic work to create an own designed to accompany the biographical entries of the encyclopedia.  In one case we have worked with fictional characters, also creating their own works, which were faithful to the literary source and they also have the requests for information and descriptive encyclopedic context. In three cases have been drawn illustration or didactic information about geological phenomena and artistic practices:

  • Luis Segovia: portraits of illustrators of the twentieth century (Ricard Giralt Miracle, Lola Anglada, Pauline Baynes, Fernando Krahn, Robert Monk Segura).
  • Gerard Plan: portraits of Spanish politicians of the early twentieth century and democratic transtition governments after the Franco dictatorship (Adolfo Suarez, Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo, Villa Martin, Manuel Gutierrez Mellado, Landelino Lavilla).
  • Albert Pons: portraits of Catalan writers of the twentieth century (Josep Maria Folch i Torres, Montserrat Roig, Terence Moix, Joan Perucho, Josep Palau i Fabre).
  • Jessica Leon: fictional characters from books by JRR Tolkien.
  • Paul Bahia: didactic illustrations on the drying of the Mediterranean Sea during the Messinian period. Scientific advice was done by Daniel Garcia-Castellanos, a researcher at the Jaume Almera Institute of Earth Sciences, in addition to Wikipedian and member of Wikimedia Spain.
  • Oriol Tuca: recreating scenes and portraits related to the Fluxus art movement.


All works arising as a result of this project will be exhibited on May 10 in Barcelona. We wait for you at Llotja Sant Andreu at 19:30 pm in a ceremony attended by all participants and organizers.

Future: WikiArS (Art & Design Scools) movement

Next year we will repeat the experience with Llotja and other art and design schools of Catalonia. In addition, the project is open to other interested schools and wikipedians around the world.

You can see some of the illustrations already uploaded here. See the project page.

David Parreño Mont (User:Davidpar)

(As a member of Amical Viquipèdia)

PS: Soon the March Amical report!
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