Gerard Meijssen | 29 Aug 11:34 2014


This article is of both interest to Commons and Wikipedia.. It is awesome.
Commons-l mailing list
Commons-l <at>
Mark Holmquist | 29 Aug 01:50 2014

Description adder script

I recently hacked together a thing [0] which allows you to add and edit
descriptions on file pages in an Ajaxy way. Nobody has told me that I
broke everything yet, so I'm making sliiiightly more calls for testing
for it. Bug reports and feature requests can go to the talk page [1] and
I will try to get to them as quickly as possible.

Things I already want:
* Delete descriptions
* Default to user's interface language if it's not present
* Parse and display the new descriptions without page reload
* Slightly less clunky interface (but not too much less clunky!)

Thanks in advance for the input, I look forward to making this nicer.



Mark Holmquist
Software Engineer, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation
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Esteban Zarate | 29 Aug 01:34 2014


Hola Adriana, el propósito de Commons es almacenar contenidos multimediales con fines educativos y con licencias libres, puede mas aca :
El miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014, ADRIANA GROSSI <> escribió:

Buenas noches. Quiero ver el modo de colaborar en vuestra página.
Les comparto mis cinco blogs:

Llegado el caso que sea de vuestro interés, les solicito me instruyan el modo de hacerlo.

Agradeciendo desde ya vuestra atención les saludo atentamente.

Adriana Grossi

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Fabrice Florin | 29 Aug 00:24 2014

Join the Media Viewer Consultation

Hello friends of Commons,

We would like to invite you to join a global community consultation about Media Viewer.

Please take a moment to join the discussion and add your suggestions for improvement here:

The goal of this consultation is to review the status of this project and identify any critical issues that still need to be addressed -- so we can plan our next steps based on your feedback. 

The consultation will be open until September 7th. If agreed upon critical issues cannot be resolved in the near term, the Wikimedia Foundation will temporarily move the feature back into opt-in beta globally.

Here’s our latest Media Viewer Improvements plan, where our team will post regular updates on planned development tasks:

Note that the proposed tasks on that page are still preliminary, and may be adjusted based on community feedback and ongoing user studies.

We look forward to hearing from you soon on the consultation page.

Regards as ever,



Fabrice Florin
Product Manager, Multimedia
Wikimedia Foundation

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ADRIANA GROSSI | 28 Aug 01:54 2014


Buenas noches. Quiero ver el modo de colaborar en vuestra página.
Les comparto mis cinco blogs:

Llegado el caso que sea de vuestro interés, les solicito me instruyan el modo de hacerlo.

Agradeciendo desde ya vuestra atención les saludo atentamente.

Adriana Grossi

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Erik Moeller | 23 Aug 19:46 2014

Inspect CommonsMetadata easily

FYI - User:TheDJ has made a very handy tool that will let you see the machine-readable data (per COM:MRD) for a given file on the File: page. This helps ensure that any automated re-use can be done in a manner that's license compliant and consistent with authors' wishes. To give it a spin, import this guy into your common.js:

This should definitely help leading into the systematic structured data efforts. Still early days and would make a nice gadget down the line :)

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Lars Aronsson | 9 Aug 15:29 2014

Wikidata, Wikibase

Here at the Wikimania conference, there is a lot of talk
about Wikidata and Wikibase coming to Commons, but it is
not clear how or when. Since it's very abstract still, it
is not clear whether one should be happy or scared.

I see that interwiki links for Commons categories can in
some cases be covered by Wikidata. I just removed all the
interwiki links and "Sister Wikipedia" links from the
Category:Sweden. The result was not obvious at first, as
all interwiki links seem to still be there, now pulled
from Wikidata. But now they go to Category:Sweden on
Wikipedia and not to the article Sweden.

Is this something we should start to do on a large scale?
Or something we should avoid at all cost, because we
prefer to link Commons categories to Wikipedia articles?

It is confusing that even though Wikidata claims to represent
concepts, the country Sweden has two different nodes for
the Wikipedia article,
and the category,
both representing the same country.

Can I find out how many pages on Commons pull interwiki
links from Wikidata? Did this count increase by one,
when I made that edit?

The category page also contains short descriptions in a
handfull of languages (en, de, fr, it, ja, nb, sv, fi, uk),
but these could also be better served from Wikidata.
What do I write in the Category:Sweden page to pull the
short text descriptions from Wikidata?

Wikidata currently has short text descriptions of Sweden
in only 4 languages (da, de, nb, sv) and they differ
from the short text descriptions on Commons. For example,
in nb (Norwegian bokmål), Wikidata says "Kategori:Sverige"
whereas Commons only says "Sverige". Shouldn't all
categories that pull their interwiki links from Wikidata
also pull the short text descriptions from Wikidata?

Since this category represents a geographic entity, its
center coordinate should also be given as an "Object
location", which is currently missing.

But perhaps that information should rather be inserted
into Wikidata? Even better than the center coordinate would
be the border outline from OpenStreetMap? In OSM this is
relation 52822, which also provides the name in many
different languages,


   Lars Aronsson (lars <at>
   Aronsson Datateknik -

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Federico Leva (Nemo | 7 Aug 23:13 2014

July: drop in images served

If I'm reading this correctly:
there was a substantial drop in the total number of files served in July
compared to June, from 160 to 149 billions (last line of the first
table): proportionally bigger than the 25-24 fluctuation in HTML pages
served. Given the numbers, most of these must be thumbnails.
What does this mean?


Commons-l mailing list
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Federico Leva (Nemo | 1 Aug 16:42 2014

34 TB Wikimedia Commons files on you can help

WikiTeam[1] has released an update of the chronological archive of all
Wikimedia Commons files, up to 2013. Now at ~34 TB total.
	I wrote to – I think – all the mirrors in the world, but apparently
nobody is interested in such a mass of media apart from the Internet
Archive (and the which took Kiwix).
	The solution is simple: take a small bite and preserve a copy yourself.
One slice only takes one click, from your browser to your torrent
client, and typically 20-40 GB on your disk (biggest slice 1400 GB,
smallest 216 MB).


P.s.: Please help spread the word everywhere.


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Gaurav Vaidya | 30 Jul 04:32 2014

[ANN] Experimental Wikimedia Commons RDF extraction with DBpedia

Hi everybody,

We are happy to announce an experimental RDF dump of the Wikimedia Commons. A complete first draft is now
available online at, and will be
eventually accesible from A small sample dataset, which may be easier to
browse, is available on Github at

The following datasets showcases some of the improvements that we’ve been working on over the last two months:
 - File information (*-file-information.*) is a completely new dataset that contains information on the
files in the Commons, including file and thumbnail URLs, file extensions, file type classes and MIME types.
 - DBpedia’s Mappings Extractor (*-mappingbased-properties.*) uses templates stored on the Mapping
server ( to create RDF for information-rich templates. This system
still has some important limitations, such as not being able to process process embedded templates (e.g.
license templates inside {{Information}}), but top-level templates are completely configurable. The
existing mappings are available at
 - This includes 363 license templates that indicate licensing for Commons files under public domain,
Creative Commons and other open access licenses. These were created by bots and still require
verification before use. They are listed at
 - The DBpedia Geoextractor (*-geo-coordinates.*) now extracts geographical coordinates from Commons
files using the {{Location}} template.
 - The DBpedia SKOS Extractor (*-skos-categories.*) now identifies relationships between Commons
categories, building a SKOS-based description of the entire Commons category tree.

Please have a look and let us know what you think. We’ll be working on a number of open tasks over the next
three weeks, listed at -- if
you see something wrong with what we’ve done above, or have an issue you’d particularly like us to
tackle, please report it there or drop me an e-mail!

This work is sponsored by the Google Summer of Code program


The DBpedia Commons extraction team:
Gaurav Vaidya
Dimitris Kontokostas
Andrea Di Menna
Jimmy O’Regan
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Steinsplitter Wiki | 28 Jul 23:44 2014

Listadmins for commons-l

Hello :),


I suggest to add some trusted users like Pierre or Rainer.

Comments are welcome.

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