Chaals McCathie Nevile | 26 Nov 02:54 2015

Meeting date, january


it appears that there are some people may not be able to attend a meeting  
on the 29th - although Apple has generously offered to host that day.

Is there anyone who would only be able to attend if we moved the meeting  
to the 25th?
Conversely, would that shift cause problems for anyone (e.g. bought  
inflexible tickets, another clash, …)

By default, we won't move the meeting, but if there are a number of people  
affected and it makes sense, we could do so. If so, I'd like to make that  
decision early next week.




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Domenic Denicola | 25 Nov 21:16 2015

Custom elements contentious bits

Hi all,

A bit ago Jan put together an initial draft of the "contentious bits" for custom elements, in preparation
for our January F2F. Today I went through and expanded on the issues he put together, with the result at It morphed into
a kind of agenda for the meeting, containing "Previously contentious bits", "Contentious bits", "Other
things to work out", and "Other issues worth mentioning".

It would be lovely if other vendors could take a look, and fill in anything they think is missing, or correct
any inaccuracies.

Over all I'm pretty optimistic that we've narrowed this down to a small set of issues and will be able to make
progress at the F2F.

Philippe Le Hegaret | 19 Nov 17:55 2015

[admin] Web Platform WG is really the new WebApps

Hi All,

back in October, we started the Web Platform WG [1] and invited folks to 
join the new Group at the time [Register]. We did not formally closed 
down the Web Applications Working Group however.

This is an advance notice that we are going to close down the Web 
Applications Working Group on December 3.

Folks should ensure that they joined the Web Platform Working Group by 
then to avoid being disrupted if you're currently part of the Web 
Applications Working Group (if that's not the case, you can safely 
ignore this email).

If you have any questions, concerns, etc., please let us know.

Thank you,


[Register] <>

Léonie Watson | 19 Nov 10:19 2015

PSA: Publish WD of HTML Accessibility API Mappings (AAM) 1.0

Hello WP,

This is notice of intent to publish a new Working Draft of HTML
Accessibility API Mappings on/around 19th November [1]. It is a joint
publication of the Web Platform and ARIA WGs.



Senior accessibility engineer  <at> LeonieWatson  <at> PacielloGroup

Philippe Le Hegaret | 17 Nov 14:56 2015

High Resolution Time 2: time origin and worker support

The latest version of High Resolution Time is ready for wide review.

One can find the latest draft at:

High Resolution Time Level 2 replaces the first version of High 
Resolution Time [HR-TIME] and includes:

* Defines a precise definition of time origin for the purpose of all 
performance timeline related specifications;

* Provides the base definition for the Performance interface, including 
support for the method in Web Workers [WORKERS];

* Introduces the method Performance.translateTime to compare times 
between different time origins;

* To mitigate cache attacks, the recommended minimum resolution of the 
Performance interface should be set to 5 microseconds.

The method Performance.translateTime is marked as "at risk" to the 
purpose of moving High Resolution Time 2 to W3C Recommendation due to 
its lack of implementation experience. It is expected to be deferred 
until the next release at the moment.

New issues are welcome at

Thank you,

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Anne van Kesteren | 13 Nov 12:07 2015

Re: [web components] proposed meetings: 15 dec / 29 jan

On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 11:32 AM, Chaals McCathie Nevile
<chaals@...> wrote:
> Our proposal is to look for a host on 15 December on the West Coast, for a
> meeting primarily focused on Shadow DOM, and another on 29 January in the
> Bay area for one around Custom Elements. The agenda can be adjusted to take
> account of people who are unable to travel for both of these, moving items
> from one to the other if necessary, since *many* but *not all* people are
> interested in both topics.

As mentioned before, I and others from Mozilla not in the US are
unlikely to make December 15. There's a big Mozilla event the entire
week before and I doubt folks want to keep trucking. But given how far
along Shadow DOM is perhaps attendance is not important. After all,
Hayato Ito stressed in an earlier email that to make the meeting
worthwhile we'd need some new proposals to address the quite hard
outstanding problems and I haven't seen any of those thus far.



Léonie Watson | 6 Nov 17:11 2015

RE: [Web Components] proposing a f2f...

Quick reminder to please complete the ballot on proposed F2F meeting times. The feeling seems to be to meet
sooner rather than later, so getting a decision ASAP would probably be a good thing to do (especially for
those of us with travel plans to make): 



Senior accessibility engineer  <at> LeonieWatson  <at> PacielloGroup

Mitar | 6 Nov 01:05 2015

Callback when an event handler has been added to a custom element


We are using message ports to communicate with our logic and are
wrapping the API into a custom element. The issue is that we would
like to call start on a message port only after user has registered an
event handler on the custom element instance. But it seems there is no
way to get a callback when an event handler is added.

So I am suggesting that there should be a callback every time an event
listener is added to a custom element (and possibly one when removed).




Chaals McCathie Nevile | 4 Nov 00:35 2015

Vote: f2f Meeting(s) for components


I set up a ballot:

There are a few kinds of option - single day or two, two days split or  
co-located, and spread across what seemed the most easily available dates  
- 15/16 december, 24/5 and 29/30 jan.

You can write in another option if these don't work for you - and feel  
free to reply here and explain constraints.

The voting lets you give from 1 to 5 stars to each option - the ones you  
like most should get 5. You can rank choices equally.

Since the december dates in particular are very tight for people to plan  
travel, please reply asap.




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Schnabel, Stefan | 3 Nov 13:45 2015

section role=form

Hi Steve,


short question: according to




<section role=”form” ..


an allowed override?


Best Regards



Arthur Barstow | 2 Nov 14:49 2015

[admin] Minutes from Technical Plenary 28 October 2015

On 11/2/15 1:04 AM, Coralie Mercier wrote:
> Minutes from TPAC 2015 [1] are available:
>   1) Plenary day (Public minutes)


> We encourage those who held break-out sessions to update the session 
> grid with pointers to minutes or wiki notes.


> feedback survey (open through 22 November):