Bob Brown | 26 Jan 21:43 2015

Excessive traffic pattern blocked and validation through home page *also* blocked

I am a teacher at a university.  I require my students to validate their
HTML using the W3C validator.  Today students on campus began getting
the message "Excessive traffic pattern blocked."

It is possible that someone has installed a "validate everything"
plugin; it is also possible that 80+ students are validating a page at a
time, but all behind the same gateway:  I understand that
I should not contact the W3C about this because the restriction will be
removed when the pattern stops.

My real problem is this: The error page says, "You should still be able
to use the form interface on the Validator Home Page to check the page
by URL."  I am happy with telling my students they must use that
mechanism and no other.  However, attempting to validate through the
validator home page *also* produces the "Excessive traffic pattern
blocked" message.  Can this be fixed to allow one-at-a-time validations?

Best regards,
Bob Brown, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer in Information Technology
Teacher of the Year, 2009-2010
College of Computing and Software Engineering
Mail Stop J-330
Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus
1100 South Marietta Parkway SE
Marietta, Georgia 30060-2855

(678) 915-7505
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Marcel | 25 Jan 07:50 2015

Problem with Your Validator and SNI

Dear W3-Team,

Your validator has a problem, if he tries to validate any of my 
(sub)domains connected to "".

This domain is forced redirected to SSL as security reason and it's only 
available for all clients using SNI but if I want to
check my side there will be the following error:

403 Forbidden
Reason: The client software did not provide a hostname using Server Name 
Indication (SNI), which is required to access this server.

This can be, because your validator isn't able to use/check SNI websides 
or there is a small mistahe in my webservers configuration file.
I hope, that you can help me please, to fix this error.

Kind Regards

Marcel Petzold


Deltanet - Production
Marcel Petzold
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 44
04416 Marrkleeberg

Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE 272999582
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Friedrich Röhrs | 21 Jan 15:04 2015

[VE][libxml2-205] Confused about validation error: colon are forbidden from entities names 'CWM:ChangeableKind'


validating (i have attached the xml) i get many errors of the following kind:

colon are forbidden from entities names 'CWM:ChangeableKind' <!ENTITY % CWM:ChangeableKind '(changeable|frozen|addOnly)'>
Looking in the XMLSpec (esp. the reguarding names):

The colon (:) is given as valid character.

Am i misunderstanding something?

Friedrich Röhrs
George Bateman | 20 Jan 21:11 2015

HTML 5 icon

Will a valid HTML5 icon be made available soon? It's nice to be able to display validity to the latest standard. I know you can (not fully within copyright etc.) modify an existing icon, but a proper one would be more convenient/legitimate.
Thanks, George Bateman.

mhosken | 18 Jan 10:55 2015

[VE][html5] The a

The on-line guide to HTML 5 uses this example of an in-page link:
<a href="#tips">Visit the Useful Tips Section</a>
But when I use:

<tr><td><a href="#00">IDENTICAL : English = Espa&ntilde;ol</a><br></td></tr>

which seems to have the identical structure I get

Line 37, Column 22: The element a must not appear as a descendant of the a element.<tr><td><a href="#00">IDENTICAL : English = Espa&ntilde;ol</a><br></td></tr>
- and 21 others similarly as it is a line in the Contents table.

Error [html5]: ""
NOTE: Whenever possible, give the address of the document you were checking.
Sorry: it's in a file used for a Kindle publication so it's not on-line in that form.  The file is rather big (556 KB) but I could send you the first 50 lines, say, if that would be helpful.
Hope you can advise.
mhosken | 18 Jan 17:10 2015

Earlier query 146db775e9

Hi Folks,
My earlier query was trying to make sense of "The element a must not appear as a descendant of the a element."  I simply couldn't understand it.  Mulling things over during my midday snooze (allowable at age 82) I realised a possibility.  My "Contents" tabulation had an id - and that had been specified with <a code: was that the trouble?
And so it turned out to be.  Intuition said that <a id="This"> fulfilled a function: I had left it at that.  Referring back to the on-line tutor I discovered that EVERY <a has to be terminated with a </a>.  Duly inserted, the whole thing passed the W3C validation - hoorah!
Suggestion:  Instead of "The element a must not appear as a descendant of the a element." it might be more helpful to say something like "An a element cannot appear within an extended a element: it is likely that an earlier a element requires closure with </a>."
Validation's a wonderful facility.  Keep up the good work.
Aditya Soni | 17 Jan 16:56 2015

Why BB Code on websited give validation errors?

I have a simple question: I have a website, whatsapp status and uses BBcode. When I enable BBcode usage the w3 validator gives 19 errors. Without it, no errors: Anyone can explain me what to do? Thank you! Jason McNeil Web designer Web World SRL EXT: 4298 Email: Web: <>

Ankila Bhardwaj | 17 Jan 12:41 2015

Re: High level of queries about validation, whatsapp and bb code.

Yes Sir :)
I see :) So, You have already kicked it off from everywhere. Though it was important for me, may be not for you. I will keep that in mind. Not to seek help from this way. Better I help myself.

Ankila Bhardwaj

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 5:06 PM, Philip Taylor <P.Taylor <at>> wrote:
Dear Ankila -- The problem is, your question appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with validation; therefore it is completely off-topic for this list.

Very sincerely :
Philip Taylor
Ankila Bhardwaj wrote:
Sir, With due regards !!
I am looking for a working solution, so that I can settle some problem
here !!
You are talking it as spam !
Spam can be easily performed on sites for SEO in the "Reply sections" As
you can see that occurring at many places too :)
But I need a working solution.

Due to one or two, isn't it that we are making everybody lie in the same
category :(
It is seriously painful or in professional laguage "I am not grown so that
I can make my comment look authentic".

I am Sorry, if anything made you feel bad any where !!
Ankila Bhardwaj | 11 Jan 12:33 2015

[VE][338] Add Subject Here

Error [338]: "cannot generate system identifier for general entity X"

In general the validator should not check any content in a href parameter after the ? within a php-script.
Often these parameters are provided by an external party or provided by the designer.

Out of 111 errors and 47 warnings in  script
at least 50% of remarks were related to the above mentioned cause.
This makes is very confusing to analyze and correct ones source and does not encourage the upgrade to HTML5

yours truly

-- Hans Metselaar What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know It is what we know for sure but just ain't so MARK TWAIN tel +31 (0)50 5017991 fax +31 (0)50 5011579 gsm +31(0)6 2124 4380 web mail whp.metselaar <at>

Ankila Bhardwaj | 7 Jan 14:19 2015

Help !!


I am Going to launch some blogs on the permanent basis, actually I have started them. For some starting outlook and permanent setup I came up with the research of submitting my web blogs in web directories or give quick and high-end press releases so that I can get a good exposure. No idea it will work on not !! But it did for my friend. 
Now the Problem is when I submit the whole blog to indexing ( " " & " ") they index properly but when I try to submit a special post or so some are done but others turn so irresponsive (say " "," " & " ").
To make you a bit more clear I am using the platform Blogger powered by Google for the " " while using Wordpress for " ttp:// ". Sometimes my posts are not even pinged and I don't think it has a Theme problem. It has something like a Crawl error or what not !! It would be a pleasure to know if there is some-good way your esteemed people suggest or these directories are the only things to face?  Anything to make sure that can fix this crawl errors and all? 

I will be highly obliged !!
Ankila Bhardwaj
Passionate Entrepreneur 

David Dorward | 7 Jan 14:29 2015

High level of queries about validation, whatsapp and bb code.

Over the last few months there has been a pattern of questions of the 
mailing list which boil down to "Here are some links mentioning 
whatsapp, I'm using BB Code, the HTML is invalid, what should I do?".

The pattern is looking rather spammy so I searched for the URLs on 
Google and found them turning up in queries to bug trackers and in 
comment spam.

Should they be filtered out of incoming email and purged from the list 


David Dorward