Mark Rogers | 17 Apr 15:29 2014

FW: REV attribute on A and LINK elements

I believe the validator used to flag using the REV attribute on A and LINK elements as obsolete, but no longer does this. The REV attribute is still marked as non-conforming in the HTML5  CR and nightly specs. The language looks the same in all the versions:


“11.2 Non-conforming features”

“The following attributes are obsolete (though the elements are still part of the language), and must not be used by authors:

“rev on a elements”

“rev on link elements”


Looking into this a bit deeper, I think there might be a mismatch between the HTML5 CR and the RFDa recommendation (which says “RDFa supports the use of <at> rel and <at> rev on any element.”)


There are also 4 tests in the conformance checker test suite that use the REV attribute, with the naming indicating validators should not flag a conformance error:






So, what’s the correct behaviour – is this conforming or non-conforming?


Best Regards



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Philip Taylor | 16 Apr 16:28 2014

In HTML 5 mode, the validator does not typographically different between prose and literal

In error messages such as the following, it is all too easy
to parse (e.g.,) "required" [1] as a part of the prose and not
as a literal.  Literals should be typographically differented
so that they can be unambiguously identified.

> Error Line 7, Column 9: A select element with a required attribute
> and without a multiple attribute, and whose size is 1, must have a
> child option element.
> </select>

Philip Taylor
[1] Also "multiple" and "option"

Ken Geis | 16 Apr 00:16 2014

[VE][html5] spurious "must have child option" when all options in optgroups

I got the following error when validating my document. The HTML 4.01 spec says that the select element must contain an option, but it does not say that it must be a child of the select element. The validator throws the message when all options are inside optgroups, and I think that should not be an error.

Error [html5]: " A select element with a required attribute and without a multiple attribute, and whose size is 1, must have a child option element."

Sally Marchant | 13 Apr 17:18 2014


When I try to validate my documents it shows ‘Using experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker.’ As a warning, as we promote that our sites pass, this is worrying some people who don’t understand it. Is there a way to get that to show as a message but not as a warning about our code?


Thank you



Sally Marchant


The Naturally Happy Dogs Team

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Calvin Ho | 11 Apr 20:42 2014

Adding rel value in validator



I would like to add 2 rel value as I want them supported in the validator.


First is “generator”. This specify that the website is generated or powered by WordPress.

Second is “designer”. This is referring to the WordPress theme is design by a company.


I would be appreciate if you guys could let me know after you guys have updated the validator with this 2 rel value.




Best regards,

Calvin Ho


Holger Burghardt | 13 Apr 11:52 2014

WHATWG MetaExtension

Dear Sir or Madame,

concerning the Markup Validation Service I would like to inform you that it does not recognize the DublinCore MetaExtensions for HTML5 despite the fact that they are listed on the WHATWG wiki as allowed extension values for the name="" attribute of the <meta> element in HTML5. WhatWG suggests to write you so you can pull the "new" name value.

I would appreciate a brief feedback when the metaextensions will be recognized by the W3C Markup Validation Service as I am migrating from XHTML 1.0 to HTML5 for our website ( and use your service to verify my changes.

Sincerly Yours,
Holger Burhardt


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alex | 7 Apr 20:21 2014

[VE][html5] Ampersands inside href values shouldn't be assumed to be broken character references

To reproduce, markup:


generates the error:

     "& did not start a character reference. (& probably should have been 
escaped as &amp;.)"

This error is probably never helpful in the context of a query string.

web center | 2 Apr 00:04 2014

[VE][html5] Add Subject Here


Error [html5]: ""

j.j. | 28 Mar 19:03 2014

[VE][html5] <strike> warning should recommend using <s> instead

The validator warns about <strike>:

  "The strike element is obsolete. Use CSS instead."

It should recommend to use <s> instead.

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