Martin Duerst | 1 May 05:09 2002

Re: The hreflang Attribute

At 22:52 02/04/24 +0200, Stefan Schumacher wrote:
>Hello Alexander!
>Hello translators!
>In my opinion this attribute would only make sense in the
>translations, if the browser would show the user the given language
>information in some way. So that he could see, if there is a link to
>an already translated document or to the original. But the contents
>of the link/document should already say that.
>Question: Youエre not allowed to change a link in the reference
>section to point to a translated document, arenエt you?

I think Alex wasn't proposing to do that. Only to add an attribute
to say that the reference is in English. And while it's very
desirable to keep the references to the originals, the text
of the reference may be translated, and a notice "(in English)"
or so may be added.

>You have to
>make a comment that is different in style below the original link (or
>something like that) to show, that it is a comment. So the user knows
>from the content what language he could expect, if he follows a link.

Using a different style is preferable, but in this specific case,
adding text such as "(Russian translation)" is necessary anyway,
and then it's pretty clear that this didn't come from the original.

>Does any browser recognize the hreflang attribute and if it does,
>what action does it take?
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Martin Duerst | 1 May 05:01 2002

Re: WAI WCAG 1.0 Russian translation

Foreword: This message contains some detailed discussions of
special cases. But the main goal of this effort is to get many
good translations, and one of the best ways to get there is
to work together. Nothing said below forbids that!

At 18:04 02/04/25 +0400, Alexander Savenkov wrote:
>Hello translators, Andrei, Kirill.

> > As we only start translating, there are some questions we have.
> > 1. If there is a known translation of one of your documents (HTML 4.01
> > for example) and I find it very useful, but full of mistakes and
> > "unclearness", may I use this translation for further development? Exactly,
> > the question is in licensing: in GPL, for instance, there is an ability to
> > make certain changes to the source and distribute this changed source 
> with a
> > copyright notice of an original author/editor left.
>   Partial rights for the translated text belong to the translator I suppose.

Yes indeed. The copyright in a translation is jointly held by the
copyright holder of the original and the translator.

> > a. So, can I make changes to a translation and ditribute it (or
> > publish on my own web-site) modifying copyright notice like this:
> > "Translated by Original Translator; revised and corrected by Revisor, 
> 2002"?
>   May I answer, Martin?
>   You shouldn't modify the document's copyright notice in any way.
>   Instead, you may want to insert some comments/annotations into the
>   text of translation clearly marking them as yours (i. e. using CSS).

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Martin Duerst | 1 May 08:03 2002

Re: Request to transate "XML in 10 points" in Greek

This request is hereby granted.

Regards,    Martin.

At 05:54 01/02/03 +0200, Fotis Kouretas wrote:
>Requesting  permission to translate :
>"XML in 10 points"
>in Greek language.
>Fotis Kouretas

Gabriel Preda | 1 May 10:30 2002

Space saving recomandations for Windows OS... CHM !

                Howdee !
    If any1 interested I'm working at majority of W3C recommendations in CHM
format... I already did HTML4.01 and CSS L2... and currently working  <at> 
    The bad management of disk space on FAT enabled systems lead me to this
action. For example... the REC for MathML is reported as little over 3 MB...
when in fact it takes 40MB (on FAT16) or 20MB (on FAT32)... waaaaay tooo
much even for some1 with many GB on HDD...

    Also I want to get in contact with translators into Romanian of W3C
RECs... if there are any... so they let me know how can I help !

Gabriel Preda - gabriel_p <at>

Tobias Hinnerup | 2 May 01:50 2002


A danish translation of 
ml11/>/xhtml11/ is available at 
dk/>/. The URI has been validated as XHTML 1.1.

I, Tobias Hinnerup, the translator, can be reached at 
<mailto:hinnerup <at>>hinnerup <at> hinnerup<mailto:hinnerup <at> 
 >.net. As there are currently no danish
ranslations for this URI at 
//>/translations#xhtml11, you are 
hereby invited to use the supplied URI.


Tobias Hinnerup | 2 May 13:05 2002

The below has been extended to include the URI 
<><http://www.w>/xhtml11/introduction, available at 


----- Original Message -----
From: <mailto:hinnerup <at>>Tobias 
<mailto:hinnerup <at>>Hinnerup
<mailto:w3c-translators <at>>w3c-translators <at> w3.<mailto:w3c-translators <at> w3. 
Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 10:48 PM
Subject: Danish translation of 


A danish translation of 
ml11/>/xhtml11/ is available at 
dk/>/. The URI has been validated as XHTML 1.1.

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Satoshi ISHIKAWA | 5 May 01:56 2002

XHTML Media Types in Japanese

Hi Translators,

I have published a translation of "XHTML Media Types" into Japanese.


  Satoshi ISHIKAWA <satoshii <at>>
  "Three cheers for our side."

Stefan Schumacher | 5 May 10:37 2002

XML Information Set in German

Hello Martin,
hello W3C team,
hello translators,

in February Dierk Seeburg anounced the start of the translation of 
XML Information Set. I wrote to his address to find out, if he´s 
still working on it, but didn´t got a response within ten days. Maybe 
the mail address was wrong and he still reads this mailinglist.

If Dierk discontinued his work , I would translate the Infoset and 
make the translation publically available at the end of next week.

Specification to translate:


Stefan Schumacher
Oesterberg 20                                   0172/2718968
58553 Halver                                    02353/130119

Melecio Ceniza | 7 May 22:04 2002


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Martin Duerst | 8 May 00:11 2002

Language names

Dear translators,

I have started using language names in the language itself in
the second half of

    Translations for these and other languages can also be found by
    specification. Other languages include Afrikaans, Arabic, Catalan,
    Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Greek, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian,
    Indonesian, Interlingua, Korean, Norvegian, Portuguese, Romanian,
    Espanol (Spanish), and Swedish.

As you can see, so far I don't have many examples. Please send me
information or pointers (it may be easier to send a pointer to a
web page). Please send these directly to me or to the list. Also
please tell me if there are any languages missing from that list
(except for French, German, Italian, Netherlands, Japanese,
Chinese, and Russian, which are listed separately).

Regards,    Martin.