Michael Bond | 13 Jan 02:23 2005

Meeting Minutes, Decisions and Ideas

Please read this email in its entirety before replying, Important 
information concerning future meetings and list postings are here. It 
is a long one. Information concerning the topics of the next two 
meetings are at the end of this email.

Attendance: I was really hoping that attendance to this meeting would 
be better. Only Jonathan, Peter Hein, and myself attended. We know that 
there is an interest in town for a group such as ours. This was proven 
at the November meeting.

In the meeting tonight it was firstly decided that we are tired of 
having meetings to plan our planning. Our current topics of 
conversation have been being discussed since October.

The consensus seems to be that the groups need to merge or there needs 
to be just one group. As such we decided to make this so this evening, 
under the MorLUG name. The politics of how the groups should be merged 
are doing more harm to the groups than good, and in the end everyone 
will loose interest.

We chose MorLUG because it is the more general term and seems to carry 
the favor of more people based on the previous 2 meetings. David Riggs, 
at the last meeting stated that a LUG isn't only for discussing linux, 
but technology in general that interests members of the group.

Having meetings dedicated to Free software and copyleft, and advocating 
free software is still, and always will be a function of this group. 
The idea's of MorFree aren't going anywhere.

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Jonathan Rosenbaum | 12 Jan 07:32 2005

MEETING: Today, Wednesday 6 p.m. Blue Moose

Morlug/Morfree Meeting at the Blue Moose

Where: http://www.thebluemoosecafe.com/homepage.htm at 218 Walnut St.

When:  Today, Wednesday (01/12/2005) starting at 6:00 and ending at 7:00 p.m.


6:00 - 6:30: Continue our discussion about merging our sites.  The goal really needs to be to wrap things up,
and move on within :30.  All the best discussions in the world don't mitigate the fact that we are presently
in a crucial transition period of regaining our original glory. It is more important that we focus on key
elements of success as described in the User-Group-HOWTO.  

6:30-7:00:  If we can wrap things up, we can start discussing website development, the preparation of David
Krovich's store front, regular meeting times and announcements, the possibility of real leadership so
people know what their duties are, etc.  (For instance, this time I deliberately didn't make the meeting
announcement early, to demonstrate that I was never really voted in to do what I'm doing right now which is
acting like the groups President by making the meeting announcements).  You may want to browse the
archives at http://mailman.the-forgotten.org/pipermail/morlug/ to get a clearer picture about our
history to this point.

Finally, near the end of our meeting, I think a tour of David Krovich's store-front is in order.  This place
would be awesome for meetings.  


Andrei Smirnov | 4 Jan 21:17 2005

PhD position in an open-source development project

I thought it may be a good idea to announce this within this group first,
before throwing it at the rest of the world -:)


The objective of the project is to produce simulation tools capable of
predicting the behavior of geophysical reservoirs subjected to methane
recovery and CO2 sequestration operations.

The prime task within this project will involve the development of neural
network simulators on the basis of extensive parametric studies conducted
using open-source CFD software on Beowulf cluster.  Another task will
concern the design of user interfaces and expert-system shells (Java) for
the existing reservoir simulators. These interfaces should enable the user
to conduct risk analysis and perform optimization of reservoir operations.  
Development of evolutionary optimization methods based on these neural
network models will constitute the third task of the project.  Additional
tasks may involve parallelization of the CFD simulators, input of
experimental data, and conducting of parametric studies.

The perspective contestant should have a completed MS degree in computer
science or natural sciences with computational background, or related
areas, a conceptual understanding of CFD, the knowledge of neural networks
and evolutionary optimization techniques (genetic algorithms), as well as
be proficient in C++/Java and MPI.  All the development work will be done
on Linux clusters and workstations.


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Michael Bond | 15 Dec 19:33 2004

Prohibit software copyrighting

Article from CNN, "Lawsuit files to prohibit copyright protection of  


What does this mean for Free software? If copyrights no longer apply  
and to protect your work you need a patent doesn't that blow most  
Free/Open Source Software out of the water?

Jonathan Rosenbaum | 9 Dec 04:55 2004

Photos from the 12/08/04 meeting

Official Photos from the 12/08/04 meeting by our official photographer.  

Five in attendance. 



p.s. Next meeting, Wednesday 01/12/2005, 6-7 p.m. at the Blue Moose.
Jonathan Rosenbaum | 30 Nov 03:10 2004



I've been thinking about this quite a bit, and regardless of peoples
feeling about lugs or in our case fugs and lugs (fug + lug = fuglug) we
really need to iron out the future of our site.  I find it inconvenient to
have to visit two separate sites to keep up with what is going on (which
is usually the same, anyways).  It was well established at the last
meeting that we have to work together.  Look at 3.2 in the
User-Group-HOWTO (see required reading below) and how it compares
"solidarity versus convenience."

Here's how I envision the future of our site.  We will have one site that
encompasses all the different groups involved with the freedom of
software, freedom of documentation, freedom of technology, etc. in the
Greater Morgantown area.  Three groups that I'm aware of include morfree,
morlug, zope users group, and I believe there is a fourth group involved
with free radio.  I wouldn't mind seeing another group involved in free
wifi.  What this means is that each group could have its own subdomain ..
morfree.something.org, morlug.something.org, and would be a folder in our
zope/plone site.  The actual domain name needs to be agreed on. It could
be morfree.org, but it doesn't have to be. David Krovich is the owner of
that domain and his input would greatly be enjoyed, either on this list or
at the next meeting.

The different groups will manage their respective parts of the site. 
Everyone will share the sites events calendar.  Another nice thing that
could be done would be posting the email lists via RDF on the main site. 
What this all means is that everyone coming to our site will have a one
stop, learn all, place to come to. We did mention the possibility of doing
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David A. Riggs | 18 Nov 02:32 2004

Nov. 16 Official Unofficial Minutes

These aren't quite minutes, but here's my overview of yesterday's
meeting, please post additions/corrections.

Joint MorFree/MorLUG meeting Nov. 16, 2004, Blue Moose Cafe

8 persons in attendance, 1 via IRC

Overall topic of conversation was how to stir up activity within the
group. It was generally agreed upon that we are too few in numbers to
split group attendance between two groups. A popular suggestion was to
consider MorLUG as a sub-branch of MorFree, and begin holding meetings
of this larger umbrella group, catering to both purposes. It was
suggested that the mailing lists remain separate as their discussion
topics are distinct, but that the websites should be more consolidated
to reflect this.

It was decided that following the next two already-scheduled meetings,
irregular since the holiday season is coming up, meetings will happen
rigidly once per month on a regular day (ex: the third fnordday of the
month). It was also suggested that the day should not be so fixed such
that a conflict would keep someone from ever attending, but this was not
touched on much.

The formats for the meetings will typically be an hour (or half-hour,
or whatever) presentation or single topic, followed by a sort of
open-house discussion, show & tell, Q&A. Someone also suggested a format
of 1/2 MorLUG-centric topic, 1/2 MorFree-centric topic, though this
didn't appeal to many.

Locations were discussed. The Blue Moose, while convenient, was argued
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Jonathan Rosenbaum | 17 Nov 03:16 2004

Morfree/Morlug Photos

Official photos of the 11/16/2004 Meeting:



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Michael Bond | 27 Oct 03:28 2004

Interest Levels

I'm cross posting this mailing to both MorFree and MorLUG

We held a MorFree meeting tonight, sadly only 3 people showed up.

Minutes can be found here.

Please review the minutes when you have a chance.

We came to the conclusion that the next step is to figure out who is 
still interested in these two groups, which is the purpose of this 
email. If you are interested in the futures of MorFree and/or MorLUG 
please reply to one of the lists. I very much want to see both groups 
resurrected and living again.

I would like to plan the next meeting for Tuesday November 16th at 7pm 
at the Blue Moose.  Does this date work for everyone that is interested 
in attending? If not, please suggest a date prior to Thanksgiving break 
and we will choose one that the most people can attend.

David Krovich | 19 Oct 10:41 2004

Ubuntu Linux

I finally got around to installing Ubuntu Linux on my PowerBook G4. 
Initially, I'm quite impressed.  It had no problems detecting and 
configuring all hardware, everything was a snap.

Two thumbs up!
Michael Bond | 16 Oct 23:21 2004

Re: [Morfree] Lets get started.

I am cross posting this to both MorLUG and MorFree. Sorry if you get it 
twice ;-)

IIRC, the goal that David Krovich put forth originally was to have a 
constitution in place and be able to hold elections after 1 year. Well, 
according to the date stamps on my emails that is coming up in a couple 
of months.

I propose that we start getting on the ball about this.

A basic agenda, that I think would be useful at this point in time 
would be something like this (i'm pulling all of this from previous 
emails and meetings):

1) Discuss Mission statement, approve.
2) Discuss Membership and Dues
3) draft constitution ... possibly form a sub-group that can meet and 
hammer it out.
4) get an update on the student organization
5) outline ideas for future meetings
6) determine a time and place to hold future meetings on regular 
intervals, that seems to fit most people's schedules.

I'd like to suggest the dates of October 26th or October 27th (thats 
the week after next) to have a meeting to figure out where to go from 
here and get everything moving that needs to be accomplished by years 

I was also thinking that it might be fun to come up with a group 
project. Something that we can develop as a group, and release under a 
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