Aravind Balasubramanian | 2 Jan 08:09 1999



I have an extra copy of RH 6.1 cd.

Anyone interested can have one of them in exchange for a blank cd at
todays meeting


Aravind Balasubramanian

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Help on Basic, C and C++ software for Redhat Linux 8.0

New Linux Queries

We have installed Redhat 8.0 in a standalone system with minimal installation.

Query 1:

We have installation problems with the following : (In tar.gz form)

    1. TuxPaint, TuxMath and TuxType
    2. GCC (C and C++ on Linux) – gcc20030310.tar.gz (26.1 MB size)and gcc-core-20030310.tar.gz (12.1 MB size)
    3. Kbasic – kbasic1-2002-10-26.tar.gz (2.8 MB size)
    4. Xbasic – xbasic-6.2.3-src.tar.gz

The above were downloaded from the Internet in tar format. We could untar it and view its files, but need help in installing them.

Do we need some other components to install these? If so – please list.

Query 2:

We have general installation problems with RPM files.

Example: We tried installing Xbasic-6.2.3-1.i386.rpm (source was downloaded) but the operating system gave the error " You don't have permissions on the package..".

Please suggest a solution.



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