dama_phoenix | 9 Jan 20:52 2007

DAMA Members Save $250!!

Save up to $250 off the full fee when you use the DAMA Dollars 
discount code to register for the 19th Annual DAMA International 
Symposium and 11th Annual Wilshire Meta-Data Conference.

DAMA International Symposium and
Wilshire Meta-Data Conference
March 4 - 8, 2007, Boston, MA

Data Management (DM) is undergoing a Revolution, and as the city of 
the original revolutionary spark, Boston is the ideal place for us 
to hold this year's conference. The alliance between DM and the 
business is strong and building momentum. And as the business 
influences data management priorities, so too does DM influence the 
organization in profound ways.

The DAMA + Wilshire Conference is the most important educational 
program of the year at this vital intersection between effective 
data management practice and business success

Coupon expires February 16, 2007.


If you are a member, all you need to do is send a request to 
susan.moore <at> asu.edu and we will send you a discount code for you to 
use when you register.

If you are not a member, you can go to www.dama-phoenix.org and go 
to the member page for details.  Your $50 membership can yield you a 
savings of $250!
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dama_phoenix | 22 Jan 16:22 2007

DAMA meeting February 15th

DAMA PHOENIX Presents Pete Stiglich, DAMA International Speaker 2006

Conceptual Data Modeling: Resisting the Urge to go Physical

Thursday, February 15th, 2007 1:00-5:00  at 101 & 7th Street

Data Management professionals often have a tendency when developing 
a new data store to immediately start developing a Physical Data 
Model.  However, for best results, a Conceptual Data Model (CDM) 
should be developed prior to Logical or Physical Models.

Developing a Physical Data Model before Conceptual or Logical models 
can lead to less than optimal systems that can require unnecessary 
complexity and extensive maintenance – resulting in increased cost 
and a lack of confidence in the system.

Conceptual Data Modeling is used to identify key business concepts 
and relationships that are relative to business requirements - 
before developing a solution. 

Conceptual Data Modeling is a very effective means for analyzing and 
understanding business requirements and for reflecting your 
understanding back to the business for validation.  Conceptual Data 
Models also become historical artifacts – knowledge is retained in 
the models – not just in someone's head. 

Pete Stiglich is a Senior Consultant with over 20 years of IT 
experience in the fields of Data Modeling, Data Warehousing, 
Business Intelligence, Customer Data Integration, Customer 
Relationship Management, Data Quality, and Transaction Processing 
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dama_phoenix | 23 Jan 16:11 2007

Message from DAMA Phoenix Chapter President

The Data Management Association www.dama.org is a non-profit 
organization chartered to provide educational, certification and 
networking resources for data management professionals.  The DAMA 
Phoenix chapter brings these resources locally to you.  

And by participating for 2-4 hours per month, you can be a part of 
this great mission!   You can also get great benefits including free 
membership, opportunities to meet and talk with national speakers 
and authors over lunch, the leadership experience of working on a 
non-profit board, and great networking with other data management 
professionals.  You can also get access to special discount 
opportunities and perks to other data management conferences.

The current board members have served for several years and a couple 
are stepping down, so now there is an opportunity for you.

We have openings for you in the following areas;

VP of Finance/Treasurer –  Pay meeting expenses, keeping a 
spreadsheet budget for the board, and depositing and recording 
member payments.

VP of Logistics -  Schedule the meeting rooms, and handle the 
meeting setup, supplies and snacks.

For more details on the roles please see the www.dama-phoenix.org  
association bylaws page.

Please send me a note this week to sign up, or for questions at 
pauldyksterhouse <at> acxiom.com.
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