jm | 16 Dec 08:41 2014

[clug] openVZ VPSes

Been meaning to ask the list about their experiences with openVZ hosting
(as a client not a provider). This method of host VPSes seems to be
priced more cheaply than the  Xen, and VMware with which I'm more
familiar. I've not used containers for hosting before. How does openVZ
differ from these? I don't believe you get console access, so what do
you do if your ssh daemon locks up or need to reboot? Anything else I
should look out for? Good/bad experiences?




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Bryan Kilgallin | 14 Dec 15:42 2014

[clug] The next PSIG meeting is January 11th

"suspending PSIG meetings for the time being"

On the following page, this inscription:

"The details for the next monthly meeting are currently on a separate 
page <>."

That link below... the titular information that is no longer correct!

I therefore request this published information be brought up to date.

"Rethinking what we need in the LUGIAB system."

I do not comprehend this jargon.



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Bryan Kilgallin | 14 Dec 10:09 2014

[clug] The next PSIG meeting is January 11th

That is a Sunday--whereas such meets were typically on Thursdays.



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steve jenkin | 12 Dec 23:29 2014

[clug] fun with bash: <(cmd) ==> like $(cmd) but attached to a named pipe as stdin

This article showed me something new & useful in bash - run a command and redirect output to or from a named
pipe. <(cmd) and >(cmd).

$(cmd) and `cmd` do in-place replacement of the output of a command - this adds a new variation, avoiding
catching output in temp files.


Examples from article:

> cmp <(ls /dir1) <(ls /dir2)

> ls | tee >(grep foo | wc >foo.count) \
>          >(grep bar | wc >bar.count) \
>          | grep baz | wc >baz.count

My recent use… pull the (mac) ‘port’ name out of two files and find differences - without
intermediate files.

src steve$ i=/Users/steve/macports.10.10.1_1.installed
src steve$ j=/Users/steve/macports.10.10.1_2.installed 

src steve$ diff <(grep '(active)' $i | sed 's/^  //‘ | cut -d' ' -f1) <(grep '(active)' $j | sed 's/^  //‘ |
cut -d' ' -f1)

< darwinbuild
> dyld-headers
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Brett Worth | 12 Dec 04:22 2014

[clug] OT: Samsung CLX-3175

On the topic of MFDs, does anyone on the list have a Samsung CLX-3175 Colour MFD attached
to their Linux machine?

  /) _ _ _/_/ / / /  _ _//
 /_)/</= / / (_(_/()/< ///

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Neill Cox | 12 Dec 01:12 2014

[clug] MFP Printers

Dear Lazyweb,

I'm looking at replacing an MFP.

What I would like is a networkable laser printer with a scanner that is
well supported under Linux (specifically Ubuntu 14.04).

Currently thinking about the HP LaserJet Pro M177fw Colour Laser
Multifunction. Colour is not critical though.

I'm willing to sacrifice the scanner if necessary, but it'd be nice to have.

Does anyone have recommendations?

Thank in advance...

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Rodney Peters | 11 Dec 21:02 2014

[clug] [OT] - FOR SALE Gigabit Switches - professional grade

PC Users Group ACT is having a clearance sale today and tomorrow.  I doubt 
that much will interest CLUGgers but a couple of professional grade 16 port 
Gigabit ethernet 1RU switches might.  Don't recall exact brand but has "2000" 
in it, IIRC.

10 am til 2 pm today and tomorrow at:

Grant Cameron Community Centre
27 Mulley St



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Bryan Kilgallin | 7 Dec 08:09 2014

[clug] Full Circle

I read Issue #6.

This dealt with downloading Ubuntu upgrade version packages.

There was an article about Samba packages. So sharing cross-platform 
involved modifying a users file.

There were articles on:
     * server manager;
     * music;
     * flash video; and
     * companies.

An article explained setting up and testing Photoshop plug-ins with Gimp.

And an article on Scribus explained editing templates (master pages). 
These were for left and right pages. Guidelines and page numbering were 
also explained.

Racing games were shown off:
     * car;
     * off-road;
     * go-kart; and
     * novelty.

Free software was covered, including an in-depth article on a font library.

Window managers and security were mentioned.

Users showed their desktop and PC. And there were readers' praise and 
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steve jenkin | 4 Dec 09:20 2014

[clug] Recommendations or warnings about using USB OTG flash drives in normal PC's and laptops?

I’ve only just noticed these devices on the market, and that they’ll both plug into
tablets/smartphones and PC’s.

Apart from the microUSB connector, are there any operational problems or differences I should know about
or research?

"Works as standard USB Flash drive
Use DataTraveler microDuo as you would a standard Flash drive. It’s a convenient way to share large files
between mobile devices — without the need for online cloud services."
Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
0412 786 915 (+61 412 786 915)
PO Box 48, Kippax ACT 2615, AUSTRALIA

mailto:sjenkin <at>


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Tony Breeds | 3 Dec 10:13 2014

[clug] Christmas get together.

Hi All,
    Around this time of year CLUG frequently has a Christmas get together.

So by way of staring the conversation I think that a (self catered BBQ) down by
the lake (we can pick where later) on say the 14th or the 21st would be nice.

What say you all?

Yours Tony.

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Steve Walsh | 3 Dec 04:44 2014

[clug] wtf is with that [reboot] tag, Steve

One of the things that was highlighted at the last meeting was how 
quickly discussions on list can get heated and/or derailed.

tagging emails [reboot] is my effort to help keep the original email 
thread going while the other (derailed) discussions can continue.

Those that want to discuss the original topic can reply to the [reboot] 
thread, those that want to argue details or specifics can do so on the 
untagged thread

Some might say it's adding to the noise, others might love the idea. 
Let's run with it for a few months and see how things go

just some random guy on the list with moderator rights.

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