Justin Freeman | 1 Aug 08:48 2014

[clug] Job opportunity: Web developer


Please share this with anyone you think would be interested.

Support a Canberra company that supports Canberra IT developers.
Agileware require a Web Developer to join our team. Agileware are a Drupal
web development company based in Canberra. We work on exciting projects
which are deployed for customers around the world. So come and join us to
pick up some great experience and skills which will launch your career!

It would be highly regarded if you have any of the following:
- Drupal development experience (module and/or theme)
- PHP programming experience
- HTML, CSS and Javascript
- Experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL
- A Degree or Certificate (completed or in progress) in IT, Computer
Science or Software Engineering

You must be able to work to a deadline, have a strong desire to learn new
technologies and techniques, and work well within a team.

This is a full-time position in our Canberra office, we will consider
part-time applicants. No age restrictions.

Residency Requirements
Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only (inc. New Zealand Citizens)

Application procedures
Submit your application on-line via our website,
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Keith Goggin | 1 Aug 05:27 2014

[clug] AWM Last Post Ceremony streaming

Hi List,

I am unable to view the stream at <http://live.awm.gov.au/> using 
Firefox v31.0 and Chromium v 34.0.1847.116both on Linux Mint 17.

The AWM web site says it is "broadcast live daily via webcam" and Mint17 
package manager says webcam "provides an utility that captures images 
from a video4linux device such as bttv, annotates them and uploads them 
to a webserver in an endless loop using FTP or SSH."

I emailed lastpostceremony@... and asked what format/codec
stream used but received an automated response directing me to their web 

Can someone please tell me how to find out what codec I need to view 
this stream?


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Elena Williams | 30 Jul 07:54 2014

[clug] Fwd: Job ad for Senior Data Management Officer at LTERN - please distribute

Hi guys,

Ivan is a friend of mine from ANU who I worked with about 10 years ago at
the National Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health (NCEPH) at ANU.

It would mean a lot to me if you would be able to put the word out about
this position through your networks and maybe the Science and Data
Mini-Conference at PyCon Australia on Friday (is there an official way to
do this?).

This has not been publicly advertised and interest is being sought through
the networks in the community. Please pass this on to anyone you think
would be interested.

The deadline is soon and I can assure you that Ivan is a pleasure to work
Elena Williams :)
 <at> elequ
04022 90172

Ivan Hanigan

Data Portal Project Manager / Data Analyst

Long Term Ecological Research Network (ANU)
and Australian SuperSite Network (JCU)
T: 02 6125 0349
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Jason Nielsen | 29 Jul 06:50 2014

[clug] linux friendly vendors

I am looking at replacing my work machine, I do not have a firm price
point yet. What linux friendly vendors are people going with?

My current machine is a 2009 MacBook Pro (4GB RAM, Nvidia and spinning
rust) that was running Ubuntu but has fallen back on MacOS because I
loose external monitor support each time I do a Ubuntu upgrade and
have been too busy to rediscover how to fix it. I am not that
impressed by their build quality or design so I am fine to go with any
vendor. (sharp edges, usb too close together, needs an adaptor to use
an external monitor).

I had a look at System76 but I am not sure about
support/warranty/shipping since they do not seem to have an AU
presence at all.

Are dead pixels a solved problem? What else do I need to watch out
for? I think Optimus support is the root of my current problems.

I do not need a laptop for portability so would go with a desktop
happily as long as it has good dual monitor support and is fairly

As fas as performance I am not gaming or anything by PyCharm loves to
eat ram so looking at 8-16 GB RAM and a solid state drive (I do not
use the optical drive, SD reader or firewire etc).

Jason Nielsen

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steve jenkin | 29 Jul 04:58 2014

[clug] Internet of Things, Machine-Cloud-Machine and the Carduino.

At ANU today, I heard the MIT Prof involved with creating the RFID standard (EPC then).
He was talking about his current work: Machine-Cloud-Machine


They tried an in-car prototype that used bluetooth paired with smartphones, but realised a better model
was connecting the car to a virtual representation of it (like an Avatar for a person), then authorised
users can connect over the Net to data object/stream. It’s a way to store full history, Apps that do
various analyses and an interface to connect to various vendors, like Insurance, Tolls, Parking, …

The Carduino plugs into the standard diagnostic sensor and adds GPS, accelerometer and a mobile phone data uplink.

An MIT spinoff, ‘CarKnow’, are developing the plug-in device, for which some CLUG & MHV people may be
excellent beta testers .

The MIT site for the larger project (not a lot of info):
<http://cloudthink.mit.edu>, which also links to another site, tells you much more.

A random page describing the ‘CarKnow’ project:

Hope that’s of interest.


Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
0412 786 915 (+61 412 786 915)
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jhock | 28 Jul 08:11 2014

[clug] Free voice recognition software for Ubuntu/Libre Office

Hi All,

I have a fair bit of typing to do so I was hoping to get a draft of the
document using voice recognition and then editing by hand. I have looked
at the Ubuntu Software Centre for "speech to text" and "voice
recognition" and the extensions of Libre Office but haven't found

Does anyone know of some free voice recognition software that will work
on Ubuntu and integrate with Libre Office? I checked the CLUG archives
but I couldn't find how to search them.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Melanie Rooney (IMAP | 28 Jul 06:53 2014


Melanie Rooney, Grad Dip Comp (UC), BAppSc (RMIT)
ACT Regional Manager

Unit A, Ground Floor, 51 Allara St, Canberra ACT 2601
P   +61 2 6140 6405    M   +61 419 496 131  



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steve jenkin | 26 Jul 09:34 2014

[clug] Small format Intel boxes. Any war stories or recommendations?

Anyone give me advice on alternatives in the itsy bitsy PC box market?

My cousin bought a Gigabyte BRIX for his sister, sent me this 8min Youtube video:

here’s a random website with a few models. Never bought from them, No idea of what they’re like.

They are ‘barebones’, so need DRAM and disk, adds to price.

The price range on that site, plus $45 shipping, is $180 to $1100, but quite a range in capability as well.

Higher cost models have ‘mini displayport’, which some writers call “Thunderbolt”.
Same connector and compatible adaptor & cables, but different things.
I don’t believe you can connect peripherals like Disks to “Displayport”.
While Gigabyte do seem to sell Thunderbolt motherboards, I couldn’t unpick what the BRIX provided.

I’m not a fan of yet another power brick, but that’s how they do it :(

Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
0412 786 915 (+61 412 786 915)
PO Box 48, Kippax ACT 2615, AUSTRALIA

mailto:sjenkin@... http://members.tip.net.au/~sjenkin


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steve jenkin | 25 Jul 02:53 2014

[clug] Story: Fijian Resort complex loses a single disk: business process stops for 1-2 days

Another story I contributed last night about running “servers”, but only half-remembered :(
The story, maybe provided by the Data Recovery business, of a Hero Admin dealing with a dead disk.

I’d presume it was a Windows Server and their main DB was on a hardware RAID (3xRAID-5) and the
“configuration” was stored on the system disk, provided using Software/LVM to mirror two drives. I
don’t believe two drives failed together, I’ve seen failed RAID drives left operating, unnoticed,
for many months, possibly over a year. It’d be more likely the Admins didn’t notice the original
RAID-1 drive fail. [But correlated “bad batch” drive failures are known, not impossible. All fail
within 2 weeks.]


Backups had silently failed.

This may have been “good practice” in 1995-2002, but not now.
Feel free to contribute suggestions for what they should’ve done… Like dual servers, RAID-10 (4
drives not 3), and more.

Enough people on this list run servers at home, work or at a hosting site for it to be relevant.

The question posed but never answered at the meeting was:
  “how do you create a backup system, at least for ‘2nd copy of precious data’, where you _know_ if it fails”.

Just sending “it worked!” emails not only doesn’t work, you’ll end up automatically deleting
them, or if they stop coming, you won't notice  their absence after years of working… 

Setting up a Great Big Alarm is attractive, but how do you _know_ the monitor is working and working
properly? You’ve now also got to regularly test the Great Big Alarm.
False/stuck instrument readings and burnt-out indicator lamps have brought down many planes, this is a
widespread problem.
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steve jenkin | 25 Jul 02:33 2014

[clug] Dangers of Backups for servers

Last night Paul Wayper was talking about backups, I mentioned a 2011 hack that I couldn't properly remember:
 - 4 servers
 - 4,800 clients, many without copies of their websites.
 - company: Distribute.IT

The RAID storage on the servers continued working, but someone deleted all data.
 [the website was defaced too, it wasn’t “rm -rf /“]

The attacker had been in previously and turned off backups [the link to the discussion] and this somehow
become “everything gone”. Did they have no off-line copies? Never seen a good description of why the
attack could succeed.
[Anyone seen one?]

Nobody was ever charged, presumably because all evidence (logs) was wiped along with Client Data.


 “Our greatest fears have been confirmed that not only was the production data erased during the attack,
but also key backups, snapshots and other information that would allow us to reconstruct these Servers
from the remaining data,” the company said in its last blog post.

Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
0412 786 915 (+61 412 786 915)
PO Box 48, Kippax ACT 2615, AUSTRALIA

mailto:sjenkin@... http://members.tip.net.au/~sjenkin


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Gavin Jackson | 23 Jul 07:17 2014

[clug] Fwd: New meeting location (and sponsorship!)

Hi all,

With the impending renovations at JD G35, David Smith from Peoplebank has
kindly offered to host our CPUG meetings at the Peoplebank boardroom in
civic. He has also been kind enough to provide Pizza and Beer!

For many years Peoplebank have generously supported local user groups here
in Canberra (including the Canberra Java Users Group).

Peoplebank are situated in Civic, so should be quite convenient for ANU
folk, and being more central should attract more people from within the

People Bank
7-9 Moore St
Canberra ACT 2601


Starting with our meeting next month (6pm Thursday 6th August), all future
meetings will be held here. There will be a door bell located at the
entrance, ring that and someone will let you in!

Next months meeting details are here:


You can sign up to the G+ community here:
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