George at Clug | 2 Oct 01:25 2014

[clug] Seeking FOSS Hypervisor and Management GUI

     So far I have always created VMs and servers with all files in
the one partition. I have not understood any usefulness for having
separate partitions. My main concern is that I do not know how large
to make the partitions and fear they will fill up as updates are
installed. Some operating systems are like that.  I have one
application that wants to install itself to /usr/share and thus takes
up space I would not have necessarily provided for.  From my limited
understanding, it is /var/log and in particularly /home that are known
to grow large, where as I would expect the other directories (what
should I call them?) like /etc /bin /sbin, etc will only increase
slightly, if at all. I guess partitioning would be a topic of its own.

$ virsh snapshot-list

As for FOSS Hypervisor and Management GUI, my efforts for installing
Virt-Manager 1.1 seemed to have not completely succeeded. When
attempting to use my installation of Virt-Manager 1.1 I found that
there was no Connect/Disconnect for the CDROM, thus I could not add or
remove CD/DVDs or ISOs of CD/DVDs.  In the end I uninstalled and
reinstall Virt-Manager 0.10 which then left me with no GUI for
managing snapshots.

I have yet to try restoring from snapshots or consolidating snapshots,
however I have now used the command line to take snapshots (took a
while for the first snapshot to be taken).  I tried to take a
snapshot of a powered down raw image but of course it would not do
this, the image has to be Qcow2. I also took a live snapshot and a
snapshot of the VM when it was shutdown.

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George at Clug | 30 Sep 15:02 2014

[clug] Virt-Manager & snapshots Vs Xen

I was using KVM with Virt-Manager under Centos 7 and Debian Wheezy and
when I went to take a snapshot of a 6 TB server before applying
updates, and found that there was no snapshot support. For me
snapshots are a base requirement for any virtual machine. For example,
before applying any updates to a virtual server, take snapshot,
install updates, test running software to see nothing as broken,
delete snapshot while consoldiating image, or if the changes cause
issues, roll back the image to the snapshot and live without the
updates until you can apply them without causing issues.

Searching on the Internet I discovered that Virt-Manager >= version
1.0 can take snapshots if the image is qcow2.
The biggest feature we added in virt-manager 1.0 is VM snapshot
support. ... Only works with qcow2 disk images. ... While the overlay
files have to be qcow2, these snapshots will work with any base disk
image. They can also be performed with very little VM downtime, at
least under a second. 

When checking both Debian Jessie and CentOS 7, I discovered that
Virt-Manager was < version 1.0, so using standard packages was not
going to be a useful solution. I will be pleased with these OSs
upgrade to a virt-manager that can support snapshots,but it could be a
long while away.

Going to the Virt-Manager home page, I downloaded the latest verison
of the source code, "virt-manager 1.1.0 Sunday September 07, 2014",
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Paul Rands | 30 Sep 06:24 2014

[clug] 2nd drive and auto mountiing

Hi Guys, 

I have a PC running Linux Mint Mate 17 and have a small
dilemma I have yet to solve via forums. 

I have both the Dropbox and
Copy agents running on my PC, and they are pointing to folders on a 1TB
drive installed on the machine, rather than the default boot drive
(which is a small hybrid drive). 

The problem I get is these agents
won't see their respective folders until I open up the file manager and
start browsing the folders and files. 

I have been looking at forums
and tried a few things including changing settings using the Disks GUI
and also manually changing the config files in an editor to auto mount
this drive but get nowhere. I have tried both naming the volume without
and with spaces and haven't had any change either. 

Any ideas on what I
should be doing to solve this? It's one of a small handful of issues
that are preventing enjoyment of using Mint, and probably the most

Thanks in advance, as always 


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cfp | 29 Sep 05:40 2014

[clug] Ruxcon 2014 Security Conference


Ruxcon is Australia's premier technical computer security conference, held at the CQ Function Centre in Melbourne.

Ruxcon brings together the best and the brightest security talent in the Australia-Pacific region
through live presentations, activities, and demonstrations. This year we also feature a fantastic
line-up with several high-profile international speakers.

Ruxcon 2014 will be held on the weekend of the 11th of October to the 12th of October. Doors open at 8:00am and
the first presentation commences at 9:00am.

There are a limited number of tickets available and they are going very quickly. Please register via the
Ruxcon website to ensure that you don't miss out:

For more information, please visit

1.  Safecracking on a Budget - Jay Davis and Luke Jahnke
2.  Software Defined Radness: HackRF meets +613 - y011 & liamosaur
3.  Windows ShellBags Forensics in Depth - Vincent Lo
4.  Portal Masquerade: Traffic Analysis Resistant Communications - Ryan Lackey
5.  APT PenTesting Framework - Writing Zero Days for Security - Sean Park
6.  Let's Talk About SOAP Baby, Let's Talk About UPNP - Ricky Lawshae
7.  EMET 5.0: Armor Or Curtain - Rene Freingruber
8.  Homebrew Incident Response - Mimeframe & Mcgrew
9.  Ransomware: A Study of Evolution - Peter Szabo
10. BIOS and Secure Boot Attacks Uncovered - John Loucaides
11. Android Forensics: The Joys of JTAG - tty0x80
12. Cyber Necromancy: Reverse Engineering Dead Protocols - Matthew Halchyshak & Joseph Tartaro
13. Bitcoin Transaction Malleability Theory In Practical - Daniel Chechik
14. International Voicemail Security and Bypassing 2FA for Fun and Profit - Shubham Shah
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rusking | 27 Sep 20:29 2014

[clug] How can I make changes in resolv.conf permanent in RHEL6.3

Hi,everyone. When I added DOMAIN entry to /etc/resolv.conf, after a reboot or
restart the network, the  changes might revert to the original settings,and
the entry of "domain" is missing.
# Generated by NetworkManager
domain //this entry lost after I reboot the machine or restart
the network.
Here is the file of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
PEERDNS=no //even I changed No to Yes,It's not work.
DOMAIN="" //I removed this entry or changed to
"",It's not ok.
The service of dhcpd is stopped. 
Is there a way to  make changes permanently. 
Any help is much appreciated.

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Carlo Hamalainen | 27 Sep 13:11 2014

Re: [clug] Security talk and the bash 'shellshock' vulnerability


The gift that keeps on giving...

$ cat <<EOF >
cat /dev/null

$ chmod a+x
$ env cat='() { echo rm -rf /; }' ./

This will echo rm -fr /.

Carlo Hamalainen


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Paul Wayper | 26 Sep 14:41 2014

[clug] Security talk and the bash 'shellshock' vulnerability

Hi all,

Last night we had (what I thought was) a really good discussion of computer
security.  We roamed from the general observations about whether it is
indeed possible to prevent anything from being attacked, to the specific
question of ways to be secure when using your computer (in short: use Linux,
keep anything you use to access the internet up to date, and be sceptical).
 I also discovered that the new top box on my motorbike can fit seven pizzas
and three garlic breads :-)

We also talked about the fortuitously timed[1] bash 'shellshock'
vulnerability.  It's a complex beast, since it's difficult to exploit but
some of the things that can be exploited are exactly the kind of
internet-facing web service that are already under attack.  My own
understanding is that unless you're running a web server on your home
machine, then you're really not likely to get attacked with this any time soon.

But, as it came up in conversation at work today, and because I know Bob
will be asking "What about SELinux" :-), I thought I'd mention Dan Walsh's
excellent review of what SELinux can and cannot prevent in this attack:

Have fun,

Matthew Dormer | 26 Sep 13:40 2014

[clug] Finally posted the job on Seek

Hay all.

The job I mentioned a last month has finally gone online at Seek. Sorry 
for the delay.

Thanks to those who sent through their resumes.  I have forwarded it 
onto the recruitment team.



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414 757 664
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Relations (RTO no. 88021), and is a member of the Australian Council for 
Private Education and Training.
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| Canberra Campus: 02406F
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intended only for the use of the addressee(s).
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immediately and destroy the original message
without reading, copying or forwarding it to anyone.
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Bryan Kilgallin | 26 Sep 07:35 2014

[clug] Windows 8 parody video

{OK, back to real user interfaces, or parodies thereof. I've lived with 
Windows since the dark days of Windows 3.1. Like other users, I have my 
pet peeves. I was happy with Windows 95. I was disgruntled when I had to 
move to Windows 98. I was sort of OK with Windows 2000. I was more than 
OK with Windows XP. I never took the plunge with Windows Vista. I was 
very happy with Windows 7. And then they introduced Windows 8, which 
leads us to this video <>.
There's a line where the presenter says something like, "Windows 8 is 
designed to be natively unusable with mouse, trackball, trackpad …" All 
I can say is that I'm laughing through my tears.}



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linux <at>
Paul Wayper | 23 Sep 00:00 2014

[clug] September Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

	Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 25th September 2014

Date:		25th September 2014 (Fourth Thursday of the month)

Time:		19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Speaker:	Paul Wayper

		It's security time! 
		One inescapable fact of life with a modern system is
		security. How do you use your computer and all your
		devices, and get access to your information, without
		other people being able to listen in, tamper with or
		destroy things? 
		This meeting will be a round-table of security issues as
		they apply to Linux. How to keep your system secured,
		how to spot the attackers' traces and entry points, and
		how to not lock yourself out accidentally! 

Venue:		Room N101
		Computer Science and Information Technology Building
		North Road
		The Australian National University

		See for more directions and a map

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Carlo Hamalainen | 22 Sep 16:55 2014

[clug] Happiness on Android is a full Debian chroot


I just discovered Lil' Debian and figured some other people on the list
might be interested:

Lil' Debian repository:

My notes:

The nice thing is that Lil' Debian sets up sshd so once you start the
image you can ssh to port 22 on the phone. It also automatically mounts
the Android file system so you can poke around with everything.

Carlo Hamalainen


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