George at Clug | 28 Aug 01:10 2014

[clug] August Canberra Linux Users Group meeting 28th August - George's system

    Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 28th August 2014
Date:28th August 2014 (Fourth Thursday of the month)  Time:19:00 -
21:00 (or when it finishes)


For those who are interested, I have written a short five slide
overview of a pet topic of mine, The Linux Small Business Server.
Tonight I will show some of the hardware that I have been using to
research and trial one possible concept for a Linux Small Business

LinuxSmallBusinessServerPresentation.odp [1]  (possible until

LinuxSmallBusinessServerPresentation.pdf [2]  (possible until

To keep the info limited to five slides, the presentation is very high
level, but it should be a good starting point for later discussions.

If people find any of this of personal interest and would like to
follow along with me as I further develop these ideas over the next
year or so, please reply back.  I am interested in listening to ideas
that others would have, about the software that they have found
useful, etc.

If the CLUG group is interested, maybe some of these areas could be
good topics for CLUG ?
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Paul Wayper | 26 Aug 00:00 2014

[clug] August Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

	Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 28th August 2014

Date:		28th August 2014 (Fourth Thursday of the month)

Time:		19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Speaker:	Paul Wayper

		It's demo time! 
		At the July meeting George suggested he could bring the
		server he's been working on to the meeting. Other people
		suggested they'd like to show their machines off too,
		and others still wanted to see what people were using
		and how they had their systems set up. 
		So bring in your Linux system - small or large, modest
		or outrageous, homely or high powered - and give us a
		short (five minute) talk-through of your system: what
		you use it for, what you've got installed and any things
		you've done to customise it to your tastes. 

Venue:		Room N101
		Computer Science and Information Technology Building
		North Road
		The Australian National University

		See for more directions and a map
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George at Clug | 24 Aug 04:30 2014

[clug] Network UPS Tools installation


Have you had experience in installing UPS for Linux ?  I would be
interested in any information you may have on how to get NUT working
with a UPS.  It seems that I may now be able to achieve this, however
finding complete installation instructions has not be easy. In fact I
have not been able find any.

If you have not as yet set up UPS for your servers (home or business),
and would like to, please let me know as I would like to share the
information that I have gained. 

My goal is to set up UPS on Debian Wheezy and CentOS 6.6/7.0.

I have two UPS devices, one an Eaton E5, the other is a KStar UPS.

After much frustration, reading, etc, the installation is finally at
this stage where the ups driver control can connect to the UPS (this
is kind like the fist step in the process, but has been challenging to
get to this point)
# /usr/local/ups/sbin/upsdrvctl start
Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.7.2
Network UPS Tools - Generic HID driver 0.38 (2.7.2)
USB communication driver 0.32
Using subdriver: MGE HID 1.33

The main issue I was experiencing is that the upsdrvctl was unable to
own the usb port into which the UPS was connected. 
[1] explained how to set up the hotplug foder in Debian.
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Keith | 22 Aug 10:02 2014

Re: [clug] CLUG

On Wednesday 20 August 2014 George asked :

> Are you interested in Linux for home use, 

     This fits me.  I am a user not a specialist so tend to lurk rather than 
participate in the list, but on a few occasions when I have had a problem I 
have been most appreciative of the help I have received following a posted  

and Paul Rands made a passing comment :

 > ......  running the Windows version of the app via Wine. 

     FWIW I have found the DOS Emulator to be good for enabling me to still 
use a very old but well featured genealogy package.  I imagine it could go on 
to Windows software.

Keith Sayers                                           keith@...
6 Clambe Place

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Paul Rands | 21 Aug 05:53 2014

[clug] Slightly OT: Smartphone Suggestions

Hi Guys, 

I am due for a new phone in the next month or two. And
looking for some direction from other users as to what to go and look

The current contracted phone is a Sony Xperia Go. Except this
thing has proven to be a piece of crap. Annoying slow, crap battery life
(at best 2/3 of the day with useable charge), crap camera and clunky
button and socket locations. Also PC manager only supports Windows and
OSX. It now is stuck in a constant rebooting loop that I can't seem to
bypass. I was initially keen on the phone because it was the only
smartphone on offer at the time that was dustproof and water resistant,
it also weighs half that of the iPhone I was replacing. I was interested
in the Sony because of the past performance of my Sony Ericsson /
Ericsson phones from the past. 

The current phone is the old iPhone 4 I
replaced with the Sony. It works fine using the current iOS and I get
1.5 days of battery from full charge. It's a little sluggish, but not
unbearably. That said it's heavy, the camera isn't that great and the
home button has clagged out and it's becoming end of life for iOS
updates as well. I reverted back to this when I left IT and had to hand
back my company issued iPhone 4S. The biggest thing I miss from the 4S
is how well Siri worked for sending voice generated SMS and email and
accurate voice dialling from the home screen. 

So far I have been
looking at the Nexus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy 4 Mini or the 5. But I
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Paul Rands | 19 Aug 05:34 2014

Re: [clug] how to use traceroute (now: iinet performance)

On 2014-08-19 10:52, Steve Barnes wrote: 

>> Indeed -
copper-cable-over-the-fence-to-the-exchange ADSL2+ speeds. Aka
"what you're paying for".
> Kryten: "ahh, smug mode" [1]

I miss my
connection I had in Bunbury WA. It was with Westnet, who were
wholesaling Optus at the time for ADSL2. The phone line in my flat
hadn't been used for over a decade, and the connection cut off in the
pit. The Telstra contractor tech that came to install it said he had to
make a new connection, and it was to the Optus fibre cable installed in
the street a couple of years before, in anticipation for the big
Centrelink building a few doors up. He said in the end Centrelink didn't
connect via it, and it's sat unused in that time. He also told me that
my connection was the only connection to the that fibre, and I also just
happened to be 400 metres from the exchange. Let's just say I had the
best connection I've ever used, both at work or in the office as a
result. It was also paired up with a Perth landline number prefix, not a
Bunbury one which I thought was odd. 

Not entirely sure of the accuracy
of what old mate was telling me, but I haven't come close to line
quality for both voice and data that is as good as it was there. 

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Bob Edwards | 18 Aug 10:15 2014

[clug] hostap-able USB WiFi dongles in Canberra

I am looking to replace my aging WRT54G and would prefer to use a USB
dongle on a laptop for a variety of reasons. And, I prefer not to buy
off the 'web if/when I can help it, even if it means spending a little

So, can anyone recommend a USB WiFi dongle they have bought from a store
in Canberra recently that is capable of hostap or whatever I need to
have it run as a WPA2-compatible WAP?


Bob Edwards.

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Hugh Blemings | 18 Aug 06:23 2014

[clug] [JOBS] A short term and long term Linux sysadmin role in the offing


I've had the slightly bemusing circumstance of two different friends 
contact me looking for two slightly different Linux sysadmin style roles 
all in a matter of two days... :)

One is short term - basically migrate services run on an existing Linux 
server over to a new box freshly installed with a suitable distro.

It's a dev box so you'll need to know what to do with jenkins, svn, trac 
and the like.  Once migration is complete there will be a need for 
ongoing maintenance.

Other is likely longer term, but may require shift work and is a bit 
more programming centric - scripting, general sysadmin etc.

It will probably not work out for one person to do both roles BTW...

Neither company is a FOSS company per-se buy IMHO do interesting work 
and use Linux to accomplish that.  Nor have I actually worked for them 
myself, but know the people involved to be good folk :)

If you're interested drop me an email off list.



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Mike Carden | 17 Aug 23:55 2014

[clug] EMF Camp (slightly off topic)

I just read about this amazing looking hacker camp in the UK:

It would be a wonderful thing to have in this part of the world too.


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Paul Wayper | 12 Aug 00:00 2014

[clug] August CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group meeting

	CLUG Programmers' Special Interest Group Meeting - 14th August 2014

Date:		14th August 2014 (Second Thursday of the month)

Time:		19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Currently there are no talks scheduled. Would anyone like to volunteer?

Venue:		Room N101
		Computer Science and Information Technology Building
		North Road
		The Australian National University

		See for more directions and a map

Food/drink:	Pizza and soft drink/juice. Come hungry and bring 
		about $6 to cover the cost of your share if you want 

If you would like to give a talk at a future meeting, please email me.


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Chris Smart | 11 Aug 09:15 2014

[clug] JOBS: Java developer and C developer

We're looking for people to fill two permanent full-time positions to
work on Linux based products, immediate start.

- Java developer
- C developer

NV1 clearance is required, so existing clearance or ability to undergo
one is mandatory (Australian citizens only).

I don't have any visibility on pay scale, but it's negotiable.

Email me offline (preferably with your resume) if you're interested or
have any questions and I can send you the job description.


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