Tony Breeds | 22 Apr 09:34 2015

[clug] CLUG Meeting - 23 April 2015

Sorry for the late notice.

Also I need to apologise as I'll be absent.

Canberra Linux Users Group Meeting - 23 April 2015

Date:          23 April 2015 (Fourth Thursday of the month)

Time:          19:00 - 21:00 (or when it finishes)

Speaker:       Group Discussion

Abstract:      Ditching Big Vendors.

               These days everyone wants your data, Google, Apple and Facebook
               to name a few.  The focus of this discussion will be around
               several points.
                - Is this a bad thing? Why?
                - So you want to get you data away from $company how do you do it?
                - How do you stay "out"

Venue:         Room N101
               Computer Science and Information Technology Building
               North Road
               The Australian National University

               See for more directions and a map

Food/drink:    Pizza and soft drink/juice. Come hungry, and bring
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Leonard Low | 21 Apr 07:55 2015

[clug] Fwd: Positions Available at OzLabs

Dear CLUGgers,

I'll be attending the meeting on Thursday, if anyone would like more
information on this opportunity. I'll also bring dead-tree versions of the
following advertisement.  Our team's work is "Powering" up, and we are
looking for *several experienced developers; as well as 2x Graduate, and 2x
(final year) Intern positions. *

This is a terrific chance to work in an energetic, world class team on some
awesome new open source products.



*Several Positions Available:*

*Open Source Linux Developers*

 Would you like to be paid to write open source code, working on
cutting-edge technologies in one of the world's best open source
development teams? IBM OzLabs has a distinguished history and some
outstanding past and current members; and is currently looking for highly
skilled, enthusiastic team members interested in joining our exciting,
successful projects.



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Hal Ashburner | 21 Apr 02:39 2015

[clug] Linux GUI prog to test latex

I'm after something like this but for offline use

Anyone know of things?

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jm | 20 Apr 06:38 2015

[clug] Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective

As the list was talking about book recommendations for Linux
Administration I thought I'd mention this one I just came across. Not an
administration book. The positive reviews prompted me to post this (Have
not read this myself).

Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 2/E (CS:APP2e)
Randal E. Bryant and David R. O'Hallaron, Carnegie Mellon University

Book's website

Amazon for the reviews

There are PDFs of this book freely available. For example,



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Simon Oxwell | 19 Apr 15:00 2015

[clug] OT: Clearing out old stuff

Hi all,

Doing a bit of a clean out and looking to sell a bunch of kit which may or
may not be of interest to anyone. Marked off-topic, as it clearly is.
(although the XBox does run Linux ;)

If you're interested in anything, drop me a line. I should be able to make
it to CLUG on Thursday if there's anything you want to take off my hands.

XBox (Original generation) - $40
It's been softmodded (Rocky5's 2014 Softmod v1.1) and is currently run
XBMC4Box 3.5 (released October 2014), so suitable as a HTPC (but only SD
video), but still plays XBox games. I've put on a couple of emulators for
older console, and there's a linux install that can be bootstrapped as
well. (very old, based on Debian Sarge).

* XBox console
* 'S' XBox Gamepad
* Two games: Project Gotham Racing and Mechassult (if you ever need to mod
it again)
* DVD Dongle and Remote
* Homemade USB to XBox adapter cable (also if you ever need to mod it again)

It's all in good condition, and comes in its original packaging. There's
also a third party gamepad in the box (MadCatz), but part of its cable got
sacrificed to make the USB cable.

DVX555U Digital Set Top Box  - $10
Has coax in/out, composite and component video out and a SPDIF digital
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Chris Smart | 19 Apr 12:50 2015

[clug] TextSecure, GPLv3 encrypted chat for Android

I know that a few CLUG members already use this, but it seems good
software so I thought I'd mention it in case others aren't aware.

TextSecure is a free software, OTR based chat program[1] that uses
end-to-end encryption (Curve25519, AES-256, HMAC-SHA256) with perfect
forward secrecy. It's available on Android[2] and also on iOS (called

Originally it supported encryption of SMS as well as chat, however this
has recently been removed[2] (unencrypted SMS support remains though).

For chat, registration is required. This sends a hash of your phone
number to the WhisperPush server (although in theory you could run your
own). Your contact list details are also hashed, this way the client
running on your phone can know who is running TextSecure without leaking
your contact list.

Previously, the Android version required Google Play Services for push
notifications,[3] however they recently added WebSockets support and now
handle that themselves. Unfortunately, Google Play Services is still
used for wake up events.

I compiled an older version from source a while back and it ran just
fine in SMS only mode on a phone without Google Apps installed. I
haven't checked how the new version would run with chat on such a phone.

They are also working on a cross-platform browser client[4].

WhisperSystems also provides a GPLv3 end-to-end encrypted SIP client
(using ZRTP), called RedPhone[5] (bundled with Signal on iOS).
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Kim Holburn | 19 Apr 04:47 2015

[clug] syncing with android directly without large corporations

Hi All,

I'd like to be able to sync my laptop with an android phone without any data going to servers owned by large
companies.  It seems quite difficult.  All these companies want my private data to go through their
servers.  Does anyone do this?  Has anyone done this?  

My laptop is currently a Mac but a linux solution would be acceptable too.

My ancient phone died recently and I am looking at getting an android phone, although I find that the
inability to control what apps can do on android is infuriating to the point of being a deal breaker.

Kim Holburn
IT Network & Security Consultant
T: +61 2 61402408  M: +61 404072753
mailto:kim@...  aim://kimholburn
skype://kholburn - PGP Public Key on request 


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Stephen Hocking | 19 Apr 01:39 2015

[clug] Make your own smartphone - raspberry pi & 3D printing thrown in for good measure!

It's 2G only at this point (where are some nice cheap 3G radios?), but
outside of some binary blobs (to load the OS) it's all open.

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Andrew Janke | 18 Apr 14:20 2015

[clug] For the Ubuntu-ites

If, like me, you (grudgingly) persist with Unity because its the
"right thing to do" and despite trying many other options still
haven't found one to scratch all your itches just right...

   $ sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

Log-out, select, log-in.

No idea why it took me so long to find this.


ps: yes I have tried MATE, Xubuntu, kubuntu, .....

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Bryan Kilgallin | 16 Apr 04:44 2015

[clug] OT Library books

I'm a relative newby to Linux. And I was told to read up. But being a 
pensioner I am cash-constrained! So I borrowed library books. Which I 
started reading in February.

I have also described that tome's second book.

And I borrowed a book on embedded Linux. Reading which I found hard!

The ACT Library catalogue is limited on entry-level Linux!

So what books should ACT Libraries buy?



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Bryan Kilgallin | 15 Apr 14:48 2015

[clug] Secure net admin

I hereby summarise Book 3 of Doug Lowe's tome "Networking All-in-one For 
Dummies", 4th Edition. Though I looked up terminology, the ten chapters 
seemed readable.

The first subject was the network administrator's duties, abilities and 

Then there were various approaches to security. Which subject hadn't 
been on the syllabus when had I taught information systems in what is 
now Enid Cowan University!

As I had been a single user of OS X, so I was ignorant of the attributes 
of user accounts.

Long ago a TV station had interviewed me about anti-hacker legislation. 
Instead this textbook recommends firewalls and virus protection for a 
Windows network.

I wasn't familiar with virtual private networks (VPNs). And managing 
corporate Windows licenses looked complicated!

Network performance needed tweaking. And failures needed fixing.

There were many varieties of tape backup. As well as business continuity 
to plan and disaster recovery to practise!


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