Paul Wilson | 30 May 11:31 2015

[clug] Wifi cards

I  wanted to extend my wifi in the another part of the house, so I thought
I would install a wifi card on my mythtv box.
So I assume the networking part would be straight forward?
Any advice on the hardware side, any device brand I should avoid?
Internal card or usb an option?

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Paul Rands | 29 May 04:30 2015

[clug] Memory issues

Hi Guys, 

I wanted to try here first before I waste hours Googling
and trawling umpteen forums with a problem with memory running out. 

have an AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor system, quad core, running at
3 GHz. 6 GB RAM. Oodles of hard disk space. Linux Mint Mate 17. 

I am
finding whenever I have GIMP or Chrome running for long periods I tend
to suddenly run low on memory and the machine is busy swapping to hard
disk all the time. Sometimes I can recover by closing some tabs or
programs other times the computer eventually hangs. 

I have found
Chrome sometimes doesn't close its tab instances properly when checking
in the System Monitor. 

I am hoping for some suggestions / ideas, that
might help resolve things. I use Chrome because it keeps everything in
one account and one browser across Linux, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and

Thanks in advance 


Paul Rands
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Bryan Kilgallin | 28 May 11:38 2015

[clug] Three turned up

At 19:06 today, I met David and Brenton. They had given up and were leaving.



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Tony Breeds | 28 May 08:04 2015

[clug] CLUG Meeting - 28 Mayil 2015

Hi All,
    I have to apologise.  My phone just told me that there is a CLUG meeting
tonight[1].  For in-adequate reasons I have failed to arrange a speaker for
tonight.  Also for a different set of in-adequate reasons I'm unable to be
there tonight.

There is a *very slim* chance that Jan-Christoph Kuester from NICTA may show up
with an awesome sounding presentation about "Monitoring real Android malware".
If he does it's due to his flexibility rather than any organisation on my
part.  In the probable scenario that you're "on your own" tonight was supposed
to be "PSIG content".

Many apologies
[1] Which was very nice of it but a little more notice would have been nice.

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Simon Oxwell | 27 May 10:05 2015

[clug] Alternate Router Firmwares

Hi all,

I'm looking at replacing the firmware on my home wireless router (Netgear
WNDR3700v2) with something a little more open, flexible and actually
updated (vendor seems to have moved on). not to mention I'd like something
a less black-boxy when trying to diagnose wireless slowdowns.

I'm looking at OpenWRT over DD-WRT at the moment (OpenWRT seems to be more
maintained, and I've found easy instructions for running a local DNS on it).

Has anyone done this and have any opinions on which would be the better
alternate firmware? There does seem to be a fair few choices.


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steve jenkin | 24 May 05:11 2015

[clug] [OT] Open Access publishing on Radio National

For those of you with time and codecs to listen to MP3’s, this is a very good 
Starts with Medical Journal of Australia giving them magazine to Elsevier, the sacking of Prof Leeder as
Editor and mass resignations elsewhere.

Most cogent argument I’ve heard for disassembling the Academic Monopoly Publishing paywalls,
especially in Medical Research.

"The Internet Changes Everything” - but only if people are motivated to stand up and act in their own interests.

High degree of cross-over in these arguments to Open Source and I.P. ‘protections’, especially Software.


Big Deals in the knowledge business: how scholarly publishing divides academia


Sunday 24 May 2015 12:05PM

Rear Vision explores why the world of scholarly communication has become so divided over the control ,
access and cost of knowledge. 

The outsourcing of the production of the Medical journal of Australia has divided medical researchers
because of the sacking of the editor in chief , Professor Stephen Leeder. 

At the centre of the controversy is multinational Elsevier Publishing. Elsevier is one of the big four
global publishers that dominate the STM industry- Science, Technology and Medical publishing.

Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
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Jeff NotTelling | 20 May 12:05 2015

[clug] Keyboard Oddness

G'Day all,

Whilst not strictly (I think) a Linux issue, I am puzzled by a new
development with my laptop keyboard, as it doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Laptop is running Kubuntu 15.04, for the last few weeks (upgraded from
14.10), all ok, now in the last couple of days the following issue has

- All keys on the keyboard work when using LOWER case
- When using the LEFT hand shift key the A, B and N keys produce nothing,
all other keys behave as expected with the LEFT shift key
- When using the RIGHT shift key, all keys work as expected, including the
A, B and N keys
- When using CAPS Lock, all keys work as expected.

Has anyone any ideas on this?  To me, if the alpha-numeric keys work, AND
the shift key works (for some keys) why would it not work for all?

I have tried a new profile, just in case it was some weird keyboard
assignment getting in the way, with the same behaviour.

I have not yet tried booting of a CD/USB, but that is probably my next step.

Just thought the collective here may have some suggestions, even if it is
pointing out that my assumptions of "if a key works it works" is wrong.


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Andrew Janke | 19 May 03:25 2015

[clug] SSH + X11 forwarding.

Can someone please educate me as to what I'm missing, I thought I'd
done all the right things.

Two Ubuntu 14.04 installs, I want to get X11 forwarding over ssh. This
sort of stuff used to just work, no doubt the answer is staring me in
the face, I just can't see it right now.

Have done:

1. apt-get install xbase-clients  (both)

2. added

   ForwardAgent yes
   ForwardX11 yes
   ForwardX11Trusted yes

to /etc/ssh/ssh_config on both.

3. added

   X11Forwarding yes
   X11DisplayOffset 10

to /etc/ssh/sshd_config on both.

$ ssh -X me <at> host
Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.
$ xterm
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steve jenkin | 18 May 08:04 2015

[clug] [OT] Any LA or CLUG reaction to the new ALP Policy

Any interest in either Linux Australia or CLUG on this “let’s teach coding!”.
Seems like it would connect well with FOSS and other local teaching ICT initiatives [recently on-list and
“Outback Joe”]

The embedded notion in the ALP policy is “there’s one ‘language’”.
Don’t agree.

ALP Policy - Partnering Intel and ‘'

Alan Kay, TED talk, Aug 2008. 10:45min

Alan Kay and his Viewpoints Institute.

Steve Jenkin, IT Systems and Design 
0412 786 915 (+61 412 786 915)
PO Box 48, Kippax ACT 2615, AUSTRALIA

mailto:sjenkin <at>


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linux <at>
Joel.Cowey | 13 May 08:09 2015

[clug] [OT] ICT in Schools

It's been a while since I have reminded the list about ICT in Schools partnerships.
If you are interested in helping the next generation get their head around IT then consider volunteering
for the program.
We now have a range of projects that you can become involved in such as working with Arduinos or making an
autonomous vehicle from an RC car.

A few CLUG members have signed up and I am pretty sure they are enjoying it so far. 
For more info give me a call or sign up at

Joel Cowey
ICT Partnerships and Projects Coordinator | Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools
E joel.cowey@... T +61 2 6276 6046 M 0400 607042 


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Bryan Kilgallin | 13 May 07:14 2015

[clug] Internet Protocol

Here ends my review of Doug Lowe's "Networking All-in-one For Dummies", 
fourth edition. Whereby I read most of book four.

First came a plethora of Internet terminology. Then I read the technical 
nitty-gritty of IP addresses. There was a chapter on Dynamic Host 
Configuration Protocol (DHCP). And chapter four outlined the main 
features of Domain Name Server (DNS).

That's as far as I got, before needing to return the tome to a library!



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