Mark Saad | 20 Nov 21:05 2014

[talk] Ask Slashdot: Workaday Software For BSD On the Desktop?

Check it out,


Mark Saad | mark.saad <at>
Christos Zoulas | 20 Nov 20:33 2014

[talk] Creating a test lab for OpenSource Operating Systems


I was asked by George to post here. Some folks at NetBSD have been
toying with the idea to provide a set of test machines that are
internet accessible for testing, performance, and comparison
purposes. Since we (NetBSD) don't have any more hosting space
available, we are asking if nycbug is interested in hosting such
a beast.

The idea is to have a bunch of machines with identical hardware
running different OS's (Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Illumos, etc.) so
that we can compare performance and behavior. We would probably
make the machines netboot standardized images, and people could
reserve time on them to do their work. When the work is completed
people would check the machines back to the pool and any local
changes would be destroyed.

NetBSD can provide some of the hardware (there are lots of decent
machines on E-bay for not a lot of money).

I think that having such as setup would be useful to people for
interoperatibility, compatibility and performance testing.


James E Keenan | 20 Nov 00:47 2014

[talk] Ambiguity in [announce]

The post on [announce] today re holiday party included this:

We haven't yet planned a meeting for Dec 7, but are considering
something informal

Should that have been (Wed) Dec 03?  or Dec 10?

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan
George Rosamond | 18 Nov 15:03 2014

[talk] $1m donation to FreeBSD

Just as we're finally wrapping up the February con money and donating a
whopping $1109.25 to each of the four BSD projects, we are outdone.

The founder of WhatsApp donated $1m to the FreeBSD Foundation.

Matthew Story | 17 Nov 22:34 2014

[talk] The Move from Linux to FreeBSD

Pretty good post on how and (more importantly) why to get started with FreeBSD:

<div><div dir="ltr">
<div>Pretty good post on how and (more importantly) why to get started with FreeBSD:</div>
<a href=""></a><div>
<div><br></div>-- <br><div class="gmail_signature">regards,<br>matt</div>
Steve | 9 Nov 04:58 2014

[talk] LibreSSL

Suggestion: a discussion of LibreSSL, and how it differs from OpenSSL, 
at an upcoming meet might be in order...

Mark Saad | 6 Nov 06:10 2014

[talk] Ike try bsdrp in place of pfsense

  Like I said in your talk try bsdrp . It's 10-stable before 10.1 . You can roll your own bits as needed .
Mark saad | mark.saad <at> 
George Rosamond | 23 Oct 04:30 2014

[talk] meeting space

We tentatively has space sorted out for the November and December meetings.

Note that the December meeting will be focused on the new edition of the
Design and Implementation of FreeBSD with GNN himself.   We'll likely
have food and/or drinks covered.  Yes, and December will also include
the city-wide holiday party again.

However, we need to find something for January on.

The type of spot we have been searching for is a separate room at a
restaurant or bar.   We have focused on downtown since it tends to be an
area that quiets down after 7 pm, and is convenient for a lot of people.
 Yes, we miss Suspenders more than ever.

We hit some spots on Stone Street, but the search needs to widen.

We have pinged the list before about this, but please send some ideas,
recommendations, whatever.  A semi-secluded private room would be
awesome.  Decent food and drink is of course ideal.  I know that the
number of people on this list with 'bar familiarity' is large... please
extend your antennae and do your part.

George Rosamond | 9 Oct 15:21 2014

[talk] Manhattan office connectivity

I raised this a while back, but I'm wondering about alternatives to the
latency ridden world of business cable providers for SMBs.

Someone had mentioned Cogent.  Over $1k for a 10mb connection.

Anybody try Megapath (who soaked up the remnants of Speakeasy)?

They push their ethernet (symmetric and asymemtric) and seem to hide
their *DSL services.

Mark Saad | 5 Oct 03:37 2014

[talk] Testing

  I am testing an issue with yahoo and the lists . 

Please ignore this email .

#1 sent at 9:37pm sat the 4th.

Mark saad | mark.saad <at> 
Mark Saad | 2 Oct 00:21 2014

[talk] Tonight

  George is at a table in the back of BLX. See you there.


Mark Saad | mark.saad <at>