George Rosamond | 22 Nov 21:13 2015

[talk] PyLadies

Not sure if others have seen this:

Pretty remarkable stuff in terms of increasing speakers and women attendees.

I can think of a few other technical communities that need such an


George Rosamond | 20 Nov 18:00 2015

[talk] Bourne meeting

It was an honor to have Stephen Bourne speak for us last night. It was a
great meeting, and the buzz reflected nicely in the conversations
afterwards.  We look forward to having him around in the future, even
just as a "fly on the wall" as he mentioned. (SRB is in the bcc)

Also, huge thanks to Patrick M. on the video streaming.  We don't know
the remote viewing numbers at this point, but his efforts go beyond what
he just does onsite--he also works out the "post-production" end so it
can be uploaded to YouTube.

For years we had failures in getting our conferences and events
recorded, and we frankly gave up. One of us argued that the only way a
conference can get recordings done and done correctly is if you hire
someone to do it.  He was the first (and last :) person to offer to
manage it, and he's done an amazing job for years.

Remember, no December meeting but there is a city-wide holiday party on
Monday, December 14th.  We'll be back to our regularly scheduled first
Wednesday of the month in January.


Isaac Levy | 20 Nov 00:23 2015

[talk] Streaming Meeting

Patrick on site, stream will begin shortly:

George Rosamond | 19 Nov 19:59 2015

[talk] NYC*BUG Tonight: Stephen R Bourne

The meeting happens tonight 645 PM at Stone Creek at 140 East 27th
Street in the backroom.

It will be streamed.  We will hit talk <at>  with the details before the meeting.

December 14th is the city-wide NYC Holiday Party at Clyde Frazier's Wine
and Dine.  There will be no NYC*BUG meeting in December.

NYLUG posted details here:

We will have an email address up soon for RSVPs.

We are working out details for 2016's meetings. Those will be posted in
the near-future.

Note the birth of some new BSD User Groups:

in New Delhi, India:

in Detroit, MI:

Michael W. Lucas | 19 Nov 01:16 2015

Re: [talk] Detroit user group

On Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 06:11:10PM -0500, Amitai Schlair wrote:
> On 18 Nov 2015, at 11:29, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> >Our Detroit BSD user group is off to a good start. Time will tell.
> >
> Cool. I'm in Detroit pretty often for work. Totally could have made it to
> yesterday's meeting. I'll miss the next one (Thursdays don't usually work
> for me) but have subscribed and will keep an eye out for January.

I screwed up on the post, it's Tuesday the 15th.

That's what happens when you simultaneously take notes & chair a


Michael W. Lucas  -  mwlucas <at>, Twitter  <at> mwlauthor,

Michael W. Lucas | 18 Nov 17:29 2015

[talk] Detroit user group


George told me to mention this here. (Actually, he said "feel free to
mention this on talk <at> ," but as George's voice always reminds me of a
young Godfather, I know what he REALLY means.)

Our Detroit BSD user group is off to a good start. Time will tell.

If anyone is condemned to pass through Detroit, and feels brave enough
to leave the airport, do stop by. We'd even reschedule meetings for
out-of-town speakers.

Thanks to George and Okan for hosting the mailing list on nycbug



Michael W. Lucas  -  mwlucas <at>, Twitter  <at> mwlauthor,

George Rosamond | 17 Nov 01:44 2015

[talk] sent for presentations

OpenBSD has misc/sent which is really simple presentation software.
Doesnt seem to be in pkgsrc or FreeBSD ports/pkgs. (hint hint)

I'm a fan of misc/magicpoint (FBSD, OBSD, pkgsrc) which has a slight
learning-curve for figuring out templates and a style sheet.

Magicpoint is also great in that it outputs to HTML and also to text,
and the language is latex-esque.

sent ( for source or is even
simpler than Magicpoint: you can't customize much at all.  The text is
generated into PNGs with each paragraph being a slide.

sent makes sense if you need to crank out something quickly with little
or no preparation time.


George Rosamond | 12 Nov 19:11 2015

[talk] Thurs, Nov 19th: Stephen R Bourne

November 19th, 18:45 PM
Special Meeting, Stephen R. Bourne
Notice: special meeting, not regular date

This will be a packed meeting, so plan to arrive early if possible.


    my history and background
    how and why we had to re write the shell
    why I wrote my own memory management
    key language design decisions
    where those ideas came from
    what was hard to get right
    system changes we made to accommodate sh
    what the rules were in UNIX group
    what would I do differently today

Speaker Bio

Steve Bourne is computer scientist who is internationally known for his
work on the UNIX operating system. While at Bell Laboratories, Steve
designed the UNIX Command Language known as the "Bourne Shell". It is
the standard command line interface to UNIX and is widely used today in
scripting in the UNIX programming environment.

Steve has a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from King's College London,
England. He has a Diploma (or Master's degree) in Computer Science and a
Ph.D. in mathematics from Trinity College, Cambridge. While at the
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory he worked on an ALGOL 68
(Continue reading)

Brett Mahar | 9 Nov 21:28 2015

Re: [talk] Washington Post article on Linus/Linux


The links browser tells me this site has an invalid security certificate :-)

George Rosamond | 26 Oct 17:48 2015

[talk] OpenBSD Tor Browser 5.0.3

For anyone interested, we at TDP ( released the
most recent version of Tor Browser for OpenBSD 5.0.3.

The README and packages are at

Thanks, and feedback welcome.


For anyone interested, we at TDP ( released the
most recent version of Tor Browser for OpenBSD 5.0.3.

The README and packages are at

Thanks, and feedback welcome.


Steven Kreuzer | 23 Oct 20:31 2015

[talk] FreeBSD on 96-core ThunderX system

This is pretty nifty. Semihalf demonstrating FreeBSD running on a 96-core Cavium ThunderX (ARMv8 architecture). v=1q5aDEt18mw
<div class="">
<span class="">This is pretty nifty.&nbsp;</span><span class="">Semihalf demonstrating FreeBSD running on a 96-core Cavium ThunderX (ARMv8 architecture).</span>
<div class=""><br class=""></div>
<a href="" class="">