Brian Callahan | 30 Sep 18:56 2014

[talk] OpenBSD 5.6 group buy?

Hi folks --

So OpenBSD 5.6 preorders are now up!

Unlike previous releases (and as mentioned previously) Austin is no 
longer handling the merchandise. Now a new (run by the 
OpenBSD Europe people in the UK) is doing it. This will mean higher 
shipping prices for us Americans (just did a shipping quote from them... 
over $10 just for one CD).

Do we want to go in on a group buy for stuff? I can coordinate from up 
here in Troy or someone can take up the banner in NYC. I'm also throwing 
this out there for the Americans in

George Rosamond | 26 Sep 14:16 2014

[talk] pfSense 2.1.5 and PCI-e wireless cards

Apparently pfSense doesn't support the wle200nx's Atheros AR9280 from
pcEngines, but with 2.2 there should be support for it since it's based
on FreeBSD 10.x.  Thus speaks  May work with
802.11b networks only.

Are there any PCI-e wireless cards anyone is using on an APU that are
compatible with 2.1.5?  I see the compatible chipset list, but am
wondering about specific cards.  And FYI, there are no USB wireless
chipsets supported by 2.1.5 AFAIK.


George Rosamond | 20 Sep 05:38 2014

[talk] some pfSense, APU notes

Posting here someone on talk <at>  or via a search engine, might find it useful.

The APU is PCEngines most recent board, replacing those well-loved Alix
boards.  They are 64-bit, and have either 2G or 4G of RAM.  mSATA SDD,
SD Card storage.

Since the APUs run hot, mounting the heat sink pad is critical.  Rumor
has it there's a few degree cooler on the mobo if you use the black case
as opposed to the other ones.

When flashing to the newest and latest BIOS, USB sticks were
unsuccessful.  I used an SD card with syslinux from, and
replaced the ROM file as per the most recent at the particular APU
product description page.

The PCEngines support forum ( can seem more
like an ugly bar fight, but hold your nose and peruse and you may find
something useful.

For pfSense on the APU with SD cards, I'm using the amd64-nanobsd version.

Over serial, pfSense needs cu/tip/minicom speed at 9600, while the APU
is set for 115200.  Setting the speed to 9600 means the BIOS information
is missed.  Setting the speed to 115200 means pfSense seems to hang at
the "choose a slice" stage, when it actually isn't.  On pfSense, console
speed can be tinkered under the System tab, then Advanced, and scroll
down to "Serial Communications."

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Sujit K M | 16 Sep 14:11 2014

[talk] Cheap Laptops/Netbook


I am on a look out for new laptops preferable running FreeBSD or OpenBSD.
I am looking for the cheapest 100$ to 500$. Preferably 100$ - 250$.
I was quite impressed with the below video.

I wanted to know whether there are resellers of Rasberry PI Portables.



-- Sujit K M

Mark Saad | 4 Sep 04:08 2014

[talk] QEMU Userspace emulation

 I read a wile ago about how the FreeBSD devs were working on getting the qemu userspace emulation working on FreeBSD.
Anyone every tried this thing out , other the say in the android dev kit ?

Here is an example for ARM64 on Linux

Mark Saad
mark.saad <at>
James E Keenan | 3 Sep 03:09 2014

[talk] rsvp link in [announce] messages

Would it be possible to include an RSVP-generating link within the 
monthly [announce] messages?

Perhaps: rsvp <at>
George Rosamond | 2 Sep 15:34 2014

[talk] Wednesday meeting

We had a last minute cancellation for the Wednesday meeting... but we're
working on putting something together.

The question for this list is:

I know after the last meeting on OpenBSD ports, there are some people
ready with ports to commit... sitting in the pipeline right now.

If you are one of them, please ping admin <at>   Note the domain is lists.

Part of the Wednesday meeting will be an update from whoever is starting
to maintain a port.

Patrick McEvoy | 28 Aug 19:12 2014

[talk] Sept meeting

Do we have plans for the Sept meeting. I would like to get the word out
/ send a tweet out before the holiday weekend.
Hope all is well.
George Rosamond | 26 Aug 18:08 2014

[talk] FreeBSD crochet & Chromebooks

Just noticed this from a git update:

I've seen a few posts from people running FreeBSD on Chromebooks...
anyone onlist?

Would be curious to hear more.

Just noticed this in dmesgd...

Brian Callahan | 9 Aug 02:54 2014

[talk] OpenBSD ports docs

Hi everyone --

Followup from Wednesday night's meeting. Here's links to the OpenBSD FAQ 
section on ports and packages as well as the OpenBSD porter's handbook. 
Remember too there is man page documentation. You'll want to start with 
ports(7), which I've linked below as well, then move on to the other man 
pages in the SEE ALSO section.

Charles Sprickman | 8 Aug 21:25 2014

[talk] FreeBSD EC2 Crash Course?

Hello all,

I recently setup my first EC2 instance, and that was my very first foray into “the cloud”.

I am seeing a huge mound of documentation, I am not seeing a nice list of gotchas or a good overview of things
like instance storage vs. EBS vs. ephemeral storage and such.

I know there’s a few here that run things on a fairly large scale in Amazon’s cloud - I really only need a
few cheap standalone instances.  My concerns boil down to:

• How to never lose my public IPs
• How to safely backup the entire instance off-site (none are over 10G)
• Swap (seriously - even something this simple has caveats and apparently if you use EBS you can rack up a
huge bill if something spins out of control and hits swap hard)
• Any FreeBSD-specific gotchas beyond Colin’s notes here:

In short, I really want to just treat this more like a simple VPS instead of a puppet-ified cloudfront
sharknado monster, and I want a recovery path if I break something.

Any pointers?


Hello all,

I recently setup my first EC2 instance, and that was my very first foray into “the cloud”.

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