Jim Popovitch | 1 Feb 01:23 2007
Jim | 1 Feb 15:44 2007
JK | 1 Feb 16:16 2007

Re: Ubuntu partition editor problem

Jim wrote:

> I wanted to test out Ubuntu on a system with 3 drive and a bunch of 
> partitions.  Unfortunately the disk partitioner does not have a scroll 
> bar and the list was longer than the screen is tall so I couldn't get to 
> part of the window.  Kinda important part since it had the 
> cancel/back/next buttons.  Anyway I went into /etc/X11/xorg.conf and 
> increased the resolution to 1268x1024 with appropriate changes to the 
> horizontal and vertical speeds.  A C-A-BS brought me into the larger 
> resolution where I could see the entire window. 

XFree86 would scroll the screen across the desktop when
the mouse hit the screen edge, if the desktop was larger
than the screen. Does xorg not do that?

Also, FYI, in all the distros I've used, Ctrl-left-click
in a window would grab the window so you could drag
it around and make the off-screen part visible.

-- JK
Michael Still | 1 Feb 17:16 2007