Ted Leung | 10 Mar 23:17 2006

Mailing list renames to happen Tuesday March 14

This Tuesday, March 14th, starting around 1:30PM PST, Jared and Chris 
will begin the process of renaming the mailing lists according our 
earlier discussion: 

The specific changes will be:

* dev@... -> chandler-dev@...
* cosmo@... -> cosmo-dev@...
* scooby@... -> scooby-dev@...

* The process mailing list will be turned off
* general and announce will remain as they are

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selva r | 15 Apr 01:45 2005

Huge EC fine on MS coming up?

<i>... The Commission, which policies competition in
the 25-nation bloc, imposed remedies on the U.S.
software giant more than one year ago along with a
record 497 million euro ($654.9 million) fine. ...</i>


I'd like to see OSAF lobby the EC to direct these
funds towards funding open source projects such as
Chandler. That would seem to be an appropriate use of
these funds since it would tend to help level the
software playing field more and promote competition
and innovation. 



Post your free ad now! http://personals.yahoo.ca
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Kaitlin Duck Sherwood | 2 Feb 23:40 2004

OSAF Office Hours next topic: Queries

At OSAF's next IRC Office Hours, Ted Leung ("sprout") will talk about 
his proposal for queries in Chandler.

Queries are critical to allowing users Agenda-like flexibility, so it's 
very important that we get it right.  Ted is very interested in feedback 
on his proposal, which is at


This topic will be at our regularly scheduled time and place:   
    Wednesday, 4 Feb, at 11 AM PST (19:00-20:00 GMT/UTC/Zulu)
   IRC channel irc.osafoundation.org#chandler.

For more information on upcoming IRC topics, past IRC topics, and how to 
participate, see

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Kaitlin Duck Sherwood | 12 Jan 22:52 2004

upcoming office hours: Chandler frameworks Wed 14 Jan, 11 AM PDT

OSAF's next Office Hours IRC topic will be "Chandler Frameworks", where 
we will discuss the various frameworks needed to develop parcels:
   + Chandler Presentation and Interaction Architecture (CPIA)
   + Notification framework
   + Parcel framework

This topic will be at our regularly scheduled time and place: 
    Wednesday, 14 Jan, at 11 AM PDT (19:00-20:00 GMT/UTC/Zulu)
    IRC channel irc.osafoundation.org#chandler.

For more information on upcoming IRC topics, past IRC topics, and how to 
participate, see

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Kaitlin Duck Sherwood | 3 Dec 04:29 2003

new wiki structure

Folks --

I have been asked to post where pages in the current wiki will live in 
the future new&improved set of wiki webs.  Here is my first version:


The first two are in the format of
    where-now      to      where-going-to
with "Chandler.", "Journal.", "Main.", and "Trash." referring to the 
Chandler, Journal, and Main wiki web, and "delete this".

The ">" serves to illustrate hierarchy.  This hierarchy is meant to 
correspond to the OSAF project taxonomy:
This project taxonomy is currently used in our status reporting tool, 
and we have hopes to align Bugzilla with this project taxonomy as well.

The navigational structure will be slightly different than the 
inheritance structure (i.e. what you see by looking under the big blue 
OSAF logo on the wiki page, the list with ">"s in it).  However, by 
looking at the inheritance structure, you should be able to get a clue 
about where in Bugzilla or where in the status report to look for 
related items.

Everything that is not explicitly mentioned in ChandlerWikiWebGoesFromTo 
or UserWikiWebGoesFromTo goes in the Jungle, so the JungleWikiPages page 
is redundant.  It's only real use is to answer the question, "Did she 
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Kaitlin Duck Sherwood | 2 Dec 02:14 2003

wiki reorg: name rationalization

As part of the grand wiki reorganization, I've tried to rationalize names of wiki pages for dates and release names.

I have converted dates to "YYYYMMDD", e.g. 20031201 for 1 Dec 2003. This allows items to sort nicely and lets people search easily. For example, someone could search for all the things in November 2003 by searching for "200311" in the page name.

Yes, it's hard to read "20031201".  If you want to be nice to your readers, you can make the text of the link something nice like "1 Dec 2003", as in [[DesignIssuesMeeting20031124][the 24 November 2003 Design Issues Meeting]].  I know some of you like to put dashes in your wiki names, but that means you can't simply copy&paste the URL into a different wiki page.  (Note: you can acheive almost the same effect with the same or slighly less effort by puting spaces in the link, as in [[Design Issues Meeting 2003 11 24]].)

In speech, we have a lot of different names for Chandler releases, e.g.

  • Zero point three
  • Zero dot three
  • Oh dot three
  • Oh point three
  • Dot three
  • Point three
This has carried over to the wiki, and made things a little hard to find on the Wiki directly.  For the new wiki, I have rationalized all the release names to use the "ZeroPointX" format.

I hope this makes life easier.

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Kaitlin Duck Sherwood | 24 Nov 20:05 2003

request for comments: date separators on wiki

Folks --

I'm interested in feedback on whether dates in Wiki page names should 
have dashes or not:

I feel strongly that we should have a consistent naming format so that 
people can search easily for all the pages in a given date range.

I feel strongly that the dates should be year first, then month, then 
date -- and that month and date should be two digits -- so that they 
will sort nicely in order.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both the "20031003" and the 
"2003-10-03" format.  To make the one with dashes a Wiki link, you must 
surround it with brackets. The one without dashes links nicely, but is 
hard to read.

The dashes also mess up scripts of various kinds, e.g.
Yes, yes, we can always decide that we need to change the scripts to 
cope with dashes, but that would mean we would always need to be aware 
in the future of the difficulty of dashes.

So: which pain would you rather put up with: hard to read, or hard to 
make links?

Please post your feedback to

(This probably isn't an important enough issue to clutter up the lists 

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Brian Douglas Skinner | 16 Oct 00:46 2003

Re: [Dev] questions about ReposViewer requests

Hey Geoff,

I'm psyched that you started in the Repository Viewer.  I don't want to 
in any way discourage from going full speed ahead with it.

Jeffrey hasn't yet started in on Repository Viewer at all.  He's just at 
the stage of downloading Chandler for the first time, so we can easily 
find a completely different project for him.  There's no lack of 
available coding projects!

 > Well, several of the requests, I've done. The navigation and the two
 > reference items are what remain.


 > But they're all very simple changes;
 > it's not like it's going to break my heart if someone else takes the
 > project.

Yup, but you've already got inertia going on Repository Viewer, so you 
should keep going on it as far as you care to.  For example, if you're 
into it, you could also extend the repository viewer to do simple item 

I just wanted to let you know that there might be someone else available 
to help out, if that seemed useful to you, and if there were any tasks 
you wanted to fork off.  And I wanted to let you know that there could 
be someone to hand off to if you eventually want to move on to other things.

 > Just, I hadn't seen anything talking about someone doing it
 > yet,

Yup, there was no traffic on the dev list, and no bread crumbs on the 
wiki page.

As Chandler gets bigger, we'll start to have more and more projects, and 
more and more volunteers, so we'll want to get better organized about 
keeping track of projects and feature requests and who's doing what.

I just took the liberty of adding a one-line note with your name on the 
HelpUs page, under the Repository Viewer entry.  Feel free to update or 
remove it as you see fit.

:) Brian

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Andrius Kulikauskas | 6 Oct 22:23 2003

How might global teams help Chandler?

Hi! I recently thought again of Chandler, am happy for all the progress, 
and am wondering is there a way that we might work together.

These last five years I have organized Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, a 
laboratory serving and organizing independent thinkers, with 50 active 
and 500 passive members around the world, with many in the United 
States, Lithuania, India and the Balkans.

We've done a lot of innovate work in global team-building, including a 
working group of 50 makers and users of tools for organizing thoughts, 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinkingpowerfully/ and a draft of an 
import/export standard http://www.ms.lt/mindset.html for such tools. 
These last two years we've focused on jumpstarting an economy for 
working openly, as in "An Economy for Giving Everything Away" 
http://www.ms.lt/en/workingopenly/givingaway.html  Most recently, we've 
submitted a proposal to the OSI IP for a "Social Networking Kit" for 
activists with "marginal Internet access" (which is expanding, as 
Silicon Valley designs for ever increasing bandwidth)(and is relevant to 
Chandler, as much functionality does not require real-time access). 
We've thought through fractal ways of organizing work by which we can 
cost-effectively mobilize large global teams.

I invite you to consider how you might harness our lab's assets.  We 
might help organize global teams to:
- involve a multilingual community in the design of Chandler;
- develop Chandler for use by people with marginal Internet access;
- look for and promote applications of Chandler around the world;
- base work in the European Union or Japan so as to qualify for funding 
from there.
We are working closely with the newly forming European Union of 
Telecottage Associations, there are thousands of "telecottages" being 
created with European Union funding, and they might be interested to 
adopt Chandler, especially if it took into account their special needs.

A great place to feel our vitality is at our discussion group 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Minciu_Sodas_EN/  which all are welcome to 

How might we be your partner?  We are very interested to do work, and 
also co-funding is very helpful.  I include below my post to Mitch's blog.


Andrius Kulikauskas
Minciu Sodas

Mitch, Congratulations! I'm happy how you're making progress on your 
dream, how many people you're involving and how it's evolving.

You may know about our lab, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt Is there any 
way that we might work together?

We just submitted a proposal for a "Social Networking Kit" optimized for 
marginal connectivity. http://www.no-hit.com/andrius/archives/000074.html

We came up with 5 modules that we would like to see available for 
off-line activists with irregular Internet access:
- present ourselves through our stories and patterns
- find each other through our projects and initiatives
- follow information on the same topics but in different volumes
- target our help with a web of references
- integrate our efforts with a culture of open investigation.

We've also pioneered various ways of "working openly", specifically a 
fractal way of organizing large global teams, but also smaller teams 
http://www.ms.lt/team/ And a way for customizers to offer small 
services, say for 100 euros, for people who pay in advance, such that if 
they are not happy the money goes to their favorite charity. We've tried 
this with good results through 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/personalbrain/ (for users of TheBrain) in 
helping with www.deepquest.net

We'd be very excited to offer our team-building services, for example, 
to organize interest in Chandler in areas with "marginal connectivity", 
and to find funding or related work for that. Or to organize makers of 
tools for thinking, as we have already done at 
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinkingpowerfully/ Thank you for thinking 
of us! Peace.

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Open Source Applications Foundation "Process" mailing list

Saurabh Akhauri | 7 Aug 22:37 2003

Introduction and information on Open Source

Hi All

I am Saurabh Akhauri, new member of the group

I am interested in Open source related development and have extensively 
worked on jave related projects in the past.

I want to convert my interest into entrepreneural activities and for that
source looks quite promising to me but i have very limited information on

To enhance my knowledge on open source I have prepared a questionnaire which
I have mentioned with this mail

I will be very greatful if the developer communicity can respond to some of 
My questions


Section 1: Choice of Open Source

1.	What are the main factors driving the choice of Open Source Code for
product development?
2.	What are the main considerations before selecting any Open Source
code for a particular problem/ developing in house?
3.	What are the parameters used to judge the different Open Source code
available ?
4.	How do companies judge the quality and reliability of the Open
Source code selected for use?

Section 2: Issues to be addressed

5.	What are the license related issues considered before using an Open
Source code for the product development?
6.	What are the disclosure Open Source agreements to keep in mind while
using Open Source code in software products?
7.	What do you think are the risks associated in using an available
Open Source code for developing a proprietary 
	software product?

Section 3: Methodology to be used for Open Source selection

8.	Who & How does a person undertake the information search for open
source libraries?
9.	Are the initiatives driven by open source enthusiasts in the

Section 4: Creating a Knowledge bank of Open Source

10.	Do companies maintain a library containing information about the
available Open Source code?
11.	Who does the information search and maintain the library?
12.	Do you think there is going to be a market for customized software
products using a mix of Open Source code and 	proprietary codes in the
near future?
13.	What are the benefits you can think about for developing such
customized Software products?
14.	What are the general employee feelings/ desire for using an Open
Source code in product development
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Chih-Chao Lam | 27 May 23:48 2003

State of 0.2 Release

Hi all,

I've posted an update of where we are around plans for our next 
release: 0.2.


The text of the page (without links) is reproduced below for your 
convenience. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


Here's an outline of the 0.2 plan. The goal is to get everyone on the 
same page as to where things stand and what needs to be done to get 0.2 
out of the door.

1) We have a high-level set of candidates for the 0.2 release as 
sketched out in my spreadsheet . Several of these candidates highlight 
the need for more detailed architectural plans before we can move 
forward (i.e. snakes).
2) We had a week long series of process and architectural discussions 
to kill the "snakes" we've identified in IssueSummaryTableOfContents . 
Topics include qa, dev process, database, and security. There are other 
issues identified which won't be discussed this week. These will have 
assigned owners and the process to resolve these issues will be as 
discussed in the "dev process" meeting (see 
DevelopmentProcessIssueSummary ).
3) From our discussion last week, we assigned owners of the candidates 
listed in (1). We hope to break these candidate features into 
fine-grained tasks highlighting best-guess estimates and tasks 
dependencies, as we did for the 0.1 release. We want to complete this 
by end of this month 5/30 (which is this Friday). The exact way in 
which we enter and turn the tasks into a schedule (e.g. use Bugzilla 
like we did in 0.1) will be detailed by Michael.
4) From (3), we will develop a detailed plan and schedule for 0.2. We 
will prioritize and defer tasks and juggle dependencies in order to 
ship 0.2 around the September timeframe. At this point, it is more 
important that we ensure key goals for the 0.2 release are met (e.g. 
goal to demonstrate end-to-end data handling) than to meet the 
September timeframe. Once we have a concrete plan in place, then it is 
important to shoot for an agreed upon set of deadlines.
5) All 0.2 and subsequent tasks will be organized into a set of 
long-standing projects. The list of projects and their accompanying 
project pages will be chosen and published shortly.
6) As always, we will monitor progress and adjust/re-prioritize tasks 
7) A high-level set of goals and purposes for 0.2 can be found at 

Chao Lam
Open Source Applications Foundation

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