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Chandler Server (Cosmo) 0.6.1 updated!

We're please to announce the 0.6.1 update of Chandler Server (Cosmo)!

Chandler Server is a database, server, and web UI for storing and  
managing personal information such as events and tasks. It implements  
standards such as CalDAV, WebDAV, Atom, and Atom Publishing Protocol.

Chandler Server 0.6.1 is currently available for download at: 

This release focuses on the server side communication between  
Chandler Desktop and the Chandler Server. We created a new HTTP- based 
synchronization protocol which significantly  decreases the time it takes 
to subscribe to and synchronize collections between the desktop and server.

More details can be found in the Release Notes at 

Send us feedback at: 'chandler-users at'. We look  
forward to hearing from you!!

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