announce | 16 Jan 23:35 2004

Job Openings at OSAF

It's the start of a new year and here at OSAF we're hard at work making 
progress on Chandler development, but we need your help. To keep moving 
forward as quickly as possible we need to fill some key engineering 
positions. There are currently five open positions with full 
descriptions, requirements, and "how to apply" listed on our <a 
href="">Employment </a>page:

  * Release Engineer
  * Quality Assurance Engineer
  * Software Developer - Applications Infrastructure
  * Applications Developer
  * Software Developer - Email Backend

You can help us by spreading the word to your friends and associates, or 
apply yourself and come join the OSAF team in 2004.

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announce | 30 Jan 20:48 2004

Job opening at OSAF: Software Developer -- GUI Framework

Software Developer -- GUI Framework

You will help make Chandler (an innovative Personal Information Manager) 
shine on multiple platforms: OS X, Linux and Windows XP. You will 
develop a deep familiarity with both the Chandler application itself, 
the wxPython/wxWindows project, OS X Carbon libraries, GTK, and Windows 
APIs. You will hunt bugs through Chandler's GUI in the Python layer and 
the C++ layers below it. You will work closely with the 
wxPython/wxWindows project to resolve problems and add features. You 
will be the "go to" person for supporting an outstanding native 
experience in Chandler on OS X, Linux and Windows XP.

+ Passion for a strong Mac user interface-  essential
+ Experience with Carbon and/or GTK - important
+ Experience with Cocoa or Nextstep - a plus
+ Experience with Windows APIs - a plus
+ Comfortable working in open source projects, comfortable working with 
open source communities-  important
+ Experience working with GUI framework code - important
+ Experience with wxPython/wxWindows - a plus

For a full description with requirements, qualifications, and how to 
apply see the Employment page 
<> on 
the OSAF website.

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announce | 31 Jan 00:16 2004

OSAF plans events for PyCon 2004

PyCon 2004, March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C., is a 
community-oriented conference targeting developers (both those using 
Python and those working on the Python project). It provides 
opportunities to learn about significant advances in the Python 
development community, to participate in a programming sprint with some 
of the leading minds in the Open Source community, and to meet fellow 
developers from around the world. The organizers work to make the 
conference affordable and accessible to all.

*Mitch Kapor to give keynote address*
Mitch, founder of the Open Source Application Foundation, will be the 
keynote speaker for the conference.

*Chandler Sprint*
OSAF will be running a Sprint from Mar 20-23 prior to the PyCon 2004 
conference.  The topics for the sprint will focus on the Chandler 
repository.  At the moment, these include repository dump/restore 
functionality, and remote repository sharing using WebDAV. 

Andi Vajda and Ted Leung will the coaches for the sprints, and will be 
doing brief tutorials for people unfamiliar with the Chandler 
repository.  We want to use the sprint to involve more people in the 
Chandler development process as well as accomplish some tasks that will 
be useful for Chandler.

If you are interested in participating in the sprint, please add your 
self to the ChandlerSprint page:">

What is a Sprint?
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