Dennis Burgess | 27 Aug 15:06 2014

[WISPA] ISP Radio Today -- 11AM CST - 9AM PST -- Rick Harnish


Today we have Rick Harnish, Executive Director of WISPA on the line talking about the BIGGEST Wireless ISP trade show in the US, WISPAPLOOZA!    It’s coming up fast and we will talk about the what, where, when and how’s, as well as all of the special events, meet and greets and panels that will be going on throughout the show! 


We have changed our start time for our friends on the west coast (you guys have to be different don’t ya), starting at 9AM PST, 11 CST and 12 EST now.. Don’t forgot you can download the previous episodes to put on your media player and listen while in your car free of charge by going to   Remember to sign into the live chat to ask questions! 

Next week we have David with BitlowMat talking about the Bitlomat products!  That again will be on September 3th, at 11am CST, or 9am PST!


Dennis Burgess, Co-Host of ISP Radio!


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Matt Jenkins | 23 Aug 01:27 2014

[WISPA] Mimosa questions: TX/RX and Spatial Diversity.

Currently we deploy a lot of PTP600 and PTP650 links. The primary 
reason, is the ability to have split TX/RX frequencies. Due to 
competitors, we cannot always find the same clear channel on two sides 
of a link. Does Mimosa support this?

Also, we deploy in locations where the antennas move, sometimes a lot. 
The PTP series works very well with spatial diversity to improve 
performance during constant signal fading on one polarity then the 
other. How does Mimosa's products handle this?
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Cliff Leboeuf | 22 Aug 21:41 2014

[WISPA] DonorsChoose

If you ever wanted to help out a local teacher, this deal was too good for me to pass up. I challenge you to do your own and use the Gates matching fund offer. Its only good this weekend! 

You can search for opportunities in your area via zip code.

- Cliff

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pledge $1 Million to DonorsChoose

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Rick Harnish | 22 Aug 18:06 2014

[WISPA Announcements] Tower1 Inc. Joins WISPA as a Vendor Member

WISPA would like to welcome Nick Riedman and Lee Loker with Tower1, Inc. as a Vendor Member




Join us at WISPAPALOOZA 2014 in Las Vegas, Oct. 11th – 18th




Rick Harnish

Executive Director


260-622-5699 Cell

866-317-2851 Ext. 101 WISPA Office

260-622-5774 Direct Line

Skype: rick.harnish.

rharnish <at>

admins <at> (Rick and Trina)



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Fred Goldstein | 22 Aug 00:38 2014

[WISPA] More FCC fun on 13-49

While we had submitted Comments already on the U-NII/ISM OOBE issue, 
I've also been looking at the first U-NII-1 outdoor type approvals 
coming down the line.  These provide concrete evidence that the OOBE 
limits are severely restricting useful power.  So I collected the actual 
numbers from the approvals that were granted and used them to create a 
Reply Comment:

This also blasted Cisco's recent Response, which was basically a big 
attack on the WISP industry.  I hope the FCC gets the message; we 
certainly are showing solidarity.

Dennis Burgess | 20 Aug 15:54 2014

[WISPA] ISP Radio Today 9AM CST -- Steve Coran

For those of you interested, we will have Steve Coran LIVE on the show, visit at 9AM CST for the live show, make sure to sign in on the chat to ask questions!   Today’s topics include CAF, From 477 and The Rural Broadband Experiment.


Dennis Burgess, Co-Host of ISP Radio!


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Brian Wilson | 16 Aug 16:00 2014

[WISPA] Ticketing software

What are people using for customer support ticketing software?

We currently use a combination of pink notes and email.
(and I wish I was joking.)

Elton Wilson | 16 Aug 09:26 2014

[WISPA] Our experience with Hurricane Iselle

I wanted to post this because I think it exemplifies the motto of WISPA.
Where there is a wisp there is a way.

We provide service to the Big Island of Hawaii, which was hit pretty hard last week by Hurricane Iselle. You can see pictures of the damage from google:

Many of our customers are still without power and will be for up to 6 weeks. Phone lines were destroyed as well as our fiber optic link.

We spent 2 days with chainsaws clearing the road so we could get to one of our main towers. This happens to be right next to a cell tower. Of course, 30 minutes after we cleared the road, ATT showed up to work on their tower.

After we got that tower back up using generators and batteries, we had to find a way to connect our network to the internet. After 2 days we were able to find a way to get our customer's online through a cable connection that was still active.

Once that was done, we had to get 7 of our towers up that were not on solar power. Luckily, many of our towers in this area were already on solar power, so we did not have to worry to much about them.

With four of our APs, the property owners were running generators and agreed to charge our batteries while their generators were running (they wanted to get online too!). The others we had to convert to Solar. I was very lucky that I had just enough extra panels although I did have to buy 8 golf cart batteries.

After a week of long days, we got our network back up. We also set up some open hotspots at key points in the subdivision we service so that anyone can get online and communicate. There is still a lot of work to do as some of our customer's antennas blew over, but we are up.

Almost 10,000 homes are still without power, but they are able to get online and communicate.

We didn't do it for the bragging rights, we did it for our customers and our community. But it's still cool to say we beat the big guys...

You can read about our progress on our Facebook page, which we have been trying to update for our customers:
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Christopher A. Walsh | 8 Aug 16:28 2014

[WISPA] Network Monitoring Program

We are currently utilizing Intermapper for a network monitor & we are looking for a new solution. What are some other solutions for network monitoring?



Christopher A. Walsh | Senior Technical Support

ClearSKY Systems, Inc.

7095 W Waupecan Rd, Verona, IL 60479 | clearskysupport <at>
P: 815.287.2500 Opt. 3 F: 815.287.2625 



  Your High Speed Internet and Voice Solution”


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Jim Patient | 15 Aug 03:28 2014

[WISPA] FW: National EUS -- Requesting Service

If anyone services Union MO, shoot me an email off-list.






-------- Original Message --------


National EUS -- Requesting Service


Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:40:25 -0500


<eus <at>>


<support <at>>

This e-mail has been generated by a potential end user checking for internet service in their area through's "Find Service Page". Included is a path analysis to some of your towers, as well as the potential end user contact information. This may not be a complete path analysis for your towers, so refer to your coverage maps for further analysis. Please keep in mind that multiple providers in your area may have the same potential end user contact information. Your tower location and profiles have NOT been shared with anyone, and the end user has not been informed of any actual service availability.

Client IP: 172.x.x.x
Name: Ashley
Street Address: 1010 N Jefferson Ave
City: Union
State: Missouri
Country: United States
ZipCode: 63084
Phone Number: not shown
E-Mail Address: not shown
GPS location: 38.4539967, -91.0079457
Where did you hear about us: Social Media
Preferred method to contact by: Phone
Best Time to Contact: Anytime
Comment / Question: Checking for service availability
Thank you, and enjoy the service!


Dittmer (1)







Ground elevation



Antenna height









(2) New Point







Ground elevation



Antenna height









Radio system

RX sensitivity






km - 18.128 Miles

Received Signal



Minimum Antenna Height for Rx

>152 m




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Russ Van Vlack | 14 Aug 16:48 2014

[WISPA] Download of Copyrighted Material - What do you do?

WISPA Colleagues,


We are fighting the neverending battle of dealing with the IP-Echelon notices of copyright infringement and need a more firm policy in place.  Our acceptable use policy and account terms and conditions clearly state that these actions are illegal and/or against company policy, however we do not have a firm course of action in place in dealing with customers in violation.


Would anyone be willing to share what their company policy is in regards to these notices?  Especially, if you do anything further than passing the notice on to the customer?




--Russell Van Vlack


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