Preston Meyer | 2 Sep 22:25 2014

[WISPA] 700 Mhz.

Does anyone recommend a site where I can list and advertise a bunch of 700 Mhz. equipment?




Preston Meyer

General Manager



New Knoxville Telephone Company

NKTelco, Inc.

301 W South Street, PO Box 219

New Knoxville, OH  45871

Email        preston <at>

Phone           419-753-2457 or  419-753-5000

Private Line   419-753-5014

Cell               419-733-4331

Fax               419-753-2950


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Dennis Burgess | 2 Sep 21:30 2014

[WISPA] ISP Radio Wednesday -- 11AM CST - 9AM PST -- David with Bitlomat

Wednesday, September 3rd, at 11am CST we will have David from Bitlomat on the line, talking about Bitlomat vision of the Wireless ISP and their products.  If you were interested in their products be sure to hang out with us and ask questions! 


Don’t forgot you can download the previous episodes to put on your media player and listen while in your car free of charge by going to   Remember to sign into the live chat to ask questions! 

Dennis Burgess, Co-Host of ISP Radio!


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Gino Villarini | 30 Aug 21:10 2014

[WISPA] Call center performance measurement

Any pointers for a call center software to measure and monitor performance of positions?

Sent from my Motorola Startac... 

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Gino Villarini | 29 Aug 21:34 2014

[WISPA] OT: OTDR recommendations

In the market for a new otdr, what would be the best option?

Gino A. Villarini
Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.   
<at> aeronetpr

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Josh Reynolds | 29 Aug 21:20 2014

[WISPA] "How Big Telecom Smothers Municipal Broadband"

Interesting read.

Josh Reynolds, Chief Information Officer

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Adam Vocks | 28 Aug 19:00 2014

[WISPA] Service in Oakford, IL

Hello all,


One of my employees asked me if I know of anyone who provides internet service in Oakford, IL.  I have no other details than that.


If you’re in that area let me know.



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John Vogel | 28 Aug 18:32 2014

[WISPA] need Nanobridge Dishes / Hardware

I am in need of hardware kits (18db dish, mounting brackets, ubolts 
etc.) for Nanobridge M2s. I know I have seen posts where some of you are 
accumulating these things. I am short. Need about 50 or so...

Hit me off-list with pricing if you can help.

John Vogel - President
JMZ Corporation - dba KwiKom Communications  620-365-7782
jvogel <at>

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Rick Harnish | 28 Aug 00:41 2014

[WISPA Announcements] MTIN Is A New Vendor Member of The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association


Williamsport, Indiana (August 12, 2014) –MTIN, a full-service consulting firm dedicated to the xISP industry, today announced that it has become a member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA).


MTIN has four main areas of expertise in which service providers can benefit from the company’s industry focus:


            Managed Services

            -Web, DNS, and e-mail hosting

            -Hosted spam filtering

            -Firewall & Quality of Service (QOS)



            Network Services

            -Network Design & Engineering

            -Routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP

            -Wireless Engineering and troubleshooting

            -Bridged network conversion
            -Power design for towers


            Manufacturer Support Services

-Cambium / Motorola





            Data Center & Bandwidth Services

            -Server and Application Hosting


            -Internet Exchange (IX) peering

            -Bandwidth services


MTIN offers a variety of contract plans to meet individual service provider requirements including hourly, time blocks, and monthly plans. The price can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: For a no-obligation assessment of your company requirements, contact an MTIN specialist at (317) 644-2224 or email support <at>


About MTIN

MTIN has been active in the ISP business since 1994. The company’s Lead Member, Justin Wilson, has many certifications including Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper, Net+, A+, and others. Justin has owned and operated several WISPs and brings a unique blend of knowledge to your business.  Since MTIN does not sell hardware, we make an unbiased approach to our customer’s needs. Justin is an active participant in The Brothers Wisp ( as well as a veteran speaker at WISPA trade shows and other events. An industry blog can be found at (http://www.mtin.nt/blog) with news and tutorials. For more information, visit 


Join us at WISPAPALOOZA 2014 in Las Vegas, Oct. 11th – 18th




Rick Harnish

Executive Director


260-622-5699 Cell

866-317-2851 Ext. 101 WISPA Office

260-622-5774 Direct Line

Skype: rick.harnish.

rharnish <at>

admins <at> (Rick and Trina)



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Dennis Burgess | 27 Aug 15:06 2014

[WISPA] ISP Radio Today -- 11AM CST - 9AM PST -- Rick Harnish


Today we have Rick Harnish, Executive Director of WISPA on the line talking about the BIGGEST Wireless ISP trade show in the US, WISPAPLOOZA!    It’s coming up fast and we will talk about the what, where, when and how’s, as well as all of the special events, meet and greets and panels that will be going on throughout the show! 


We have changed our start time for our friends on the west coast (you guys have to be different don’t ya), starting at 9AM PST, 11 CST and 12 EST now.. Don’t forgot you can download the previous episodes to put on your media player and listen while in your car free of charge by going to   Remember to sign into the live chat to ask questions! 

Next week we have David with BitlowMat talking about the Bitlomat products!  That again will be on September 3th, at 11am CST, or 9am PST!


Dennis Burgess, Co-Host of ISP Radio!


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Matt Jenkins | 23 Aug 01:27 2014

[WISPA] Mimosa questions: TX/RX and Spatial Diversity.

Currently we deploy a lot of PTP600 and PTP650 links. The primary 
reason, is the ability to have split TX/RX frequencies. Due to 
competitors, we cannot always find the same clear channel on two sides 
of a link. Does Mimosa support this?

Also, we deploy in locations where the antennas move, sometimes a lot. 
The PTP series works very well with spatial diversity to improve 
performance during constant signal fading on one polarity then the 
other. How does Mimosa's products handle this?
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Cliff Leboeuf | 22 Aug 21:41 2014

[WISPA] DonorsChoose

If you ever wanted to help out a local teacher, this deal was too good for me to pass up. I challenge you to do your own and use the Gates matching fund offer. Its only good this weekend! 

You can search for opportunities in your area via zip code.

- Cliff

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Pledge $1 Million to DonorsChoose

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