Galen Henderson | 28 Mar 17:06 2010

Genmac, XWLAN and ACPI

Hello all.  I thought I would give the new ACPI a whirl and everything
booted OK.  When the WPS started, the xwlan widget had a little X and 
said no wlan driver was found.  Are there some special switches for 
genmac /xwlan to be used with SMP or is this possible?


There are only 10 kinds of people in the world.  Those who understand 
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user_ecs | 15 Aug 20:55 2007

usb tablet (absolute coordinates pointer control)

Most of the virtual machine environments (XEN, Qemu, KVM) support remote control
of the guest OS via VNC. OS/2 now partially runs put is lacking a basic USB
driver type needed for proper pointer control.

Need this type of driver for OS/2 to really work well in many virtual machines.

These discussions are about how the Linux guy set this up.
[Qemu-devel] usb tablet working with linux/xfree86 guest in absolute mode
Adrian Gschwend | 29 Oct 14:05 2006

Long time ago but finally some updates

Hi all,

It's a long time ago that I wanted to do that but now I finally did:

I will try to gather the most recent source code of the different
components to put that stuff online.

If you have anything to contribute let me know.


Paul Smedley | 5 Aug 04:05 2005

IRQ Transfers

Hi all,
I'm trying to implement IRQ transfers using usbcalls to allow Avision 
backend scanners to work.

In the logs I'm getting:
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_read_int: trying to read 2 bytes
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with dn = 2
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with dh = 0x9018b
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with int_in_ep = 0x82
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with interface_nr = 0
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with bytes to read = 2
[sanei_usb] rc of UsbIrqStart = 65283

The relevant code is:

PHEV pUsbIrqStartHev=NULL;

       int rc;
       USHORT usNumBytes=*size;
       DBG (5, "Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with dn = %d\n",dn);
       DBG (5, "Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with dh = %p\n",dh);
       DBG (5, "Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with int_in_ep = 
       DBG (5, "Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with interface_nr = 
       DBG (5, "Entered usbcalls UsbIrqStart with bytes to read = 

       if (devices[dn].int_in_ep){
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Paul Smedley | 10 Jul 13:51 2005


Hi All,
As some may have noticed - I've made a fair amount of progress in 
implementing USB support for Sane - see 
for latest details.

The Avision backend used for some HP scanners needs IRQ transfers....

Looking at usbcalls documentation - it seems that UsbIrqStart is the 
equivalent of libusb's usb_interrupt_read

Looking at the listed parameters for UsbIrqStart, they all make sense 
to me except for the last one - pHev - pHevModified?

Is this just some kind of handle that's updated after a IRQ Transfer 
then just used again when UsbIrqStop is executed?

libusb doesn't seem to use this concept......




Paul Smedley | 2 Jul 23:32 2005

usbbulkwrite problems

Is anyone able to help me with the below?  This is the bulkwrite 
function for Sane.
Currently, the code is hanging at rc=usbbulkwrite()

The last output from the debug log is:
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_init: Entered sanei_usb_write_bulk
[sanei_usb] sanei_usb_write_bulk: trying to write 6 bytes
[sanei_usb] 0000: 12 00 00 00 24 00                               
[sanei_usb] Entered usbcalls UsbBulkWrite with dn = 2
[sanei_usb] size requested to write = 6, ulToWrite = 6
[sanei_usb] Using parameters: Device No: 3, bulk_out_ep= 2, Interface 

Code is below:

OS/2 code starts from   else if (devices[dn].method == 

If I substitute  (const char*) buffer, with *buffer I get no hang but 
I get rc=87 from usbbulkwrite

Any thoughts appreciated!



<begin code>
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Paul Smedley | 11 Jun 13:00 2005

Tips for porting app that uses libusb?

Hi All,
I thought I'd try and learn some USB stuff.....

I'd like to look at adding usb support to Sane.... I understand that 
there's some support for Epson and snapscan scanners, however the 
source for that was never released and the developer seems to have 
disappeared :(

I've downloaded some libusb documentation as well as the USBcalls 

I was encouraged by the Gphoto2/2 port - I understand it only took a 
couple of hours over IRC to add usbcalls support..

I was after some tips from people who have ported unix usb apps using 
usbcalls.  USB Web Cam support comes to mind.....

Dmitry sent me some of the Gphoto2/2 code - looking at the original 
source, it seems that giusb.* were added specifically for the OS/2 
port - rather than modifying existing calls to libusb for OS/2.

Sane USB support is contained within
sanei_usb.c -
sanei_usb.h -

Any comments/advice appreciated :)
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Adrian Gschwend | 8 Jun 10:06 2004

new mailinglist

This is just a short mail to make sure that this list pops up at :-)




Adrian Gschwend

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