Steve Roy | 18 Apr 09:06 2014

Need Prusa i3 part printed

I am building a Prusa i3 and one of the printed parts a belt guide split 
in two.
Can anyone print me 2 replacements??  They are small parts.

I think this is the stl file:



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Ron Simmer | 18 Apr 05:49 2014

tuning bells

Hi Guys... I am an associate member of the hackspace.  I have an honorarium project this year at Burning Man called musical swings.
Each of 12 swings has a mechanical bell attached. I  make the bells or gongs from discarded fire extinguishers, co2 and o2 and scuba tanks. I know nothing about tuning bells so they ring in harmony.  Anybody out there I can pay to help?
Ron Simmer
Andrew Hendriks | 18 Apr 01:16 2014

Movie Memorabilia: Where to get it authenticated/appraised?

Hi hackers,

Funny question: I'm thinking of buying an expensive piece of movie memorabilia off of craigslist.

I'm worried about getting scammed, does anyone know of an appraiser in town?

Tom Keddie | 17 Apr 19:45 2014

Shipping stuff back to Canada and including it in your exemption when away for 7 days or more


This is OT but will be useful to some.

Hidden in the fine print on the card you fill out at the airport is a 
statement that if you've been away for more than 7 days your exemption 
can include goods that you've shipped back.  I did this on the china 
trip, other than the more expensive than expected shipping it went well.

1. I was honest to the shipper and insisted they put the true value and 
description on the commercial invoice (~$US650).  Make sure you supply a 
phone number at home.
2. On arrival I declared an amount that included the shipment and the 
stuff I was carrying and checked the box about having goods following me.
3. The border officer at the airport needed the description and value of 
the goods following me (I screwed up the description, this is important 
needs to match the commercial invoice).  They gave me a pre-filled form 
to clear my goods.
4. I got a call from the UPS broker while my shipment was in transit, I 
told them I wanted to self clear.
5. Once the parcel arrived at the airport, its status changed to exception.
6. I called UPS and got them to fax the waybill and commercial invoice 
to me (you can also get these from the warehouse at the airport).
7. I took the form from the airport, the waybill and the commercial 
invoice to the CBSA office near the airport.
8. They cleared the goods and gave me a receipt.
9. I took the receipt to UPS at the airport and collected my goods.



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Steven Smethurst | 17 Apr 17:14 2014

Maker Faire SF - May 17 and 18th

Hello Everyone 

I'm going to in San Francisco this year on May 17 and 18th. Only 30 days away!

Who else is going?
How are you planning on getting there? 

Last time I went we did a hacker/maker space tour of all the spaces around SF (8+ spaces). There are even more spaces if you want to include all the unique co working spaces. If there is enough people going I could help plan a hacker tour group of SF. 

There is also the train option where we could hit up portland, seattle and washington, oregon, california hackers spaces (22 of them) on the way to SF but that would take ~4 days of getting on and off the train. 

If you have never been to Maker Faire in SF its amazing and worth the trip! 

- Steven Smethurst (VA7-SWS)
P: 604-318-3744 
Brock Pedersen | 17 Apr 02:43 2014

Job Offering - Server to VM migration

Hello fellow VHS members,

I have a friend who needs someone for some contract work. It would involve migrating many small ESXi servers
to a couple of larger ESX servers, and some other work related to that.
This is for a company in Burnaby, near the Gilmore Skytrain station and would be minimum 32 hours/week for 3 months.

This position would need to be filled quickly, and I told my friend I could get a couple of people to apply

If you’re interested, please email me directly, as I won’t be reading the daily digest for replies.


Brock Pedersen

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Daniel Smith | 16 Apr 22:22 2014

San Fransisco Housing

Hello All,

I've acquired an internship position in SF starting May 1 and am looking for a place to live. Other that Craigslist does anyone have any suggestions of good places to look for housing?

Any thoughts appreciated.

Daniel Hall
Tom Keddie | 16 Apr 22:08 2014

SMD May - Dangerous Prototypes Logic Pirate


For SMD May we'll be building the dangerous prototypes logic pirate.  This is a low cost logic analyser supported by the OLS open logic sniffer software (  To quote the web site....

Here are some of its features:
  • 8 channels
  • 256 kSamples recording size
  • 60 MHz (overclocked) sampling rate (20 MHz and lower non-overclocked)
  • No compromise when combining the values above
  • Simple configurable edge detection triggers on all inputs (simple OR trigger)
  • Configurable ratio of samples from before and after the trigger (rolling sample buffer)
  • 5 V tolerant inputs (LOW-level voltage < 0.8 V, HIGH-level voltage > 2.0 V)
  • About 500 kB/s transfer speed to the PC (256 kSamples take about 0.5 seconds)
  • Data capturing can be stopped from the host software anytime
  • Cross platform host software for Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • DIY-friendly 0603 parts and SOIC packages used on a 2-layer board
  • On board 3.3 V regulator can supply up to 400 mA to an external circuit
  • Tiny 3cm x 3cm PCB
  • Firmware updates via built-in USB bootloader
More details at

We can also laser cut our own cases.

We'll be running the workshops on May 15th and 22nd at the usual 7pm.  The cost will be as close to $20 as I can make it.  Tickets will be released later this week.


ps. May 8th will be another catch up night

Emily Smith | 16 Apr 21:42 2014

Intro to Projection Mapping workshop

hola hackers!

There is an introduction to projection mapping workshop at VIVO starting on April 28th. We've had great feedback on the course - it's awesome for beginners!

Check it out and maybe sign up!
Miriam Ng | 16 Apr 19:35 2014

Where can I get Kaizen Foam/ Laserable Foam

Does anyone know where I can get Kaizen Foam or Laserable Foam? 
I used to laser a lot of Kaizen foam for an aerospace company out in Langley, however can't seem to get ahold of them...Any suggestions on where to get Kaizen Foam or Laserable Foam?
Thanks in advance,
Miriam :)
Tim Webster | 16 Apr 08:11 2014

Marvin is a little too quiet

I assume we have enough quotes already.

Can we mount the eyes on cardboard?
There is a second yellow cord attached to the top of the ball. I think we should run the 12V power along beside it.

778 317 7769