Janet Martin | 20 Sep 02:00 2014

Amazing fabric donation and project ideas!

A big thanks to Rebecca and everyone else at Designtex for a donation of 100s of 8 X 8 fabric samples. Just a few are shown below. There are many patterns and weights in the sample although most are on the medium to heavier side. There are woven, vinyl, backed, and lots of other kinds of fabric here. The fabrics are very high quality.

We'll have these available this coming Monday at Knit/Sew drop-in night. These will also be available in a box in the crafting area for the next month. If any remain after that I will make sure they go to a school or community group. Non-members are welcome to use the sewing machines on open nights as well. They are behind the craft table.

Some project ideas. Feel free to add to this list or run a crafting night using these supplies. Enjoy this amazing donation!

Catnip Mouse
Mason Jar pincushion (no sewing required)
Fabric Wallets
Zippered pouch

John Craver | 20 Sep 00:05 2014

[not spam] KMS Tools Group Rewards set up for VHS

Hi, all.

Sorry for the slightly spammy email, but I figure this is relevant to many of use here.

While I was at KMS Tools in Coquitlam today to buy a Bosch 18V Lithium drill to donate to the space (unlike
popular belief we CAN have nice things), I registered VHS as an organization to benefit from their Group
Rewards program, which lets VHS accumulate store credit that we can use to buy things with.

  The way it works is for every purchase you make at KMS Tools, they will give VHS a credit worth approximately
2% of your purchase.  All you have to do is be a KMS Club member (which I'm sure many of you are already) and tell
the cashier that you want to link your club membership with the Group Rewards program for the Vancouver
Hack Space.  You can also email kmsclub@... to link your KMS Club
membership.  Once you've set that up, any future purchases you make will automatically add to our
accumulated store credit.  2% will add up fast, especially if lots of you sign up for this.  I spent about $150
today, so VHS already has $3 to spend on whatever we want.

tl;dr When you go to KMS Tools, tell the cashier to link your KMS Club Membership to the Vancouver Hack Space
so that we'll get free tools through their Group Rewards program.


-John Craver
Treasurer, Vancouver Hack Space


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Janet Martin | 18 Sep 21:28 2014

Only a few spots left for sewing/knitting night - RSVP now

Only a few spots are left at drop-in sewing/knitting night on Monday.
If you're coming, and have not signed up, please email me off list
Did I mention...
- 100s of amazing 8 X 8 fabric samples have been donated!
- we have sewing machines!
- we have some free yarn and some needles that people can borrow if needed!
- an experienced sewist and a sock knitter will be there!
- that crochet/other crafter/beginners are also welcome?
- that VHS rocks?
Hope to see you there. :-)
Inez Gowsell | 17 Sep 19:19 2014

The case of the disappearing sewing machines

About a year ago, perhaps a bit more, someone loaned/donated a serger and a sewing machine to VHS. I think the person's name was Dennis, but I could be mistaken, and I don't have the original email discussion anymore to look up the name.

The serger is still at the space (yay!) but the sewing machine is missing. I'm not sure how long it has been gone because I haven't actively looked for it in a few months. I looked for it last week when someone wanted to do some sewing.

Also, in June/July, there was another sewing machine in the craft area and it seems to have disappeared as well. I assume that machine was a personal machine that was being used in the space and the owner took it home.  If not, can someone tell me where it is at the space, or bring it back if you borrowed it to use at home?  The machine was a Singer Quantum CXL 2000

Fortunately, we do still have two working machines at the space: a Janome and a Brother.  There is an older Singer there as well, but it needs to be repaired.


Steven Smethurst | 17 Sep 04:38 2014

New forum for VHS - Mailing list traffic will be redirected.

We have implemented a new forum system built with discourse.org.
Its has all the features that you would expect from a modern forum system and its available now!

  • SSL to prevent NSA from spying on our forum traffic
  • Email notification and replies
  • Login with OAuth, Google, Twitter, Facebook (yuck), Github, etc…
  • Image upload support for Animated gif responses. (Paste to share images)
  • BadgesMarkdown, Realtime updates,
  • Remembers what you have read and what is new to YOU
  • Comprehensive API – If its missing something YOU! can add it.


If you have problems or questions please feel free to add a post to the forum and we can talk about it ;) https://talk.hackspace.ca/category/space-and-infrastructure 

- Steven Smethurst (VA7-SWS)
P: 604-318-3744 
Jonathon Grieman | 16 Sep 19:31 2014

Bowling Ball?

I need a bowling ball for a project, and my craigslist attempts are coming up blank. 
Before I resort to thrift stores or buy a new one off amazon, any VHS'ers have an old bowling ball they're willing to let go?

Budget ~$30

Trevor | 16 Sep 05:53 2014


Are Tuesdays still open house? I don't see it on the calendar 


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Farrell Segall | 16 Sep 01:35 2014

Re: Lockpicks

You get the award for the best suggestion so far on this thread !


On 2014-09-15, at 3:17 PM, Loial Otter <loialotter <at> gmail.com> wrote:

Challenge! Design an unpickable lock that can be laser-cut, 3d printed or otherwise constructed using VHS tools and knowhow. Picking by sledge is not allowed.

By using said lock on everything we would no longer be allowed to have lockpicks!... *ducks from thrown insults and drama*

Though actually, this is a reasonable challenge. Anyone want to compete for the next SHHH? Would be a great learning experience over the complexities of locks.

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 2:08 PM, <befletch <at> gmail.com> wrote:
VHS holds together because there's lots of people who do cool shit and ignore mailing list drama.

Well, that and Paypal automatic payments.

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Yvan Boily <yvanboily-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org> wrote:
FWIW, I ordered some (entirely legal) lockpicks.  Threads like this make me wonder how VHS has managed to hold together.


bak2 | 15 Sep 23:57 2014

Re: Tube amps

This sounds amazing. I can also do evenings and some weekends. I have a 
few parts salvaged from old lab equipment. Anybody know a source for 
cheap old transformers?


On 2014-09-15, 12:07 PM,
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> Re: Tube amps


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Ninety Nein | 15 Sep 20:49 2014

Biofeedback Workshop

Hi Folks,

I've been approached by the Vancouver New Music folks again to determine if
we'd be interested in hosting Leslie Garcia to do a workshop on using
biofeedback in music.  She will be in town performing at the VNM Festival.
 The potential dates are Friday Oct 17th (evening), Sat Oct 18th (morning),
or Sun Oct 19th (evening).

The idea so far would be to bring Leslie to VHS on one of those dates.  The
workshop would be for about 15 people (still confirming the number), and
VHS folks would be most welcome to sign up.  If we can't fill it with
VHSers, then we'd open it up to the public.  The cost is about $50 (still
confirming) for the kit which includes some circuitry, a petri dish, and
moss.  You would be required to bring your own laptop with Puredata and
Processing installed (both free).  See the description at

There would be some sort of remuneration to VHS at the end.  I've hosted
several other workshops for Vancouver New Music, and they're always great.

More of Leslie's work at:

And more info about Vancouver New Music:

At this point, I'm just trying to gauge interest.  Let me know if this is
something you will / would attend.


bak2 | 15 Sep 18:39 2014

Re: Any newbies out there? Say hello!

Trevor, maybe we could get some people together to work on tube amps and 
this kind of thing... I suspect it would be helpful if a number of 
people combined their expertise.


On 2014-09-12, 6:46 PM,
vhs-general-digest-help@... wrote:
> Re: Any newbies out there? Say hello!


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