Daniel Smith | 23 Apr 06:34 2014

Electric dragster ongoing project

Hello All,

I thought I'd provide an update for some people on the status of a project I've been working on for quite a while (2 yrs?). For those of you who don't know, I'm working on building a street legal electric dragster with the UBC electric car club (ubcecc.com) and  have been focusing my efforts on the R&D of a high power DC motor controller.

We have recently got the car in a state where it is not self destructing (electrically) and began some high current testing. Last weekend we ran the car on a hill at UBC and hit 1500A ( <at> ~90V) during uphill acceleration, but the motor controller will be able to do ~3000-3600A ( <at> 300-400V after motor rewind, 170V without) continuous once all of the bugs have been shaken out (not that many left though). We hope to have the car on a dragstrip in September to get some better acceleration and performance data. The project and progress is (poorly) documented on our website.

Stephen | 23 Apr 02:17 2014

Android based robot controller being dumped for CHEAP!

Sale at SurplusShed... (No connection with the seller)

See www.surplusshed.com  (TWO s'es in the middle!)

Of interest to android based roboticians, priced at $20!!!


Brainlink is a controller that allows you to create rich programs for toy robots and home automation. Programs run on computers or android phones linked to the Brainlink via Bluetooth. Brainlink then controls the robot or device using infrared signals, mimicking the signals of a device's remote control. Auxiliary connectors allow you to add new sensors and actuators to your robot or device.

A unique device that links devices controlled via infrared (IR) remote control (such as the FINCH Robot (Surplus Shed # R3519) with computers and Android-powered smartphones. Brainlink allows you to:
Write programs that control toy robots, TVs, VCRs, and just about anything else with an IR remote
Expand the capabilities of these devices with additional sensors or outputs
Decode, visualize, and replicate the signals of most infrared remotes, and lots more.

Original manufacturer price was $129.00

As of 3/26/2014, the manufacturer has discontinued sales and email support of the Brainlink controller. However, their website with detailed hardware and software information about its use and is still on line athttp://www.brainlinksystem.com "This site will remain up indefinitely to provide support to existing customers."

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Ian McAlpine | 22 Apr 18:11 2014

VHS-ARC Antenna?

Did I read there is now an antenna? Is it 2m or 70cm? If it needs to be tested I can bring an SWR meter on Wednesday?

73s Ian VE7FTO


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Daniel Smith | 22 Apr 06:57 2014

super capacitor party

Hello all,

I have ~150 super caps similar to this (http://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/HV1030-2R7106-R/283-4202-ND/3878071) attached to PCBs from a previous job. If any one wants them i'd love for them to be put to use rather then back into the recycle bin. pick-up preferred as I may not make it down to the space before I leave town at the end of the month. location: killarney.



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Daniel Smith | 22 Apr 04:52 2014

Programmable AC power supply

I'm trying to get rid of an AC power supply that I have taking up space at home. I'd like to get something for it but would give it to a good home.


Jonathon Grieman | 22 Apr 02:14 2014

Anyone Willing to sell me some Acrylic?

I'm ready to cut a project, but checking the hours of the sources linked on the VHS wiki, it looks like they're all incompatible with my workday, so I'll be stuck waiting a week until I can catch them on a weekend. And I'm not that patient :-)

Anyone have a sheet of 2mm and 4mm acrylic they'd be willing to sell me at open night tomorrow? 

Dan Royer | 21 Apr 23:33 2014

Any Java gurus available?

I have a half-dozen Java apps that are open source.  I'd like them to be one-click-to-run like Arduino or Minecraft and yet... they aren't.
I don't know enough to make these better.  If you have the skillz, can you please ping me off list?

Thank you,

Dan Royer : Marginallyclever.com : Raising Robot Literacy : +1 604 916 2281
Aaron Hilton | 21 Apr 22:02 2014

VanVR: VR night at VHS

Hello all! 

We're having a Virtual Reality meetup at Vancouver Hackspace tonight, starting at 6pm.  Lots of great gear, I'll be bringing my Occipital Structure Sensor to the meetup and taking 3D captures of people's heads and emailing you the OBJ model file.  Oh yes, lots of fun.

We are making a special announcement, so be there or be a "companion cube". ;)

Aaron Hilton, President
m: 778-318-6874

Vancouver Virtual Reality Meetup

Jonathon Grieman | 21 Apr 06:56 2014

Moved the Solidworks Computer

David Galliway, Thomas, and Myself moved the Solidworks computer and my monitor from the small cart to the workbench beside VHS-ARC. It's once again fully setup and working. 

We hope that this will make it more useable - the cart was unsteady and didn't have much workspace. I've run two USB ports down to near the desk surface, and the mouse and keyboard don't take much from the worktop. 

Feel free to pass on any additional suggestions once you've tried it. 

The Sign Guy | 21 Apr 04:40 2014


A big thank you to everyone who contributed to a very successful VHS outreach event!

Big thanks to Ty for stepping up and being the anchor. Huzzahs to Inez for spending the rest of the day at VHS booth after spending the entire earlier part of the day volunteering with Fan Expo.

Lots of members dropped by and lots of new folks visited us. I think we gave out 600 cards to new people. Lots of interest in VHS.

Again big thanks to all who helped by cutting cards on the laser preparing the display materials and donating items for us to display. This is something we should definately do again!

Paul S Gill
aka the sIGNgUY

alternate email
(I use gmail for mobile email)

paul <at> bcweddings.org
Miststlkr | 20 Apr 07:47 2014

Indicator Lap Lenses?

I have a wee project and I am looking for a handful of assorted old beatup used dirty panel lenses; maybe 4 or 5 of them.  Something in the family of 10mm round dome-top would be cherry, but I'm highly flexible on this one.  If you happen to have some in your parts bin you can spare, get in touch and we'll work something out.