John Sullivan | 9 Jan 07:01 2015


Who all will be at FOSDEM? 

Maybe we can plan a get-together, or at least exchange phone numbers in
advance so we can find where each other are drinking beers. :)

I'm giving a presentation in the Embedded Devroom, I think on Saturday,
talking about FSF's Respects Your Freedom hardware certification
program. Are there other GNU-related presentations?

I'll also be in Paris for a few days after FOSDEM for another talk. I
won't be there for long, but if there are any Paris-based people here,
let me know. :)



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beuc | 26 Dec 15:21 2014

Tidy webpages


I just realised I had webpages commit privs and I did a little bit of
clean-up on the GHM 2014 webpages (resurrecting upcoming.html as
2014/, linking to the audio-video page), and also fixed path to my
animation in 2013/paris/ .


Alex Sassmannshausen | 3 Nov 08:37 2014

Fwd: FOSDEM'15 Distributions Devroom Call for Participation

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FOSDEM 2015 - Distribution Devroom Call for Participation

++ Please do feel free to forward this CfP to anyone who you do think
might be able to contribute to the distributions devroom ++

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting) is
a free two-day conference at the Université Libre the Bruxelles, in
Brussels, Belgium. FOSDEM in 2015 will be held on 31 Jan & 1 Feb 2015,
and the distribution devroom will be held once again this year, on
both Saturday and Sunday in room H.1302 (Depage).

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Kanishka Chathuranga | 13 Oct 03:34 2014

My first message to GNU

I want to be a hacker. But I will never steal anything. How can you help me GNU ? 
Alex Sassmannshausen | 10 Sep 08:32 2014

GNU <at> FOSDEM 2015


Like last year, we decided to apply for a devroom at FOSDEM in Brussels
in February.

Last year we were not selected to organize a devroom in the end. The
original feedback we received from the organizers suggested they were
worried the format of the room might not be technical enough, as it was
built around GNU as an organization, philosophy and a practical project
around software.

This year our application hence is built around a specific technical
project: a GNU distribution built around Guix and software components
that are parts of it.

The deadline for the submission of devroom proposals is 15 September, so
I thought I'd share our current proposal on this list for the next few
days before submitting it.

Feel free to comment if so inclined :-)

Best wishes,


* Devroom name.

  GNU Guix — growing the GNU distribution.

* Devroom description:

  GNU Guix is the foundation for the reference GNU distribution.

  Guix is a functional package manager based on Nix, written in GNU
  Guile. Development started just 2 years ago, and it has now reached
  a critical juncture: hitherto it was a symbiotic package manager
  installed alongside other package managers within distributions. Now
  it's also becoming a distribution in its own right.

  Goals of the distro (the niche in the "distro market"):
  - transparent, transactional, per-user package-management
  - declarative system configuration;
  - extensibility from the ground up (where possible core distro
    functionality is provided through Guile programs, a language
    specifically designed to be hackable and extensible — for example,
    at present the init system is provided by dmd, which is written in
  - secure: builds are performed in isolated environments to
    facilitate reproducibility, and can be checked independently by
  - blurring of lines between developers, distribution maintainers and
    + high level DSL for describing packages makes packaging easy to
      understand for developers and end-users alike, reducing barriers
      to distro maintenance contribution;
    + support for concurrent system configurations within different
      'profiles' allows for on-the-fly system reconfigurations to help
      bug-tracking and development.

  The devroom will provide the following content:

  - high level overview of & tutorial on the distribution;
  - hacking sessions for packaging software, enhancing the
    distribution (installer, package-management tools, user
  - discussions & presentations of specific components:
    + Secure networking through gnunet:
      * integration of the GNU Name Service (peer-to-peer, secure DNS
      * choice of defaults that help users remain in control (Linux
        TCP stealth patch, GNUnet and Tor services, etc.)
    + Extending the init system: use Guile (DMD) or established systems?
    + Providing kernel hotswapping: supporting hurd development by
      providing it as an alternative to linux-libre.
    + Extensibility from the ground up: grafting Guile into the heart
      of a distro (e.g. GNU Posh, Guix, DMD).
  - open discussions on the further development of Guix and the

  The purpose of the room is to technically progress the distribution
  - demonstrations of its viability;
  - debates around its technical composition;
  - a space where hackers can contribute concrete chunks of code.

* Related URLs

  - GNU Project:
  - GNU Guix:

* Devroom organisers

  - Alex Sassmannshausen (alex.sassmannshausen@...):
    co-ordinator and occasional contributor to Guix.
  - Ludovic Courtès (ludo@...): maintainer and core developer of
m.eik michalke | 21 Aug 11:14 2014

missing talk


i was wondering why my talk held at the GNU hackers meeting 2012 in 
düesseldorf is not listed?

date: 21.07.2012
time: 15:00
title: "A GNU beginning -- Building a collecting society from scratch"
speaker: m.eik michalke ( e.V.)
abstract: After organising four annual music competitions for music under 
Creative Commons licenses, the OMC e.V. now spearheads an initiative to found 
a new collecting society for creative works with full suppport for free 
licensing. All standards and software developed shall be free.

best regards :: m.eik

      :::::::::::::::::: I sustain C3S! ::::::::::::::::::
      :::                                              :::
      ::: dein beitrag zu fairer bezahlung für musiker :::
      :::              :::
      :::                                              :::

       m.eik michalke : spokesperson : cultural politics
                      : meik.michalke@...

              C3S SCE : Cultural Commons Collecting Society
                      : SCE mit beschränkter haftung
                      : heyestraße 194 : 40625 düsseldorf : germany

       m.eik michalke :
      wolfgang senges : geschäftsführende direktoren
   meinhard starostik : vorsitzender des verwaltungsrates
              GnR 506 : genossenschaftsregister AG düsseldorf
               USt-ID : DE294690528
Juergen Sauermann | 19 Aug 11:47 2014

How to your keys ?


I am getting these "Your signed PGP key" messages and
I suppose I should sign your keys in return.

Unfortunately I haven't found any description how to do that.

Any suggestions?

/// Jürgen
beuc | 18 Aug 22:04 2014

Thanks all!


I just came back home and I wanted to thanks all the organizers,
especially John and Christian, as well as all the other nice hackers I
met there for the great moment.

Until next time!

John Darrington | 18 Aug 18:22 2014

policy updated.

I have updated the GHM web page with the revised wording which we agreed
to on Sunday.

I hope that closes this issue.


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David Arroyo Menendez | 16 Aug 10:46 2014

The address and floor of GHM


I arrive to Tecnische Universitat Munchen at Arcisstrabe 21, but nobody
knows about the GHM. 

I would pleased if someone can give the address and floor of the event.


Marcel Schaible | 15 Aug 18:30 2014

GHM 2014 Video Recordings

Dear fellows,

because I can not attend the session on Saturday I am eager to watch the videos asap. 

Where and when will they be available?