ghm | 18 Jul 14:12 2014

GHM 2014 Last call for papers

It is less than a month away from the GNU Hackers' Meeting, and
preparations are well under way.  The interest so far has been very
positive, and we expect a good attendance. 

The programme will be finalised this week, and will be published.
If you are intending to present a talk, but have not yet submitted the
details, please do so within the next two days.  After that any
new talks will be rejected!

Please also tell us if you wish to register a talk, but can no longer
present it for any reason.

Email any changes to ghm@...

Luca Saiu | 6 Jul 12:45 2014

GHM t-shirts: last opportunity to pre-order


John and I are taking care of the GHM shirts.

They will be black, 100% cotton, with a big logo similar to, and text similar to

  GNU Hackers' Meeting
  Munich, Germany 2014

I would like to order tomorrow, so please place your pre-order now if
you haven't already.  We will print some more shirts to sell at the
event, but if you order now we'll keep yours aside, and you will be sure
to get your size.



Luca Saiu
* GNU epsilon:
* Vaucanson:
* Marionnet:

ghm | 30 Jun 17:23 2014

GNU Hackers Meeting - update

It is now only a few weeks away from GHM 2014.    So far, we have just
under 40 people registered.  Those who have requested it have been
listed here:
If you haven't yet registered, please do so on the website:   


Only a few people have volunteered to give talks.  This means, that
right now, the programme looks rather sparse.  A number of people
have told me they want to address the meeting, but have not yet
sent a proposal.  If this is you please send your proposal NOW.
If you are already registered, but had not considered a talk, you can 
still change your mind!  Please send proposals to ghm@...
We want to provide the delegates with the most interesting itinerary -
some are travelling great distances to attend.  


Last year, the T-Shirts were very popular, and we intend to do the
same again this year.  The price will depend on demand, but is
likely to be  EUR 10 to EUR 15.  The design will be based on the logo  plus some suitable text.
If you would consider buying such a shirt please send your size {XXL,
XL, L, M, S} and the number you want to buy to ghm@...  We must
order within the next two weeks.


Since the event takes place outside of the TUM semester, the campus
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Alex Sassmannshausen | 22 Jun 21:46 2014

Triple room <at> GHM offer


Brandon and me are looking at the triple bed rooms for the GHM in Munich
this summer. We are staying from 14-18 August.

If you want your accomodation sorted and researched for you, and get
pretty much the cheapest deal around, just respond to this email and
we'll book. You can pay us in Munich.

I'm hoping to book in the next few days, so the offer will only be valid
for a few days ;-)

Any takers?

Best wishes,


Luca Saiu | 18 Jun 00:56 2014

June 26-29, Paris area: other GNU hackers at "Pas Sages en Seine 2014"?

Hello, and please forgive me this (slightly) off-topic message.

A friend from a previous GHM has told me about this event in the Paris
region, from Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 June:

Several points in the program look interesting, and the thing is
definitely friendly to free software.  Unfortunately I don't think it
will be accessible to non-French speakers.

I was originally meaning to give a preliminary version of my next GHM
talk there, mostly as a rehearsal, but I fear it's getting too late for
me to prepare a presentation now, even if they still accept proposals
( ).

I think I will attend on Saturday and Sunday; it would be nice to meet
other GNU people there as well.  If you plan to come as well and want to
meet for a friendly chat, or hack, you can drop me a message.



Luca Saiu
* GNU epsilon:
* Vaucanson:
* Marionnet:

Brandon Invergo | 15 Jun 15:11 2014

Hotels in Munich

OK, I *finally* kicked myself into gear and registered for GHM.  So,
there's a large list of possible hotels listed on the site but I'm
curious if there's one in particular where more people are staying or
that can be generally recommended.

Also, if anyone else hasn't booked a room yet, I would be interested in
sharing one to cut down costs a bit.  Feel free to contact me directly
and we can arrange something.

See you there!


Brandon Invergo
John Darrington | 10 Jun 21:56 2014

GNU Hackers' Meeting 2014

Hello everyone,

GHM 2014 is just over 2 months away.

Registrations have been steadily comming in.  However there are a number of 
people who have told me informally, that they intend to come, however have not 
yet registered.  So that we can plan the venue etc, if you want to come, please 
register on the website

GHM is a great opportunity to meet in person, developers involved behind the 
scenes of GNU and other free software projects.    I have started a list of
people who are attending at
I am not comfortable publishing personal information without permission.  
Therefore, this list comprises only those people who have registered AND have
explicitly indicated they are willing to appear on this list.  If you have
already registered and would like to be publicly listed please email ghm@...

There are a few people who have registered and indicated their intention to
present a talk, but have not yet provided a title or abstract.  Now would
be a great time to start thinking about it.  Please do not leave it to the 
last minute.

Finally,  we could use a few volunteers to take responsibility for descrete
tasks during the event.  For example we need someone to operate the audio-visual
equipment to record the talks - I'm told its really easy to do.  Also, someone
to organise a keysigning session would be great.  This needs a bit of preparation
beforehand.  Addtionally, there are numerous mundane tasks such as organising
Tea/Coffee.  If you can help with any of these, please email me.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all in August.
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John Darrington | 3 Feb 08:55 2014

GNU Hackers' Meeting, 2014

It is still 6 months away, however preparations for GHM 2014 are
underway.  This year's Gnu Hackers' Meeting takes place in Munich,
Germany between 15 and 17 August.   At GHM you can expect to meet many
of the GNU developers, as well as others who have an active interest
in the GNU Operating System.   Presentations describing the latest
technical developments in GNU and challenges - technical, legal and
social  - are hot topics at GHM. 

In addition to the talks, moderated question and answer sessions are
usual at GHM, and of course, there is ample opportunity to meet the
developers and maintainers in person for informal discussion.

GHM delegates often enjoy extended chat at the end of the day in a
local restaurant or beer garden.   Munich, of course, is famous for
its beer, and we don't expect to miss an opportunity to test its

If you have not registered, please do not leave it to the last minute
- it causes stress for the the organisers, who are busy making things
come together.  The organisers could currently use some help with some 
tasks, for example: overseeing the printing and distribution of
T-Shirts,  assistance with catering, collection of donations, managing the 
audio-visual recordings etc. Please reply to this list if you are willing 
to help with any of these.  

The venue this year is close to Munich airport, and is easily
accessible by public transport.  Attendance is free of charge, but
prior registration is necessary.  For more information, including how 
to register, please see

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Sergio Durigan Junior | 1 Feb 10:57 2014

GNU meeting today?

Hi guys,

Are you planning to do something tonight (saturday)?  I couldn't attend
last night's meeting, but it would be nice to do it today.




Sylvain | 1 Feb 13:14 2014

FOSDEM meetup Saturday night

- Message to all GNUs currently at Fosdem :) -

Tonight, we (people staying at Astrid) meet à 20:00 at:
  Astrid Hotel's lobby
  place du Samedi 11
and will look for a restaurant/beer place.

Feel free to join (even if you're not staying at Astrid)!
Who else is coming?



alex sassmannshausen | 30 Jan 14:27 2014

Pre-FOSDEM meetup Friday 31 Jan


Some of us already have plans for the evening of 31 Jan, others do not.

I for one would enjoy hanging out / having dinner with anyone who's
around on Friday and does not have plans yet.

I would propose we meet at 19h at Poechenellekelder:
Le «Poechenellekelder»
Rue du Chêne, 5
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 / 511 92 62
(it's right next to the 'Manneken Pis', there's a map at

We can decide where and when to get dinner from there.

Please drop a line if you will attend (I'll be going if I get at least
1 response :-)

Best wishes,