John Darrington | 3 Feb 08:55 2014

GNU Hackers' Meeting, 2014

It is still 6 months away, however preparations for GHM 2014 are
underway.  This year's Gnu Hackers' Meeting takes place in Munich,
Germany between 15 and 17 August.   At GHM you can expect to meet many
of the GNU developers, as well as others who have an active interest
in the GNU Operating System.   Presentations describing the latest
technical developments in GNU and challenges - technical, legal and
social  - are hot topics at GHM. 

In addition to the talks, moderated question and answer sessions are
usual at GHM, and of course, there is ample opportunity to meet the
developers and maintainers in person for informal discussion.

GHM delegates often enjoy extended chat at the end of the day in a
local restaurant or beer garden.   Munich, of course, is famous for
its beer, and we don't expect to miss an opportunity to test its

If you have not registered, please do not leave it to the last minute
- it causes stress for the the organisers, who are busy making things
come together.  The organisers could currently use some help with some 
tasks, for example: overseeing the printing and distribution of
T-Shirts,  assistance with catering, collection of donations, managing the 
audio-visual recordings etc. Please reply to this list if you are willing 
to help with any of these.  

The venue this year is close to Munich airport, and is easily
accessible by public transport.  Attendance is free of charge, but
prior registration is necessary.  For more information, including how 
to register, please see

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Sergio Durigan Junior | 1 Feb 10:57 2014

GNU meeting today?

Hi guys,

Are you planning to do something tonight (saturday)?  I couldn't attend
last night's meeting, but it would be nice to do it today.




Sylvain | 1 Feb 13:14 2014

FOSDEM meetup Saturday night

- Message to all GNUs currently at Fosdem :) -

Tonight, we (people staying at Astrid) meet à 20:00 at:
  Astrid Hotel's lobby
  place du Samedi 11
and will look for a restaurant/beer place.

Feel free to join (even if you're not staying at Astrid)!
Who else is coming?



alex sassmannshausen | 30 Jan 14:27 2014

Pre-FOSDEM meetup Friday 31 Jan


Some of us already have plans for the evening of 31 Jan, others do not.

I for one would enjoy hanging out / having dinner with anyone who's
around on Friday and does not have plans yet.

I would propose we meet at 19h at Poechenellekelder:
Le «Poechenellekelder»
Rue du Chêne, 5
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02 / 511 92 62
(it's right next to the 'Manneken Pis', there's a map at

We can decide where and when to get dinner from there.

Please drop a line if you will attend (I'll be going if I get at least
1 response :-)

Best wishes,


Alex Sassmannshausen | 26 Jan 14:38 2014

30 Jan: Pre-Fosdem Lunch & Meeting

Hello all,

In addition to the dinner that Deb is organising for the evening of 30
Jan, there was also talk of lunch at around 12:30, followed by a meeting
to discuss common goals like for instance increasing user uptake,
volunteer management, GNU alternatives to web services, etc.

On the back of Deb's list for dinner, I've got a preliminary
lunch/meeting list of the following people:

  Deb Nicholson
  John Sullivan
  Luca Saiu
  Alex Sassmannhausen
  Chris Webber

From José's email I'm assuming (perhaps rather obviously) that neither
him nor Nacho would make the lunch/meeting.

Below you will find more details about the place we're meeting at, but
for now, I propose we meet pretty much in the center of the Grande Place
(I'll wear something recognizable — perhaps a hat of some sorts) at
12:20. You can contact me on the day (and only that day I'm afraid) on:
0032 (0) 477552730.

Let me know if you don't think you'll come to the meet, but are on the
list. Alternatively, apologies if I've left you off the list despite
you're previous ack — let me know and I'll add you (we've got space for
up to 10 people.

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Deb Nicholson | 25 Jan 20:04 2014

Thursday night GNU dinner - headcount and dietary concerns

Hi all,
I'm going to book a reservation for us on Thursday night, probably around 7:30 or 8.

For dinner, I have:
Deb Nicholson
John Sullivan
Luca Saiu
Jose Marchesi
Alex Sassmannhausen
Chris Webber

Am I forgetting anyone who is in town on Thursday evening? If you are planning to join us and have any dietary constraints besides "vegan options" (which has already been communicated to me) let me know soon.
Sylvain | 6 Jan 13:45 2014

Fosdem - Sharing a room


Is there anyone willing to share a room for Friday and Saturday night?
Where are GNU people staying this year?

- Sylvain

Luca Saiu | 2 Jan 20:22 2014

GNU anniversary t-shirts at FOSDEM?


Some time ago I promised to print more GNU anniversary t-shirts for
FOSDEM, if there were sufficient demand.  Since this year we won't have
a devroom, such gadgets may help us spread awareness about GNU at the
event, and later.  And it's fun.

This is my shirt, from the small batch I had made for the French
anniversary event back in September:

They should cost between 10 and 15 euros each, depending on the number
and the delay; so, if you are interested, please reply as soon as
possible, specifying your size.  We can also make woman-cut shirts.

See you at FOSDEM,


Luca Saiu
Home page:
GNU epsilon:

Deb Nicholson | 2 Jan 00:05 2014

1/30 GNU meet-up on Thursday before FOSDEM?

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I was wondering how many folks will be in Brussels for FOSDEM and if there is any interest in having a GNU meet-up on Thursday, January 30th? We might choose to discuss common goals like increasing user uptake, volunteer management, GNU alternatives to web services, etc. (I'm sure people have more ideas, those are just off the top of my head.)  

Whatever we end up discussing, it would definitely be nice to share a meal afterwards. I know many people already have Friday meetings and commitments, so perhaps a Thursday afternoon meeting followed by Thursday evening meal would work? I'd be happy to try and find a venue or work with someone local on logistics.
John Darrington | 20 Nov 18:30 2013

GHM 2014 Registrations Open

Registrations and presentation proposals for the GNU Hackers' Meeting
2014 are now open.  

The Gnu Hackers' Meeting takes place over two full days in the summer
of 2014 in Munich, Germany.  The meeting comprises informal (but moderated)
presentations from coordinators and developers of GNU projects, and
other software which comprises the GNU System.   Previous years' 
meetings have also featured lively social activities.

Anyone interested in the future development of the GNU project is welcome
to attend.  Attendance is free of charge, but registration is necessary.

Developers and other interested parties are invited to address the meeting,
with or without accompanying written and audio/visual material.
This year, presentations will fall into two categories:  Short Talks, and 
Full Presentations.  Short talks will be allocated 30 minutes including time for
questions (if any).  We anticipate the short talks to be
suited to proposals for future GNU software but other topics are welcome.
The longer presentations will be 1 hour including question time.

In previous years the subject matter has tended to be highly technical.
Whilst technical topics are certainly welcome, it is by no means 
necessary.  Presentations on social, philosophical or practical issues
affecting GNU are also pertinent to the meeting.

The auditoria are fitted with an overhead projector and public address
system, and the presentations will be recorded (if the presenter
wishes) for later publication.

Registration Instructions

There is no charge to attend GHM 2014, but prior registration is 

If you wish to attend, please send an email to ghm-reg@... 
with the words "GHM 2014 Registration" in the subject line.  Please
also include the following information:

* Your name
* Projects with which you are affiliated (if any)
* Whether you are willing for your name to appear on the published
  list of attendees.

If you wish to address the meeting with a presentation, please include
also in your email:
* A proposed title for the presentation.
* A brief abstract (no more than 100 words).
* Do you require a 30 minute slot or a full hour?
* If your presentation requires access to special facilities to deliver, please
  mention it.  We cannot promise to accommodate all such requests, but we can try
  to help.

You will be notified by email if your presentation proposal is
accepted.   Depending on the number of proposals, some presenters asking for
a full hour timeslot may be asked to condense their talk to 30 minutes instead.
Accepted talks and presentations will be published prior to the event.

Further Information

Further information about GHM 2014 is available at
or by email to ghm@...

Mekeor Melire | 12 Oct 17:39 2013

Broken link


On, there's a broken link
in the (last) section called "Thanks". There's a link to but it should link to