Katalin Sinkov | 5 Dec 22:25 2010

Re: How to remove verbosity from the data passing mechanism using alist or plist ?

On Dec 5, 1:14 pm, "Pascal J. Bourguignon" <p... <at> informatimago.com>
> Fren Zeee <frenz... <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > On Dec 5, 12:22 pm, Fren Zeee <frenz... <at> gmail.com> wrote:

> Indeed.  emacs lisp code is of various styles and quality.
> IMO, you will find better style in Common Lisp code (apart from really
> old CL code), than in emacs lisp, in general.

now hopefully proceed with some well cooked and illustrative and
comparative examples for newbies.

Fren Zeee | 5 Dec 21:22 2010

How to remove verbosity from the data passing mechanism using alist or plist ?

How to remove verbosity from the data passing mechanism using alist or
plist ?

Reading thru the various threads and replies by the luminaries of
lisp, CL, elisp, scheme,
functional programming etc.

I have decided to write a small game of following data in a buffer. At
this state I am only
readyfor the following questions. Yesterday, in my questions, I
explored how to get data
from buffer into strings.



(defun find-my-marker-GOLD ()
  "Starting from anywhere in the file, find my marker GOLD its value
and location."
      ;; Starting from the end of the file, find GOLD
      (goto-char (point-
max))                                               ; Go to the end of
the file, and then
      (search-backward-regexp "GOLD=\\([0-9]+\\)\n" nil nil
nil)            ;  find the GOLD, and
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ajawamnet | 1 Dec 15:15 2010

Re: Utterly imbecile pinky communist Ninth Circuit 'judges' (Vernor scandalous ruling)

Here's my take - this is from a post I did on a CAD/CAM usergroup

PLEASE NOTE where i mention the concept that i'm FORCED INTO A
PARTNERSHIP with them.

So that means that if (heaven forbid) I design something that kills a
bunch of people on the Metro - they are a partner.
They're dismissal of liability in shrinkwrap EULAs is brought into

If i recall (and I did the first interface for the PC CGA cards back
in 1982 with DOS 1.1 machines when they were new so I've been doing
this a while) this was one of the paramount reasons for EULAs-
companies like Autodesk didn't want the onus of a building falling
down because some clown like me bought Acad and thought they could
design a skyscraper

Maybe that'd get them thinking... I really don't think they can have
it both ways.

Check out my marketturd site - why I like Dongles

As I mention in my Why i like Dongles rant, this is a real issue - not
like a
movie or recording or text - I use these products to develop my IP. I
access to it as well as anyone I "sell" my IP to.

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Fren Zeee | 4 Dec 22:09 2010

What is the difference between defsubst and defun ?

This is a newbie question.

[Q] In emacs, What is the difference between defsubst and defun ?

I have searched and looked at the documentation but not satisfactory

defsubst is a Lisp macro in `byte-run'.
(defsubst NAME ARGLIST &rest BODY)
Define an inline function.  The syntax is just like that of `defun'.

defun is a special form.

Define NAME as a function.
The definition is (lambda ARGLIST [DOCSTRING] BODY...).
See also the function `interactive'.

*** What are the key attributes of the inline function in general in
lisp and in particular in CL and elisp ? ***

Franz Xe
LanX | 5 Dec 01:27 2010

Re: What is the difference between defsubst and defun ?

it's documented see


in short it's a function which is not called but the body is copied in
place ("inline") like a macro.

Like this the overhead of a function call is safed with the
disadvantage of expanded code size.

Perl has a limited support for inline functions.
Fren Zeee | 5 Dec 21:28 2010

Re: How to remove verbosity from the data passing mechanism using alist or plist ?

On Dec 5, 12:22 pm, Fren Zeee <frenz... <at> gmail.com> wrote:

I have done some homework by taking a look at one code of game.

It uses lots of globals, perhaps all globals on which various
functions operate.

It certainly saves code. However, for other type of problems that I
might want to take up when I start using Common Lisp, I would want to
learn this style without globals.
secretary | 12 Dec 03:04 2010

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secretary | 12 Dec 16:56 2010

NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 14 December 2010 LispNYC Holiday Party

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement"
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 Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 08:55:11 -0500
 From: heow <lists <at> alphageeksinc.com>
 To: LispNYC <lisp <at> lispnyc.org>
 Subject: [Lisp] LispNYC Holiday Party 2010 - Tuesday Dec 14th, 7:00

 Help celebrate another year of Lisp!  Our annual holiday party will be 
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RJack | 13 Dec 01:36 2010

The GPL and groupthink

Here's a lucid article on the GPL groupthink attitude.


1) You can take a code of the BSD licensed software and make it your own.

2) You cannot appropriate the GPL licensed software (if so, you are

Here you see two different conceptions of what freedom is. The GPL
license is the same thing as the communist Socialist Property Ownership
Act, because you get equally punished in both cases (braking the GPL or
the communist law).

The BSD license is in compliance with the philosophy of FSF – you can
run, copy, distribute, study, change, and improve the software (see my
above note about groupthink – philosophy of BSD is in harmony with FSF,
but not in total harmony) ...

How very true!

David Kastrup | 13 Dec 10:53 2010

Re: The GPL and groupthink

Lusotec <nomail <at> nomail.not> writes:

[Rjack's off again]

> How very ridiculous, equalling GPL to communism. Do you even know what
> communism is?

If you compare the writings of the "founding fathers" of communism with
the actions of existing communist parties and governments, you'll find
it hard to believe that _anybody_ knows what communism is.  Definitely a
moving target that can be located almost anywhere nowadays, except where
it was supposed to be.


David Kastrup