[OT] [X-Post] Delhi-Mumbai courier for RMS


Richard Stallman (RMS) has left a small package weighing about 10KG at 
my place that needs to be taken to Mumbai.  Request you to contact me if 
you're going Delhi-Mumbai in the next few days and can carry it with 


-- Raj
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shreekant bohra | 1 Sep 05:09 2010

Re: [OT] [X-Post] Delhi-Mumbai courier for RMS

I wish I were in delhi.

Shree Kant Bohra
Let the Source be open


V. Sasi Kumar | 1 Sep 05:19 2010

Stallman speaking in Kozhikode

Richard Stallman will be speaking in the inaugural session of the
National Conference on Free Software and Education in Kozhikode on
September 10, 2010. Giving the keynote address, he will speak on "Free
Software: Computing in Freedom". The conference will have speakers from
India like Prof. Nagarjuna and Prof. Kannan Moudgalya. There will also
be speakers from abroad like Marco Ciurcina (Professor of Law in Italy)
and Diego Saravia (Professor, UNSa-CONICET. Argentina) who will speak
through video conferencing.

Those who desire to participate, please register quickly. Travel support
available to a limited number of participants.

Conference site: http://c11.space-kerala.org/fsinedu


Dr. V. Sasi Kumar
Society for the Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment
C-11, Elankom Gardens, Vellayambalam,
Thiruvananthapuram 695010, Kerala
Ph: 0471 2318997

RMS at ISI Delhi


RMS gave a short, unplanned talk on software freedom at the Indian 
Statistical Institute today (2010-09-01) just before lunch.  Students 
and some faculty were present.  Photos at:



-- Raj

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Nagarjuna G | 4 Sep 16:40 2010

Fwd: [fosscomm] Obituary to Our Friend & FOSS Activist Shyam Karanat

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Date: Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:56 AM
Subject: [fosscomm] Obituary to Our Friend & FOSS Activist Shyam Karanat
To: Fosscom Network <network@...>

Dear All,

Our Friend, and member of This List Shyam Karanatt  ended his life
himself yesterday afternoon. Still most of his friends are still
shocked and not recovered from the  pain of this news.
Shyam was a very active Free Software advocate and Activist.  I like
to recall his major contributions to Free Software Movement in India

He was known to me initially through Google Summer of Code candiate
for Swathanthra Malayalam Computing , for building the prototype for
Malayalam Speech Recognition system. and he started that with a
project named sharika based on CMU-SPINX library.  He become an active
volunteer of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and part of various other
LUGS like Swathanthra Software Users Group Malappuram, Foss Group in
MES, FSUG- Thrissur etc. He become the project admin  for Translating
GNU.ORG webpages to Malayalam, and made a lot of progress with that
work .  He involved with Organising Various FOSS programmes in his
college and varouos cities in Kerala .

Shyam initiated the Syllabus Review page in FCI Wikia
http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Syllabus_Review  and compiled most of the
data, in association with Venkiy . Which become a major intervention
too later. He took a major role on realising the idea of GNU labs and
implimenting the first functioning GNU lab in MES kuttippuram
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Nagarjuna G | 12 Sep 09:06 2010

draft declaration at Kozhikode

==This is a Draft Declaration==
We request all those who read this to suggest any changes before
Monday 13th September 2010, so that the declaration can be released
sooner than later.

==The Role of ICT and Education in Social Inclusion==
Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the most powerful
technologies ever developed by humankind. It has drastically changed
the way we do things, the way we communicate and even the way we
think. Education is one of the spheres of human activity that is being
strongly influenced by ICT. While the teaching of ICT has been
incorporated at the school-level, ICT itself is being used in the
classroom and outside for teaching and learning more
effectively. However, access to ICT is not universal due to various
reasons, including obscurity and the high cost of proprietary software.

Education is a basic requirement for a comfortable life in
today's society. In view of this, some countries, including India,
have made it a fundamental right. This is certainly a move in the
right direction. Education in ICT and ICT-enabled education are also
becoming wide-spread. Part of the reason for this is the rapid decline
in the cost of hardware. At the same time, the high cost of software
is acting as a hurdle for further progress. Another factor that
prevents more wide-spread use of ICT is the fact that the interface is
not available in many languages, which bothers a lot of people.

Obscurity stops people and especially students to learn how things work,
software in particular. The right to use, know, change and share
technical knowledge
about modern artefacts is an essential human right in knowledge societies.
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Nagarjuna G | 16 Sep 07:13 2010

RMS's message for software freedom day

shirish शिरीष | 18 Sep 17:05 2010

clarifications regarding new conditions for cyber-cafes

Resp. Sir/Madame,
I have been using the services of 'Prism net cafe' for the past six
months or so. Since my desktop broke down. On 16th September, 2010
Pune Newsline carried a news item detailing how many unlicensed
cybercafes are running in the city.
. Yesterday evening i.e. the 17th of September, 2010 i went to the
above-mentioned cybercafe. They asked to have a scan of the identity
proof. While I gave the relevant details and they were duly scanned.
While I do understand and appreciate the work being done by the Pune
Cyber Cell targeting terrorist/anti-social elements at large I am also
concerned with the possibility of misuse of such information by
unscrupulous  individuals working in and around Cybercafes. I am sure
you are aware of how common individuals/people's names and cell
numbers are harvested routinely and sold for spamming/cold calling
etc. While most of these are a nuisance rather than anything else,
getting access to scanned identity information could have more issues.
Possibility of cases of identity theft  (couple or more which have
already happened in India) may see a rise. how does Pune Police hope
to secure the common public from such issues? While I have played out
the State's predicament as well in my blog post http://wp.me/po8ay-1Y
alongwith a copy of this letter  I would appreciate a reply on the
same.  I have few poignant questions on the matter mentioned above as
well :-

1. What if any new conditions are being made by Pune police for
identity proof ? I looked for answers on the Pune Police website
http://www.punepolice.gov.in/message_com.html and was none the wiser.

2. If a scanned picture of an individual along with relevant details
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V. Sasi Kumar | 21 Sep 22:05 2010

Declaration adopted at Kozhikode conference

The declaration adopted at the National Conference on Free Software and
Education in Kozhikode during September 10-12 is available at
http://wiki.hipatia.net/index.php/DeclarationEduconf2010 for anyone to
read and sign. If you wish to sign the declaration, you need to login
there. This is made so to prevent spamming. You can login with the
username fsedu and the password freeme and click on the Edit tab to add
your name.


V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India
Nagarjuna G | 22 Sep 02:55 2010

Mozilla's Learning Freedom and the Web Festival, Barcelona

The internet is revolutionizing how we learn. It's exciting. And it's
only the beginning. Mozilla's Learning, Freedom and the Web Festival
will gather teachers, learners and technologists from around the world
who are at the heart of this revolution.

Taking place Barcelona from November 3-5, we're planning three days of
making, teaching, hacking, inventing  and shaping the future of
education and the web. We want you to be a part of it:

Whether your a teacher or a technologist, this is your chance to help
shape the future of learning *and* the web. We hope to see you in

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