Pablo Ibanez | 14 Jan 16:14 2009

Is there a molecular biology suite project?

I am a post doc at the Dundee University, in Scottland, UK. I mainly do genetics and I need to be able to see, edit and align .abi files which are DNA sequence chromatogram files. In our lab, we used to use vector NTI from invitrogen ( which was free for academy up to the last release... I never liked this software but it was the one used in the lab, so... I usually use the APE software ( but it can't align multiple DNA sequence chromatograms, neither edit them... I was wondering if there was a project that you know of aiming at developping this kind of software or even a more complete one, since I think that there is no really user friendly, complete and free (as in freedom) such software. I have been talking with my boss and some collegues, and there should be a possibility to look and hoppefully get some funding for such project that could involve many different labs (as far I know, most of the labs doing a bit of molecular biology would be interested, and that means a lot of labs)!
Thanks a lot for your time.
Looking forward reading you

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