Zach McDowell | 23 Jun 22:43 2016

Re: Proposal: reboot

yes please.

On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 4:04 PM, Thomas D. Fish <tfish2 <at>> wrote:
I also like this idea.

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Amen to this proposal. I want to see an FCF on par with FSF.

On 06/23/2016 12:06 PM, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 7:23 AM, Erik Moeller <eloquence <at>> wrote:
>> I'd like to get a dialog going about reviving both
>> itself and potentially the idea of a Free Culture Foundation.
> I would love to see this and would help or at least donate in some way.
>> The FSF has a "list of high priority projects" [2]. I'm not aware of a
>> similar list in the larger free culture space, and if there's no such
>> effort already, I'd love to begin taking a crack at it. My take is
>> that this would be more focused on creating free/open platforms for
>> the creation of free cultural works (alternatives to the likes of
>> Soundcloud, Yelp, and other walled gardens). But I'm curious what
>> others think.
> - distribution and marketing of significant free cultural works
> - extend "open policy" advocacy from its
> pragmatic/educational/research roots to demand free culture given any
> public subsidy
> Mike
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Erik Moeller | 23 Jun 16:23 2016

Proposal: reboot

Hi folks,

I'd like to get a dialog going about reviving both
itself and potentially the idea of a Free Culture Foundation.

This list was originally set up for the Students for Free Culture
organization, which was later announced to be transformed into a
foundation [1]. Unfortunately, since that announcement more than three
years ago, not much has happened (as far as I can tell). Indeed this
listserv was unusable for a few months due to a diskspace issue on the
server it runs on (this is now fixed; thanks to Asheesh & Kyra for
looking into this).

(If you don't remember subscribing to discuss <at> ,
you can unsubscribe at the bottom of: )

I suspect I'm not alone on this list in believing that the concept of
"Free Culture", especially when qualified in terms such as the
Definition of Free Cultural Works, is one of the most important
animating ideas for the 21st century's information society. So I would
love to see become an organizing space that helps us
solve pressing problems of the free culture movement.

As the blog post in [1] noted, there are a lot of organizations in
this space already, and I personally don't believe that yet another
501(c)(3) is a critical need right now. But I would like us to use
this list, and a wiki, to put some thought into what the most urgent
priorities for the free culture movement are, right now, and how we
can work together to address them.

The FSF has a "list of high priority projects" [2]. I'm not aware of a
similar list in the larger free culture space, and if there's no such
effort already, I'd love to begin taking a crack at it. My take is
that this would be more focused on creating free/open platforms for
the creation of free cultural works (alternatives to the likes of
Soundcloud, Yelp, and other walled gardens). But I'm curious what
others think.

I'm also working on a couple of projects right now that I'd be happy
to have identified under the umbrella for the time

-, which is a browser extension for downloading one's
own content contributions from closed platforms and releasing it under
a DFCW-compliant license;
-, which will be a free/open platform for reviews.

We could revive the idea of teams on the wiki, and use the list to
announce new initiatives that are consistent with some criteria that
we set out. The closest parallel I'm aware of is the Open Knowledge
Foundation, but this would be more focused on cultural works like
photos, music, writing, etc.

Ultimately, I do think a FCF 501(c)(3) may prove valuable, to
incubate/fundraise/campaign, but to begin with, I would suggest we
just use the list and the wiki for this purpose. I'd propose moving
the wiki to the main domain, cleaning it up a little
bit, and going from there.

After some prodding, Asheesh kindly gave me access to the server, so
I'm happy to get that overall process going, though some
support/encouragement would be appreciated. ;-) I will be at Wikimania
in Italy for a couple of days in case anyone on this list will be
there and would like to connect in person.




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Chris Sakkas | 24 Oct 07:44 2015

Announcing the Free and Open Works wiki (replacing the FOSsil Bank)

Hi folks,

You may remember that for a few years I posted semi-regular updates to these lists about the FOSsil Bank, a catalogue of low copyright works (public domain, free and open, other Creative Commons licences, etc.). 

The FOSsil Bank has been retired, and as of last week I'm encouraging everyone to check out Free and Open Works instead:!

The new wiki runs off Semantic MediaWiki, so it's a bit cleverer in terms of metadata, the forms to submit a work are much easier and faster to use, and it's running off entirely free and open software. 

Please do check it out, share it with your networks, and contribute to it; there's also a formal press release if you're interested in some more information - or you can write to me privately or on these lists if you have any questions or comments. 


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Josh Miller | 22 Oct 22:46 2015

Conf11 List Spam

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's received a  large volume of spam
from the Conf11 list today.  I've tried to mute it to no avail.  Can one
of the admins step in and shut it down?


Josh Miller
Software Engineer
GPG Key ID: 0x4F20CBE9
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Stephen Paul Weber | 7 Jul 21:45 2015

Big Buck Bunny Board Book

Hey all!

So, I've been doing quite a bit of thinking recently about the relationship
between free culture and my nieces, nephews, and future children.  I've been
looking around the community for freely-licensed content for children, and
there is a lot less of it than I would like.  What would be really nice is a
body of work with similar characters, etc, that kids could really connect

To this end, I am working on a project to create a "board book" under a free
license.  In the spirit of free culture, I am basing the book on existing 
free work, namely, the excellent Big Buck Bunny video from the Blender 

I'm going around to various corners of the community trying to determine if
there would be interest in this project, or related projects, and what 
others have been thinking in this area of free cultural works for children, 
etc.  (I've already been pointed by others to, 
which is a good find).
I have a write-up at
<> and a
prelaunch page at
<> -- I'd
welcome any comments or feedback from members of this list.

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Rich Jones | 6 Feb 01:40 2015


Anybody out there?

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Rich Jones | 14 Mar 00:02 2012

Ideas for Open Source Projects

Hey guys!

I'm sure at some point all of you have thought "Hey, there should be some free software that does {{thing}}!" So, I've whipped up a little HN/reddit clone as a platform for meta-discussion about the voids in free software. I'd like this to be a place to discuss new ideas, get feedback and find collaborators.

If you'd like, you can try it out here:

There isn't really anything there yet as I literally just put it up, but if you've got any ideas for projects you'd like to share, please be brave and post them!

I know the FSF maintains a list of 'high priority' targets, but I think that's just a small subset of what is yet to be done. There's still a lot of low-hanging fruit out there!  I'll also be interested in funding any of the project ideas which seem particularly popular.

Anyway, please give it a shot! If it flops, c'est la vie, but I think it might be interesting experiment. No idea is too grand or too small! Worst case scenario, it's a place online to discuss ideas that aren't based on stupid memes and news about boring Silicon Valley startups.

Please, give it a shot and let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Rich Jones

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Danny Piccirillo | 8 Sep 21:29 2011

Fwd: [Womeninfreesoftware] Software Freedom Day in the Boston Area

Oh yeah! 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Deborah Nicholson <deb <at>>
Date: Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 13:02
Subject: [Womeninfreesoftware] Software Freedom Day in the Boston Area
To: "Discussion re: increasing women's participation in free software" <womeninfreesoftware <at>>

Hi all,
If you're in the Boston area, join us on September 17th! Please
forward this announcement to local folks/lists, thanks!

Software Freedom Day is a free-of-cost, community-oriented event being
held in Cambridge, Massachusetts at 1000 Massachusetts Ave, from 10am
- 5pm on September 17th. The goal of the event is to help people in
the Boston area recognize and join existing local free
software-related communities. If you've been trying to learn more
about free software generally, or have been wondering how to build up
your free software project, this event is for you!

Máirín Duffy from Red Hat and Fedora is our keynote speaker. Thanks to
the Free Software Foundation, Cambridge College and Open Invention
Network for their sponsorship! More details here,

womeninfreesoftware mailing list
womeninfreesoftware <at>


[𝄽#] The Silent Number
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Aaron Wolf | 1 Dec 05:45 2014
Gravatar fund-drive live now: help launch a platform dedicated to free culture and related!

Greetings all,

Now live at — our fund-drive to cover legal costs (and ideally further development costs) to finally get launched!

Please check it out, spread the word to sympathetic folks, donate, let us know *any* feedback! is a platform where *all* projects must meet things like the Definition of Free Cultural Works, and the core concept is a matching pledge to encourage us all to work together and move funding from proprietary culture to free culture!

The main site is partly working for testing at, and we're continuing to develop as quickly as we can while the fund-drive is going.

Aaron Wolf
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Chris Sakkas | 10 Nov 09:34 2014

FOSsil Bank Update - November 2014


Hi folks,

Here's another FOSsil Bank update.

Big News – Free & Open Works

The big news is that I'm slowly working on creating Free & Open Works, the heir to the FOSsil Bank. Free & Open Works (FAOW) uses Semantic MediaWiki, which allows entries to be submitted by filling in a form, instead of expecting people to use a complicated links-and-tagging system like Wikidot requires. It also has nice touches like being entirely free and open source, allowing redirects, and having a host which is ad-free.

FAOW is limping along, and won't be ready to go before January, at least. But please do check it out here: I'm keen to know what you think of it, especially if you're familiar with MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki and might be able to give me a hand.

Because of the upcoming transition to FAOW, new FOSsil Bank entries just have barebones details.

Living Libre updates


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

I tweet from

Mooltipass is an offline FLOSS password keeper. (25 days left; $51,551/$109,112; fixed funding):

Libre Calendar 2015 has 12 artworks from different creators, and money raised goes to them and FLOSS software developers. Art is CC BY. (21 days left; €15 per calendar):

pEp is a project to deliver easy, FLOSS encryption for everyone (16 days left; $41,196/$50,000):

Headshot is a psychological thriller from Has been released under CC BY-SA, you can thank the author ($3 raised so far, from me):

Issues in Open Data discusses the implications of the Panton Principles. CC BY – yet to be released, but successfully funded on (completed; $1,264/$1,200):

Crystal Picnic is a FLOSS action RPG, to be released under a public domain licence. (11 days left; $291/$1,500):

Mike Causey makes game hacks, adventures and game add-ons on Patreon. CC BY-SA. ($47/month so far):

ccMixter is a remix and sample site that's all CC licensed (not all FLO). They're doing a fundraising drive to upgrade the site and keep it running. (15 days left; flexible funding; $10,481/$44,444):

No Country for Old Kobolds is a CC BY hack of Dungeon World, a tabletop RPG. Text will be CC BY (concluded; $11,596/$3,500):

Growstuff is an open database for food growers everywhere. (concluded; $6,778/$20,000; flexible funding):

Kenney Land is a game dev place in the Netherlands. (concluded; $10,430/$40,000; flexible funding):

AXIOM Beta is the world’s first open digital cinema camera (concluded; €204,213/€100,000; fixed funding):

New FOSsil Bank Entries

All are free/open, at least in part.

The Infinite Voyager is a website that allows you to explore the media sent into space on the Voyager II discs. (CC0)

Monkaa is a cute short film made in Blender and GIMP and about a monkey that develops superpowers. (CC BY):

Class Warfare is a supplement for tabletop RPG Dungeon World that lets you create your own character classes. (CC BY-SA):

The Open Standard is a new online newspaper from Mozilla. (CC BY-SA):

3D Printed Piecepack is the instructions to create your own 3D-printed piecepack set. (CC BY-SA):

Sketchfab is a website of 3D models for viewing and download. They've just started a download section, all of which are under CC licences of one sort or another.

NASA has some great public domain resources.

Material Icons are vector symbols created by Google. (CC BY-SA):

They Vote for You displays the voting records of Australian representatives. (ODB):

The State Library of Queensland has made many of its public domain images available for download in high resolution. (Public domain; CC BY):

Graca's Dream is a picturebook. (CC BY):

Project: Ballad is a webcomic. (CC BY-SA):

Headshot is a psychological thriller on unglue-it. (CC BY-SA):

Issues in Open Research Data explores the practical and theoretical challenges of open data. (CC BY):

Dark Dungeons has a wiki in the works. (Public domain; OGL):

Obrary is a site for design specifications. (CC BY-SA):

WikiSeat is the design for a seat. (CC BY-SA):

Ficlatte is the replacement to microfiction site Ficly. (CC BY-SA):

Iron Edda is a tabletop roleplaying game with Vikings and mecha. (CC BY-SA):

Skitterphoto posts high resolution public domain photos.

Ways to Practice Responsible Development Data has one of those titles that says it all. (CC BY-SA):


Chris Sakkas
Admin of the FOSsil Bank wiki and the Living Libre blog and Twitter feed.
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Chris Sakkas | 21 Sep 09:21 2014

FOSsil Bank Update (September 2014)

Hi folks,

Another month, another FOSsil Bank update.

Living Libre updates

I'm exploring Semantic MediaWiki (thanks for the tip, Cov!) as the foundation for the next incarnation of the FOSsil Bank. I'm also looking for a new name for the FOSsil Bank – I want its name to explain, at least in part, what the site does. The working title is “Free, Libre and Open Catalogue”, but of course the Bank also has works under non-free licences. Maybe “Catalogue of Shareable Works”? Please share any ideas that you have.


If you spot a chance to #FundFreeCulture, shoot me an email and tweet about it!

I tweet from

The #FundFreeCulture page collects free, libre and open sources and works that are – in some way – for sale or use donations as a funding model:


The Musipiraten is allowing you to pre-order their Free! Music! Contest album. Songs will be Creartive Commons licensed, but not necessarily free/open (€2.50):

When Kenney Land makes its funding goal, 4,000 assets will be released into the public domain (28 days left; $8,364/$40,000; flexible funding):

AXIOM Beta is the world's first open digital cinema camera (18 days left; €56,609/€100,000; fixed funding):

TeknoAXE is making royalty-free music on Patreon (minimum pledge $1) (CC BY):

OpenFarm is a free and open database that made its funding on Kickstarter (concluded; $24,293/$7,500) (CC BY):

New FOSsil Bank Entries

All are free/open, at least in part.


Not a new entry, but the Lunatics page has been expanded (CC BY-SA):


Intellectual Property: Law and the Information Society is a non-free textbook (CC BY-NC-SA) but comes with a free casebook (CC BY):

Beginning Titan – The Distributed Graph Database is a guide to the Titan database (CC BY):

Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication is a collection of articles around meaningful communication with extraterrestial intelligence (do you think aliens have copyright law?) (CC0):

OpenStax CNX is an open educational resources repository (CC BY):

Understanding Changes in Poverty is an analysis of poverty reduction methods (CC BY):

The GNU C Programming Tutorial is a tutorial for programming in C (GNU FDL):

The Psychology of Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts advances a psychology theory (CC BY):

Tabletop Games

Bedroom Wall Press is a tabletop RPG designer whose works are under the Open Game License or GNU GPL:

100/3 RPG is a percentile-based tabletop RPG on a single page (CC BY-SA):


The Folger Shakespeare Library is a database of tens of thousands of images relating to Shakespeare (CC BY-SA, public domain):

The Internet Archive Book Images project scrapes public domain books in the Internet Archive for artworks (public domain):

Unsplash is a blog that posts high-resolution photos (CC0):


Hack the Bells is a competition to remix the UC Berkeley carillon (CC BY-SA):

Argofox releases royalty-free music (CC BY):

Mixotic is a site that publishes net mixes (CC BY-ND for the mixes themselves, a range of free and non-free licences for the constituent songs):

Vimeo has a feature to search its music store by Creative Commons licence:

FaTony has orchestral music (CC0):

Jonathan Mann has written a song a day. It seems that the songs posted on Bandcamp are CC BY-NC but some posted on YouTube are CC BY:

TeknoAXE is royalty-free music in a variety of genres (CC by):


Farmbot is an engineering project that creates an automated, data-driven farming machine (CC BY):


Brothers Whim book Stick's Masterpiece is now available in Arabic (CC BY-SA):


Chris Sakkas
Admin of the FOSsil Bank wiki and the Living Libre blog and Twitter feed.
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