dvanhorn | 19 Jul 23:33 2003

[ballistichelmet] AOL and Dean

I heard today on NPR that $46,000 have been contributed to the Dean campaing
from the employess of AOL Time-Warner.

dvanhorn | 19 Jul 23:36 2003

[ballistichelmet] Greenpeace training

An aunt of mine forwarded the following to me since I was the only university
student she knew.  So I'm passing it along to BH.


Join the Greenpeace Student Activist Network!

If you're a university student who is passionate about the plight of our
environment and if you're committed to working with a network of
like-minded individuals for a year-long campaign season, join us this
summer for an intense four-day skillshare!

August 13th - 17th in Washington, DC

     The Student Organizer Training is designed for young progressives who
     want to develop vital organizing and campaigning skills to combat
     pressing environmental problems. After the training, you will continue
     on to be part of the Student Activist Network and work with Greenpeace
     and other university students during the 2003 - 2004 school year.

     The training is free to attend. Food and housing will be provided.
     Limited travel scholarships available. To apply, send an email to
     maria.ramos@... - include your name, phone number(s),
     email address, college/university & year, field of interest and
     organizing experience. Application deadline is July 18th 2003. Space
     is limited, so apply now!

     What you can expect from the Training:
     We will try to meet the interests and needs of participants, so if
     you're interested in attending and you don't see something you'd like
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Aaron S. Hawley | 21 Jul 17:07 2003

[ballistichelmet] rants

the rants section of the ballistic helmet website is now:


jdsulliv | 21 Jul 18:38 2003

[ballistichelmet] NYTimes.com Article: Report on USA Patriot Act Alleges Civil Rights Violations

This article from NYTimes.com 
has been sent to you by jdsulliv@...

And to say we didn't warn you.  Bastards.


/-------------------- advertisement -----------------------\

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Report on USA Patriot Act Alleges Civil Rights Violations

July 21, 2003

WASHINGTON, July 20 - A report by internal investigators at
the Justice Department has identified dozens of recent
cases in which department employees have been accused of
serious civil rights and civil liberties violations
involving enforcement of the sweeping federal antiterrorism
law known as the USA Patriot Act. 

The inspector general's report, which was presented to
Congress last week and is awaiting public release, is
likely to raise new concern among lawmakers about whether
the Justice Department can police itself when its employees
are accused of violating the rights of Muslim and Arab
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Olhado | 22 Jul 03:17 2003

Re: [ballistichelmet] rants

a related article:

"Under a system that was deployed on the White House Web site for the
first time last week, those who want to send a message to Bush must
now navigate as many as nine Web pages and fill out a detailed form
that starts by asking whether the message sender supports White House
policy or differs with it."


anyone tried emailing the whitehouse lately?



"Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam;
egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and
spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon
spam tomato and spam;"   - Monty Python

* Aaron S. Hawley <Aaron.Hawley@...> [2003-07-21 11:07:02 -0400]:

> the rants section of the ballistic helmet website is now:
> www.whitehouse.gov/webmail/
> </humor>
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Nicholas A. Bonfatti | 22 Jul 06:43 2003

[ballistichelmet] It's a mediaopoly!

Conspiracy Theory Rock.

I dunno if you guys have seen this robert smigel cartoon that was only on
saturday night live the first time it was run, but its a good watch if you haven't.

jereme | 22 Jul 08:57 2003

[ballistichelmet] Fwd: {DadaMonster} Mob on NPR

Note: forwarded message attached.

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From: Samantha Levin <binnorie@...>
Subject: {DadaMonster} Mob on NPR
Date: 2003-07-21 14:46:55 GMT

Pablo Picasso called me yesterday to wish you a happy birthday.  

npr's weekend editon had mob article.

samantha levin                               binnorie@...

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D A D A M O N S T E R 
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Kihachiro Umezaki | 22 Jul 22:24 2003

[ballistichelmet] intersting article

Aaron S. Hawley | 22 Jul 22:47 2003

[ballistichelmet] Uranium Munitions

Buffalo News
July 22, 2003

Warning of Toxic Aftermath from Uranium Munitions

by Anthony Cardinale

The American use of depleted uranium munitions in both Persian Gulf
wars has unleashed a toxic disaster that will eclipse the Agent
Orange tragedy of the Vietnam War, a former top Army official said
Monday evening.

Former Maj. Douglas Rokke, who was director of the Army's depleted
uranium project, spoke to 125 people at the Buffalo & Erie County
Historical Society. The Champaign, Ill., science professor was
brought here by the Western New York Peace Center.

"I am a warrior," the 54-year-old Vietnam War veteran began. "The
sole purpose of war is to kill and destroy. There are no winners."

Dressed in sneakers, blue jeans and a red polo shirt, Rokke fit the
image of an animated science professor, hair tousled, adjusting his
glasses and eager to impart his findings to the next generation.

If what he says is true, students will soon have yet another chapter
of heartbreaking history to study in the schools. If he is wrong, it
will take years to disprove.

Called to active duty in 1990, Rokke said, he was assigned to develop
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Aaron S. Hawley | 22 Jul 22:51 2003

[ballistichelmet] Doug Rokke coming to VT (depleted uranium)

c/o Bonney Simons, St. Johnsbury, VT (802) 748-3663

WHEN: 7.00pm Wednesday,  August 6
WHERE: South Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
(intro movie on depleted uranium (DU) same place a week before at 7)

WHAT: Doug Rokke to speak in St. Johnsbury on dangers of depleted uranium

U.S. Army Major Doug Rokke, a Vietnam and Gulf War veteran and an
international authority on depleted uranium, will speak on Wednesday,
August 6, 7 pm, at South Congregational Church on Main Street in St.
Johnsbury. He will speak on health consequences of the U.S. military's use
of radioactive weapons in Iraq. The program is free and open to the

Dr. Rokke's presentation is sponsored by the North Country Coalition for
Justice and Peace in observance of Hiroshima Day, the first use of
radioactive weapons against an unsuspecting civilian population, in 1945.

Major Rokke, an Army Reserve officer, Ph.D. scientist and former college
professor, is an expert on depleted uranium--also known as "DU"--a heavy,
radioactive metal used by the Defense Department to make ammunition. He
speaks around the world on the cover-up of Gulf War casualties, calling
for a ban on the use of DU munitions.

"DU is the stuff of nightmares," Rokke says: "it is toxic, radioactive,
and pollutes for 4,500 years."  He calls the use of DU a "war crime," as
(Continue reading)