J. Marc Edwards | 19 Mar 04:47 2012

Left mouse-click is disconnecting the desktop session...

I'm noticing a RealVNC viewer issue when running VNC over an SSL VPN connection versus an SSH connection. 
Under the SSL VPN that desktop connects and is displayed properly. The desktop window manager is Ubuntu
Unity-2D. When I left click on the file browser icon, no problem that works fine. When I left click on Ubuntu
Dash icon, the entire desktop session is disconnected and the VNC server is terminated. 

I have a similar SSH VNC session that does not exhibit any problematic behavior. 

Does anyone have any clues on what may be happening? I suspected something relative to the mouse and
keyboard mappings, but I have been unable to identify anything specific that will correct the problem. 

Kind regards, Marc 

J. Marc Edwards, Lead Architect 
Semiconductor Design Portals 
Nimbis Services, Inc. 
Cell - (919) 345-1021 
Fax - (919) 882-8602 
marc.edwards <at> nimbisservices.com 

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Pedro Pestana | 26 Mar 18:24 2012

Keyboard mapping problem between viewer (windows xp) and server (ubuntu 11.10)


I have created an Ubuntu 11.10 virtual machine under VMware vSphere 4.0
which I can access through vcenter's console and have no issues with
keyboard mapping. I have installed vnc-server by opening a terminal window
(ctrl+alt+t) and typing vncserver + Enter.

I have installed vnc-viewer (vnc_4_1_3_x86_win32_viewer.exe) on a Windows
XP Pro SP3 VM on my pc using VMPlayer and on the same network (ie,
10.10.10.x) as the vnc-server.

I am able to connect from the vnc-viewer machine to the vnc-server machine
without any problem. Once I connect I open a Firefox session on the
vnc-server machine and type 'http://'. What I get back is 'http>&&'.

Most probably, I should be editing some configuration file on either the
vnc-viewer machine or/and the vnc-server machine.

Can someone help me by pointing to an url, docs, or something else I could
read to understand what needs to be done?

Many thanks,


Pedro Pestana
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Linda Hawksworth | 27 Mar 11:53 2012

RE: Keyboard mapping problem between viewer (windows xp) and server (ubuntu 11.10)

Hi Pedro

Please can you send as much information about your environment as possible
(VNC Server and Viewer versions, Editions, OSs, etc).  Please also send full
details of your network configuration (network/firewall/antivirus/security
software configuration).  How are you connecting (locally/VPN/internet/3G)?
Which options have you configured on the VNC Server and VIewer that differ
from the default?

Please send the output of msinfo from the VNC Viewer machine:

Start Menu -> Run -> msinfo32.exe -> File -> Save

Please also set the log level to 100 on both machines, reproduce the issue
and send the logs as per the following article:


Linda Hawksworth
RealVNC Customer Support

Please ensure you Reply to All and keep the subject line to ensure that your
support ticket is appropriately tracked.

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John Cunniff | 31 Mar 03:06 2012

VNC v4.1.2 and XFINITY Modem

Hello, Everybody!

I am a new user, but actually, I was an old subscriber back in 2000's.
Anyway, I got a new XFINITY modem, it was messed up including my Videophone
[VP] by Sorenson Communications. Yesterday, my tech guy came. He fixed the
wires. It is much better also, he reconfigured my VP for XFINITY modem. It
works great for now.

Unfortunately, my VNC cannot be connected from my laptop's end. I've tried
ip-address:5800 and I got Connection Timed out. I checked the settings, I
got the router so, I don't understand the settings yet.

I am running on:

Windows XP x86
Comcast high-speed internet using XFINITY modem
VNC 4.1.2 Server/Viewer

My router's IP address starts with 10.0.0.x... I think so.

When I got into router, it says XFINITY - Login so, I did logged on. I got
the main screen:

HOME > At A Glance

Home Networking		Network Connection

It listed the hardware stuff. It is very basic.

Can someone tell me how do I set my VNC to go through to the internet?
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