Vadim Goncharov | 20 May 11:40 2011

score definition doesn't match, bug?


Have 0.9.9p1 and the following snippet in ~/News/Score:

Score:: 426 % carbon copy to me
X-Comment-To: Vadim Goncharov
To: Vadim Goncharov
#To: vadim_?nuclight <at> 
#Cc: vadim_?nuclight <at> 
To: nuclight <at> 
Cc: nuclight <at> 

Score:: 102 % hack for mail lists where previous carbon copy don't work
	References: nuclight
	In-Reply-To: nuclight

The intention is to high score of replies to me in newsgroups and gmane mail
lists. But it doesn't work: I have to add the second fragment which tries to
match my Message-Ids in References: header. But why this regexp doesn't work?
Is it my fault or bug?

Also, I have another snippet:

# dummy subjects
Score:: -99
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