Dario Niedermann | 25 Mar 01:41 2016

Hilite groups with new msgs?

Hello! Is there currently a way to tell slrn to highlight groups that
received new messages after I left them?

IOW, in group display mode, after checking for new articles (with [g])
I'd like to see a character beside each group whose "High water mark"
has changed since the last time I quit that group.

Is something like this already feasible, or would it require hacking the
source code?


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slrn_user | 24 Feb 10:30 2016

slrnpull continuously disconnecting

Hi, I errouneously posted this initially as a reply to a previous mail
with a different subject, so here comes again.

I've also been able to solve the problem by scoring the message-id of
the 'offending'(?) article to -9999, but still I'm curious to know what
exactly causes the problem described below.

Trying to pull in from usenet the news group sci.electronics.design,
slrnpull consistently at a certain posting disconnects like this:

[user <at> usenet ~]$ slrnpull --debug ./debug_slrnpull
--logfile ./logfile_slrnpull 02/23/2016 23:04:54 slrnpull started.
02/23/2016 23:04:54 Reading .local/var/spool/slrnpull/news/slrnpull.conf
02/23/2016 23:04:54 Connecting to host eunews2.blocknews.net ...
02/23/2016 23:04:55 Authenticating blaocrkniewe ...
02/23/2016 23:04:55 Connected to host.  Posting ok.
02/23/2016 23:04:55 Fetching articles for sci.electronics.design.
02/23/2016 23:05:29 sci.electronics.design: Retrieving articles
605832-928618. 02/23/2016 23:05:29 sci.electronics.design: 322787
articles available. 0/322787 (0 killed), Time: 00:00:34, BPS:
505670 0/322787 (0 killed), Time: 00:00:35, BPS: 491249      
0/322787 (0 killed), Time: 00:00:39, BPS: 441099      
02/23/2016 23:05:36 ***Connection to eunews2.blocknews.net lost.
Performing shutdown. 02/23/2016 23:05:36 ***Connection to
eunews2.blocknews.net lost. Performing shutdown. 02/23/2016 23:05:36 A
total of 17213012 bytes received, 321 bytes sent in 42 seconds.
[user <at> usenet ~]$ 

The latest output of --debug is:
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Michael Uplawski | 30 Jan 07:41 2016

pre 1.0.3-10, K for scoring INOP

Good morning, 

it appears that in the current development version the K shortcut for
scoring does not work or not work by default. 

Thanks for confirming. I can “work“ like that.

Have a nice week-end, all

:~$ slrn --version
slrn pre1.0.3-10
	* Hinweis: Dies ist eine Vorab-Version für Programmentwickler.
Version der S-Lang-Bibliothek: 2.3.0
Compiled on: Dec 15 2015 14:17:37
Betriebssystem: Linux

 Backends: +nntp -slrnpull +spool
  External programs / libs: -canlock -inews +ssl -uudeview
  Features: +decoding +emphasized_text +end_of_thread
  +fake_refs +gen_msgid
     -grouplens -msgid_cache +piping +rnlock +spoilers
 Using 64 bit integers for article numbers.

 Default server object:     nntp
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B. Z. Lederman | 4 Jan 02:49 2016

Re: Slrn-user Digest, Vol 71, Issue 1

Subj:	Slrn-user Digest, Vol 71, Issue 1


| Message: 9
| Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2016 13:48:22 +0100
| From: Morten Bo Johansen <mbj <at> spamcop.net>
| Subject: Re: Can'
| To: slrn-user <at> lists.sourceforge.net
| Message-ID: <slrnn8i64n.e3u.mbj <at> gatsby.mbjnet.dk>
| On 2016-01-03 B. Z. Lederman wrote:
| >  I don't think I'm asking for too much to request an actual
| >  example of how to set up NNTPSERVER and the variables in
| >  .jnewsrc that works to set up a connection with SSL.
| As I understand it, if the server protocol is not snews://,
| slrn will not even try to make a secure connection. In other
| words, if the command
|   slrn -h snews://yourserver.org --create
| fails, then you are out of luck.
|   Morten

Thanks for the suggestion. However, it does not seem to make
any difference.
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B. Z. Lederman | 3 Jan 12:58 2016


     I've used SLRN for many years on OpenVMS.  I now want to
 use it on my home system (preferably Mint Linux, but it could
 be Fedora or Windows 7).  I've used GrabIT on Windows with SSL,
 and it works.  I've tried Xpn and Thunderbird on Linux with
 SSL, and they work, but I don't like the interface or other
 features.  I want to use slrn, but I can not figure out how to
 get it to use SSL.

     I've been to the web site. It says my version of slrn is
 built with SSL: but there are no real instructions anywhere
 that actually say how to enable it.  I've searched through the
 archives on the web site, and have found nothing useful. I've
 done web searches, and can't find anyone who has said they've
 gotten this to work.

     I did eventually find a copy of README.SSL, bundled with
 the Windows version of slrn that comes in a ZIP file, but it
 doesn't give any information other than adding "snews://" 
 somewhere. I've tried every variation I can think of, putting 
 this in the .slrnrc file for server or nntpauth,  and nothing 
 will get it to switch to SSL.  I've tried putting it in the
 NNTPSERVER environmental variable, but that causes errors 
 connecting. I've tried putting the port number at the end of 
 the server name, and that seems to make it start to use SSL, 
 but it can never authenticate or connect properly. 

     My method of determining this is as follows.

     The version of slrn I have on Linux is this:
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Bob Holtzman | 24 Dec 02:46 2015

date in index

Is it possible to configure slrn to show the dates of messages in the
index? Searches turned up nothing. It might be buried in the docs but, if
so, I missed it.

Any pointers appreciated.


Stefan Krüger | 3 Nov 08:55 2015

slrn 1.0.2 IPv6 not working on Solaris


I'm trying to use a IPv6 newsserver on solaris, which doesn't work though.

Seems like configure is not picking up getaddrinfo() support without the
right libraries (-lsocket -lnsl according to the getaddrinfo manpage):

$ ./configure
checking for getaddrinfo... no
checking for getnameinfo... no

$ cat config.log
configure:8400: checking for getaddrinfo
configure:8400: cc -o conftest -g   conftest.c  >&5
"conftest.c", line 94: warning: statement not reached
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
 getaddrinfo                         conftest.o
 ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors
 configure:8400: $? = 2

Adding LIBS='-lsocket -lnsl' fixes this:

$ ./configure LIBS='-lsocket -lnsl'
ecking for getaddrinfo... yes
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T | 27 Oct 11:27 2015


unsubscribe sabrewolfy <at> gmail.com havelock2


hymie | 20 Oct 04:43 2015

newline in followup_string


I don't know if any active development is still going on for slrn.

I wanted to suggest a patch.  I've applied it to my local copy
of slrn, and as far as I can tell, it works correctly.  It doesn't
follow all of the rules (such as using the git development code)
but right now it's only a 5-line patch.

My "followup_string" is long and (I hope) comical.  But it is longer
than a single 72-character line.  So I have changed
  %n  name of the current newsgroup
to be
  %N  name of the current newsgroup
  %n  newline
and now my followup_string is broken into 2 lines.

If there is interest, I can send it along to somebody.

--hymie!     http://lactose.homelinux.net/~hymie    hymie <at> lactose.homelinux.net


Michael Uplawski | 12 Oct 10:30 2015

custom_headers ignored in followup_hook

SLRN pre1.0.3-6

Good morning,

I have modified a macro to set some headers conditionally as soon as I
write to the newsgroups of an associative network. The script is
attached to this message (custom_header.sl).

The post_hook works as wanted, while in the followup_hook the
*custom_header setting is ignored*!

I am not pressed to have this working better than it does already, but
want to make sure that there are no real errors in the script or in my
The original file, which I copied from the Web may be old and settings
may have changed in the meantime... just give me a hint in that case.




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Matěj Cepl | 25 Sep 14:14 2015

Re: Conditional From?

On 2015-01-08 Morten Bo Johansen wrote:
> > Sure, it was just an attempt at some quick solution, in case identity.sl
> needed too much of an update. The regexp matching could also be achieved
> simply by changing it to this
>   define set_cond_from ()
>   {
>      set_string_variable ("username", "mbj");
>      set_string_variable ("hostname", "spamcop.net");
>      if (string_match (current_newsgroup, "<regexp>", 1))
>        {
>           set_string_variable ("username", "user");
>           set_string_variable ("hostname", "hostname");
>           ...
>           (other variables)
>        }
>   }
>   () = register_hook ("followup_hook", "set_cond_from");
>   () = register_hook ("post_hook", "set_cond_from");

Unplesant surprise for me was that string_match doesn’t know OR in
regular expressions so my regexp


never matches.

I found out that slrn provides PCRE bindings (I think it should really
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