Guido Berhoerster | 25 Jul 15:42 2015

[PATCH] Normalize Content-Transfer-Encoding

Normalize Content-Transfer-Encoding because there are MUAs and News
clients using uppercase.
 macros/ | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/macros/ b/macros/
index 527e6a0..24902cd 100644
--- a/macros/
+++ b/macros/
 <at>  <at>  -219,6 +219,7  <at>  <at>  private define parse_mime (art)
    node.message = body;

    variable encoding = get_header_key (header, "Content-Transfer-Encoding", 1);
+   encoding = strlow (encoding);
    if (is_substr (encoding, "base64"))
      node.encoding = "base64";
    else if (is_substr (encoding, "quoted-printable"))



Guido Berhoerster | 25 Jul 15:44 2015

[PATCH] Ensure convert_mime_object does not return NULL

In case the message is an empty string charset_convert_string will
return NULL which then leads to problems later.
 macros/ | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

diff --git a/macros/ b/macros/
index 24902cd..3d58547 100644
--- a/macros/
+++ b/macros/
 <at>  <at>  -348,6 +348,9  <at>  <at>  private define format_type (type, width)
 private define convert_mime_object (obj)
    variable str = obj.message;
+   if (str == "")
+     return str;
    if (obj.encoding == "base64")
      str = decode_base64_string (str);
    else if (obj.encoding == "quoted-printable")



Guido Berhoerster | 25 Jul 15:46 2015

Splitting off MIME parsing primitives


back when slrn first gained MIME support I made a (private) fork
of and improved and extended it over time up to a point
where it can now handle arbitraily nested multipart/* and
message/rfc822 automatic conversion of non-MIME parts to
text/plain via mailcap and much more. I've recently cleaned it up
a bit in order to publish it and now I wonder if it would be ok
to split off the MIME parsing primitives in into a
seperate library so that it can be resused by MIME handling
macros such as mine instead of having to copy these parts?
The following patch does just this.

Guido Berhoerster


Dale | 1 Apr 20:56 2015

slrn/nano issue with moderated group

I am using slrn with nano as my editor

I am having threading problems on, I was told the problem
also happens with Google Groups

recently there was a moderation change, my nesting worked
before the moderation change

the threading works on alt.test
below this line is the message id of the original post in that thread
Message-ID: <8bc8dp.4i8.19.11 <at>>

when my Reference Header wraps at the size of the Gnome Terminal,
it gets clipped to the wrap in the moderation software on,
in threads

below this line is the message id of an original post in a thread
Message-ID: <8bbqu7.n83.19.5 <at>>

I have the Gnome Terminal set at 80x43, 
I don't know if this is a word wrap or line wrap

I don't have
set softwrap 
in .slrnrc

this is my set editor_command in .slrnrc
set editor_command "nano -r 74"
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David Melik | 10 Mar 04:33 2015

error message question

Hello, I have used Usenet since the mid-1990s starting with Free Agent newsreader, then
Netscape/Mozilla/Thunderbird newsreader parts, now Claws Mail newsreader part, and now I am trying
SLRN and get apparently undocumented error messages. Can anyone explain? Last try it said what I put in the
PS below (except I omitting the message). Maybe it has something to do with my default shell editor, NANO or
PICO. How would I get SLRN to wrap the lines, or will the NNTP server actually do that?


PS. The error message is below.

Your message is not acceptable for the following reason(s):

Your message breaks the following netiquette guidelines:

    Please wrap lines with more than 80 characters (only first one is shown)

This message was generated while looking at line 9:

(message omitted)

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Dale | 12 Jan 02:59 2015

sync headers to download with server

when I select a group to enter, I get
prompted for how many headers,

is this the number of headers on the server?

how can I get only new headers from the time
I used it last?

I am a previous Thunderbird/pan user who switched
to slrn mainly for memory footprint issues,
I only have 993MB RAM and am using Ubuntu

Thunderbird/pan seemed to "sync" the headers,
is there a way to do this with slrn?


(my whereabouts below)

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Matěj Cepl | 6 Jan 18:14 2015

Conditional From?


is it possible to make slrn to set different From header for 
different newsgroups? I generally use the same address as here, 
but I would need to use our company address for the company 
newsgroups. Is it possible to persuade slrn to do The Right 

Thank you,


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Dale | 21 Nov 04:44 2014

slrn/nano wrapping problems still

I want line wrap at 74 for my reads and posts
I don't want word wrap unless it is from something
that is copy/pasted, which seems to be no problem

I have softwrap set in my ~/.nanorc
set softwrap
and it looks fine in nano editing, everything looks
fine in editing

I have nano set as my default editor in my ~/.slrnrc
set editor_command "nano -r 74"
according to the nano docs, this is supposed to
hard wrap at 74 columns

again, when I edit, everything is okay

when I send I get an error
from slrn that a line is not wrapped under 80
and I have to force send

when I then read the post in slrn it is not wrapped

if I copy/paste something word wrapped already, it makes
it through the whole line process fine

I don't want word wrap except for what I copy/paste

I have been reading docs and googling for 2 days, i tried vim,
gedit,emacs, no difference

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Dale | 19 Nov 21:20 2014

slrn/vim line/word wrap configuration

I have slrn/vim working to wrap lines when I type them

I have to force send in slrn because it says the line is more than 80 chars
when I read I have to press W to wrap and a space is in front of where
W wraps it

how can I get rid of the space

this is what is in my ~/.slrnrc

set editor_command "vim '+set tw=80' +%d '%s'

copy/paste wraps okay, and reads okay


(my whereabouts below)

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Dale | 18 Nov 20:13 2014

line wrap with nano,vi(vim?)

seem to have line wrap problems with
nano and vi(vim?)

how can I fix this or use gedit,emacs



(my whereabouts below)

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J.B. Nicholson-Owens | 14 Nov 00:50 2014

In "This hook 
will be called whenever group mode is entered. This includes the times 
when one exists article mode back to group mode." the word "exists" 
should read "exits".

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