Andrey Voropaev | 25 Sep 12:27 2014

KOI8-R in slrn


I have to use version of slrn that does not support 'charset' setting.
The version is not new, so it does not support
set_utf8_conversion_table function. As result, when I try to read news
in Russian, I get garbage on the screen. As far as I can see, slrn
simply treats KOI8-R text as Latin1 and converts it to UTF-8.

In the article view I was able to correct things. My macro gets the
raw text of the article, then converts KOI8-R to UTF-8 and then
replaces article. Works perfectly.

Now I would like to fix subject lines displayed in the "threads" view.
I didn't find any functions that could be used for fixing encodings in
the Subject of the article. Did I miss them, or they really don't

Best regards
Andrei Voropaev

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J.B. Nicholson-Owens | 10 May 04:53 2014

Getting quote regular expressions from ignore_quotes via S-Lang?

How does one get the regular expression(s) used with ignore_quotes in an 
S-Lang slrn macro?

I can't use get_variable_value() because that function only works with 
slrn variables that are set with "set".

I'd like to read these strings for a macro I'm writing where I'd like to 
avoid giving the regular expressions more than once -- once with 
ignore_quotes and another time for the macro to use.


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J.B. Nicholson-Owens | 17 Feb 02:52 2014

has_parent() oddity

has_parent() is a bit confusing to me. If one looks at the following two 
articles in with slrn v1.0.1:

<2424ed2d74d5139e22d17f1a40a5f1b0 <at>>
<2424ed2d74d5139e22d17f1a40a5f1b0 <at>>

they get threaded together. Neither article has a References: header.

Yet has_parent() returns 0 for the former article and has_parent() 
returns 1 for the latter article.

call("get_parent_header") on the latter article raises an exception -- 
"Article has no parent reference." -- which makes sense from the lack of 
a References: header but it remains unobvious why has_parent() ought to 
return 1 for 
<2424ed2d74d5139e22d17f1a40a5f1b0 <at>> (I'm 
talking about the intention behind has_parent() not necessarily its 
current implementation).

It seems to me that if has_parent() returns non-zero, one ought to be 
able to identify the article that is that article's parent, even if that 
article is not present on the server.

I'm not sure if I'm seeing a bug in the has_parent() implementation, a 
bug in the has_parent() documentation (maybe more explanation about how 
has_parent() can return 1 even if the parent is due to slrn grouping 
articles into threads by sorting?), or if I'm misunderstanding something 
about proper use of has_parent().

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J.B. Nicholson-Owens | 16 Feb 19:00 2014

Get thread info slrn has in article mode?

In article mode, slrn can show the user a thread tree: a clear 
indication of which article is an article's parent, and which articles 
are that article's children (if any). I'd like to get at this thread 
information in an S-Lang macro for slrn.

I'd like to get at this information without:

- adding articles to the thread that aren't already in the visible 
thread tree. I don't want to reconstruct the whole thread nor do I want 
to add any articles to the thread display I'm not already seeing.

- requesting anything from the news server 
says that get_parent_header will download data from the server if 

- rebuilding thread information by reading References: header data 
because slrn has apparently already done that plus constructed threads 
from articles where References: header data is missing. We see the fruit 
of this work when slrn shows the user the thread tree.

Is there S-Lang API for slrn to let an S-Lang macro read this thread 
data? It would be okay if this were read-only data for the macro.

I need this information to show the relationships between articles in 
the same thread in a different way than slrn currently does this and I'd 
like to avoid rewriting code that already does this job.


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Martin Trautmann | 23 Oct 10:41 2013

false configuration for utf8

Hi all,

is there some kind of mixed setup option for charset definitions?

My setup does create proper

Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

However, I sometimes observe error messages from slrn, telling me:

Can't convert utf8 -> UTF-8

Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Message-ID: <slrnl6ecqe.ecm.als <at>>

The message itself is shown properly.

Personally, I have within my .slrnrc a line
	charset config "utf-8"


#if$LANG en_US.UTF-8
% fallback_charset patch from
set fallback_charset iso-8859-15
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Preston Boyington | 15 Oct 18:43 2013

slrn directory trouble

Due to space issues I'm trying to get slrn to use a different drive for the "News" folder.

In my .slrnrc file I have the following:

set "/media/94bfab3d-134c-554a-a863-f7babe6644aa/slrn/News"

When I run slrn I get an error on the lines with that path.

Could someone please enlighten me on how my pathing should be?

Here's my slrn info:

$ slrn --version
slrn pre1.0.0-18
        * Note: This version is a developer preview.
S-Lang Library Version: 2.2.2
Compiled at: Aug  7 2010 11:37:49
Operating System: Linux

 Backends: +nntp +slrnpull +spool
 External programs / libs: +canlock +inews +ssl +uudeview +iconv
 Features: +decoding +emphasized_text +end_of_thread +fake_refs +gen_msgid
    -grouplens -msgid_cache +piping +rnlock +spoilers -strict_from
 Using 64 bit integers for article numbers.

 Default server object:     nntp
 Default posting mechanism: nntp

Thanks all,
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Seebs | 20 Sep 03:28 2013

Rough draft patch: slrnpull configuration to immediately retry posts.

So, I have noticed a strange transient failure with one particular 
Usenet server, which is that after authentication, there is sometimes 
but not always a window during which any post submitted to it will be 
rejected with "441 436 <message-id>" and no other explanation.

Browsing around, I've found one claim that a server exists which does 
this for duplicate posts. In this case, though, it's definitely not 
duplicates, it's brand-new posts with suitably-unique message IDs. It 
may also occasionally show up for other reasons.

Solution: Retry failed posts. So I've produced a patch which will retry 
posts if configured to do so through a line in slrnpull.conf reading 
"nntp-retries 3 10". (3 being the number of retries, 10 being the number 
of seconds to delay before retrying).

This is probably inadequately tested, but it solved my immediate 
problem, so I figured I'd send it out for evaluation, in case it was 
useful to someone else.

commit a55e2fc12301e0694452af46e11f52d590b4ccff
Author: Seebs <seebs <at>>
Date:   Thu Sep 19 20:18:44 2013 -0500

    Allow retrying NNTP submissions

    One usenet server I occasionally interact with has the very
    curious trait that an article submission too early in a session
    will almost always result in a "441 436" response. Simply
    retrying once or twice will usually get a successful post.

    This patch adds an optional "nntp-retries" configuration
    hook for slrnpull.conf, which allows the user to request that
    NNTP submissions be retried a couple of times before giving

    Signed-off-by: Seebs <seebs <at>>

diff --git a/src/slrnpull.c b/src/slrnpull.c
index fb40a9a..f2669b8 100644
--- a/src/slrnpull.c
+++ b/src/slrnpull.c
 <at>  <at>  -142,6 +142,7  <at>  <at>  static int Use_Fetch_Score;
 static int Kill_Score;
 static char *Active_Groups_File;
 static time_t Start_Time;
+static int nntp_retries = 0, nntp_retry_interval = 0;


 <at>  <at>  -736,6 +737,14  <at>  <at>  static int read_active_groups (void) /*{{{*/

+        if (0 == strcmp (name, "nntp-retries"))
+	  {
+	     /* repurpose the first two fields */
+	     nntp_retries = max_to_get;
+	     nntp_retry_interval = expire_days;
+	     continue;
+	  }
 	if (NULL != find_group_type (name))
 	     log_error (_("%s: line %u: group duplicated."),
 <at>  <at>  -1795,21 +1804,12  <at>  <at>  static int pull_news (NNTP_Type *s, int marked_bodies) /*{{{*/


-static int post_file (NNTP_Type *s, char *file) /*{{{*/
+/* a single attempt to post an already-open file over NNTP */
+static int post_file_nntp (NNTP_Type *s, char *file, FILE *fp) /*{{{*/
-   FILE *fp;
    int status;
    char buf[8 * 1024];

-   log_message (_("Attempting to post %s..."), file);
-   fp = fopen (file, "r");
-   if (fp == NULL)
-     {
-	log_error (_("Unable to open file %s for posting."), file);
-	return -1;
-     }
    status = nntp_post_cmd (s);
    if (status != CONT_POST)
 <at>  <at>  -1840,9 +1840,6  <at>  <at>  static int post_file (NNTP_Type *s, char *file) /*{{{*/
 	     return -1;
-   fclose (fp);
    status = nntp_end_post (s);
    if (status == -1)
 <at>  <at>  -1852,11 +1849,54  <at>  <at>  static int post_file (NNTP_Type *s, char *file) /*{{{*/

    if (status != OK_POSTED)
+	log_error (_("Article %s rejected. status = %d: %s."), file, status, s->rspbuf);
+	return -1;
+     }
+   return 0;
+static int post_file (NNTP_Type *s, char *file) /*{{{*/
+   FILE *fp;
+   int status;
+   int retries = 0;
+   log_message (_("Attempting to post %s..."), file);
+   fp = fopen (file, "r");
+   if (fp == NULL)
+     {
+	/* this doesn't get a retry */
+	log_error (_("Unable to open file %s for posting."), file);
+	return -1;
+     }
+   /* some news servers will return a 436 if you try to post too soon
+    * after a session has started.
+    */
+   status = post_file_nntp (s, file, fp);
+   while (retries <= nntp_retries && 0 != status)
+     {
+       ++retries;
+       /* rewind the file to try again */
+       fseek(fp, 0, SEEK_SET);
+       slrn_sleep(nntp_retry_interval);
+       status = post_file_nntp (s, file, fp);
+     }
+   fclose(fp);
+   /* if status is -1, the posting failed (possibly multiple times) and
+    * we should move it to the rejects directory, then give up.
+    */
+   if (-1 == status)
+     {
 	char *name;
 	char bad_file [SLRN_MAX_PATH_LEN + 1];

-	log_error (_("Article %s rejected. status = %d: %s."), file, status, s->rspbuf);
 	name = slrn_basename (file);
 	if (-1 == slrn_dircat (Outgoing_Bad_Dir, name,
 			       bad_file, sizeof (bad_file)))
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Uwe Premer | 1 Jun 23:05 2013

64-Bit Source Port?

I want to compile slrn to 64-bit-windows7-executable.
Is there any 64-Bit-Source port available?

Or alternatively any good guide to port the 32-bit source compatible for


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Daniel | 11 Apr 09:09 2013

posting to gmane hangs indefinitely until abort & repost

I have some trouble posting to using slrn. The actualy
posting often hangs and I have to abort and choose Repost at the prompt.
It is then processed quickly, without hanging.

I get the feeling that there is some network connection that has timed
out (while I was writing the article?), and which isn't properly renewed
until the repost (retry) is done. That's a wild guess.

I have never used slrn before, or with another news server. Version is

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Peter J Ross | 27 Mar 01:24 2013

Translation problem?

Hello, old friends!


slrn pre1.0.2-8
	* Note: This version is a developer preview.
S-Lang Library Version: 2.2.4
Compiled on: Mar 27 2013 00:13:10
Operating System: Linux

  Backends: +nntp -slrnpull -spool
  External programs / libs: -canlock -inews -ssl -uudeview +iconv
  Features: +decoding +emphasized_text +end_of_thread +fake_refs +gen_msgid
     -grouplens -msgid_cache +piping +rnlock +spoilers -strict_from
  Using 64 bit integers for article numbers.

  Default server object:     nntp


During "make install" the script seems to be looking for a translation 
that hasn't been created by "make".

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/pjr/slrn/po'
: --update be.po slrn.pot
rm -f && : -c --statistics -o be.po
mv: cannot stat `': No such file or directory
make[3]: *** [] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/pjr/slrn/po'
make[2]: *** [stamp-po] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/pjr/slrn/po'
make[1]: *** [installlocales] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/pjr/slrn/src'
make: *** [install] Error 2


The installation seems to be successful, despite the error messages, so 
it's not a huge problem.

ISTM that there's either a new translation that hasn't been completely 
added or an old translation that hasn't been completely removed.


PJR :-)

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n.radesh | 11 Mar 08:48 2013

downloading more headers from article mode

hi all,
i'm using "set query_read_group_cutoff -250" so that i don't have to
download a huge batch of headers all at once (which i probably do't
need) but sometimes i have unread articles that are beyond the 250
most recent articles. is it possible (maybe with a script) to download
even more aritcle headers from inside article mode?

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