Thomas Ries | 14 Apr 15:18 2006

Release 0.5.12

Release Notes for siproxd-0.5.12

Major changes since 0.5.11:
   A "Short-Dial" feature is now available.
   A number of bugfixes have been made. These include some issues
   with Grandstream phones and the "unregister at startup" option,
   as well as other issues with the expiration timeout.

General Overview:
 - SIP (RFC3261) Proxy for SIP based softphones hidden behind a
   masquerading firewall
 - works with "dial-up" conenctions (dynamic IP addresses)
 - Multiple local users/hosts can be masqueraded simultaneously
 - Access control (IP based) for incoming traffic
 - Proxy Authentication for registration of local clients (User Agents)
   with individual passwords for each user
 - May be used as pure Outbound proxy (registration of local UAs
   to a 3rd party registrar)
 - Fli4l OPT_SIP (still experimental) available, check
 - runs on various operating systems (see below)
 - Full duplex RTP data stream proxy for *incoming* and *outgoing*
   audio data - no firewall masquerading entries needed
 - Port range to be used for RTP traffic is configurable
   (-> easy to set up apropriate firewall rules for RTP traffic)
 - RTP proxy can handle multiple RTP streams (eg. audio + video)
   within a single SIP session.
 - Symmetric RTP support
 - Symmetric SIP signalling support
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Joshua N Pritikin | 22 Apr 06:22 2006

poor sound quality on the echo test


1. I'm running siproxd 1:0.5.11-1 (debian) on my NAT/Firewall.

2. When I try kphone 1:4.0.5-2, everything seems to work but I get very
poor quality sound on the FWD echo test.  Sound quality on a one-way
test is fine.  I tried linphone 1.3.3-1 and the sound quality was worse.
I could hardly hear anything on the echo test.

3. My ping time to fwd sucks:

joshua <at> emit:~$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=44 time=371.5 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=44 time=368.1 ms

4. I've tried with asterisk and a Grandstream phone instead of siproxd.
It works fine, echo test and all.  However, I don't want to run asterisk
if I can run siproxd instead.  Siproxd uses about 10% of the memory that
asterisk wants.  I don't need the extra features.

5. I haven't tried the Grandstream + siproxd because my phone is out for
repair.  Similarly, I couldn't get kphone to talk to asterisk for some
reason.  If nobody can suggest a solution then I'll test more

I suspect that the only problem is that siproxd is not coping
with high latency.  Is there any config option to get better behavior
with high latency?

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