saju George | 6 May 07:57 2010

remote ip pool

how to configure different remoteip pool in single pptpd.conf

Eg: remoteip, etc

Is it possible


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James Cameron | 6 May 08:12 2010

Re: remote ip pool

On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 10:57:55PM -0700, saju George wrote:
> how to configure different remoteip pool in single pptpd.conf
> Eg: remoteip, etc
> Is it possible

man pptpd.conf


       An ip-specification above (for the localip and remoteip tags) may be  a
       list  of  IP  addresses  (for example,, a range
       (for example or 192.168.0-255.2)  or  some combination
       (for example,, would seem to comply.


James Cameron

gilad | 28 May 21:01 2010

Linux PPTP server disconnects

I run a PPTP server (1.3.4) on a CentOS 4.4 behind a Cisco ASA 5505.  It 
is connected to a 45MBit/sec backbone.

Client machines are Linux, Mac and Windows, at various locations.  All 
connect and work fine as long as their local network is not too busy, 
but suffer from frequent disconnects (most for Windows clients, then 
Macs, least for Linux) when there is other traffic on the local network.

It appears that the problem is most severe if all client traffic is 
routed through the vpn, less severe if unrelated traffic (e.g. 
is not routed through the vpn.

Since the problem occurs with multiple clients at multiple locations, I 
think it is a server problem. Also, the same clients connect to other 
vpns (running Windows based vpn servers I think) and do not exhibit this 

Running wireshark on the client one can see that when the disconnect 
occurs there still is gre traffic between the client and the server, 
however, the server claims that the client disconnected.

I sometimes simultaneously run an ssh connection from the same client to 
the same server.  While the vpn sputter, the ssh connection is rock solid.

Searching the Internet it seems this is a common problem with Linux 
pptp, and I am wondering whether it is a flaw in the pptp server, or 
common misconfiguration errors.

Any insight appreciated!