cholin | 24 Oct 11:33 2014

Re: [PATCH] dyn gw plugin - add PingCmd parameter

I merged your fixups. See [1] for the whole patch.



Am 07.10.2014 um 10:46 schrieb Ferry Huberts:
> From d04ee8dd44b4a0c8cca80d85c3d76eccc9fba6e7 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
> From: Ferry Huberts <ferry.huberts <at>>
> Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 10:40:09 +0200
> Subject: [PATCH] fixups
> ---
>  lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c | 9 +++------
>  lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.h | 4 ++--
>  2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)
> diff --git a/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c b/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
> index e283d71..d5883d9 100644
> --- a/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
> +++ b/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
>  <at>  <at>  -129,7 +129,7  <at>  <at>  static bool check_gw(union olsr_ip_addr *, uint8_t, struct ping_list *);
>  static int ping_is_possible(struct ping_list *);
> -static char ping_cmd[PING_CMD_MAX_LEN] = { DEFAULT_PING_CHECK_INTERVAL };
> +static char ping_cmd[PING_CMD_MAX_LEN] = { DEFAULT_PING_CMD };
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cholin | 23 Oct 09:21 2014

jsoninfo ipv6only flag


I'm trying to use this new ipv6only flag (olsr
0.6.7-git_cebcd32-hash_f8ec804d1566d5a03fca9ae3c290546) for jsoninfo
with openwrt. When I set "option ipv6only 'true'" for jsoninfo in
/etc/config/olsrd6 and only start olsrd6, it seems jsoninfo is also
listening on ipv4.
I can netcat on 9090. Generated config for jsoninfo plugin
looks like the following:

LoadPlugin ""
	PlParam "accept" "::"
	PlParam "ipv6only" "true"

Am I misunderstanding this option or what am I doing wrong here?



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Bastian Bittorf | 19 Oct 08:49 2014

Re: OLSR1: sendto IPv4 Resource temporarily unavailable / affects other neighbours

* Weimarnetz e.V., Vorstand/Vereinsvorsitzender: Bastian Bittorf <bittorf <at>>
[06.10.2014 20:23]:
> i debugged more: when this happens there is a storm of OLSR-packets
> on these nodes: 200 Kilobyte/s outgoing and 100 Kilobyte/s incoming
> UDP-traffic on port 698 - this explains the situation 8-). With tcpdump
> it looks like ...HNA-messages from a "weak" connected OLSR-cloud with
> ~150 nodes. i will debug further and keep the list informed...

it seems we have fixed the issue, i does not happen anymore.
it was _not_ caused be the daemon itself or a wrong configured
node, but a seldom error in our inner-city-vpn (tinc-tunnel).

"Fixed a potential routing loop when IndirectData or TCPOnly is used and
broadcast packets are being sent."

bye, bastian


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Ferry Huberts | 1 Oct 16:53 2014

[PATCH v1 1/1] linux: olsr_if_isup: fix return code in error path

From: Ferry Huberts <ferry.huberts <at>>

Now it really returns false when an interface does not exist.

Signed-off-by: Ferry Huberts <ferry.huberts <at>>
 src/linux/net.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/src/linux/net.c b/src/linux/net.c
index 650773f..00f45fa 100644
--- a/src/linux/net.c
+++ b/src/linux/net.c
 <at>  <at>  -713,7 +713,7  <at>  <at>  bool olsr_if_isup(const char * dev)
   if (ioctl(olsr_cnf->ioctl_s, SIOCGIFFLAGS, &ifr) < 0) {
     OLSR_PRINTF(1, "ioctl SIOCGIFFLAGS (get flags) error on device %s: %s (%d)\n",
         dev, strerror(errno), errno);
-    return 1;
+    return 0;
   return (ifr.ifr_flags & IFF_UP) != 0;


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cholin | 27 Sep 13:43 2014

[PATCH] dyn gw plugin - add PingCmd parameter

From: Nico Geyso <Nico.Geyso <at>>

Add possibilty to set PingCmd by config. This is useful for instance
if you do want to set an interface or execute your own script. See
README_DYN_GW for an example. Branched of v0.6.6.2.
 lib/dyn_gw/README_DYN_GW      |  3 +++
 lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c | 25 ++++++++++++++++++++++---
 lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.h |  2 ++
 3 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/dyn_gw/README_DYN_GW b/lib/dyn_gw/README_DYN_GW
index 0aea1f9..8f3e02d 100644
--- a/lib/dyn_gw/README_DYN_GW
+++ b/lib/dyn_gw/README_DYN_GW
 <at>  <at>  -87,6 +87,9  <at>  <at>  LoadPlugin ""
     PlParam "HNA"    ""
     PlParam "HNA"    ""
     PlParam "HNA"    ""
+    #   Set custom ping command - %s will be replaced with IP to ping
+    PlParam "PingCmd" "ping -c 1 -q -I vpn %s"

diff --git a/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c b/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
index 027863c..5df1039 100644
--- a/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
+++ b/lib/dyn_gw/src/olsrd_dyn_gw.c
 <at>  <at>  -128,6 +128,8  <at>  <at>  static bool check_gw(union olsr_ip_addr *, uint8_t, struct ping_list *);
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Bastian Bittorf | 26 Sep 13:09 2014

OLSR1: sendto IPv4 Resource temporarily unavailable / affects other neighbours

We run recent (r42648) OpenWrt on a 5 Ghz longshot and have a lot of
'OLSR: sendto IPv4 Resource temporarily unavailable' messages in syslog.

The bad thing: even the neighbours on this link which are
connected via wire get very bad values if this state is triggered:

Table: Links
Local IP        Remote IP       Hyst.   LQ      NLQ     Cost     0.00    0.796   0.105   11.863     0.00    0.705   0.137   10.321    0.00    0.784   0.094   INFINITE   0.00    0.353   0.184   15.372

(the first 3 are wired links, the daemon up since >300 sec)
it can recover without interaction:

Table: Links
Local IP	Remote IP	Hyst.	LQ	NLQ	Cost	0.00	1.000	1.000	1.000	0.00	1.000	1.000	1.000	0.00	1.000	1.000	1.000	0.00	1.000	1.000	1.000	

but it happens from time to time and lasts up to 20 minutes.
restarting the daemon or the wifi-interface or changing channel does not help.
note: we still use 'etx_ff' (instead of etx_ffeth).

OLSR-version is

bye bastian / /
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Vigneswaran R | 19 Sep 08:21 2014

olsrv2: 1-hop neighbors take more time to remove invalid route


I am testing olsrv2 to see how much time it takes to remove stale route, 
when a node goes down.

What I observed is when node6 went down, its 1-hop neighbors (node3, 
node5) took more time (~40 sec) to remove the stale route than the other 
nodes (~25 sec). This behaviour is consistent most of the times.

I am using the latest OLSRv2 (commit e5728e, done on 18th Sept) in the 
following topology.

node1 --- node2 --- node3
|   \               |
|    \---\          |
|         \         |
node4 --- node5 --- node6

Could you please help me in debugging this? Thank you.



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Vigneswaran R | 5 Sep 14:07 2014

olsrv2 test: handling change in link quality


I am planning to test OLSRv2 to see how the change in link quality 
affects the route calculation.

1. Any suggestion on simulating a degraded link (using tools such as 
ethtool, iptables, tc etc)?

I am using qemu-kvm virtual machines with emulated e1000 NICs for 
testing. I use iptables to introduce packet loss for testing. However, I 
am not sure whether any better way to do this.

2. Below is the list of plugins currently being used (default ones) by 
OLSRv2. Anything else to be enabled?

Static plugin: auto_ll4
Static plugin: cfg_compact
Static plugin: eth_listener
Static plugin: ff_dat_metric
Static plugin: layer2info
Static plugin: mpr
Static plugin: neighbor_probing
Static plugin: nhdpinfo
Static plugin: nl80211_listener
Static plugin: olsrv2info

Thank you.


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Joe Ayers | 4 Sep 01:13 2014 users joining olsr-dev list

Hi all,

A couple of us from the group are joining this list.  We will be lurking and occasionally seeking to collaborate on issues we encounter.    olsr is a key feature that our community is using.   We are building meshes on top of and using Ubiquiti and Linksys hardware in the Amateur Radio community.   

The v1 secure plugin was recently included in our builds and we have run into a few showstopper type issues for which an overflow and uninitialized variable have so far been submitted bugs.   We're still working through stabilizing v1 for our needs.   The v2 effort is of much interest to us as well, so we'd like to be aware of this journey.   We are open to being early users/testers of olsr v2 on our live meshes sprouting up all over the world.  While there have been others in wave 1 you may have meet in the past, there are 2 of us joining this list from the wave 2 HamNet effort in our community:

1) Joe Ayers AE6XE (I joined HamNet more recently)
2) Conrad Lara  AG6JEI (principle developer implementing wave 2)

To give you an idea of what we're up to (in case you would like to expand your job/hobby :) ),  here's a picture of a couple of our mesh nodes (OK, so this pic is before I properly aligned the sector antenna):  

Our nodes tend to be many kilometers apart.   We have meshes springing up around the world with conquer-the-world visions of interconnecting our meshes.  Today we have numerous individuals with ~3 nodes and many 10s of node clusters, Conrad and I will join our meshes at some point on the west coast to linkup San Diego area with Orange County.  We'll suddenly be 100s of nodes at that time and growing. 

Feel free to see the view and weather in Southern California from a node's ipCam shown in the attached pic. This is a tandem bridge on 5Ghz (sector panel) and 2.4Ghz (omni antenna).   You will be accessing the node over a ~10km RF 2.4gHz link.    user=password="view".  requires windows only plugin.  Note IR mode to see at night (lamp icon).  click on screen to move the camera to look around.  


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Henning Rogge | 27 Aug 15:35 2014

MPR Plugin for OLSRv2


after fixing a few small bugs (and a VM test) I have reactivated the
MPR calculation plugin again in the default settings.

I would like to ask people working with OLSRv2 to test the new
settings and report if they have a problem with it.

Henning Rogge


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Philipp Borgers | 20 Aug 22:40 2014

new minor release


at freifunk berlin we are working on a new firmware. We would profit from a new
minor release of olsr so we could update the openwrt routing feed and use it
without any patches. As far as I know we are not the only project that would
profit from a new release.

Is there anything I can do to help prepare a release?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards

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