Zachary Burns | 3 Mar 21:10 2009

NoCatSplash is this possible?

I've picked up a bunch of WRT54G v8 routers...I know, I know, these won't
work with DD-WRT or any other open source firmware that I can tell (at least
the full versions).

I've gotten dd-wrt mini on it, and it works fine, but doesn't come with
NoCatSplash on it.  All I really want is a splash page - no authentication,
no nothing, just free wifi for all that shows we are providing it.

Has anybody found a way to shoehorn this in?  I'd even pay for a service if
I can get this running on these routers.  Can somebody recommend something?

Zachary Burns

NoCat opens all ports again!!! Help!!


I would like to know how can I make NoCat only capture the user and just 
do captive portal splash instead of doing packet filtering?

I would like to do the filtering myself. I have a script to do so but, 
Nocat is opening all the ports and is not letting my script do the work.

What files do I need to edit to remove the forward rules NoCat uses?

Thanks in advanced for your help.