sachin bhomale | 23 Sep 10:51 2015

check established connections

Hi Team ,

Please help me with configuring few connection monitoring , i want to monitor established connections on windows on different ports .

Thanks & Regards , 
Sa chin Bhomale 

Molly Elizabeth | 15 Sep 17:58 2015

MonitoringPlugins - GIT tutorial?

Hey MonitoringPlugins,

I’m Molly from an education company called Udemy, and we created a GIT tutorial for our students. We realized that there are also so many other people who can use it too, which is how I found you.

Since I saw you are already using a similar tutorial from, I wanted to pass our tutorial along in case you want to add more resources to your site.

Is this something you want to post on your page? If so, please do! We're just here to help people learn.


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I know not everyone likes getting emails like this, so if you don’t want to to receive emails like this anymore, simply reply and (politely, please!) let me know.
Samuel Mutel | 18 Sep 14:11 2015

Segmentation Fault(coredump) on solaris 10


After compiling monitoring-plugins on solaris 10, i tried to use check_procs plugin.
The result is Segmentation Fault(coredump).

Any help on this topic will be appreciate ?

Brian C. Hill | 16 Sep 21:37 2015

bug introduced into "nagios-plugins-log" rpm in on RHEL/CentOS 6


Something weird happened when we did the latest yum update.

The plugin rpms in EPEL were updated from v1.4.15 to v2.0.3.

There is a weird 'bug' that is now check_log.

In v1.4.15, these tool variables are correctly set to their locations:


But in v2.0.3 they've been _reversed_ - none of them work now:


Has anyone else noticed this?


孟庆龙 | 7 Sep 10:39 2015

How to check cpu utilization?




         I can’t find plugins about cpu utilization in plugins dir of source.


         So , should I create new plugins about it?













Gupta, Prabhakar | 29 Aug 00:17 2015

snmp -s option


I was trying to use –s options to flag alarm depending on string values.

In my case, normally I should get “No failures” string. The string changes to others when there is an error like fan failure. I tried to get CRITICAL warning when the string is other than ‘No failures’. So, I used following command line:

check_snmp  -H <ip_address  –C public –o <OID> –s “No failures”


However, I always get SNMP OK  and the alert status doesn’t change at all- no matter what the value is.

Any suggestion?


Thank you.

Prabhakar Gupta

212 275 7819

Vishnu Lal | 13 Aug 19:25 2015



Can you provide me the Detail How to monitor Imap ?


Schäfer Thomas | 13 Aug 15:52 2015

Question about check_SNMP

I have a question about check_snmp. It’s a fine tool. But in some cases time-values are translated by snmp in seconds  or seconds multiplied with hundred.
For example the time of an ups(APC) which it can hold the power is such a value, may be about 2 hours
~ value=942000. Nobody checks the time in such values.
For this reason it would be good the option –-rate-multiplier would work without the option –rate filename.
How can this realized with the tool check_snmp.
The option –l value-name is very good  to name the snmp-results.
Kind regards
Thomas Schäfer
German Meteorological Service
Anatoliy Pelepetz | 13 Aug 12:28 2015

questions about check_procs

I use check_procs v1.5-129-g1b38 (monitoring-plugins 1.5), and I have task to get critical alarm if in my OS will have two critical process, and no alarm if one critical proces.
Tell my please how can I do that with your plugin(if it possible)

Best regards,
Anatoliy Pelepetz
刘春 | 24 Jul 04:48 2015

check_snmp plug-in

Dear Sir or Madam,
         I am sorry that I have to ask a favour of you, with the hope that you will be kind to help me.
    I download check_snmp plug-in from icinga website ,but I don't know how to integrate the two together to implement monitorig key process.Could you give me some suggestions or doucument that about this?
       Best Regards!
                                                                                                                                                            Your sincerely,

Sharath Kumar Alladi | 22 Jul 09:38 2015

Need few plugins

Hi Support,

I need few plugins which needs to monitor my cron, mysql and tomcat services from icinga server to remote clients.

Please do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,
Sharath Kumar Alladi
Sonata Software Limited
Phone   : +91 40 6689-7563
Mobile  : +91 9618739041

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