Michael Berman | 18 Feb 00:01 2014

Michael Berman on vacation

I will be out of the office starting  02/14/2014 and will not return until 02/18/2014.

I'm in and out of the office on vacation from Friday Feb 14th to Monday Feb 17, returning Tuesday Feb 18th.

If something is urgent, please engage the oncall and/or open up a ticket through the appropriate helpdesk and/or contact the appropriate SDM or project manager.

For any issues that do not fall into the above catagories, I'll reply when I return.

Alex Domoradov | 17 Feb 21:02 2014

check_smtp and authentication

Hello all,

Is anyone could give a work example of the check_smtp plugin? I just
want to send mail via out smtp relay with authentication.

I have tried the following example

# ./check_smtp -H mail.example.net -A LOGIN -U user@... -P
1234567 --starttls -v --fqdn=www.example.net -C "mail
from:<user@...>" -C "rcpt
to:<user@...>" -C "DATA" -C
"Hello world" -C "." -C "quit"
HELOCMD: EHLO www.example.net
220 mail.psd2html.com ESMTP
sent EHLO www.example.net
250-SIZE 20971520
250 DSN
received 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6

sent YWtbC5jb20RvbW9yYWRvdkBwc2QyaHR=

received 334 UGFdvcmQ6zc3

sent TUxg5cXVQbTcDg==

received 235 2.7.0 Authentication successful

sent QUIT
received 221 2.0.0 Bye

SMTP OK - 1.693 sec. response time, 221 2.0.0 Bye

But at the same time in mail lof I get the following lines

Feb 17 19:33:13 mail postfix/smtpd[14943]: connect from
Feb 17 19:33:14 mail postfix/smtpd[14943]: Anonymous TLS connection
established from www.example.net[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]: TLSv1.2 with cipher
ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 (256/256 bits)
Feb 17 19:33:15 mail postfix/smtpd[14943]: disconnect from

How can I send some data?

John McGivern | 17 Jan 19:59 2014

RE: New project name: Monitoring Plugins

Hi there, can anyone tell me how to actually unsubscribe from these messages?  I cant find a link in the email
or on the site to unsubscribe.  I'd love to stay but we have moved away from nagios unfortunately.

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fyi RHEL decided not to update anything trusting a comment by the new Nagios Plugin Development Team member
(commits: 1).


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Holger Weiß | 16 Jan 01:12 2014

[HEADS UP] New project name: Monitoring Plugins

As some of you might've noticed, we, the Nagios Plugins Development
Team, renamed the "Nagios Plugins" to "Monitoring Plugins".


In the past, the domain "nagios-plugins.org" pointed to a server
maintained by us, the Nagios Plugins Development Team.  The domain
itself had been transferred to Nagios Enterprises a few years ago, but
we had an agreement that the project would continue to be independently
run by the actual plugin maintainers.¹  Yesterday, the DNS records were
modified to point to web space controlled by Nagios Enterprises instead.
This change was done without prior notice.

To make things worse, large parts of our web site were copied and are
now served (with slight modifications²) by <http://nagios-plugins.org/>.
Again, this was done without contacting us, and without our permission.

This means we cannot use the name "Nagios Plugins" any longer.

We're not too happy having to rename the project.  This will lead to
some confusion, and to quite a bit of work for others and for ourselves.
We would've preferred to save everyone this trouble.

One of the unfortunate consequences is that we had to change the mailing
list addresses *again*: They now all use the "monitoring-plugins.org"
domain instead of "nagios-plugins.org".  We're really sorry for this
inconvenience, but the issue is beyond our control.  While we don't like
the idea of sending password reminders on a regular basis, we'll trigger
them once for all our mailing lists within the next 48 hours, so that
you can easily unsubscribe should you prefer doing so.

That said, we *do* like how the "Monitoring Plugins" name indicates that
our plugins are also used by various other projects these days.  While
the Nagios folks created the original implementation of the core plugins
bundle, an independent team has taken over development more than a
decade ago, and the product is intended to be useful for *all* users,
including, but not limited to, the customers of Nagios Enterprises.

It'll probably take us a few days to sort out various issues caused by
the new project name, but we're confident that we can resume our
development work towards the next stable releases very soon.  The new
web site is already up and running:


We'd like to take the chance to thank you, our community, for your
countless contributions, which made the plugins what they are today.
You guys are awesome.  We're looking forward to the next chapter of
Monitoring Plugins development, and we hope you are, too!

¹ See <https://www.monitoring-plugins.org/news/domain-transfer.html>.
² E.g., <http://nagios-plugins.org/> no longer mentions Icinga, Shinken,
  and Naemon.

Christian.Loeffler | 20 Dec 22:20 2013

AUTO: Christian Löffler is out of the office (Rückkehr am 05.01.2014)

Ich bin bis 05.01.2014 abwesend.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

ich bin bis einschließlich 05.01.2014 nicht im Büro.
In dringenden Fällen wenden Sie sich bitte an den Helpdesk, zu erreichen
it-helpdesk <at> peek-und-cloppenburg.de
oder +49 40 33967 241

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Löffler

Hinweis: Dies ist eine automatische Antwort auf Ihre Nachricht
"checkifoperstatus description not working anymore" gesendet am 20.12.2013

Diese ist die einzige Benachrichtigung, die Sie empfangen werden, während
diese Person abwesend ist.
Jonathan Black | 20 Dec 18:09 2013

checkifoperstatus description not working anymore

I recently upgraded from 1.4.15 to 1.5 of the SNMP Plugins. Anyway, I started receiving a bunch of alerts from Nagios with the warning “UNKNOWN: could not retrive ifdescr/iftype snmpkey - 0-0”



I’m running the command:


check_ifoperstatus -H server-01.mydomain.local -C public -d "HP NC382i DP Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapter #50$"


And it doesn’t seem to work now (And it works completely fine with 1.4.15). I thought maybe you weren’t letting me use regular expressions in my matching anymore, so I tried the exact name and that doesn’t give me results either. The –k option seems to function fine.


Do you have any idea why this would break for me? I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t miss a bug of this nature, so I’m thinking it must be something on my end. For the time being I’ve reverted to 1.4.15 for this plugin as I need something that works.


I’ve also posted this in the Nagios Support Forums.




Thanks for any assistance you can be.


Jonathan Black

Morris Laing Evans Brock & Kennedy

IT Manager

300 N. Mead St, Suite 200

Wichita, KS 67202

T: 316-262-2671

F: 316-383-6587


Mikael Fridh | 18 Dec 19:04 2013


Nir Arbel | 18 Dec 13:05 2013

error installing nagios-plugins version 1.5

Hi All

Can u pls assist :


I have tried to compile and install nagios-plugins version 1.5 in order to use check_snmp that per notes its part of this plugins package.

I have verified net-snmp is installed..


I tried to install it via regular way configure & make & make install , I didn’t get any error during this process – but after done I don’t find the check_snmp plugin at /usr/local/nagios/libexec


OS version redhat 6.2

Nagios core version 3.2.3


Thank u very much


Nir           Arbel

System Admin


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pablo muñoz | 7 Nov 20:48 2013

Fwd: informix database monitoring

Hello everyone

Someone managed to successfully monitor informix database?

there any plugins or wizard to nagiosxi?


Pablo Muñoz

pablo muñoz | 7 Nov 20:48 2013

Fwd: Help with nagios plugins in suse linux


I need to install nagios plugins on linux server suse 11, but not how to install libopenssl-devel, anyone can help me?



Pablo Muñoz