Jason Humes | 16 Dec 21:18 2014

[Check_mk (english)] notification options in new version changed, different commands for host vs service notifications

In older version of check_mk we could specify individual commands for host vs service notifications, but
in the latest check_mk there is only plain text or flexible custom...not sure how we'd go about setting up
one command for host notifications and one command for service notifications.


Jason Humes | 16 Dec 19:18 2014

[Check_mk (english)] how to control nagvis maps to user roles in newer versions

We've been running a much older version of OMD/Check_mk and recently upgraded to omd1.2 and now I cannot
seem to figure out how to control who sees what NAGVIS maps.  It used to be in nagvis you could set roles and add
users from check_mk into those roles...now I can't seem to figure it out.

Any direction would be great.  Thanks

Ralf Prengel | 16 Dec 15:31 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Webinterface force https


can anyone give me a hint how to force https for the webinterface.


Maciej Jasiński | 16 Dec 15:26 2014

[Check_mk (english)] defaults_path' is not defined


After upgrade from 1.2.5i6 to 1.2.7i1 today, I have the following error 
when I want to go to Global Settings in WATO :

<h1>Error</h1>Traceback (most recent call last): File 
"/usr/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py", line 154, in <module> (e, 
defaults_path)) NameError: name 'defaults_path' is not defined

And because of that, I can't apply changes.

The rest seems to works allright.

I have debian 7.7 and nagios 3.4.1

What I have to do, to make it working? It'll be good if don't need to 
reinstall everything.


Best regards,
Gavin Adams | 15 Dec 19:35 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Description of register_check_parameters.... parameters

Hi all,

Continuing to try and debug my wato check that is not being applied to the services (and just host). Is there a description of what each parameter to the register_checks_parameters is, how it is used, and valid value?

From what I can see the minimals are:

    subgroup_environment,     <------ group in GUI to place entry
    "nest_temp",                      <----- map to check name????
    _("Nest Thermostat Temperature"),  <---- GUI description
    Tuple(       <---- or dict, start of values
        title = _("Temperature of Nest Thermostats"),
        elements = [
    None,      <----- ????? (title of..... maybe this is service specific?)
    None      <------ ????? (I've seen "first" here also

Looking to build up my documentation of the various wato bits, tks.



--- Gavin
checkmk-en mailing list
Alex Hargrove | 15 Dec 18:07 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Cannot find hosts via regex in BI

CMK 1.2.4p5 on OMD 1.20

I've created a new BI Aggregation, and have copied the settings from the example Hosts group that comes
predefined into my own group

-Rules to call: Create nodes based on a host search

-Host tags: [All are Ignore]

-Host Name: Regex for host name
--Regex: dc-srv.*

This doesn't find ANY servers that start with "dc-srv"... the only way I can get anything to show up is if I
group them with specific Host tags, and use them instead.

Am I hitting this bug?


Doesn't seem like I would be, since I have the ".*" at the end of my regex.

Mäkelä, Antti | 15 Dec 08:24 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Different delay for different flexible notifications


  We'd like to have some different delays depending on notification type. Basically, we have already e-mail
notifications in place, that are triggered after 10 min delay. However, during nighttime, we'd like to
send SMS, that would only be triggered after a longer delay (such as 30 minutes).

  Is there any way to achieve different notification delays for different flexible notification entries?
We can only set generic notification delay, but not one specific for each flexible notification.



- Dr. Antti Mäkelä | Senior Architect | CCIE #20962 -
- Vintor Oy, Itsehallintokuja 6, 02600 Espoo | www.vintor.fi -
Stefan Fuhrmann | 13 Dec 15:55 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Please select some hosts before doing bulk operations on hosts. wato ubuntu trusty

Hello all,
Im using ubuntu 14 with the latest omd-testing and having the error:
Please select some hosts before doing bulk operations on hosts

I found:

Does this fix goes into testing release? Now: omd-1.21.20141204. Cause Im 
having this error all the time. On a fresh omd-stable also.

Otterbein, Karl | 12 Dec 15:39 2014

Re: [Check_mk (english)] Serial Port discovery

It seems that I still do not find them, even when adding the following to main.mk and re-running discovery:


#additional port-types for inventory

if_inventory_porttypes = [

'6', '32', '117',

'18', '22', '81', '101', '103',



if_inventory_portstates = [




Discovery still yields no results for any of these ports.



Some snmpwalks I did:


snmpwalk -v2c –c xxxxxx 6.x.x.x ifType |grep 503

IF-MIB::ifType.503 = INTEGER: propPointToPointSerial(22)


snmpwalk -v2c -c xxxxxx 6.x.x.x ifDescr |grep 503

IF-MIB::ifDescr.503 = STRING: Serial0/0/1:24


snmpwalk -v2c -c xxxxxx 6.x.x.x ifOperStatus |grep 503

IF-MIB::ifOperStatus.503 = INTEGER: dormant(5)


I would expect to see them discovered given the type (22) and Status (5) are part of main.mk, but I’m not 100% sure I did not miss a vital configuration component.


Thanks again for your suggestions-




From: Andreas Döhler [mailto:andreas.doehler <at> gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2014 2:07 AM
To: Otterbein, Karl; checkmk-en <at> lists.mathias-kettner.de
Subject: Re: [Check_mk (english)] Serial Port discovery


Another problem beside the interface type mentioned by Marcel can be the state. Try also to inventory the down ports. I have some Cisco devices with serial port and these ports are most of the time down. They come only up if data is transferred.




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Phil Schilling | 12 Dec 14:28 2014

[Check_mk (english)] OMD disable check_icmp for a single host

Good day,
	I have a vSphere host behind a firewall that I am monitoring, it cannot be checked via TCP port 443 so I have
had to use an alternate port.  This was accomplished by adding the alternate port on the IP address line. 
x.x.x.x:4711  I had to do this as the alternate port option in the vSphere rule does not work.  Agent-vsphere
does not recognize -p as a port command.  Anyway, it is retrieving data from the host but fails the
check_icmp as x.x.x.x:4711 is not a valid IP address.  
	I need to disable the check_icmp command for this host or have it check the DNS name instead.  I am sure this is
probably done in main.mk but I have been unable to find the exact way to do this.   Any help would be greatly
appreciated.  Thanks

Phil Schilling
Robert Sander | 12 Dec 12:57 2014

[Check_mk (english)] vSphere agent and larger vCenter


I have the impression that the vSphere agent does not scale very well
when querying a vCenter with more than 3 hosts and more than 50 VMs.

Is there anything that can be done?

Is it necessary to query the ESXi hosts one by one to be able to scale up?

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