Henri Wahl | 20 Oct 15:34 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Check_MK 1.2.5p4 64bit /lib/ld-linux.so.2 error

Hi list,
when trying to start Check_MK 1.2.5p4 on a CentOS 6.5 64bit machine I
get this:

[root <at> monitor ~]# omd start monitor2
Starting mkeventd (builtin:
/omd/sites/monitor2/bin/mkeventd_open514: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF
interpreter: No such file or directory
Starting Livestatus Proxy-Daemon...Already running.
Starting rrdcached.../omd/sites/monitor2/etc/rc.d/20-rrdcached:
/omd/sites/monitor2/bin/rrdcached: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF
interpreter: No such file or directory
Starting CMC Rushing Ahead Daemon...Already running.
Starting Check_MK Micro Core.../omd/sites/monitor2/etc/rc.d/80-cmc:
/omd/sites/monitor2/bin/cmc: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter:
No such file or directory
Starting dedicated Apache for site monitor2...httpd: Syntax error on
line 98 of /omd/sites/monitor2/etc/apache/apache.conf: Cannot load
/usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_log_config.so into server:
/usr/lib/httpd/modules/mod_log_config.so: cannot open shared object
file: No such file or directory
Starting Nagios Service Check
/omd/sites/monitor2/bin/nsca: /lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interpreter:
(Continue reading)

Chetan Anand | 20 Oct 14:35 2014

[Check_mk (english)] How can we find Check_MK agent version installed in windows server?

Hi All,

Is there a way to find Check_MK agent version installed in windows server? can someone please confirm?

checkmk-en mailing list
Gavin Adams | 19 Oct 16:31 2014

[Check_mk (english)] OMD and Override of checks


I read that certain aspects of an omd install can be overridden by the ~/local/... directory structure. Does this also apply to checks?

I'm looking to make some enhancements to the ntp and ntp.time checks and wato to add a sort field for peers (pps and selected peer). If I make the changes in the ~/local, will these override the defaults, or do I have to remove them and restart/check?



--- Gavin
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Jesse Shumaker | 18 Oct 01:29 2014

[Check_mk (english)] WLC 2106 Controller Not Showing cisco_wlc

I have added my wlc 2106 device host and it's showing it can ping it allong with these detected checks:

("crexwifi", "if64", '10/100 Copper - Level 0x50e0001 1', {'state': ['1'], 'speed': 100000000}),
  ("crexwifi", "if64", '10/100 Copper - Level 0x50e0001 2', {'state': ['1'], 'speed': 100000000}),
  ("crexwifi", "if64", '10/100 Copper - Level 0x50e0001 7', {'state': ['1'], 'speed': 100000000}),
  ("crexwifi", "if64", '10/100 Copper - Level 0x50e0001 8', {'state': ['1'], 'speed': 100000000}),
  ("crexwifi", "if64", 'Virtual Interface', {'state': ['1'], 'speed': 100000000}),
  ("crexwifi", "snmp_info", None, None),
  ("crexwifi", "snmp_uptime", None, {}),

if64              5 new checks
snmp_info         1 new checks
snmp_uptime       1 new checks

but it won't utilize the cisco_wlc check
(https://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_check_cisco_wlc.html). Anyone know why this is?

Travis F | 17 Oct 19:59 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Custom Check Question (Report if greater than a value)

I have a status page that reports indexing numbers and some other parameters. I would like check_mk to monitor that page and report only if the number is greater than a certain amount. I setup an http check that calls the page but I only see parameters like, expected string and other specific items. Any ideas on how to put in a parameter that is something like, check page search for this string, if # greater than x after the string, send alerts?
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Niklas Mattisson | 17 Oct 11:48 2014

[Check_mk (english)] mk-job read fail - check_mk 1.2.4p5


I have an issue where I run chroot with mk-job so that they write to 
jobs but check_mk_agent can't read it.

According to the agent it should use:

su "$username" -c "head -n 0 -v *"

However since the user does not have a real login shell this gives 
nothing. If I however use:

sudo -u username [command]

it does show information but in this case there is a nohup.out that 
can't be read because its owned by root.

Anyone got this same problem and managed to solve it so that the read is 
user based with the correct job user etc?

Also I noticed that if the job is non root. Then the directory is not 
created by default. Instead it has to be create on user base level. That is:

cd /var/lib/check_mk_agent/job/
mkdir [username]
chown [username]:[usergroup]

and then run the cronjob. Only then will the job run properly. Is there 
a way around this?

Markus.Weber | 17 Oct 10:32 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Help with WATO Plugin

Hey Guys,

I am fighting with my wato plugins. They don't do what I want them to.
Can someone pls guide me to make a wato plugin that does the following:

1 string  (or list of strings) that’s textbox can be enabled with a checkbox
4 float values

Either the string or a default value. Lets say a string called "levels"
The 4 float values 

I want to use all of this in my dictionary based parameters.

Best regards

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checkmk-en <at> lists.mathias-kettner.de
Mathias Kettner | 16 Oct 10:28 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Support for RedHat 5 and Debian 5 (lenny)

Dear users of Check_MK,

while it is our philosophy to be most convervative about
the requirements in software as a prerequisite for Check_MK,
supporting the platforms RedHat 5 und Debian 5 becomes more
and more difficult.

One new example: the current GIT version of RRDTool won't
compile on these systems. The reason is probably too old
versions of lots of fancy libraries, which is really hard
to tackle.

So my question here:

Could you please give us feedback if these platforms
are still in use as a Check_MK *Server* at your origanizations?





Mathias Kettner

19. bis 21.10.2014

Mathias Kettner GmbH
Kellerstraße 29, 81667 München, Germany
Registergericht: Amtsgericht München,  HRB 165902
Geschäftsführer: Mathias Kettner
Tel. +49 89 1890 435-0
Fax. +49 89 1890 435-29
Tony | 15 Oct 21:56 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Help using WATO to config fileinfo.groups (alert if count of files in some dir > some threshold)

Greetings, we are facing a problem trying to configure the following in OMD version 1.1.0 using WATO.

We have a windows server with example path of d:\some\path\here where *.xml and *.pdf files will come into existence at random times.

We expect that those files never accumulate beyond some defined threshold (say never more than 100 files).

We wish to define a fileinfo group service check against d:\some\path\here\*.* to alert us if the number of files in that directory exceeds some threshold.

The same problem was described at http://lists.mathias-kettner.de/pipermail/checkmk-en/2014-April/011994.html where the suggestion was:

-------------------------------1. create a rule in "Parameters for inventorized checks -> File grouping patterns", name the gro up e.g. "David" and use regexp "C:\inetpub\mailroot\Badmail\". 2. create a rule in "Manual checks -> Size, age and count of file groups" using your chosen group name and parameters.

What we've done so far:

Under Hosts & Service Parameters>Manual Checks>Storage, Filesystems and Files>Size, age and count of file groups we defined the following rule:

Explicit hosts: %hostname-here%
 Checktype: fileinfo.groups - Check age, size and count of a group of files
 Filegroup name: testFileGroupCount
 Parameters: Maximal file count: Warning when higher then 100; Critical when higher then 200

And under Hosts & Service Parameters>Parameters for Inventorized Checks>Fileinfo grouping patterns> we defined the following rule:

Explicit hosts: %hostname-here%
 Name of group: testFileGroupCount
 Pattern for mount point (using * and ?): We've tried many things like so:


We see that the host gets a service check named "File group testFileGroupCount" but in the "Status Information" column of the native nagios gui page for the services of that host we always get back an OK status like "OK - age_oldest is 0 sec, age_newest is 0 sec, count is 0, size is 0". Note the values of count is always 0.

I've configured the c:\program files\check_mk\check_mk.ini on the target host like so:

      path = d:\some\path\here\*.*

And we see that when we poll the agent on the target from the perspective of the nagios server using cmk -d %hostname% we are getting back the list of files in the folder mentioned like so:


Here is what got written to the ~/etc/check_mk/wato/rules.mk as a result:

static_che cks['fileinfo-groups'] = [
  ( ('fileinfo.groups', 'testFileGroupCount', {'maxcount': (100, 200)}), [], ['actual-hostname-here'] ),
] + static_checks['fileinfo-groups']

fileinfo_groups = [
  ( [('testFileGroupCount', 'D:\\some\\path\\here\\*.*'), ('', '')], [], ['actual-hostname-here'], {'comment': u'Count of files'} ),
] + fileinfo_groups

Can anyone identify any mis-configuration on my part? We are really struggling to make this feature work and although the agent is returning to the nagios server the list of files we wish to match on; we can't seem to get the correct pat tern in the Fileinfo grouping patterns rule to actually match on the filename & paths being returned by the target server so it appears it is always thinking there are 0 files in the target folder.
checkmk-en mailing list
Ronald Prague | 14 Oct 22:37 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Cisco 2911 ATM interfaces not showing up

I have a cisco 2911 with a pair of ATM interfaces for DSL and they aren't showing up in the check_mk services list, I'm curious as to how to get them added in.

Here are the interfaces as seen in services for check_mk and netdot:


checkmk-en mailing list
Eron Nicholson | 14 Oct 22:35 2014

[Check_mk (english)] Overlapping service names overwriting extra_service_conf variables

  We monitor crons and cron error logs.  I am converting these configs
from plain nagios configs to check_mk style legacy_services and have
seemingly come across a bug.  If you have a legacy service named
"service1" and another service named "service1 b" on the same host,
"service1 b" will get overwritten with the extra_service_conf from
"service1".  Here is an example config for two services :

# from included .mk file
# Cron check
legacy_checks += [
( ( "stale-cron!180000", "Cron somecron", True ), [ "server1" ] ),
extra_service_conf["use"] += [
  ( "passive-service", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron"]),
extra_service_conf["check_freshness"] += [
  ( "1", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron"]),
extra_service_conf["freshness_threshold"] += [
  ( "180000", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron"]),

# Cron error check
legacy_checks += [
( ( "reset-state!1200", "Cron somecron - error.log", True ), [ "server1" ] ),
extra_service_conf["use"] += [
  ( "passive-service", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron - error.log"]),
extra_service_conf["check_freshness"] += [
  ( "1", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron - error.log"]),
extra_service_conf["freshness_threshold"] += [
  ( "1200", [ 'server1'], ["Cron somecron - error.log"]),

#from check_mk_objects.cfg
#cron service config
define service {
  use                           check_mk_perf,default-service
  host_name                     server1
  service_description           Cron somecron
  check_command                 stale-cron!180000
  use                           passive-service
  notifications_enabled         1
  freshness_threshold           180000
  check_freshness               1

#cron error service config
define service {
  use                           check_mk_perf,default-service
  host_name                     server1
  service_description           Cron somecron - error.log
  check_command                 reset-state!1200
  use                           passive-service
  notifications_enabled         1
  freshness_threshold           180000
  check_freshness               1

The freshness_threshold for 'Cron somecron - error.log' should be
1200, not 180000.  If you rename that service to 'Cron error.log -
somecron', it is created properly.  I have reproduced this with two
instances of check_mk.

I have avoided this problem for now by defining the error.log services
using extra_nagios_conf, but I would prefer to avoid doing that.  Is
this a known bug?  Any chance of a fix?


Eron Nicholson