Rusty Smith | 16 Jun 05:53 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Check MK raw arm7

Dose anyone know how to compile check MK for arm7 based systems raspberry pi 2 and 3 

checkmk-en mailing list
Tost, Lance | 16 Jun 04:07 2016

[Check_mk (english)] delaying notifications

Is there a preferred method to delay notifications to “flatten” peaks/spikes?  The way I see, I can use either of these rules:

·         Delay Service Notifications (set number of minutes)

·         Maximum number of check attempts for service (time depends on Normal and Retry check intervals)


Using Delay service notifications makes it easy to delay a specific number of minutes… but the downside as I see it is it may not be obvious to users why notifications are not occurring for a service that is in a hard warn/critical state.


Using max number of check attempts can lead to confusing delays if check intervals are set to different values for different services.. but it should be more clear why notifications aren’t being sent out if the service is not yet in a hard state… correct?


Any other pros/cons I’m not  thinking of?  Or differences?






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Jan Johansson | 15 Jun 15:20 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Exclude checks based on tag?


I am feeling bit confused over my fresh 1.2.8raw install.

Is it possible to configure the system so that for all hosts with the tag JUNOS do not create checks for filesystems under /packages/mnt (and better yet, remove them if they have been added?

I am getting many Filesystem /packages/mnt/jkernel-ex-10.4R5.5 Crit 100%  but that is expected because those systems are always 100% full.
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Sunil Menon | 15 Jun 12:48 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Display HTML output in Additional Output field


How do we display HTML output in the Additional Output field for a Check_MK HTML email notification?

Currently I get notifications from check_mk but the Additional Output field does not display in HTML format.

This is what I see is something like this (excerpt)

TABLETRTDFONT color=#4A24E0ULLIBFONT color=#008000Server: App Server State: RUNNING Health: OK/FONT/B/LIFONT

This should have been <table> <tr><td><font .....

Is there some customization that needs to be done to the notification script to handle Additional output appropriately?

Sunil Menon
John Zimmerman | 14 Jun 22:40 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Distributed Monitoring "Use Livestatus Proxy-Daemon"

Can anyone elaborate on the specifics for configuring and using the Livestatus Proxy-Daemon when configuring distributed monitoring?

Documentation for this feature specifically seems to be missing (or at least I'm missing it).

Kind of looking for a comparison of the Livestatus Proxy-Daemon vs the Connecti via TCP options.
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Hollis Fudge | 14 Jun 17:52 2016

[Check_mk (english)] mkSearchClose is not Defined / Service Discovery Error

Fellow Checkers-

I have upgraded to RAW 1.2.8p4 from 1.2.6 and am hitting two issues and would appreciate any input on how to resolve these two.

1) A few (not all) Nagvis maps now throw an error saying:
Javascripterror occured. Uncaught  ReferenceError: mkSearchClose is not definied (1)

2) Everytime I do a services edit in WATO for any host, I get this error:
Service discovery failed for this host: Errno -2 Name or service not known. 
If I click on the link below that error "Retry discovery while ignoring this error", I can get to the services section and make my edits. But the error remains nevertheless.

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Kevin Salisbury | 14 Jun 16:31 2016

[Check_mk (english)] 3ware Support

Environment Background:

SLES 11 SP3 + apache
OMD 1.31.20160520
check_mk 1.2.6p12

Monitored Host:
check_mk_agent 1.2.6p12
3ware's tw_cli
Two (2) 3ware 9500S-8 Controllers installed (Two Raid 5 arrays)

check_mk_agent command shows all 3ware controller data (both c0 and c1) properly. This includes two sets
of information for 3ware_info, 3ware_disks, 3ware_units (one for each controller). Unfortunately
even after a forced inventory and a Tabula Rasa, the 3ware disk information is not displayed and is not
available under services to be configured. 

What am I missing?



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Paul Bongers | 14 Jun 13:09 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Filesystem checks fail for fuse filesystems

Hi list,

I just encountered an error that a filesystem check crashes.

        File "/omd/sites/acceptance/var/check_mk/precompiled/myhost", line 3369, in check_df
      ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '-'

The particular filesystems is a fuse filesystems (ceph-fuse). It appears that the checks fails on the inodes values.


ceph-fuse fuse.ceph-fuse 3912725       -       -    -  /cephstore

Is there anyone who can confirm this issue?

Both agent and server are version 1.2.6p16.

I'm thinking of modifying the check script to _not_ evaluate inodes for ceph-fuse filesystems, but perhaps there's a better solution I'm missing. Any ideas?

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Met vriendelijke groet / Best regards,


Paul Bongers

Application Engineer








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Zeeshan Ali Shah | 14 Jun 10:57 2016

[Check_mk (english)] How to import objects and services from Nagios to check_mk ?

we have one running Nagios but recently i installed check_mk via omd - Any suggestion how to import objects and services from nagios into check_mk ?

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Gabriel Vilela | 13 Jun 21:54 2016

[Check_mk (english)] E-mail notifications

Good afternoon,

I'm having problems while trying to send notifications to the users in my test group.
I did check the logs at /var/log and I'm getting the following lines:

Jun 13 16:40:32 ubuntu postfix/pickup[2967]: 9C90F48183: uid=999 from=<my e-mail address>

checkmk-en mailing list
Troels Arvin | 13 Jun 20:49 2016

[Check_mk (english)] Zooming in topology

In Multisite's Topology section:

If your topology contains a fair amount of objects, it quickly becomes a 
cluttered view.

Is there a way to zoom into parts of a map? (Ordinary browser zoom 
doesn't work for me in Firefox: The objects do get larger, but they are 
still as cluttered as before. I guess what I need is larger space between 
objects as I zoom in, so that the labels are more legible.)


Regards, Troels Arvin