Tobias Oetiker | 4 Jul 21:57 1999

New Mailinglist Manager


I have switched the mailing list manager software used on the mrtg
mailing list over to Listar. (

Basic subscription and unsubscription is still the same, but there
are many new commands available for users to customize their subscription.

You can move the list into vacation mode you can tell the list to send posts
to you in digest mode

To find out how to use the new commands, mail to

mrtg-request <at> and mail the commands


in the body of the message ...



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/_  __/_  / /  (_) Oetiker, Timelord & SysMgr  <at>  EE-Dept ETH-Zurich
 / // _ \/ _ \/ / TEL: +41(0)1-6325286  FAX:...1517  ICQ: 10419518 
/_/ \.__/_.__/_/ oetiker <at>

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Mireia Norberto Bayona | 5 Jul 09:25 1999

Re: Collisions

Of course.

You only need to find the OID of the variable you want to 
monitor, in this case Collisions.

<HR><B>Mireia Norberto i Bayona</B>
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
e-mail: mnorberto <at>

John_W_Maguire | 5 Jul 12:19 1999

Monitoring Unix Filesystems

Hi all,

I'm using MRTG 2.7.4 on Linux 6.0 with UCD 1.3.6 agents to monitor Unix file
system utilisation among other things. My problem is that the instance
numbers for my filesystems keep changing as certain users log in because
their home directories are being auto mounted. This results in the
filesystem graphs being screwed up.

I understand something called df2mr (I think) exists, which allows you to
specify the name of the filesystem you want to monitor. This would solve my
problem. This isn't in the contrib directory and I can find no other mention
of it. Is this part of mrtg or is it just a script that someone on this list
has written. Either way, can someone point me in the right direction please.



Bob Van Cleef | 5 Jul 18:05 1999

Re: SNMP Errors

On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, Tim Kennedy wrote:

> I have seen this too.  I ignore it now, as it doesn't seem to truly be
> anything wrong.  Some of my cisco's are simply missing instances in the
> ifIndex tree.  I suppose it could be from hot swapped hardware, or just
> changed hardware in general, but the instances that actually have
> interfaces on them all work.  And I get the error no matter which snmpwalk
> or snmpget program I am using.
Hmmm... The Alantec powerhubs have no "hot swap" modules and these units
are other five years old, so there aren't any hardware changes going on.
Things are begining to settle down, possibly, as the number of times I see
this error are descreasing.  It is interesting that it appears to be the
same port all the time...  

It doesn't hurt anything, but it does clutter up my system e-mail box.
Maybe I'll procmail them off to another folder.

> If you stuff works ok, and the error isn't causing problems, then it mayu
> just be a funky interface instance map.
> -Tim
> On Sat, 3 Jul 1999, Butch Kemper wrote:
> > At 09:50 AM 7/3/99 , you wrote:
> > 
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mike | 5 Jul 07:55 1999

Re: MRTG 2.7.5 contrib/whodo

I have not been able to get it to work either. The documentation sucks
and there is no way to contact the author because he did not put his
e-mail address in the documentation.

I, too posted to this group and noone ever responded.

If you are able to get it to work please drop me a note at
mike <at>

Good luck

 <95e66f43a1e3d211a52900a0c9eaccad0c797- <at> sunges0008> wrote: 
original article:
> Hi all,
> is there anybody who has succeeded to make 
> work the progam whodo from the contribution
> on Windows NT.
> Thanks for your help,
> Minh Duc Nguyen
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cpt2 | 5 Jul 20:28 1999

Color change with limit value

Did anyone post how to get MRTG to change the color of the graph when a
certain limit has been passed??

I'd really like to implement this, it would be quite handy!!


Silvio L. Nisgoski | 5 Jul 20:40 1999

Re: Ascend users monitoring

By the way, did you manage to get the traffic load in the Max ?
With the standard configs, mrtg keeps complaining the interface speed
is 0 kb/s, and doesn't get data.

Richard Vander Reyden wrote:
> Hi All,
>         I found some interesting OIU's for the Ascend equipment for
> monitoring modems, isdn's, etc.
>         This is the entry I have in our config file:
>                 Target[MAX4000]:
> . <at> max4000
>         This measures the total analog connections and total incoming
> calls.
>         Here is some of the MIB info, I used.
> .
>     ascend              OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {  enterprises 529 }
>           eventGroup          OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ascend 10 }
>                     eventCurrentActiveCalls     OBJECT-TYPE
>                         SYNTAX                  INTEGER
>                         ACCESS                  read-only
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Leonardo Rodrigues | 5 Jul 21:42 1999

Strange Problem

    Hello People,

    Well, I'm trying to monitor the number of messages sent by my Lotus
Domino Server. I installed Notes SNMP Agent, recompiled the NT mib including
domino.mib, everything OK.

    The strange fact is. As the number of messages IS a counter, i just use
the nopercent ( no gauge, no absolute ) on the Options of the target. As
result, i get something like:

[root <at> krusty notes]# head mta01msgs.log
931201881 1470 1470
931201881 0 0 0 0
931201515 0 0 0 0

and always ONLY the first line is updated. There's no calculate between the
two measures. On the next mrtg run, only the first line is updated, and my
graph is all zeros. The value on the first line is OK, the correct OID

Just for curiosity, I added a gauge on the Options, and it graphs fine ( of
course, things are just going up ), but it graphs !

What can I be doing wrong ???

This is the log file some minutes after the gauge option was added.
[root <at> krusty notes]# head mta01msgs.log
931203367 1512 1512
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cpt2 | 5 Jul 22:22 1999


I've looked through the archive of the mailing list and found nothing
that helped me on this.

What I'd like to know is what options will give me the appropriate
results for this?  Using Gauge? or not?  Should I have it in bits or
bytes?  Should I have AbsMax or not?

I'm not sure if this is a gauge or a counter.  Perhaps I'm getting
confused here. As far as I know:

Counter:  will just add the difference and show it on the next poll.

Guage: will reset everyt time it's polled?

Is this true?  Someone please enlighten me here.


Pio Yépez Mora | 5 Jul 22:50 1999