Volk,Gregory B | 17 Aug 17:31 2015

MRTG config for plotting FCIP connection stats

I am attempting to build a cfgmaker work-alike script that will dynamically build targets to monitor
thruput and packet loss for FCIP (fibre-channel-over-ip) TCP connections. My FCIP infrastructure
consists of several Cisco m9200 switches running NX-OS.

So far I have discovered that:
1) Querying the standard TCP-MIB objects on this platform is not useful because FCIP related TCP
connections, retransmissions, and thruput stats are not included.
2) The Cisco FCIP mibs (cisco-fcip-mgmt-ext-mib.my and cisco-fcip-mgmt-mib.my) are no help as they
appear to only reference configuration objects and not stats objects.
3) There are some very promising looking OIDs that appear to be an undocumented offshoot of the
CISCO-TCP-MIB (cisco-tcp-mib.my) objects.

Regarding item 3 above, I am able to get some interesting data when I snmpwalk the top level of the
CISCO-TCP-MIB tree. However, despite properly loading the CISCO-TCP-MIB and dependent MIB files into
two different MIB browsers, I am unable to resolve the OIDs to names. Even when I manually open up the
cisco-tcp-mib.my file I am unable to map these OIDs to names. So from looking at the output below I'm 95%
confident that the data I want (directional bytes per connection, directional packets per connection,
and retransmissions per connection) is there, I just don't know what OID is what.

My questions to the list is:
Is anyone else using SNMP to monitor individual FCIP TCP sockets? How?
Is anyone else able to map the OIDs below to names? If so, can you send me the mapping? I have been all over the
Cisco (and other) on-line mib browsers navigating the CISCO-TCP-MIB tree but the OIDs that are listed
through these tools do not come back with any data when I query my devices.

This is the top level of CISCO-TCP-MIB, but nothing resolves to a name...

snmpwalk -v2c -c public myswitch .
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Syed Hameeduddin Aqil | 21 Jun 09:01 2015

SNMPV3 Configuration For Windows 2008 R2...

I am in process of configuring SNMPV3 for my Cisco Routers on
Windows 2008 R2 Server using MRTG-2.17.4 version, in this regard,
I have downloaded Net.SNMP MS Visual 2008 Studio Express and
Active Perl Software but not sure what will be the parameters to
be configured, however, currently we are using SNMP-V2 and its
working fine. I would appreciate if you could advise the
configuration steps for SNMPV3 for Windows 2008 R2 Server
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Ian Diddams | 19 Jun 14:07 2015

debug levels

I have an mrtg configuration that is just not creating the expected disk per4formance and disk space html pages. I’ve inherited te setup I have with no docuementation and am trying to migrate it to another system, with some success except for the areas outlined .


I am presuming that /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg produces these html pages and I have anither linux based server that does this fine.  Copying the various fiels etc over to the new linux server albeit with a different hosts file doesn’t work though with regard to disk space and perf html pages.


Some html pages are created but the overall pages do not




[root <at> ernie ernie]# pwd


[root <at> ernie ernie]# ls

ernie-cpu.html           ernie-disk-mp-.html  ernie-page.html   ernie-scan.html     ernie-sda2-io.html  ernie-swap.html

ernie-disk-mp-boot.html  ernie-mem.html       ernie-procs.html  ernie-sda1-io.html  ernie-sda-io.html


but there is no expected ernie-disk-usage.html or ernie-disk-perf.html which are AIUI a conglomeration of other created html eg ernie-disk-mp-boot.html 


It doesn’t seem to be a permissions issue as these files can be created anyway.


I’ve tried setting some better loggin levels but setting base doesn’t seem to do anything.


Has any one any ideas or suggestions of how to log this better to try and find what the proverbial is going on






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Aizad Fauzi | 9 Jun 05:13 2015

OpenWRT Collectd + RRDTool


I've installed collectd and rrdtool in my router and it seems that the data is collected and displayed perfectly.

However, I would like to know how to configure the graph to exclude the negative? Meaning that I want the negative to overlap with the positive value.


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ditto | 5 Jun 22:17 2015

cfgmaker doesn't work with Palo Alto firewalls

Greetings -

cfgmaker doesn't appear to work with Palo Alto 3020 firewalls
(although it does work with other versions of PA FWs). I'm a bit
perplexed as I've never seen snmpwalk work but cfgmaker fail. Here are
the relevant versions and output.

Thanks in advance!

$ cfgmaker --version
cfgmaker for mrtg-2.17.4

$ snmpwalk --version
NET-SNMP version: 5.5

snmp-walk output

$ snmpwalk -v2c pa-3020-fw -c comname sysName
SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 = STRING: pa-3020-fw

cfgmaker output

$ cfgmaker comname <at> pa-3020-fw
--base: Get Device Info on comname <at> pa-3020-fw:
SNMP Error:
no response received
SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "pa-3020-fw" [].161)
                  community: "comname"
                 request ID: -1128775887
                PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
                    timeout: 2s
                    retries: 5
                    backoff: 1)
 at /usr/bin/../lib64/mrtg2/SNMP_util.pm line 651.
SNMPWALK Problem for on comname <at> pa-3020-fw::::::v4only
 at /usr/bin/cfgmaker line 951.
WARNING: Skipping comname <at> pa-3020-fw: as no info could be retrieved

Use of uninitialized value $comment_sysdescr in substitution (s///) at
/usr/bin/cfgmaker line 379.
Use of uninitialized value $sysname in concatenation (.) or string at
/usr/bin/cfgmaker line 412.
Use of uninitialized value $comment_sysdescr in concatenation (.) or
string at /usr/bin/cfgmaker line 412.
Use of uninitialized value $syscontact in concatenation (.) or string
at /usr/bin/cfgmaker line 412.
Use of uninitialized value $syslocation in concatenation (.) or string
at /usr/bin/cfgmaker line 412.
# Created by
# /usr/bin/cfgmaker comname <at> pa-3020-fw

### Global Config Options

#  for UNIX
# WorkDir: /home/http/mrtg

#  or for NT
# WorkDir: c:\mrtgdata

### Global Defaults

#  to get bits instead of bytes and graphs growing to the right
# Options[_]: growright, bits

EnableIPv6: no

# System:
# Description:
# Contact:
# Location:

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Aizad Fauzi | 4 Jun 22:18 2015

Won't work after reboot


I am having issue with only wlan0 and wlan1 (2.5 & 5) for collecting data.
Initial setup it was ok and running fine. If I reboot my router, both wireless will having errors when I run "mrtg mrtg.conf"

Other interface is ok such as ppp, eth0, eth1 and br-lan.

​Thanks & regards,

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Rick Silacci | 28 May 23:53 2015

Error with Ping-Probe

I’m getting this error in my log file when using the cfg file below: 


: WARNING: Problem with External get '/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe':

   Expected a Number for 'in' but nothing'





Target[]:`/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe -c 5`


SetEnv[]:         MRTG_INT_IP=""

Title[]: Latency

PageTop[]: <H1>Latency For</H1>

MaxBytes[]: 180

AbsMax[]: 10000

WithPeak[]: ymwd

Options[]: gauge, growright

YLegend[]: ms


Legend1[]:Maximum Round Trip Time in ms Legend2[]:Minimum Round Trip Time in ms






Any ideas?





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Rick Silacci | 27 May 21:36 2015

Able to ping but not snmpwalk

I’m monitoring 5080 devices for latency.  I noticed some of the graphs are blank.  I did an snmpwalk on the IP’s with the blank graphs and I get “No such instance currently exists at this OID”, which would explain the blank graphs.  The part I can’t figure out is that when I ping that same IP I get  a response.


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some help!

We have been working on information generated by mrtg, taking results of 
pooling process  (log al old archives) and graphics generated by mrtg, 
just information about bandwidth consumption.
Mainly, we use those datas to introduce them into postgres database and 
letexternal users to perform different types of queries through a website.
We are having problems with the calculation of bandwidth. On several 
occasions the percentage of occupation is going above 100%. I know that 
this is impossible, I have verified with the service provider and 
bandwidth is correct, I make calculations speed as logic says (calculate 
the difference of bytes in the number of seconds elapsed and express 
them in bits/sec). I am writing to you to know if you have had this 
experience and help me find the solution.
An example: An user connected with adsl,  download bandwidth of 6400 
Kbps, register speed of 6500, 6800 Kbps in high traffic peaks.

Thanks in advance,
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Andrea Ruggeri | 21 May 11:48 2015

Monitoring remote RAM, CPU and Hard DIsk

Hi guys,


which of you can provide me the "file.cfg" to go to the monitor via MRTG OID remote ram, cpu and hard disk capacity for the following operating systems:


Linux / Ubuntu

FreeBSD (pfSense)

Server VMware (ESXi 5.x.x)

NAS LenovoEMC px12-400r (I would like to monitor the raid hard drives)

Sensor RoomAlert


Many thanks to the young who will be of help.





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