Robert Rainwater | 10 Jun 19:32 2009

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Peter Flindt | 3 May 21:53 2009

Notification framework

sorry for this but the individual handling for notifications from each
plugin have too many drawbacks.

Based on:
and the comments from mlu, koobs and the_leech I start this discussion
about it.
User point of view:

Let's start with some examples about the user experience with

A 1) When I start miranda with a disabled Internet connection, I get 3
popups in different colors (MSN,Yahoo,ICQ), if popup plugin is disabled
I get only one balloon tooltip from Yahoo.
(Installed Protocols AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber)
A 2) When something goes wrong in Jabber I get a Windows messagebox
A 3) When I quit IRC I get a balloon tray tooltip

Apart from the question for A1, why I get no notification for IRC and
Jabber, or even better ONE notification if a firewall block miranda?,
this is not consistent for the connection/disconnect part.

B) Authrequests, Filetransfers, URLs, Jabber HTTP Auth requests, this
blinking tray icon is not very user friendly.

C 1)Additional status, jabber Mood/Activity and ICQ Xstatus, I need a
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Filip Navara | 30 Apr 13:05 2009

Jabber OOB file transfer patch


we have been testing file transfers between Miranda and our XMPP
clients (eM Client -, IceWarp Webmail - and we discovered some bugs in the Miranda
implementation of Jabber OOB (XEP-0066) file transfers. The attached
patch fixes receiving files using OOB, which didn't work at all. Other
problem not covered by the patch is that HTTP redirects are not
recognized by Miranda. That would be needed to support file transfers
between Miranda and IceWarp WebMail (which is limited to HTTP OOB
transfers due to implementation obstacles).

Best regards,
Filip Navara
Attachment (jabber-oob-ft.diff): application/octet-stream, 1843 bytes
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Miranda-Develop mailing list
Thomas Wolf | 17 Apr 03:13 2009

"File Transfers" window fixes and new options (diff inside)


I still didn't get a reply, so here's the diff against build #28 yet 
another time:

In response to a long-standing and very annoying bug that has been
getting on user's nerves ever since:

here's the solution for the "File Transfers" (file manager) window not
being closed automatically.

This also fixes the non-functional auto-minimize of the "File Transfers"

In addition to that it fixes the focus being stolen by that manager
window which has been criticised by many gamers (and other people using
fullscreen applications) seeing how Miranda drops them out of the

Also I've added a new option to "Options | File Transfers" called
"Auto-clear" which is much more straight-forward and less-confusing:

Older versions of Miranda without the "File Transfers" opened invididual
windows for each send or receive transfer and then auto-closed them if
the corresponding option was checked. Now that Miranda uses transfer
lists for incoming and outgoing transfers the term "auto-close window"
should correctly be called "auto-clear finished downloads". Then again
the term "auto-close window" should be called "auto-close file transfers
(Continue reading)

Drake Highfield | 1 Apr 23:43 2009

Bugfix #0000263


I probably fixed bug #0000263... this is the first time I changed the Miranda source code, so I'm not sure if it matches the Miranda development guidelines (I couldn't find such a document).

What I did:
- added an event WM_FT_COMPLETED for completed file transfers in ftmanager.cpp
- added a variable counting the number of running file transfers (dat->wnds->runningCount) in ftmanager.cpp
- redirected the PostMessage command for closing the file transfer window from the file transfer's window handle to the file transfer manager's window handle => WM_FT_COMPLETED in filexferdlg.cpp

After applying the attached patch, Miranda should behave as it did without file transfer manager.
The fix is tested superficially with Miranda build 0.8.0 #25 - #28 Unicode. If something has to be modified to make the fix usable for Miranda please tell me - as I said: this is my first fix.


diff -r -c miranda/src/modules/srfile/file.h miranda/src/modules/srfile/file.h
*** miranda/src/modules/srfile/file.h	2009-03-16 18:50:06.000000000 +0100
--- miranda/src/modules/srfile/file.h	2009-04-01 21:26:09.813722200 +0200
*** 101,106 ****
--- 101,107 ----
  #define WM_FT_REMOVE		(WM_APP+3)
  #define WM_FT_CLEANUP		(WM_APP+5)
+ #define WM_FT_COMPLETED		(WM_APP+6)

  HWND FtMgr_Show(bool bForceActivate);
  void FtMgr_Destroy();
diff -r -c miranda/src/modules/srfile/filexferdlg.cpp miranda/src/modules/srfile/filexferdlg.cpp
*** miranda/src/modules/srfile/filexferdlg.cpp	2009-04-01 22:25:45.706722200 +0200
--- miranda/src/modules/srfile/filexferdlg.cpp	2009-04-01 22:23:24.894722200 +0200
*** 616,624 ****
  					if(ack->result==ACKRESULT_FAILED) {
  						SetFtStatus(hwndDlg, LPGENT("File transfer failed"), FTS_TEXT);
! 					} else
! 						if(DBGetContactSettingByte(NULL,"SRFile","AutoClose",0))

--- 616,623 ----
  					if(ack->result==ACKRESULT_FAILED) {
  						SetFtStatus(hwndDlg, LPGENT("File transfer failed"), FTS_TEXT);
! 					}
! 					PostMessage(GetParent(hwndDlg), WM_FT_COMPLETED,
(WPARAM)(ack->result==ACKRESULT_SUCCESS ? 0 : 1), (LPARAM)hwndDlg);

diff -r -c miranda/src/modules/srfile/ftmanager.cpp miranda/src/modules/srfile/ftmanager.cpp
*** miranda/src/modules/srfile/ftmanager.cpp	2009-03-21 13:17:56.000000000 +0100
--- miranda/src/modules/srfile/ftmanager.cpp	2009-04-01 22:19:07.579722200 +0200
*** 43,49 ****
  struct TLayoutWindowList
  	struct TLayoutWindowInfo **items;
! 	int realCount, limit, increment;
  	FSortFunc sortFunc;

--- 43,49 ----
  struct TLayoutWindowList
  	struct TLayoutWindowInfo **items;
! 	int realCount, limit, increment, runningCount;
  	FSortFunc sortFunc;

*** 109,114 ****
--- 109,115 ----
  		dat = (struct TFtPageData *)mir_alloc(sizeof(struct TFtPageData));
  		dat->wnds = (struct TLayoutWindowList *)List_Create(0, 1);
  		dat->scrollPos = 0;
+ 		dat->wnds->runningCount = 0;
  		SetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWLP_USERDATA, (LONG_PTR)dat);
*** 120,125 ****
--- 121,127 ----
  		GetWindowRect(wnd->hwnd, &wnd->rc);
  		List_Insert((SortedList *)dat->wnds, wnd, dat->wnds->realCount);
  		LayoutTransfers(hwnd, dat);
+ 		dat->wnds->runningCount++;

*** 150,155 ****
--- 152,165 ----

+ 	{ //wParam: 0=completed, 1=failed
+ 		dat->wnds->runningCount--;
+ 		if(dat->wnds->runningCount == 0 && (int)wParam == 0 && DBGetContactSettingByte(NULL,"SRFile","AutoClose",0))
+ 			ShowWindow(hwndFtMgr, SW_HIDE);
+ 		break;
+ 	}
  	case WM_FT_CLEANUP:
  		int i;
Miranda-Develop mailing list
Peter Flindt | 9 Jan 19:48 2009

Some thoughts about user-friendliness and the core.

i have tried it in the forum and the bug tracker more than one time,
but no answer (or no good answer), therefore here again, some ideas
about user-friendliness.

(With "Core" I mean all protocols, plugins and the miranda32.exe on the

A) "What's new?"
The popup, fingerprint and some other plugins have a nice feature.
When an user install a new version, he see a window with important
changes when he start this new version the first time.
It would be nice to have this feature in the core too.

There are sites like: , , or , sure, but 1)Who
read it? 2) There are 100th other sites, like
, , without infos
about important changes (or without any info). I mean not changelogs
like "0.7.13 includes stability fixes for Jabber" that's very
important, yes, but it's more or less unimportant for the users. But
for e.g. the account managem the search box in the options, uPnP, ...,
this should be display somewhere if a new version start the first time.
Either a dialog with a translatable text or a dialog with a HTML
control (the url can be in the language pack or the English language
URL if the LP (or the URL within the LP) is not available.
B) "Options which could block miranda"
There are some options which could block miranda or make it unusable.
For example, status locked, disable the option entry in genmenu, block
messages from unknown contacts in the ignore list (in this case single
chats in IRC channels or jabber mucs not work any longer) or other
I speak NOT about wrong popup color, ARIAL 32 in the CL, wrong settings
for file transfer, whatever, this settings are not "critical", but
there are some options, in my opionion, which should be a little bit
better "prodect" from user changes. Maybe a general warning messages
box or something like this.
And before someone talk now about this "Expert check box" at the lower
left corner, most plugins not handle this option and/or most of the
users have it always activated.
C) "consistent with other plugins and consistent in the options"
1) Some 3rd party plugins works with some parts from the core some
others not. E.g. the custom folder plugin.
2) The user want ONE central place for some things; e.g. the ignore
list, visible list, jabber privacy list/block list from the protocols;
font settings, colors, message window, ... is there really a need to
have some settings at 2-4 different places?
3) There are still some missing function in the core, e.g. this ersatz
plugin. Someone should read the bug tracker feaure request section
attentively. Some 3th plugin to hack arround some missing function in
the miranda API, if this could be included with a few lines of code and
could be used from more than one plugin, why not?
4) Main menu. Apart from some missing icons, like "Exit", "Frames",
"Show/Hide" and "Status", 1)There is no "ICQ" entry in the main menu,
2) "My user details" hmmh, MSN and Yahoo is missing in this diaolg (at
least an entry and an URL to the online profile, maybe)
However, my summary about the user-friendliness part:
a) Give it up with the idea "from experts for experts". Better 8
"expert users" make a click on a confirm dialog than 2 users ask in the
forum "Why?". If anything can go wrong, it will, and that's not always
the fault from a "beginner", in my opinion.
b) The developers do a very hard and good job, but I fear some parts
from miranda goes in a wrong direction.


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john | 3 Jan 20:51 2009

Re: Miranda-Develop Digest whats going no

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>    3. Re: Thank you, but... (Boris Krasnovskiy)
>    4. Gadu-Gadu broken for ANSI (Dragos Dumitrescu/Drugwash)
>    5. Re: Gadu-Gadu broken for ANSI (Adam Strzelecki)
>    6. question regarding gamma correction (Piotr Piastucki)
>    7. bugfix for srmm (Christian L?ck)
>    8. Re: bugfix for srmm (George Hazan)
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Message: 1
> Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 13:22:18 -0500
> From: "Boris Krasnovskiy" <borkra@...>
> Subject: Re: [Miranda-Develop] Recent
> 	commitssystematicallydestroyANSI/VisualC++ 6 compilation	capabilities
> To: <miranda-develop@...>
> Message-ID: <D261567F5EE940EBAED6DE7411B66229 <at> boris>
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> I just fixed your problem take the latest version. 
> -----Original Message-----
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Behalf Of Dragos
> Dumitrescu/Drugwash
> Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2008 1:20 PM
> To: miranda-develop@...
> Subject: Re: [Miranda-Develop] Recent
> commitssystematicallydestroyANSI/VisualC++ 6 compilation capabilities
> Boris Krasnovskiy wrote:
>> Don't you know then when reporting a crash you need to provide crash 
>> report.  And please do it on forums.
> yes i like to know whats going on with mirand 8.0 and when that well be out 
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> Version: 8.0.176 / Virus Database: 270.10.2/1873 - Release Date: 1/3/2009 2:14 PM

Christian Lück | 2 Jan 11:12 2009

bugfix for srmm

Hi ,
I have a bugfix for bug #0000024 ( ).
I wrote a note on the bug's tracker page and attached the diff file that
is also attached to this email.
I'd love to hear what you think about it.

Greetings and best whishes for the new year,


--- E:\mirandaa\msgdialog.c	2008-12-30 10:08:08.765625000 +0100
+++ E:\mirandaa\msgffdialog.c	2008-12-29 16:24:05.125000000 +0100
 <at>  <at>  -355,7 +355,9  <at>  <at> 
 			DWORD start, end;
 			TCHAR *text;
 			int textLen;
-			SendMessage(hwnd, EM_GETSEL, (WPARAM) & end, (LPARAM) (PDWORD) NULL);
+			SendMessage(hwnd, EM_GETSEL, (WPARAM) & end, (LPARAM) & start);
+			if (end != start)
+				SendMessage(hwnd, EM_SETSEL, end, end);
 			SendMessage(hwnd, WM_KEYDOWN, VK_LEFT, 0);
 			SendMessage(hwnd, EM_GETSEL, (WPARAM) & start, (LPARAM) (PDWORD) NULL);
 			textLen = GetWindowTextLength(hwnd);

Miranda-Develop mailing list
Piotr Piastucki | 5 Dec 20:19 2008

question regarding gamma correction


Would someone clarify what gamma correction option (contact list 
settings) is useful for?


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Dragos Dumitrescu/Drugwash | 5 Sep 05:46 2008

Gadu-Gadu broken for ANSI

Hello, Adam!
I'm afraid latest changes to gg.h have broken ANSI compatibility. VC6
refuses to compile gg.h because of this:
#define gg_netlog(format, ...) gg_netlogex(gg, format, ## __VA_ARGS__)

Error log as following:
-------------------Configuration: GG - Win32 Release--------------------
D:\miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\Gadu-Gadu\gg.h(366) : error C2010:
'.' : unexpected in macro formal parameter list
D:\miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\Gadu-Gadu\gg.h(366) : error C2010:
'.' : unexpected in macro formal parameter list
D:\miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\Gadu-Gadu\gg.h(366) : error C2010:
'.' : unexpected in macro formal parameter list
D:\miranda\trunk\miranda\protocols\Gadu-Gadu\gg.h(366) : error C2010:
')' : unexpected in macro formal parameter list
Error executing cl.exe.

GG.dll - 4 error(s), 0 warning(s)

Apparently, macros with variable number of arguments are not supported
by ANSI C. I'd appreciate if you could find an alternative. Thank you.



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Dragos Dumitrescu/Drugwash | 30 Aug 19:42 2008

Recent commits systematically destroy ANSI/VisualC++ 6 compilation capabilities

Forgive me but I'm getting mad now. Two issues:

First: for your information, VC6 & PSDK feb2003 (max. compilation
possibilities on Win9x systems) do not know about _vscprinf. Victor,
the same vscprinf can be found in your Tooltip sources and now it's
present in the Jabber code (rev8324). I know it's supposed to be a safe
function, but as long as it's not defined for Win9x usage, could you
please use _vsnprintf instead, with some safety checks, if needed?

Second: latest commits regarding that dreaded 'search' box that IMO has
absolutely no place there, have broken the Options panel completely (at
least in ANSI version). Until today (rev8320), it did work - now it
crashes when attempting to open the Options panel, rendering any
settings impossible.

Please, please, please get that code out! Miranda is everything Vista
is not: smaller, faster and yes, easier (since everything's transparent
to the user) - don't destroy it!

Thank you for reading.


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