OrkUn Kasapoglu | 23 Jul 14:50 2016

DNS resolver implementation problem

Hello. I'm trying to connect a server with DNS name. I found an example about that in the wikia page of LwIP but I didn't understand it completely.

I can connect my local computer with static ip and messaging with TCP.

I tried to implement the Raw/Native api sample (LwIP wikia) but I didn't understand what is SMTP and where can I find or how can I define it. So the dns_gethostbyname() function always returns ERR_INPROGRESS. I'm new in LwIP and TCP.

Here is my Netif_Config and other functions;

static void Netif_Config(void)
  ip_addr_t ipaddr;
  ip_addr_t netmask;
  ip_addr_t gw;

#ifndef LWIP_DNS
#ifdef USE_DHCP
  ipaddr.addr = 0;
  netmask.addr = 0;
  gw.addr = 0;
  // default ip address settins
  switch(dns_gethostbyname(DNS_HOST_NAME, &ipaddr, smtp_serverFound, NULL))
    case ERR_OK:
// I didn't find any smpt defined something or any extern variable has a name smtp
  /*.. other initializations..*/

void SMTP_serverFound(const char *dns_name, const ip_addr_t *ip, void *args)
  if ((ip) && (ip->addr))
    /*again there are some smtp processes but.......*/

I'm confused about that implementation. How can I get that code working? I've searched it but didn't find anything.

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Erkan Ersoy | 22 Jul 15:59 2016

netconn web server interrupted connections


I have a web serve for my device it works fine but.if I quickly press links make requests one after another
web server speed drops dramatically. and I get
memp_malloc: out of memory in pool TCP_PCB

I think the interrupted pcbs are still taking place in buffer. How do I clean them?

There is thread similar to this said he fixed by increasing MEM_NUM_PCB variable. I think that one is not permanant solution I need to clean them.  And mentioned about some TIME_WAIT variable but I couldn't find TIME_WAIT variable.

Thank you ....

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anmk | 20 Jul 05:15 2016

LwIP deinitialization problem

Hi everyone,
I have problem with LwIP Deinitialization. In my project when i want to use
Ethernet interface i enable power of Ethernet phy(the power of Ethernet phy
is controled by MCU) and then i init LwIP and Ethernet Phy and everything
working well but for the first time. it means when i want to
reinitialization the LwIP and Phy(for next usage), i have an infinite loop
in lwip_init (). because of power saving i have to power on and off ethernet
phy several time in my code (without reseting the MCU).

Is there any routing for deinitializing of LwIP?


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Laurent BIERGE | 18 Jul 11:09 2016

raw UDP pcb issue(s)


It seems that when i recieve an UDP message, the UDP input function doesn't find the pcb matching with the message recieved.

I have a client that use POSIX socket on my computer and a server that use LWIP on a remote equipment. I already have a raw tcp echo working.
I've used a simple raw udp echo example on the remote equipment, basically:
in udp_init():
                         udp_pcb = udp_new();
                         udp_bind(udp_pcb, addr, port);
                         udp_recv(udp_pcb, udp_echo_recv());
and in udp_echo_recv():

it didn't worked and after that, i found that most of the time, my messages weren't matching with a local pcb  in udp_input().
So i tried to add specific adresse to udp_bind() and i changed udp_sendto with udp_connect() and udp_send().
I turned ON UDP_DEBUG and it shows me that my pcb is connected and binded to what  i want.

So like i said, most of the time udp_input() don't find matching pcb, but the message is stored.
So when udp_input() manage to match with a local pcb, it calls the callback with the good pcb but with the first pbuf stored.
So basically i got:
send: 1
rcv:...                          ///////// i don't recieve anything, udp_input() doesn't find any pcb matching
.                                   ///////// restarting my UDP client.
send: 2
send: 3
send: 4
rcv: 1                         ///// miracle ! udp_input() find a match, it empty all the buffers stored with this pcb starting with 1. (my programme isn't designed to rcv several
                                 ////// messages  at once but i know for sure that udp_input calls the callback as many times as it has pbufs stored for this pcb)

So my final question is, why doesn't udp_input() find local match all times ? Why does it work with the fourth time and not before ?


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Jan | 13 Jul 15:43 2016

Netconn write and non-blocking

Dear all,

What is the best way to handle the following situation when using netconn in
TCPIP mode and v2.0.0RC1. 

If I connect (with netconn_connect() ) to a device that's not available and
netconn is blocking how long do I have to wait? 

Because it's unknown to me and it could take very long I decided to use the
"netconn_set_nonblocking(conn, 1)" so I can delete the connection if it
takes to long to connect. 

But when the device is available I cannot use the netconn_write() (the
function returns ERR_VAL). In the command it says:

    /* This implies netconn_write() cannot be used for non-blocking send,
       it has no way to return the number of bytes written. */

How can I use netconn_write() in a non-blocking situation?

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Abdul Hakeem | 13 Jul 15:41 2016

0MQ, MQTT and RabbitMQ


Could anyone share their experience(s) of any integration of  LWIP with OMQ,
MQTT and RabbitMQ.

Much obliged,

Abdul Hakeem
Jakub Schmidtke | 13 Jul 02:20 2016

lwIP delays outgoing TCP packets by up to 500ms


I am using lwip with NO_SYS=1, and I have noticed
that outgoing TCP packets are very delayed.

It looks like between writing a packet (using tcp_write),
and the time it actually written to the interface it takes usually about 200ms.

I examined the code, and it looks like lwip only writes regular packets every 500ms.

Basically tcp_write only adds segments to a list, and they are only actually sent inside tcp_slowtmr.
Which, by default, is only called once every two calls to tcp_tmr().
Which gets called every 250ms, so the data being written with tcp_write will be sent out up to 500ms later.

This is a really, really long time!

Am I missing something?


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pischinger | 11 Jul 14:26 2016

lwip 2.0 upgrading

i’m currently working on a project using lwip 1.4.1 stack (raw api with tcpip), and since i’m still in development anyways i thought i might use the newest lwip 2.0 stack instead. Can i just swap them out or how do i “upgrade” to 2.0? Are there any major “bugs” open, since i’ve read that it’s only in beta? Do i have any major benefit from upgrading?
Thanks in advance!
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Sushain Razdan | 8 Jul 14:24 2016

Re: Custom Memory Pool in lwip

On 7/7/2016 3:00 PM, Sushain Razdan wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for your reply ! Sorry for replying so late
> I am currently using lwip version 1.4.1 and this version doesn't have
> the Marco LWIP_MEMPOOL_DECLARE as used in httpd.c in the latest
> version, Also I found that memory management is quite different. My
> understanding of the problem is as follows:
> Application i.e. user code declares the custom pools in lwipppools.h.
> This header is in-turn included by memp_std.h which has declaration of
> standard pools. Now memp_std.h is included multiple times in memp.c so
> as to fill up the static memory management variables. Hence I cannot
> include private header files in lwippools.h due to multiple header
> inclusion. Only workaround which I found was to include my private
> headers in memp.c, so that lwip's memory management is aware of what
> structures need to be allocated. This would mean changing lwip's core
> source for application specific needs.
> Can you suggest a better solution keeping the same lwip version ?
> Thanks,
> Sushain


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Michał | 7 Jul 15:45 2016

Sending large files over netconn and TCP

I have a website on LwIP with list of files with possibility to download them. I'm using function:

#define BUFFER_OUT                16000
static BYTE archDownBuffer[BUFFER_OUT] __attribute__ ((section(".sdram")));
char archive_page[WEBSITE_BUFFER] __attribute__ ((section(".sdram")));
static BYTE respond[110];
UINT archDownCounter, sentCounter;
FIL arch_file;

void archive_download(struct netconn *conn, const char* filepath)

    FRESULT res;
    archDownCounter = 0;
    sentCounter = 0;
    size_t written;
    int cx;
    err_t test;
    res = f_open(&arch_file, filepath, FA_READ);

    if (res == FR_OK)
        cx =
                snprintf(archDownBuffer, BUFFER_OUT,
                        "HTTP/1.1 200 OK \r\nContent-Type: file/csv\r\nContent-Length: %lu\r\n\r\n",

        netconn_write(conn, (const char* )(archDownBuffer), (size_t )cx, NETCONN_NOCOPY);

        for (;;)
            res = f_read(&arch_file, archDownBuffer, sizeof archDownBuffer, &archDownCounter); /* Read a chunk of source file */
            if (res || archDownCounter == 0)
                break; /* error or eof */
            test = netconn_write_partly(conn, (const char*) (archDownBuffer), (size_t) archDownCounter, NETCONN_NOCOPY, &written);

            if (test != ERR_OK) break; /* error or disk full */
            if (written != archDownCounter) break;

            vTaskDelay(40); //time for other tasks


to send them to a browser but after a couple of iterations the loop and whole stack freezes and LwIP stops working.
With really small vTaskDelay and large BUFFER_OUT there is possibility of Hard Fault pointing to lwip_netconn_do_writemore.

Is there any better method to send large files by netconn?

Michal Golebiowski
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Sandra Gilge | 7 Jul 09:47 2016

Problem with Blackfin Port



I’m not shure if this is the right address to ask about lwip ports.


I struggling with the Blackfin port that I found in the lwip WIKI, so I had a closer look at the code and found following line in the function bfemac_tx_callback():

bfemac_alloc_rxfreequeue(); (line 381)


I’m not completely shure about that, but I don’t understand why bfemac_alloc_rxfreequeue should be called in bfemac_tx_callback


The driver can be found here: http://www.ateis.net/softs/LwIP/


Best regards,







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